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Antiques Roadshow (US)

Appraisers of antiques travel with the show to various cities. Area citizens bring articles for appraisal and often relate the histories of these items. The appraisers then expand on what is known about the treasures, sometimes exposing them as fakes, and they estimate the pieces’ financial value. The show also includes tips for aspiring collectors of a wide range of items.

Genre: History, Documentary, Reality

Release Date: January 9, 1997 (US)

Status: Running

Network: PBS (IMDb)

Most recent episode: Antiques Roadshow (US) Season 26 Episode 4 - Tearjerkers ( 9/28/2003 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
264TearjerkersSep-28-200309 years
3Best BargainsSep-21-200309 years
2Modern IconsSep-14-200309 years
1Extraordinary Finds 2Sep-07-200309 years
259[no episode title yet]Nov-03-200209 years
8Vintage Spokane Hour 1Oct-27-200209 years
7Vintage Orlando Hour 2Oct-20-200209 years
6Vintage Orlando Hour 1Oct-13-200209 years
5Vintage Tucson 2021 Hour 2Oct-06-200209 years
4Vintage Tucson 2021 Hour 1Sep-29-200209 years
3Vintage Baltimore 2021 Hour 2Sep-22-200209 years
2Vintage Baltimore 2021 Hour 1Sep-15-200209 years
1American StoriesSep-08-200209 years
2426[no episode title yet]May-05-200209 years
25Junk in the Trunk 10Apr-28-200209 years
24Election CollectionApr-05-200209 years
23Vintage Los AngelesMar-17-200209 years
22Vintage Salt Lake CityMar-10-200209 years
21Women's WorkMar-03-200209 years
20Vintage PhiladelphiaFeb-24-200209 years
19Vintage MobileFeb-03-200209 years
18Vintage HonoluluJan-20-200209 years
17Vintage MilwaukeeJan-13-200209 years
16McNay Art Museum, Hour 3Dec-31-200109 years
15McNay Art Museum Hour 2Dec-16-200109 years
14McNay Art Museum Hour 1Dec-09-200109 years
13Desert Botanical Garden Hour 3Dec-02-200109 years
12Treasure FeverNov-25-200109 years
11Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 2Nov-18-200109 years
10Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 1Nov-11-200109 years
9Crocker Art Museum, Hour 3Nov-04-200109 years
8Crocker Art Museum Hour 2Oct-28-200109 years
7Crocker Art Museum Hour 1Oct-21-200109 years
6Bonanzaville Hour 3Oct-14-200109 years
5Bonanzaville Hour 2Sep-30-200109 years
4Bonanzaville Hour 1Sep-23-200109 years
3Winterthur Museum Hour 3Sep-16-200109 years
2Winterthur Museum Hour 2Sep-09-200109 years
1Winterthur Museum Hour 1Sep-02-200109 years
2326Extraordinary FindsApr-01-200109 years
25Junk in the Trunk 9Mar-25-200109 years
24The Gen X YearsMar-18-200109 years
23Vintage MemphisMar-11-200109 years
22Vintage Providence 2019Mar-04-200109 years
21Vintage BismarckFeb-25-200109 years
20Vintage Houston 2019Feb-18-200109 years
19Out of This WorldFeb-11-200109 years
18[no episode title yet]Feb-04-200109 years
17[no episode title yet]Jan-28-200109 years
16[no episode title yet]Jan-21-200109 years
15[no episode title yet]Jan-14-200109 years
14[no episode title yet]Jan-07-200109 years
