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Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-head is a US animated television show that centers on two socially awkward, rock/metal-loving teenage delinquents, Beavis and Butt-head (both voiced by Judge), who live in the fictional town of Highland, Texas. They have no apparent adult supervision at home, are woefully undereducated, dim-witted, barely literate and lack any empathy or moral scruples. Voices featured on this animation are Mike Judge and Tracy Grandstaff.

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Release Date: March 8, 1993 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: MTV (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Mike Judge, Mike Judge, Tracy Grandstaff, Adam Welsh, Toby Huss, Mike Judge, Mike Judge, Mike Judge, Mike Judge

Most recent episode: Beavis and Butt-Head Season 9 Episode 12 - Whorehouse/Going Down ( 12/29/2011 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
912Whorehouse/Going DownDec-29-201111 year
11School Test/SnitchersDec-22-201141 year
10Time Machine/MassageDec-15-201121 year
9Used Car/Bounty HuntersDec-15-201111 year
8Copy Machine/HoldingDec-08-201111 year
7Doomsday/Dumb DesignDec-01-201111 year
6The Rat/SpillDec-01-201121 year
5Supersize Me/Bathroom BreakNov-17-201111 year
4DronesNov-10-201111 year
3Holy CornholioNov-10-201111 year
2Daughter's Hand/Tech SupportNov-03-201111 year
1Werewolves of Highland/CryingOct-27-201111 year
821Beavis and Butt-head Are DeadNov-28-199702 years
20Our Founding LosersNov-25-199702 years
19Butt FlambéNov-25-199702 years
18Leave It to BeavisNov-25-199702 years
17Speech TherapyNov-18-199702 years
16The Future of Beavis and Butt-headNov-18-199702 years
15Graduation DayNov-18-199702 years
14BreakdownNov-04-199702 years
13Work is DeathNov-04-199702 years
12Drinking Butt-iesAug-22-199711 year
11Die Fly, Die!Aug-22-199711 year
10InventorsAug-15-199711 year
9Shopping CartAug-15-199711 year
8The Miracle That is BeavisAug-08-199711 year
7ImpotenceAug-08-199711 year
6Garage BandAug-01-199711 year
5CannedAug-01-199711 year
4T.V. ViolenceJul-25-199711 year
3WoodshopJul-25-199711 year
2Special DeliveryJul-18-199711 year
1Bride of Butt-headJul-18-199711 year
719ShortcutsMar-28-199711 year
18Take a LapMar-28-199711 year
17Nothing HappeningMar-14-199711 year
16Follow MeMar-14-199711 year
15On StrikeMar-07-199711 year
14A Great DayMar-07-199711 year
13PiercedFeb-28-199711 year
12Citizens ArrestFeb-28-199711 year
11Nose BleedFeb-21-199711 year
10Cyber-ButtFeb-21-199711 year
9Head LiceFeb-14-199711 year
8UnderwearFeb-14-199711 year
7Dumbasses AnonymousFeb-07-199711 year
6A Very Special EpisodeFeb-07-199711 year
5Just for GirlsJan-31-199711 year
4Ding-Dong-DitchJan-31-199711 year
3Evolution SucksJan-31-199711 year
2Vaya Con CornholioJan-26-199711 year
1Butt, Butt, Hike!Jan-26-199711 year
620Buy BeerMar-07-199602 years
19Shopping ListMar-06-199602 years
18SubstituteMar-05-199602 years
17P.T.A.Mar-04-199611 year
16Yard SaleMar-04-199611 year
15No ServiceJan-28-199611 year
14Prank CallJan-28-199611 year
13SproutJan-17-199611 year
12Gang of TwoJan-16-199611 year
11Stewart is MissingJan-15-199611 year
10VidiotsJan-14-199611 year
9BabysittingJan-14-199611 year
8It's a Miserable LifeDec-19-199511 year
7Huh Huh HumbugDec-19-199511 year
6Blood PressureNov-23-199511 year
5Date WatchersNov-22-199511 year
4Feel a CopNov-21-199511 year
3U.S. HistoryNov-20-199511 year
2The Mystery of Morning WoodNov-20-199511 year
1Bungholio - Lord of the HarvestOct-31-199511 year
550SteamrollerOct-12-199511 year
49Green ThumbsOct-11-199511 year
48Bus TripOct-10-199511 year
47Sexual HarrassmentOct-09-199511 year
46Spanish FlyOct-09-199511 year
45Murder SiteSep-14-199511 year
44PatsiesSep-13-199511 year
43Spare MeSep-12-199511 year
42WhiplashSep-11-199511 year
41Premature EvacuationSep-11-199511 year
40WomynAug-10-199511 year
39Close EncountersAug-09-199511 year
38TiredAug-08-199511 year
37Another Friday NightAug-07-199511 year
36Bang the Drum Slowly, DumbassAug-07-199511 year
35ButtniksJul-13-199511 year
34Oil ChangeJul-12-199511 year
33Skin TradeJul-11-199511 year
32Beavis, Can You Spare a Dime?Jul-10-199511 year
