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Battlestar Galactica

The world ended with no warning, and all that was left was hope.A truce between the humans of the Twelve Colonies and the Cylonsintelligent robots designed by humankindlasts for 40 tense and silent years. Battlestar Galactica picks up just as the Cylons commit mass genocide against humanity. Only the Battlestar Galactica (an old warship about to be decommissioned and turned into a museum) and those souls fortunate enough to be aboard other starships were able to survive the attack. In the aftermath, the Galactica's commanding officer, William Adama, finds himself responsible for safeguarding the last remnants of the human racefewer than 50,000 desperate survivors. Meanwhile, the annihilation of the Colonial government results in the succession of the Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin, to the presidency. Driven by prophetic visions and political necessity, the Galactica travels through uncharted space in hopes of finding the mythical, lost 13th colonyEarth.

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, War

Release Date: December 8, 2003

Status: Ended

Network: Syfy (Official Website)

Casts: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, Michael Hogan, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, Aaron Douglas, James Callis, Tahmoh Penikett, Grace Park, Alessandro Juliani, Kandyse McClure, Michael Trucco, Grace Park

Most recent episode: Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 20 - Daybreak, Part 2 ( 3/20/2009 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
420Daybreak, Part 2Mar-20-200906 months
19Daybreak, Part 1Mar-13-200946 months
18Islanded in a Stream of StarsMar-06-200916 months
17Someone to Watch Over MeFeb-27-200916 months
16DeadlockFeb-20-200916 months
15No ExitFeb-13-200916 months
14Blood on the ScalesFeb-06-200916 months
13The OathJan-30-200916 months
12A Disquiet Follows My SoulJan-23-200926 months
11Sometimes a Great NotionJan-16-200926 months
10RevelationsJun-13-200826 months
9The HubJun-06-200836 months
8Sine Qua NonMay-30-200826 months
7Guess What's Coming to Dinner?May-16-200836 months
6FaithMay-09-200826 months
5The Road Less TraveledMay-02-200836 months
4Escape VelocityApr-25-200836 months
3The Ties That BindApr-18-200836 months
2Six of OneApr-11-200836 months
1He That Believeth in MeApr-04-200826 months
320Crossroads, Part 2Mar-25-200726 months
19Crossroads, Part 1Mar-18-200726 months
18The Son Also RisesMar-11-200746 months
17MaelstromMar-04-200726 months
16Dirty HandsFeb-25-200736 months
15A Day in the LifeFeb-18-200716 months
14The Woman KingFeb-11-200716 months
13Taking a Break from All Your WorriesJan-28-200716 months
12RaptureJan-21-200716 months
11The Eye of JupiterDec-15-200616 months
10The PassageDec-08-200616 months
9Unfinished BusinessDec-01-200616 months
8HeroNov-17-200616 months
7A Measure of SalvationNov-10-200616 months
6TornNov-03-200616 months
5CollaboratorsOct-27-200616 months
4Exodus, Part 2Oct-20-200616 months
3Exodus, Part 1Oct-13-200626 months
2PrecipiceOct-06-200636 months
1OccupationOct-06-200646 months
220Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2Mar-10-200626 months
19Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1Mar-03-200626 months
18DownloadedFeb-24-200626 months
17The Captain's HandFeb-17-200626 months
16SacrificeFeb-10-200626 months
15ScarFeb-03-200616 months
14Black MarketJan-27-200616 months
13EpiphaniesJan-20-200616 months
12Resurrection Ship, Part 2Jan-13-200616 months
11Resurrection Ship, Part 1Jan-06-200616 months
10PegasusSep-23-200516 months
9Flight of the PhoenixSep-16-200536 months
8Final CutSep-09-200546 months
7Home, Part 2Aug-26-200516 months
6Home, Part 1Aug-19-200516 months
5The FarmAug-12-200516 months
4ResistanceAug-05-200516 months
3FraggedJul-29-200516 months
2Valley of DarknessJul-22-200536 months
1ScatteredJul-15-200516 months
113Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2Apr-01-200516 months
12Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1Mar-25-200516 months
11Colonial DayMar-18-200516 months
10The Hand of GodMar-11-200516 months
9Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me DownMar-04-200516 months
8Flesh and BoneFeb-25-200516 months
7Six Degrees of SeparationFeb-18-200516 months
6LitmusFeb-11-200526 months
5You Can't Go Home AgainFeb-04-200526 months
4Act of ContritionJan-28-200536 months
3Bastille DayJan-21-200526 months
2WaterJan-14-200526 months
133Jan-14-200536 months

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