13[no episode title yet]Jan-01-200109 years
12[no episode title yet]Dec-17-200009 years
11[no episode title yet]Dec-10-200009 years
10[no episode title yet]Dec-03-200009 years
9[no episode title yet]Nov-26-200009 years
8[no episode title yet]Nov-19-200009 years
7[no episode title yet]Nov-12-200009 years
6[no episode title yet]Nov-05-200009 years
5[no episode title yet]Oct-29-200009 years
4[no episode title yet]Oct-22-200009 years
3[no episode title yet]Oct-15-200009 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-08-200009 years
1[no episode title yet]Oct-01-200009 years
2229Junk in the Trunk 8Dec-17-201803 years
28Somethings WildNov-19-201803 years
27[no episode title yet]May-21-200009 years
26[no episode title yet]May-14-200009 years
25[no episode title yet]May-07-200009 years
24[no episode title yet]Apr-23-200009 years
23[no episode title yet]Apr-16-200009 years
22[no episode title yet]Apr-09-200009 years
21[no episode title yet]Apr-02-200009 years
20[no episode title yet]Mar-26-200009 years
19[no episode title yet]Mar-19-200005 years
18[no episode title yet]Mar-12-200009 years
17[no episode title yet]Mar-05-200009 years
16[no episode title yet]Feb-20-200009 years
15[no episode title yet]Feb-13-200009 years
14[no episode title yet]Feb-06-200009 years
13[no episode title yet]Jan-30-200009 years
12[no episode title yet]Jan-23-200009 years
11[no episode title yet]Jan-16-200009 years
10[no episode title yet]Jan-02-200009 years
9[no episode title yet]Dec-19-199909 years
8[no episode title yet]Dec-12-199909 years
7[no episode title yet]Dec-05-199909 years
6[no episode title yet]Nov-28-199909 years
5[no episode title yet]Nov-21-199909 years
4[no episode title yet]Nov-14-199909 years
3[no episode title yet]Nov-07-199909 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-31-199909 years
1[no episode title yet]Jul-18-199909 years
2129Junk In The Trunk 7Nov-13-201703 years
28Our 50 States 2Nov-06-201703 years
27Our 50 States 1Oct-30-201703 years
26Vintage CharlotteJul-31-201703 years
25Vintage Kansas CityJul-31-201703 years
24[no episode title yet]Mar-21-199909 years
23[no episode title yet]Mar-14-199909 years
22[no episode title yet]Mar-07-199909 years
21[no episode title yet]Feb-28-199909 years
20[no episode title yet]Feb-21-199909 years
19Orlando Hour 3Feb-14-199909 years
18Orlando Hour 2Feb-07-199909 years
17Orlando Hour 1Jan-31-199909 years
16Virginia Beach Hour 3Jan-24-199909 years
15Virginia Beach Hour 2Jan-17-199909 years
14Virginia Beach Hour 1Jan-10-199909 years
13Salt Lake City Hour 3Dec-27-199809 years
12Salt Lake City Hour 2Dec-20-199809 years
11Salt Lake City Hour 1Dec-13-199809 years
10[no episode title yet]Dec-06-199809 years
9Palm Springs (Hour 2)Nov-29-199809 years
8Palm Springs (Hour 1)Nov-22-199809 years
7Indianapolis (Hour 3)Nov-15-199809 years
6Indianapolis (Hour 2)Nov-01-199809 years
5Indianapolis (Hour 1)Oct-25-199809 years
4The Civil War YearsOct-18-199809 years
3Fort Worth (Hour 3Oct-11-199809 years
2Fort Worth (Hour 2)Oct-04-199809 years
