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Australian Survivor

A television series based on the popular reality show Survivor. The series was filmed in November and December 2001 and aired weekly from 13 February – 15 May 2002 on Australia’s Nine Network. It was set at Whaler’s Way, an Eyre Peninsula coastal nature reserve in Port Lincoln, South Australia in the Great Australian Bight, where numerous ships had sunk off the coast in the past. This set up the nautical theme of the series.

Genre: Game, Reality

Release Date: February 20, 2002

Status: Running

Network: Network Ten (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24 - Episode 24 ( 3/27/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1024Episode 24Mar-27-2023578 hours
23Episode 23Mar-26-2023561 day
22Episode 22Mar-20-2023581 week
21Episode 21Mar-19-2023501 week
20Episode 20Mar-13-2023482 weeks
19Episode 19Mar-12-2023482 weeks
18Episode 18Mar-07-2023513 weeks
17Episode 17Mar-06-2023533 weeks
16Episode 16Mar-05-2023423 weeks
15Episode 15Feb-28-2023594 weeks
14Episode 14Feb-27-2023384 weeks
13Episode 13Feb-26-2023664 weeks
12Episode 12Feb-21-2023571 month
11Episode 11Feb-20-2023551 month
10Episode 10Feb-19-2023421 month
9Episode 9Feb-14-2023511 month
8Episode 8Feb-13-2023471 month
7Episode 7Feb-12-2023601 month
6Episode 6Feb-07-2023542 months
5Episode 5Feb-06-2023342 months
4Episode 4Feb-05-2023362 months
3Episode 3Feb-01-2023552 months
2Episode 2Jan-31-2023472 months
1Episode 1Jan-30-2023462 months
924Episode 24Apr-04-20222512 months
23Episode 23Apr-03-20221512 months
22Episode 22Mar-28-2022712 months
21Episode 21Mar-27-2022121 year
20Episode 20Mar-21-202251 year
19Episode 19Mar-20-202271 year
18Episode 18Mar-14-202221 year
17Episode 17Mar-13-202201 year
16Episode 16Mar-07-202201 year
15Episode 15Mar-06-202201 year
14Episode 14Feb-28-202201 year
13Episode 13Feb-27-202201 year
12Episode 12Feb-22-202201 year
11Episode 11Feb-21-202201 year
10Episode 10Feb-20-202201 year
9Episode 9Feb-15-202201 year
8Episode 8Feb-14-202201 year
7Episode 7Feb-13-202201 year
6Episode 6Feb-08-202201 year
5Episode 5Feb-07-202201 year
4Episode 4Feb-06-202201 year
3Episode 3Feb-02-202201 year
2Episode 2Feb-01-202201 year
1Episode 1Jan-31-202201 year
824Season FinaleSep-12-202101 year
23Episode 23Sep-06-202101 year
22Episode 22Sep-05-202101 year
21Episode 21Aug-31-202101 year
20Episode 20Aug-30-202101 year
19Episode 19Aug-29-202101 year
18Episode 18Aug-24-202101 year
17Episode 17Aug-23-202101 year
16Episode 16Aug-22-202101 year
15Episode 15Aug-17-202101 year
14Episode 14Aug-16-202101 year
13Episode 13Aug-15-202101 year
12Episode 12Aug-10-202101 year
11Episode 11Aug-09-202101 year
10Episode 10Aug-08-202101 year
9Episode 9Aug-03-202101 year
8Episode 8Aug-02-202101 year
7Episode 7Aug-01-202101 year
6Episode 6Jul-27-202101 year
5Episode 5Jul-26-202101 year
4Episode 4Jul-25-202101 year
3Episode 3Jul-20-202101 year
2Episode 2Jul-19-202101 year
1Episode 1Jul-18-202101 year
725Reunion ShowMar-30-202071 year
24Season FinaleMar-30-202091 year
23Episode 23Mar-24-202051 year
22Episode 22Mar-23-202051 year
21Episode 21Mar-18-202051 year
20Episode 20Mar-17-202041 year
19Episode 19Mar-16-202051 year
18Episode 18Mar-11-202071 year
17Episode 17Mar-10-202071 year
16Episode 16Mar-09-202051 year
15Episode 15Mar-04-2020111 year
14Episode 14Mar-03-202071 year
13Episode 13Mar-02-202051 year
12Episode 12Feb-26-202071 year
11Episode 11Feb-25-2020101 year
10Episode 10Feb-24-202091 year
9Episode 9Feb-19-202071 year
8Episode 8Feb-18-202071 year
7Episode 7Feb-17-202071 year
6Episode 6Feb-12-202081 year
5Episode 5Feb-11-202071 year
4Episode 4Feb-10-202031 year
3Episode 3Feb-05-202051 year
2Episode 2Feb-04-202061 year
1Episode 1Feb-03-202051 year
624FinaleSep-17-201951 year
23Episode 23Sep-16-2019101 year
22Episode 22Sep-10-2019111 year
21Episode 21Sep-09-2019101 year
20Episode 20Sep-03-201991 year
19Episode 19Sep-02-201941 year
18Episode 18Sep-01-201971 year
17Episode 17Aug-27-201951 year
16Episode 16Aug-26-201971 year
15Episode 15Aug-25-201971 year
