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Avengers Assemble

A fictional animated series that centers with the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. Features the voices of Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Adrian Pasdar, Bumper Robinson, Roger Craig Smith, Fred Tatasciore and Travis Willingham.

Genre: Animation

Release Date: May 26, 2013 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Disney XD (Official Website)

Casts: Fred Tatasciore, Bumper Robinson, Roger Craig Smith, Troy Baker, Adrian Pasdar, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey

Most recent episode: Avengers Assemble Season 5 Episode 23 - House of M ( 2/24/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
55x23: House of MFeb-24-20192010 months
5x22: Atlantis AttacksFeb-24-20191512 months
5x21: WidowmakerFeb-17-20191012 months
5x20: TBAFeb-10-2019151 year
5x19: King Breaker Part 1Feb-10-2019101 year
5x18: BashengaJan-27-201991 year
5x17: YemandiJan-20-201961 year
5x16: T'ChandaJan-13-2019151 year
5x15: The Vibranium Curtain Pt. 2Jan-06-2019111 year
5x14: The Vibranium Curtain Pt. 1Jan-06-2019121 year
5x13: The Last AvengerDec-02-201861 year
5x12: Descent of the ShadowDec-02-201871 year
5x11: The Lost TempleNov-25-201851 year
5x10: The Good SonNov-18-201881 year
5x9: Mask of the PantherNov-11-201871 year
5x8: The Night Has WingsNov-04-201851 year
5x7: T'challa RoyaleOct-28-201871 year
5x6: Mists of AttilanOct-21-2018101 year
5x5: The Zemo SanctionOct-14-201871 year
5x4: The Panther and the WolfOct-07-201811 year
5x3: Into the DeepSep-30-201891 year
5x2: Shadow of Atlantis Part 2Sep-23-201831 year
5x1: Shadow of Atlantis Part 1Sep-23-201831 year
44x25: All Things Must EndMar-11-201801 year
4x24: The WastelandsMar-11-201801 year
4x23: The CitadelMar-11-201801 year
4x22: WestlandMar-04-201801 year
4x21: WeirdworldMar-04-201801 year
4x20: The Vibranium CoastJan-14-2018112 years
4x19: The Immortal WeaponJan-14-2018112 years
4x18: UnderworldJan-14-2018112 years
4x17: BeyondJan-14-2018112 years
4x16: The Eye of Agamotto (Part 2)Jan-07-2018122 years
4x15: The Eye of Agamotto (Part 1)Jan-07-2018122 years
4x14: New Year's ResolutionDec-03-2017102 years
4x13: The ReturnOct-22-201722 years
4x12: Under the Spell of the EnchantressOct-22-201722 years
4x11: The Most Dangerous HuntOct-22-201702 years
4x10: Dimension ZOct-15-201702 years
4x9: The Once and Future KangOct-15-201702 years
4x8: Why I Hate HalloweenOct-08-201702 years
4x7: SneakersAug-27-201702 years
4x6: Show Your WorkAug-27-201702 years
4x5: The Incredible HercAug-27-201702 years
4x4: Prison BreakAug-27-201702 years
4x3: The Sleeper AwakensAug-27-201702 years
4x2: Avengers No More - Part 2Jun-17-201723 years
4x1: Avengers No More - Part 1Jun-17-201723 years
33x26: Civil War Part 4: Avengers RevolutionJan-28-201703 years
3x25: Civil War Part 3: The Drums of WarJan-28-201703 years
3x24: Civil War Part 2: The Mighty AvengersJan-28-201703 years
3x23: Civil War Part 1: The Fall of AttilanJan-28-201703 years
3x22: World War HulkNov-20-201623 years
3x21: Building the Perfect WeaponNov-13-201663 years
3x20: U-FoesNov-06-201603 years
3x19: The House of ZemoOct-09-201663 years
3x18: Ant-Man Makes It BigOct-02-201603 years