1Fort Worth (Hour 1)Sep-27-199809 years
2029Best of 20Dec-19-201606 years
28Junk in the Trunk 6May-17-199809 years
27Celebrating Asian-Pacific HeritageMay-10-199809 years
26Mansion MasterpiecesMay-03-199809 years
25Vintage BostonApr-26-199809 years
24Vintage MiamiApr-19-199809 years
23Vintage San DiegoApr-12-199809 years
22Vintage New OrleansApr-05-199809 years
21Vintage IndianapolisMar-29-199809 years
20Vintage New YorkMar-22-199809 years
19Vintage TucsonMar-15-199809 years
18Cleveland, Hour 3Mar-08-199809 years
17Cleveland, Hour 2Mar-01-199809 years
16ClevelandFeb-22-199809 years
15Omaha, Hour 3Feb-15-199809 years
14Omaha, Hour 2Feb-08-199809 years
13OmahaFeb-01-199809 years
12Tucson, Hour 3Jan-25-199809 years
11Tucson, Hour 2Jan-18-199809 years
10TucsonJan-11-199809 years
9Charleston, Hour 3Jan-04-199809 years
8Charleston, Hour 2Dec-28-199709 years
7Charleston, Hour 1Dec-14-199709 years
6Little Rock, Hour 3Dec-07-199709 years
5Little Rock, Hour 2Nov-30-199709 years
4Little RockNov-23-199709 years
3Spokane, Hour 3Nov-16-199709 years
2Spokane, Hour 2Nov-09-199709 years
1SpokaneNov-02-199709 years
1935Treasures on the MoveDec-28-201506 years
34Junk in the Trunk 5 (Hour Two)Nov-16-201506 years
33Junk In The Trunk 5Nov-09-201506 years
32Chicago (Hour Three)Nov-02-201506 years
31Chicago (Hour Two)Oct-26-201506 years
30ChicagoOct-19-201506 years
29Albuquerque (Hour Three)Oct-12-201506 years
28Albuquerque (Hour Two)Oct-05-201506 years
27AlbuquerqueSep-28-201506 years
26Vintage CharlestonApr-27-199709 years
25Vintage MadisonApr-20-199709 years
24Vintage Las VegasApr-13-199709 years
23Vintage TulsaApr-06-199709 years
22Vintage DenverMar-30-199709 years
21Vintage SacramentoMar-23-199709 years
20Vintage St. LouisMar-16-199709 years
19Charleston (Hour Three)Mar-09-199709 years
18Charleston (Hour Two)Mar-02-199709 years
17CharlestonFeb-23-199709 years
16Santa Clara (Hour Three)Feb-16-199709 years
15Santa Clara (Hour Two)Feb-09-199709 years
14Santa ClaraFeb-02-199709 years
13Birmingham (Hour Three)Jan-26-199709 years
12Birmingham (Hour Two)Jan-19-199709 years
11BirminghamJan-12-199709 years
10Bismarck (Hour Three)Jan-05-199709 years
9Bismarck (Hour Two)Dec-29-199609 years
8BismarckDec-15-199609 years
7Celebrating Black AmericanaDec-08-199609 years
6Austin (Hour Three)Dec-01-199609 years
5Austin (Hour Two)Nov-24-199609 years
4AustinNov-17-199609 years
3New York City (Hour Three)Nov-10-199609 years
2New York City (Hour Two)Nov-03-199609 years
1New York CityOct-27-199609 years
1835Manor House TreasuresDec-29-201406 years
34The Boomer YearsDec-22-201406 years
33Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 2Dec-15-201406 years
32Junk In The Trunk 4Dec-01-201406 years
31Jacksonville (Hour Three)Oct-27-201406 years
30Jacksonville (Hour Two)Oct-20-201406 years
29JacksonvilleOct-13-201406 years
28Knoxville (Hour Three)Oct-06-201406 years
27Knoxville (Hour Two)Sep-29-201406 years
26KnoxvilleSep-22-201406 years
25Vintage Des MoinesJul-28-201406 years