14Episode 14Aug-20-201991 year
13Episode 13Aug-19-201991 year
12Episode 12Aug-18-201951 year
11Episode 11Aug-13-201971 year
10Episode 10Aug-12-2019101 year
9Episode 9Aug-11-201981 year
8Episode 8Aug-06-201951 year
7Episode 7Aug-05-201991 year
6Episode 6Aug-04-201991 year
5Episode 5Jul-30-201991 year
4Episode 4Jul-29-201961 year
3Episode 3Jul-28-201971 year
2Episode 2Jul-25-201951 year
1Episode 1Jul-24-201971 year
525Reunion SpecialOct-09-201861 year
24Episode 24Oct-09-201831 year
23Episode 23Oct-08-201851 year
22Episode 22Oct-02-201881 year
21Episode 21Oct-01-201861 year
20Episode 20Sep-25-201831 year
19Episode 19Sep-24-201831 year
18Episode 18Sep-18-201841 year
17Episode 17Sep-17-201861 year
16Episode 16Sep-11-201841 year
15Episode 15Sep-10-201851 year
14Episode 14Sep-04-201881 year
13Episode 13Sep-03-201891 year
12Episode 12Aug-28-201871 year
11Episode 11Aug-27-201841 year
10Episode 10Aug-21-201851 year
9Episode 9Aug-20-201891 year
8Episode 8Aug-14-201881 year
7Episode 7Aug-13-201831 year
6Episode 6Aug-09-201861 year
5Episode 5Aug-08-201891 year
4Episode 4Aug-07-2018101 year
3Episode 3Aug-06-2018101 year
2Episode 2Aug-02-2018101 year
1Episode 1Aug-01-201871 year
427Cast ReunionOct-10-201703 years
26Episode 26Oct-10-201703 years
25Episode 25Oct-09-201703 years
24Episode 24Oct-08-201703 years
23Episode 23Oct-03-201703 years
22Episode 22Oct-02-201703 years
21Episode 21Sep-26-201703 years
20Episode 20Sep-25-201703 years
19Episode 19Sep-24-201703 years
18Episode 18Sep-19-201703 years
17Episode 17Sep-18-201703 years
16Episode 16Sep-17-201751 year
15Episode 15Sep-11-201781 year
14Episode 14Sep-10-201781 year
13Episode 13Sep-04-201703 years
12Episode 12Sep-03-201703 years
11Episode 11Aug-28-201771 year
10Episode 10Aug-27-201703 years
9Episode 9Aug-21-201703 years
8Episode 8Aug-20-201761 year
7Episode 7Aug-14-201741 year
6Episode 6Aug-13-201703 years
5Episode 5Aug-07-201703 years
4Episode 4Aug-06-201703 years
3Episode 3Aug-01-201703 years
2Episode 2Jul-31-201703 years
1Episode 1Jul-30-201703 years
326Episode 26Oct-25-201641 year
25Episode 25Oct-24-201661 year
24Episode 24Oct-23-201651 year
23Episode 23Oct-17-201641 year
22Episode 22Oct-16-201671 year
21Episode 21Oct-10-201603 years
20Episode 20Oct-09-201631 year
19Episode 19Oct-04-201603 years
18Episode 18Oct-03-201631 year
17Episode 17Sep-27-201603 years
16Episode 16Sep-26-201631 year
15Episode 15Sep-25-201631 year
14Episode 14Sep-20-201661 year
13Episode 13Sep-19-201631 year
12Episode 12Sep-18-201631 year
11Episode 11Sep-13-201631 year
10Episode 10Sep-12-201631 year
9Episode 9Sep-11-201671 year
8Episode 8Sep-06-201661 year
7Episode 7Sep-05-201631 year
6Episode 6Sep-04-201631 year
5What the Hell Just Happened?Aug-30-201631 year
4A Kat with Nine LivesAug-29-201631 year
3Honesty or Deceit?Aug-28-201631 year
2A Shot in the ArmAug-22-201631 year
1Fire Represents Your LifeAug-21-201631 year
212FinaleNov-02-200603 years
11Episode 11Oct-26-200603 years
10Episode 10Oct-19-200603 years
9Episode 9Oct-12-200661 year
8Episode 8Oct-05-200641 year
7Episode 7Sep-28-200603 years
6Episode 6Sep-21-200603 years
5Episode 5Sep-14-200603 years
4Episode 4Sep-07-200603 years
3Episode 3Aug-31-200603 years
2Episode 2Aug-24-200603 years
1Episode 1Aug-17-200603 years
113Finale / Reunion SpecialMay-08-200271 year
12Who's the Odd Man Out?May-01-200203 years
11Cockiness Comes to an EndApr-24-200203 years
10He's a Threat, She's a Threat, We're All Threats!Apr-17-200203 years
9I Just Feel So BadApr-10-200203 years
8Pick OffApr-03-200271 year
7It's Time to MergeMar-27-200231 year
6This Game is Way Different Than It LooksMar-20-200203 years
5It's Just Too Hard!Mar-13-200261 year
4The Struggle of Both TribesMar-06-200241 year
3The Losing StreakFeb-27-200271 year
2Violent Weather and Violent PeopleFeb-20-200261 year
1Whaler's WayFeb-13-200241 year
07S06 Jury Villa 3Aug-27-201903 years
6S06 Jury Villa 2Aug-26-201903 years
5S06 Jury Villa 1Aug-25-201903 years
4S05 Jury Villa AKA Ponderosa03 years
1All Star Family FeudOct-16-201703 years

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