Bar Rescue

Bars mean money, but they also mean stress if they aren’t properly run. Jon Taffer is a bar and nightclub owner who has started, flipped, or owned over 600 bars and clubs in his career and currently owns one of the most highly respected consulting firms in the bar and nightclub industry. Jon will travel around the country and employ his expertise to return struggling bars to the cash cows they once were. Everything from the science of the perfect pour, to the height of the bar stools is a key factor in making a bar the hottest place in town.

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Genre: Design, Decorating, Reality

Release Date: July 17, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Spike TV (Official Website)

Casts: P.J. King, Jonathan Taffer, Nicole Taffer

Most recent episode: Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 12 - Wreck It Ralph ( 8/15/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
812Wreck It RalphAug-15-202132 months
11Remembering BillyAug-08-2021154 months
10Ninja Karaoke's Swan SongAug-01-2021154 months
9Behind the 8 BallJul-18-202184 months
8A Commander & His PostJul-11-2021164 months
7A Bar to Take Pride InJun-27-202193 months
6Rookie of the BeerJun-20-2021113 months
5Viva La CasonaJun-13-202193 months
4Every Rosé Has It's ThornJun-06-202173 months
3A Twice in a Lifetime OpportunityMay-23-2021133 months
2Not Your Godfather's SpeakeasyMay-09-2021103 months
1Two Tickets to Paradise CantinaMay-02-202193 months
717The Dirty Truth: A Horse Walks Into A BarSep-20-202001 year
16The Mother of All FailuresSep-13-202021 month
15The Gaslamp RedemptionSep-06-202031 month
14Fear and Molding on Pineapple HillJun-14-2020101 month
13A Silver Dollar Saved, Is a Silver Dollar EarnedJun-07-202061 month
12Bottoms Up, Going DownMay-31-202063 months
11In the RoughMay-17-202063 months
10Raging TurkeyMay-03-202033 months
9Beast RescueApr-26-202053 months
8Come Home to RoostApr-19-202023 months
7Taken for GrantedApr-12-202013 months
6Life's a BeachApr-05-202023 months
5TBAApr-01-201941 month
4TBAMar-25-201921 month
3Don't Cry For Me Jon TafferMar-18-201911 month
2Dalia's InfernoMar-11-201911 month
1The Lights Come Back In Puerto RicoMar-03-201913 months
0The Lights Come Back In Puerto Rico => TO BE DELETED (duplicate 6x20)Mar-04-201902 years
647Get Off Your Ass!Sep-29-201903 months
46Saving GI JodiSep-22-201902 years
45The Sound of Failing MusicSep-15-201902 years
44So We Meet Again, Mr. TafferSep-08-201902 years
43Stix and Stones May Break Your BarAug-25-201901 year
42Doreen's DilemmaAug-11-201901 year
41Saving GI JodiSep-22-201902 months
40The Sound of Falling MusicSep-15-201902 months
39So We Meet Again, Mr. TafferSep-08-201902 years
38All Blaze, No GloryAug-11-201903 months
37Driving Miss TaraJun-02-201911 month
36Pie HardMay-19-201902 months
35Big Trouble In Little China GroveJul-28-201912 years
34Reckless RoundhouseJul-21-201903 months
33All Blaze, No GloryJul-14-201902 years
32Miles from SuccessJun-02-201912 months
31Pie HardMay-19-201903 months
30Back to SchoolApr-07-201912 months
29Twerking 9 to 5Mar-31-201903 months
28Owner On The RunMar-24-201902 years
27Don't Cry For Me Jon TafferApr-21-201902 years
26Dalia's InfernoApr-14-201903 months
25The Lights Come Back In Puerto RicoApr-07-201903 months
24Twerking 9 to 5Mar-31-201902 years
23Star Lite, Star Not So BriteMar-24-201902 years
22Back To The Bar: The Tradewinds Of ChangeAug-12-201802 years
21The Unwanted SaloonAug-05-201802 years
20Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of FatballsJul-29-201802 years
19Operation Puerto RicoJul-22-201802 years
18Fish Out Of Blue WaterJul-15-201812 years
17Back To The Bar: Tough LoveJul-08-201812 years
16Not Cleared for TakeoffJul-01-201802 years
15Phishing For AnswersJun-24-201812 years
14Father Knows BestJun-17-201802 years
13Back To The Bar: The Power Of Bacon And BeerJun-10-201802 years
12Down and Out in Las VegasJun-03-201802 years
11Back to the Bar: Blue in the Frog FaceMay-20-201802 years
10Caving InMay-13-201802 years
9Crazy Little Thing Called SelmanMay-06-201802 years
8An Ode To The Cap'nApr-29-201802 years