24Vintage Salt Lake CityJul-21-201406 years
23Vintage BaltimoreJul-14-201406 years
22Vintage TorontoJul-07-201406 years
21Vintage ColumbusJun-30-201406 years
20Vintage TampaMay-05-199609 years
19Vintage ProvidenceApr-28-199609 years
18Richmond (Hour Three)Apr-21-199609 years
17Richmond (Hour Two)Apr-14-199609 years
16RichmondApr-07-199609 years
15Anaheim (Hour Three)Mar-31-199609 years
14Anaheim (Hour Two)Mar-24-199609 years
13AnaheimMar-17-199609 years
12Kansas City (Hour Three)Mar-10-199609 years
11Kansas City (Hour Two)Mar-03-199609 years
10Kansas CityFeb-25-199609 years
9Baton Rouge (Hour Three)Feb-18-199609 years
8Baton Rouge (Hour Two)Feb-11-199609 years
7Baton RougeFeb-04-199609 years
6Detroit (Hour Three)Jan-28-199609 years
5Detroit (Hour Two)Jan-21-199609 years
4DetroitJan-14-199609 years
3Boise (Hour Three)Jan-07-199609 years
2Boise (Hour Two)Dec-31-199509 years
1BoiseDec-24-199509 years
Cincinnati[no episode title yet]Apr-08-2013010 years
1727Finders KeepersDec-23-201306 years
26SurvivorsNov-18-201306 years
25Junk in the Trunk 3Nov-04-201306 years
24Vintage RichmondJul-29-201306 years
23Vintage HartfordJul-22-201306 years
22Vintage LouisvilleJul-15-201306 years
21Vintage RochesterJul-08-201306 years
20Vintage MilwaukeeMay-14-199509 years
19Vintage Los AngelesMay-07-199509 years
18Seattle (Hour Three)Apr-30-199509 years
17Seattle (Hour Two)Apr-23-199509 years
16SeattleApr-16-199509 years
15Rapid City (Hour Three)Apr-09-199509 years
14Rapid City (Hour Two)Apr-02-199509 years
13Rapid CityMar-26-199509 years
12Cincinnati (Hour Three)Mar-19-1995010 years
11Cincinnati (Hour Two)Mar-12-1995010 years
10CincinnatiMar-05-1995010 years
9Myrtle Beach (Hour Three)Feb-26-1995010 years
8Myrtle Beach (Hour Two)Feb-19-1995010 years
7Myrtle BeachFeb-12-1995010 years
6Boston (Hour Three)Feb-05-1995010 years
5Boston (Hour Two)Jan-29-1995010 years
4BostonJan-22-1995010 years
3Corpus Christi (Hour Three)Jan-15-1995010 years
2Corpus Christi (Hour Two)Jan-08-1995010 years
1Corpus ChristiJan-01-1995110 years
1627Greatest GiftsDec-17-201205 years
26Cats & DogsNov-12-201205 years
25Junk in the Trunk 2Nov-05-201205 years
24Vintage PittsburghJul-23-201205 years
23Vintage San FranciscoJul-16-2012011 years
22Vintage AtlantaJul-09-2012011 years
21Vintage HoustonJul-02-2012011 years
20Vintage SecaucusJun-25-2012011 years
19Vintage PhoenixJun-18-2012011 years
18Minneapolis (Hour Three)May-21-2012011 years
17Minneapolis (Hour Two)May-14-201205 years
16MinneapolisMay-07-2012011 years
15Atlanta (Hour Three)Apr-30-2012011 years
14Atlanta (Hour Two)Apr-23-2012011 years
13AtlantaApr-16-2012011 years
12El Paso (Hour Three)Apr-09-2012011 years
11El Paso (Hour Two)Apr-02-201205 years
10El PasoMar-26-2012011 years
9Pittsburgh (Hour Three)Feb-27-2012011 years
8Pittsburgh (Hour Two)Feb-20-201205 years
7PittsburghFeb-13-201205 years
6Eugene (Hour Three)Feb-06-201205 years
5Eugene (Hour Two)Jan-30-2012011 years
4EugeneJan-23-201205 years
3Tulsa (Hour Three)Jan-16-201205 years
