Barbarians Rising

The series tells the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Barbarians Rising is told from the perspective of the barbarian rebel leaders. The Roman Empire called them “barbarians” – tribes the Romans viewed beyond the fringe of civilization that lived a brutish and violent existence. However, these were also men and women who launched epic struggles that shaped the world to come. The docudrama features nine of history’s greatest warriors – Hannibal, who vowed a blood oath at the age of nine; Spartacus, the slave-turned-rebel who led a barbarian revolt; Boudica, the Celtic warrior Queen; Arminius, the stolen son of Germany; Attila, scourge of the east; as well as fighting units, the Goths, a fierce people betrayed by the empire; and the Vandals, the wandering raiders who dealt Rome’s final death blow.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Documentary, Drama, Mini-Series

Release Date: June 6, 2016

Status: Ended

Network: History (Official Website)

Casts: Jefferson Hall, Nicholas Pinnock, Ben Batt, Kirsty Mitchell, Tom Hopper, Emil Hostina, Gavin Drea, Steven Waddington, Richard Brake

Most recent episode: Barbarians Rising Season 1 Episode 4 - Ruin ( 6/27/2016 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
18Episode 8011 months
7Episode 7011 months
6Episode 6011 months
5Episode 5011 months
4RuinJun-27-2016111 months
3RevengeJun-20-2016111 months
2RebellionJun-13-2016111 months
1ResistanceJun-06-2016111 months

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