7Pole Without A PurposeApr-22-201802 years
6Back To The Bar: Don't Call It A ComebackApr-15-201802 years
5Mississippi RearsApr-08-201802 years
4Ground Control To Major JonApr-01-201802 years
3Weird ScienceMar-25-201802 years
2Close, But No CigarMar-18-201802 years
1Put It On Cody's TabMar-11-201802 years
531Back to the Bar: Disasters of Epic ProportionsSep-17-201702 years
30The Unlucky LeprechaunSep-10-201703 months
29Back to the Bar: For Whom the Cajun Belle TollsSep-03-201702 years
28Rickety Rockin' Rhonda'sAug-20-201702 years
27Daddy DearestAug-13-201702 years
26Silence of the AntsAug-06-201702 years
25Back to the Bar: Flying Fists and Bar BrawlsJul-30-201702 years
24Mother Doesn't Know BestJul-23-201702 years
23Things That Go Pahrump in the NightJul-16-201702 years
22Casually Tapped OutJul-02-201702 years
21Back to the Bar: Hallelujah for JonApr-09-201702 years
20Desi, You Got Some 'splainin' to DoApr-02-201702 years
19Bar Over Troubled WaterMar-26-201702 years
18All Twerk and No Pay Makes Taffer Shut It DownMar-19-201702 years
17Back to the Bar: Brick & Barley Above WaterMar-12-201702 years
16Struck Out at the DugoutMar-05-201702 years
15I Know What You Did Last SummitFeb-26-201702 years
14Don't Tell Mom the Bar is DeadFeb-19-201702 years
13Back to the Bar: Drunky Mcdrunkerton ReturnsNov-20-201602 years
12Punk as a DrunkNov-13-201602 years
11Ice, Mice, BabyNov-06-201602 years
10Zero Drunk ThirtyOct-30-201602 years
9Chase LoungeOct-23-201602 years
8Gettin' Jigger with ItOct-16-201602 years
7Listen Y'all It's SabotageOct-09-201602 years
6Win, Lose or BrawlOct-02-201602 years
5How to Train Your GoldfishSep-25-201602 years
4Antisocial MediaSep-18-201602 years
312 Beers a SlaveAug-21-201602 years
2Wheels of MisfortuneAug-14-201622 years
1The Perks of Being a WallpaperAug-07-201622 years
458Raising ArizonaJul-31-201602 years
57Drunk on PunkJul-24-201602 years
56Momsters BallJul-17-201602 years
55Gone in a FlashJul-10-201602 years
54Danny Sits on His FannyMay-22-201602 years
53We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat02 years
52Back to the Bar: The Luck of the IrishMay-08-201602 years
51Demolition ManMay-01-201602 years
50How to Train the DragonApr-24-201602 years
49Back to the Bar: Empty PocketsApr-17-201603 months
48Getting Freaki at the TikiApr-10-201603 months
47Land of the Beer and Home of the MisbehavedApr-03-201602 years
46Back to the Bar: Meathead-to-headMar-27-201603 months
45Paradise LostMar-20-201602 years
44Dragon LadyMar-13-201602 years
43100th Episode: Hard Heads and SoftballsMar-06-201602 years
42Back to the Bar: No Laughing MatterDec-20-201503 months
41Bare RescueDec-13-201503 months
40Boss Lady BluesDec-06-201502 years
39Unnecessary ToughnessNov-22-201503 months
38Vulgar VixensNov-15-201503 months
37Big Sister's WatchingNov-08-201503 months
36Ripper's Rookie HouseNov-08-201502 years
35Sour Lemons and Bitter BusinessNov-01-201502 years
34Blowing Royal SmokeOct-18-201503 months
33Shamrocks and ShenanigansOct-11-201503 months
32Till Debt Do Us PartOct-04-201503 months
31Back to the Bar: Delusional OwnersAug-30-201503 months
30Jon Ain't Afraid of No GhostAug-30-201502 years
29Too Many Managers, Not Enough ManAug-23-201502 years
28Put a Cork In ItAug-16-201502 years
27Back to the Bar: Stubborn OwnersAug-09-201502 years
26Ant's with Wings, Bro!Aug-02-201502 years
25Brokedown PalaceJul-26-201502 years
24It's Always Sunny in PortlandJul-19-201502 years
23Emergency ExitJul-12-201502 years
22Take Me Out of the Bar GameJul-05-201502 years
21Sticky SituationJun-28-201502 years
20Mandala DownJun-21-201522 years
19Back to the Bar: Hot-Headed OwnersApr-12-201542 years
18Loose Lips Loose TipsMar-29-201502 years
17Lagers and LiarsMar-22-2015172 years
16Storming the CastleMar-15-201502 years
15Bromancing the StoneMar-08-201562 years
14All Twerk & No PayMar-01-201542 years
13Beach RatsFeb-22-201502 years
12Crayons & Anger LinesFeb-15-201502 years
11Second Base, Third StrikeFeb-08-201502 years
10Irish Eyes Aren't SmilingDec-14-201462 years
9Spoiled Brat PartyDec-07-201402 years
8Swinging from the RaftersNov-23-201402 years
7A Dash of BittersNov-16-201402 years
6To Protect and to (Over) ServeNov-09-201402 years