3x17: Panther's RageSep-25-201633 years
3x16: Captain MarvelSep-18-201623 years
3x15: A Friend in NeedSep-11-201603 years
3x14: Seeing DoubleAug-28-201613 years
3x13: Into the FutureAug-21-201633 years
3x12: The ConquerorAug-14-201643 years
3x11: The Kids Are AlrightAug-07-201634 years
3x10: The Inhuman ConditionJul-31-201634 years
3x9: Inhumans Among UsJul-24-201604 years
3x8: DehulkedMay-01-201634 years
3x7: Into the Dark DimensionApr-24-201634 years
3x6: Thunderbolts RevealedApr-17-201634 years
3x5: The ThunderboltsApr-10-201624 years
3x4: Under SiegeApr-03-201604 years
3x3: Saving Captain RogersMar-27-201604 years
3x2: The UltimatesMar-20-201604 years
3x1: Adapting to Change04 years
22x26: Avengers WorldsSep-20-201514 years
2x25: New FrontierSep-13-201514 years
2x24: Avengers UndergroundAug-02-201501 year
2x23: Avengers' Last StandJul-26-201511 year
2x22: Midgard CrisisJul-19-201511 year
2x21: SpectrumsJul-12-201531 year
2x20: Terminal VelocityJul-05-201511 year
2x19: The New GuyMay-17-201525 years
2x18: Secret AvengersMay-10-201505 years
2x17: The Ultron OutbreakApr-28-201515 years
2x16: Small Time HeroesApr-26-201515 years
2x15: Avengers DisassembledApr-19-201505 years
2x14: Crack in the SystemApr-12-201525 years
2x13: Thanos TriumphantMar-01-201501 year
2x12: Widow's RunFeb-22-201531 year
2x11: DowngradedFeb-15-201501 year
2x10: Back to the Learning HallFeb-08-201511 year
2x9: The Dark AvengersFeb-01-2015135 years
2x8: Head to HeadJan-25-201565 years
2x7: The Age of Tony StarkNov-16-201445 years
2x6: NighthawkNov-09-201405 years
2x5: Beneath the SurfaceNov-02-201425 years
2x4: Ghosts of the PastOct-26-201425 years
2x3: Valhalla Can WaitOct-12-201455 years
2x2: Thanos RisingOct-05-201455 years
2x1: The ArsenalSep-28-201455 years
11x26: The Final ShowdownMay-25-201453 years
1x25: ExodusMay-18-201413 years
1x24: Crime and CircusesMay-11-201423 years
1x23: One Little ThingApr-13-201413 years
1x22: Guardians and Space KnightsApr-06-201403 years
1x21: By the NumbersMar-30-201423 years
1x20: All Father's DayMar-23-201423 years
1x19: The AmbassadorMar-16-201423 years
1x18: MojoworldMar-09-201423 years
1x17: SavagesMar-02-201423 years
1x16: Bring on the Bad GuysFeb-16-201423 years
1x15: Planet DoomDec-08-201323 years
1x14: Hulk's Day OutNov-24-201313 years
1x13: In DeepNov-17-201323 years
1x12: Avengers: Impossible!Oct-20-201313 years
1x11: Hulked Out HeroesSep-29-201333 years
1x10: DoomstroyerSep-22-201363 years
1x9: Depth ChargeSep-15-201333 years
1x8: Molecule KidAug-11-201333 years
1x7: HyperionAug-04-201313 years
1x6: Super AdaptoidJul-28-201303 years
1x5: Blood FeudJul-21-201373 years
1x4: The Serpent of DoomJul-14-201333 years
1x3: Ghost of a ChanceJul-07-201333 years
1x2: The Avengers Protocol (2)May-26-201313 years
1x1: The Avengers Protocol (1)May-26-201323 years
00x7: ...Assemble!Aug-08-201701 year
0x6: Secret Wars Shorts - Ms. MarvelJun-07-201701 year
0x5: Secret Wars Shorts - VisionJun-06-201701 year
0x4: Secret Wars Shorts - Ant-Man and WaspJun-05-201701 year
0x3: Secret Wars Shorts - Captain MarvelJun-04-201701 year
0x2: Secret Wars Shorts - Black PantherJun-03-201701 year
0x1: Secret Wars Shorts - TeaserJun-02-201701 year

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