2Tulsa (Hour Two)Jan-09-2012011 years
1TulsaJan-02-2012011 years
1521Forever YoungDec-19-201106 years
20Tasty TreasuresNov-14-201106 years
19Junk in the TrunkNov-07-201106 years
18Washington, DC (Hour Three)Jun-27-201106 years
17Washington, DC (Hour Two)May-30-201106 years
16Washington, DcMay-23-201106 years
15Biloxi (Hour Three)May-16-201106 years
14Biloxi (Hour Two)May-09-201106 years
13BiloxiMay-02-201105 years
12Billings (Hour Three)Apr-25-201105 years
11Billings (Hour Two)Apr-18-201105 years
10BillingsApr-11-201105 years
9Des Moines (Hour Three)Feb-28-201105 years
8Des Moines (Hour Two)Feb-21-201105 years
7Des MoinesFeb-14-201105 years
6San Diego (Hour Three)Feb-07-201105 years
5San Diego (Hour Two)Jan-31-201105 years
4San DiegoJan-24-201105 years
3Miami Beach (Hour Three)Jan-17-201105 years
2Miami Beach (Hour Two)Jan-10-201105 years
1Miami BeachJan-03-201105 years
1420Naughty or NiceDec-20-201006 years
19Simply the BestNov-22-201006 years
18San Jose (Hour Three)May-24-201006 years
17San Jose (Hour Two)May-17-201006 years
16San JoseMay-10-201006 years
15Phoenix (Hour Three)May-03-201006 years
14Phoenix (Hour Two)Apr-26-201006 years
13PhoenixApr-19-201006 years
12Denver (Hour Three)Mar-15-199209 years
11Denver (Hour Two)Mar-08-199209 years
10DenverMar-01-199209 years
9Madison (Hour Three)Feb-23-199209 years
8Madison (Hour Two)Feb-16-199209 years
7MadisonFeb-09-199209 years
6Atlantic City (Hour Three)Feb-02-199209 years
5Atlantic City (Hour Two)Jan-26-199209 years
4Atlantic CityJan-19-199209 years
3Raleigh (Hour Three)Jan-12-199209 years
2Raleigh (Hour Two)Jan-05-199209 years
1RaleighDec-29-199109 years
1320BIG & LittleDec-21-200906 years
19Relative RichesNov-23-200906 years
18Hartford, ConnecticutMay-25-200906 years
17Hartford, ConnecticutMay-18-200906 years
16Hartford, ConnecticutMay-11-200906 years
15Grand RapidsMay-04-200906 years
14Grand RapidsApr-27-200906 years
13Grand RapidsApr-20-200906 years
12Chattanooga, TennesseeApr-13-200909 years
11Chattanooga, TennesseeApr-06-200909 years
10Chattanooga, TennesseeMar-30-200909 years
9Wichita, KansasMar-23-200909 years
8Wichita, KansasFeb-23-200909 years
7Wichita, KansasFeb-16-200909 years
6Dallas, TexasFeb-09-200909 years
5Dallas, TexasFeb-02-200909 years
4Dallas, TexasJan-26-200909 years
3Palm SpringsJan-19-200909 years
2Palm SpringsJan-12-200909 years
1Palm SpringsJan-05-200909 years
1219Politically CollectNov-03-200804 years
18Trash to TreasureDec-15-200806 years
17Politically CollectNov-03-200806 years
16Las VegasMay-26-200806 years
15Las VegasMay-19-200806 years
14Las VegasMay-12-200806 years
13Lousiville, KentuckyMay-05-200806 years
12Lousiville, KentuckyApr-28-200809 years
11Spokane, WashingtonApr-14-200809 years
10Spokane, WashingtonApr-07-200809 years
9Spokane, WashingtonMar-31-200809 years
8San AntonioFeb-25-200809 years
7San AntonioFeb-18-200809 years
6Orlando, FloridaFeb-11-200809 years
5Orlando, FloridaFeb-04-200809 years
4Orlando, FloridaJan-28-200809 years
3Baltimore, MarylandJan-21-200809 years
