Australian Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior is one of the biggest shows on the planet – a worldwide phenomenon – and it’s coming to Australia. Hosted by Rebecca Maddern, Australian Ninja Warrior will be the ultimate television event to hit our screens in 2017. From 3000 hopefuls only 250 of the very best have been given the opportunity to take on the biggest and most challenging outdoor sports course in the world. Set on the mythical “Ninja Island”, Australian Ninja Warrior will be the ultimate test of strength, stamina and mental toughness. Who will be the first Australian Ninja Warrior?

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Genre: Action, Sports

Release Date: July 17, 2017

Status: Running

Network: Nine Network (Official Website)

Most recent episode: Australian Ninja Warrior Season 6 Episode 7 - Semi-Final 3 ( 7/6/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
67Semi-Final 3Jul-06-202245 months
6Semi-Final 2Jul-05-2022155 months
5Semi-Final 1Jul-04-2022245 months
4Heat 4Jul-03-2022145 months
3Heat 3Jun-29-202205 months
2Heat 2Jun-28-202205 months
1Heat 1Jun-27-202205 months
510Record BreakersJul-07-202105 months
9Grand Final Stage 2Jul-06-202105 months
8Grand Final Stage 1Jul-05-202105 months
7Semi Final 3Jul-04-202105 months
6Semi Final 2Jun-30-202105 months
5Semi Final 1Jun-29-202105 months
4Heat 4Jun-28-202105 months
3Heat 3Jun-22-202105 months
2Heat 2Jun-21-202105 months
1Heat 1Jun-20-202105 months
48Grand Final Stage 2Aug-10-202005 months
7Grand Final Stage 1Aug-09-202005 months
6Semi Final 2Aug-04-202005 months
5Semi Final 1Aug-03-202005 months
4Heat 4Aug-02-202005 months
3Heat 3Jul-28-202005 months
2Heat 2Jul-27-202005 months
1Heat 1Jul-26-202005 months
310Grand Final Part 2Jul-29-201905 months
9Grand Final Part 1Jul-28-201905 months
8Semi Final 3Jul-23-201905 months
7Semi Final 2Jul-22-201905 months
6Semi Final 1Jul-21-201905 months
5Heat 5Jul-16-201905 months
4Heat 4Jul-15-201905 months
3Heat 3Jul-14-201905 months
2Heat 2Jul-09-201905 months
1Heat 1Jul-08-201905 months
212Grand Final, Stage 2Jul-31-201805 months
11Grand Final, Stage 1Jul-30-201805 months
10Semi-Final 4Jul-29-201805 months
9Semi-Final 3Jul-24-201805 months
8Semi-Final 2Jul-23-201805 months
7Semi-Final 1Jul-22-201805 months
6Heat 6Jul-17-201805 months
5Heat 5Jul-16-201805 months
4Heat 4Jul-15-201805 months
3Heat 3Jul-10-201805 months
2Heat 2Jul-09-201803 years
1Heat 1Jul-08-201803 years
19Grand FinalJul-25-201703 years
8Semi-Final 3Jul-24-201703 years
7Semi-Final 2Jul-23-201703 years
6Semi-Final 1Jul-18-201703 years
5Heat 5Jul-17-201703 years
4Heat 4Jul-16-201703 years
3Heat 3Jul-11-201703 years
2Heat 2Jul-10-201703 years
1Heat 1Jul-09-201703 years

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