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Aqua Teen hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force follows the adventures of the aptly named Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a group of mystery-solving fast food items. The team consists of Master Shake, or Shake, a rather sadistic, lazy, ordering milkshake who loves to torture Meatwad. Frylock, the floating box of fries, is the brains the group, and contains the one thing that the rest of the group lacks: common sense. Meatwad is a loving, caring, gentle ball of meat that crawls wherever he goes, who is frequently tortured by Shake. The title of the show is a decided misnomer: The characters have no major affiliation with water (though many episodes involve their neighbor’s pool), they aren’t teenagers (though their ages are never really established), and they are rarely shown as any kind of a force, although they did used to be detectives. “Hunger” seems to be the only word that has a bearing on the characters’ lives.

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: December 30, 2000 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Adult Swim (IMDb)

Casts: Dana Snyder, Carey Means, Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro, C. Martin Croker, Andy Merrill

Most recent episode: Aqua Teen hunger Force Season 11 Episode 9 - The Greatest Story Ever Told ( 8/26/2015 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
119The Greatest Story Ever ToldAug-26-201521 year
8The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We ... Mean It)Aug-23-201521 year
7HospiceAug-16-201521 year
6Rabbit, Not RabbitAug-02-201521 year
5Knapsack!Jul-26-201521 year
4Sweet CJul-19-201521 year
3The Hairy BusJul-12-201521 year
2Brain FairyJun-28-201521 year
1Mouth QuestJun-21-201521 year
1010SpacecadeuceOct-20-201341 year
9Piranha GermsOct-13-201341 year
8Storage ZeeblesOct-06-201341 year
7FredaSep-29-201331 year
6SkinsSep-22-201341 year
5Working StiffsSep-15-201321 year
4Banana PlanetSep-08-201331 year
3Merlo Sauvignon BlancoAug-25-201341 year
2The DudiesAug-18-201341 year
1MusclesAug-11-201351 year
910Totem PoleAug-26-201261 year
9Zucotti ManicottiAug-19-201261 year
8Buddy NuggetAug-12-201261 year
7Fightan TitanAug-05-201261 year
6BookieJul-29-201251 year
5The Granite FamilyJul-22-201261 year
4Rocket Horse Jet ChickenJul-15-201241 year
3Shirt HerpesJul-08-201231 year
2Chicken and BeansJul-01-201251 year
1Big BroJun-24-201241 year
810SpyJul-24-201121 year
9LasagnaJul-17-201121 year
8Jumpy GeorgeJul-10-201131 year
7Wi-TriJun-26-201101 year
6VampirusJun-19-201121 year
5The CreditorJun-12-201121 year
4Freedom CobraJun-05-201121 year
3InterventionMay-22-201121 year
2Allen Part 2May-15-201121 year
1Allen Part 1May-08-201121 year
711One HundredMay-02-201021 year
10Larry Miller Hair SystemApr-25-201021 year
9Kangarilla and the Magic TarantulaApr-18-201021 year
8Multiple MeatApr-11-201021 year
7JuggaloApr-04-201021 year
6IAMAPODMar-28-201021 year
5Hands on a HamburgerMar-21-201021 year
4MonsterFeb-28-201021 year
3EggballFeb-21-201021 year
2RubbermanFeb-14-201021 year
1Rabbot ReduxFeb-07-201021 year
610Live Action (aka The Last One Forever and Ever)May-31-200921 year
9Der Inflatable FuhrerMay-24-200921 year
8Fry LegsMay-17-200921 year
72-and-a-Half-Star Wars Out of FiveMay-10-200921 year
6Time MachineMay-03-200921 year
5Creature from Plaque LagoonApr-26-200921 year
4Chic MagnetApr-19-200921 year
3She CreatureApr-12-200921 year
2Shake Like MeApr-05-200921 year
1Gene E.Mar-29-200921 year
510Boston01 year
9Bible FruitMar-23-200821 year
8The MarinesMar-16-200821 year
7Dummy LoveMar-09-200821 year
6Laser LensesMar-02-200821 year
5Hoppy BunnyFeb-17-200821 year
4ReedickyoulusFeb-10-200821 year
3Couple SkateFeb-03-200821 year
2SirensJan-27-200821 year
1Robots EverywhereJan-20-200821 year
413Carl WashDec-22-200621 year
12EzekialDec-17-200611 year
11AntennaDec-10-200621 year
10Bart OatesDec-03-200621 year
9MoonajuanaNov-26-200621 year
8Grim Reaper GuttersNov-19-200621 year
7Global GrillingNov-12-200621 year
6Party All the TimeNov-05-200621 year
5Hand BananaOct-29-200621 year
4DickisodeOct-22-200621 year
3Deleted ScenesDec-18-200521 year
2Boost MobileDec-11-200521 year
1DirtfootDec-04-200521 year
313CarlOct-24-200421 year
12Hypno-GermOct-17-200421 year
11T-Shirt of the Living DeadOct-10-200421 year
10Dusty GozongasOct-03-200421 year
9DietSep-26-200421 year
8Moon MasterSep-19-200421 year
7RobositterSep-12-200421 year
6Little BrittleSep-05-200411 year
5eDorkAug-29-200421 year
4Gee WhizAug-22-200421 year
3RemoonedAug-15-200411 year
2Unremarkable VoyageMay-09-200411 year
1Video OuijaApr-25-200421 year
224The Last OneDec-31-200321 year
23The CloningDec-31-200321 year
22THEDec-21-200321 year
21The DressingDec-14-200311 year
20The ClowningDec-07-200321 year
19Frat AliensNov-30-200321 year
18The CubingNov-23-200311 year
17Kidney CarNov-16-200321 year
16BroodwichNov-02-200321 year
15The ShavingOct-26-200321 year
14Spirit Journey Formation AnniversaryOct-19-200321 year
13Revenge of the TreesOct-12-200321 year
12Total Re-CarlOct-05-200321 year
11Universal RemonsterSep-28-200321 year
10Super TriviaSep-21-200321 year
9The Meat ZoneSep-14-200321 year
8Super SquatterSep-07-200321 year
7Super Sir LoinAug-31-200321 year
6Super SporeJun-29-200311 year
5Super ModelJun-22-200311 year
4Super ComputerJun-15-200321 year
3Super BowlJun-08-200321 year
2Super HeroJun-01-200321 year
1Super Birthday SnakeMay-25-200311 year
118Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the FutureDec-29-200211 year
17Mail Order BrideDec-22-200221 year
16PDADec-15-200221 year
15InterfectionDec-08-200221 year
14Dumber DaysDec-01-200221 year
13Love MummyNov-24-200221 year
12CircusNov-17-200221 year
11Bad ReplicantNov-10-200221 year
10Dumber DollsNov-03-200221 year
9MC Pee PantsMay-19-200221 year
8Revenge of the MooninitesMay-05-200221 year
7Ol' DrippyApr-21-200221 year
6Space Conflict from Beyond PlutoApr-07-200221 year
5BalloonensteinDec-23-200121 year
4Mayhem of the MooninitesOct-14-200121 year
3Bus of the UndeadSep-30-200121 year
2Escape from LeprauchpolisSep-09-200121 year
1RabbotDec-30-200021 year

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