5Anything You Can Yell, I Can Yell LouderNov-02-201412 years
4El Moronte!!Oct-26-201402 years
3Schmuck DynastyOct-19-201402 years
2Thugs with MugsOct-12-201412 years
1Bug BiteOct-05-201402 years
341[no episode title yet]Jun-01-201402 years
40Muscle MadnessMay-11-201403 months
39Scary Mary'sMay-04-201403 months
38I Smell a RatApr-27-201403 months
37When Life Doesn't Hand You LemonsApr-20-201403 months
36Taxed Out in TexasApr-13-201403 months
35Grow Some Meatballs!Apr-06-201403 months
34Scoreboard to DeathMar-30-201403 months
33Punch-Drunk & Trailer-TrashedMar-23-201403 months
32Critters and QuittersMar-16-201403 months
31Hostile TakeoverMar-09-201403 months
30Twin vs. TwinDec-15-201303 months
29Brawlin' BabesDec-08-201303 months
28[no episode title yet]Nov-25-201302 years
27Hole in NoneNov-17-201303 months
26Empty Bottles Full CansNov-10-201303 months
25Drunk & Dirty DollsNov-03-201303 months
24Hurricane Jon vs. Hurricane SandyOct-27-201303 months
23Grandpa Got Run Over by His GrandkidsOct-20-201313 months
22Jon of the DeadOct-13-201303 months
21Crappy CantinaOct-06-201303 months
20Barely Above WaterSep-15-201331 month
19Beer and Loathing in Las VegasSep-08-201331 month
18A Bar Full of BullAug-25-201321 month
17Corking the HoleAug-18-201323 months
16Characters AssassinationAug-11-201321 month
15Play Some Janet Jackson!Aug-04-201311 month
14There's No Crying in the Bar BusinessJul-28-201331 month
13Two Flew Over the HandlebarsJul-21-201333 months
12Don't Judge a Booze by Its BottleJul-14-201341 month
11Don't Mess with Taffer's WifeJul-07-201321 month
10Meat SaunaApr-14-201313 months
9A Horse Walks Into a BarApr-07-201313 months
8Karaoke KatastropheMar-31-201311 month
7In a PinchMar-24-201313 months
6Jon T, He Don't Like ItMar-17-201333 months
5Empty PocketsMar-10-201323 months
4Tears for BeersMar-03-201331 month
3Bro's Got to Geaux!Feb-24-201321 month
2Rock N RoachesFeb-17-201321 month
1Turtle on Its BackFeb-10-201321 month
210Bikini BustSep-30-201241 month
9On the RocksSep-23-201241 month
8Owner OustedSep-16-201261 month
7Weber's of LiesSep-09-201271 month
6Broke Black SheepAug-26-201243 months
5Bottomless PitAug-19-201243 months
4Mystique or Murder?Aug-12-201253 months
3Murphy's MessAug-05-201243 months
2Tiki CurseJul-29-201233 months
1Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of DumbJul-29-201243 months
110Hog-Tied Ham'sSep-25-201143 months
9Bar FightSep-18-201123 months
8ChumpsSep-11-201113 months
7Bad to the BoneAug-28-201133 months
6The Blue Frog Sings the BluesAug-21-201123 months
5Swanky TroublesAug-14-201133 months
4Beach BummerAug-07-201123 months
3Shabby AbbeyJul-31-201123 months
2Downey's and OutJul-24-201123 months
1Fallen AngelsJul-17-201113 months
024Back to the Bar: The Tradewinds of ChangeAug-12-201802 years
23Back to the Bar: Tough LoveJul-01-201802 years
22Back to the Bar: The Power of Bacon and BeerJun-10-201802 years
21Back to the Bar: Blue in the Frog FaceMay-20-201802 years
20Back to the Bar: Don't Call It a ComebackApr-15-201802 years
19Back to the Bar: Disasters of Epic ProportionsSep-17-201702 years
18Back to the Bar: For Whom The Cajun Belle TollsSep-03-201502 years
17Back to the Bar: Flying Fists and Bar BrawlsJul-30-201702 years
16Back to the Bar: Hallelujah for JonApr-09-201702 years
15Back to the Bar: Brick & Barley Above WaterMar-12-201702 years
14Back to the Bar: Drunky McDrunkerton ReturnsNov-20-201602 years
13Back to the Bar: The Luck of the IrishMay-08-201602 years
12Back to the Bar: Empty PocketsApr-17-201602 years
11Back to the Bar: Meathead-to-HeadMar-27-201602 years
10Back to the Bar: No Laughing MatterDec-20-201502 years
9Back to the Bar: Delusional OwnersAug-30-201502 years
8Back to the Bar: Stubborn OwnersAug-02-201502 years
7Back to the Bar: Hot-Headed OwnersApr-05-201502 years
6Taffer's Top 10: Toughest RescuesJun-29-201402 years
5Taffer's Top 10: Angriest MomentsJun-29-201402 years
4Taffer's Top 10: Most Disgusting BarsJun-22-201402 years
3Taffer's Top 10: Worst OwnersJun-22-201402 years
2The Lost EpisodeJun-01-201402 years
1Music City MessNov-25-201302 years

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