31ScreamersJul-10-199511 year
30Here Comes the Bride's ButtJun-09-199511 year
29Pregnant PauseJun-08-199511 year
28I Dream of BeavisJun-07-199511 year
27To the RescueJun-06-199511 year
26The History of WomenJun-05-199511 year
25What's the Deal?Jun-05-199511 year
24Animation SucksApr-08-199511 year
23Candy SaleApr-08-199511 year
22Dream OnFeb-23-199511 year
21Lightning StrikesFeb-16-199511 year
20Bad DogFeb-09-199511 year
19Wet Behind the RearsJan-29-199511 year
18PartyJan-29-199511 year
17Top O' the MountainJan-19-199511 year
16Stewart Moves AwayJan-05-199511 year
15Tainted MeatDec-29-199411 year
14Beaverly ButtbilliesDec-26-199411 year
13Take a NumberDec-22-199411 year
12Plastic Surgin'Dec-19-199411 year
11Career DayDec-16-199411 year
10Walking ErectDec-13-199411 year
9Dude, a RewardDec-10-199411 year
8Temporary InsanityDec-10-199411 year
7WalkathonDec-10-199411 year
6Hard SellNov-04-199411 year
5Safe HouseNov-03-199411 year
4ChokeNov-02-199411 year
3Beard BoysNov-01-199411 year
2Killing TimeOct-31-199411 year
1Held BackOct-31-199411 year
432Liar! Liar!Jul-15-199411 year
31The Great CornholioJul-15-199411 year
30Radio SweetheartsJul-14-199411 year
29Generation in CrisisJul-14-199411 year
28Vs. the Vending MachineJul-13-199411 year
27Crisis LineJul-13-199411 year
26Teen TalkJul-12-199411 year
25Patients PatientsJul-12-199411 year
24Mr. Anderson's BallsJul-11-199411 year
23Safe DrivingJul-11-199411 year
22The Pipe of DoomMay-21-199411 year
21Manners SuckMay-21-199411 year
20Right OnMay-12-199411 year
19Butt is It Art?May-09-199411 year
18Date BaitMay-05-199411 year
17Figure DrawingMay-02-199411 year
16Beavis and Butt-Head's IslandApr-28-199411 year
15Madame BlavatskyApr-25-199411 year
14Pool ToysApr-21-199411 year
13The Final Judgement of BeavisApr-18-199411 year
12Late Night with Butt-HeadApr-14-199411 year
11Blackout!Apr-11-199411 year
10Water SafetyApr-07-199411 year
91-900-BEAVISApr-04-199411 year
8Let's Clean It UpMar-31-199411 year
7Pumping IronMar-28-199411 year
6Jump!Mar-24-199411 year
5They're Coming to Take Me Away, Huh HuhMar-21-199411 year
4Rabies ScareMar-18-199411 year
3Trouble UrinatingMar-17-199411 year
2Cow TippingMar-15-199411 year
1Wall of YouthMar-14-199411 year
328Most WantedMar-05-199411 year
27Closing TimeDec-23-199311 year
25Foreign ExchangeDec-09-199311 year
24Young, Gifted & CrudeNov-25-199311 year
23CanoeNov-15-199311 year
22Plate FrisbeeNov-11-199311 year
21The CrushNov-08-199302 years
20The TrialNov-04-199311 year
19True CrimeNov-01-199311 year
18Meet GodOct-28-199311 year
17Ball BreakersOct-25-199302 years
16Politically CorrectOct-21-199311 year
15Citizen Butt-HeadOct-18-199311 year
14Buff 'N' StuffOct-14-199311 year
13Sperm BankOct-07-199311 year
12Sporting GoodsOct-04-199311 year
11Eating ContestSep-30-199311 year
10Scared StraightSep-27-199311 year
9Scratch 'N' WinSep-21-199311 year
8Cleaning HouseSep-20-199311 year
7TornadoSep-14-199311 year
6Naked ColonySep-13-199302 years
5KidnappedSep-08-199311 year
4IncognitoSep-08-199311 year
3Couch-FishingSep-07-199311 year
2CarwashSep-06-199311 year
1ComediansSep-06-199311 year
226Be All You Can BeJul-15-199302 years
25Friday NightJul-14-199311 year
24Washing the DogJul-08-199311 year
23Sign HereJul-06-199311 year
22HeroesJun-30-199311 year
21Yogurt's CoolJun-28-199311 year
20Babes R UsJun-23-199311 year
19Bedpans & BroomsticksJun-21-199311 year
18For Better or VerseJun-17-199311 year
17Stewart's HouseJun-14-199311 year
16Lawn & GardenJun-09-199311 year
15The Butt-Head ExperienceJun-07-199311 year
14No Laughing (2)Jun-02-199302 years
13No Laughing (1)Jun-02-199311 year
12At the MoviesMay-31-199311 year
11Way Down Mexico Way (2)May-26-199302 years
10Way Down Mexico Way (1)May-26-199311 year
9Home ImprovementMay-24-199311 year
8SickMay-20-199311 year
7Customers SuckMay-20-199311 year
6At the SideshowMay-19-199311 year
5Beware of the ButtMay-19-199311 year
4Baby Makes Uh, ThreeMay-18-199311 year
3Burger WorldMay-18-199311 year
2Good CreditMay-17-199311 year
1Scientific StuffMay-17-199311 year
13BalloonMar-25-199311 year
2Give BloodMar-08-199311 year
1Door-to-DoorMar-08-199311 year

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