2Baltimore, MarylandJan-14-200809 years
1Baltimore, MarylandJan-07-200809 years
1126SavannahDec-31-200706 years
25SavannahDec-24-200706 years
24Oklahoma CityDec-17-200706 years
23Oklahoma CityDec-10-200606 years
22San FranciscoDec-03-200706 years
21San FranciscoNov-26-200706 years
19Milwaukee, WisconsinNov-12-200706 years
18Milwaukee, WisconsinNov-05-200706 years
17Milwaukee, WisconsinOct-29-200706 years
16Jackpot!May-07-200706 years
15Salt Lake City, UtahApr-30-200706 years
14Salt Lake City, UtahApr-23-200706 years
13Salt Lake City, UtahApr-16-200706 years
12Mobile, AlabamaMar-19-198909 years
11Mobile, AlabamaMar-12-198909 years
10Mobile, AlabamaMar-05-198909 years
9Tucson, AZFeb-26-198909 years
8Tucson, AZFeb-19-198909 years
7Tucson, AZFeb-12-198909 years
6Philadelphia, PAFeb-05-198909 years
5Philadelphia, PAJan-29-198909 years
4Philadelphia, PAJan-22-198909 years
3Honolulu, HawaiiJan-15-198909 years
2Honolulu, HawaiiJan-08-198909 years
1Honolulu, HawaiiJan-01-198909 years
1016Fame and FortuneMay-29-200606 years
15Providence, RIMay-22-200606 years
14Providence, RIMay-15-200606 years
13Providence, RIMay-08-200606 years
12Bismarck, NDMar-20-198809 years
11Bismarck, NDMar-13-198809 years
10Bismarck, NDMar-06-198809 years
9Los Angeles, CAFeb-28-198809 years
8Los Angeles, CAFeb-21-198809 years
7Los Angeles, CAFeb-14-198809 years
6Houston, TexasFeb-07-198809 years
5Houston, TexasJan-31-198809 years
4Houston, TexasJan-24-198809 years
3Tampa, FloridaJan-17-198809 years
2Tampa, FloridaJan-10-198809 years
1Tampa, FloridaJan-03-198809 years
915Portland, ORMay-02-200506 years
14Portland, ORApr-25-200506 years
13Portland, ORApr-18-200506 years
12Reno, NVMar-22-198709 years
11Reno, NVMar-15-198709 years
10Reno, NVMar-08-198709 years
9Memphis, TNMar-01-198709 years
8Memphis, TNFeb-22-198709 years
7Memphis, TNFeb-15-198709 years
6Omaha, NEFeb-08-198709 years
5Omaha, NEFeb-01-198709 years
4Omaha, NEJan-25-198709 years
3St. Paul, MNJan-18-198709 years
2St. Paul, MNJan-11-198709 years
1St. Paul, MNJan-04-198709 years
812SavannahApr-12-200406 years
11SavannahApr-05-200406 years
10SavannahMay-18-198609 years
9Oklahoma CityMay-11-198609 years
8Oklahoma CityMay-04-198609 years
7Oklahoma CityApr-27-198609 years
6San FranciscoApr-20-198609 years
5San FranciscoApr-13-198609 years
4San FranciscoApr-06-198609 years
3ChicagoMar-30-198609 years
2ChicagoMar-23-198609 years
1ChicagoMar-16-198609 years
718CharlotteDec-08-200306 years
17CharlotteNov-24-200306 years
16CharlotteNov-17-200306 years
15Hot SpringsNov-10-200306 years
14Hot SpringsNov-03-200306 years
13Hot SpringsOct-27-200306 years
12Kansas CityOct-20-200306 years
11Kansas CityOct-13-200306 years
10Kansas CityOct-06-200306 years
9ClevelandSep-29-200306 years
8ClevelandMay-19-198509 years
7ClevelandMay-12-198509 years
6SeattleMay-05-198509 years
5SeattleApr-28-198509 years
4SeattleApr-21-198509 years
3AlbuquerqueApr-14-198509 years
2AlbuquerqueApr-07-198509 years
1AlbuquerqueMar-31-198509 years
618New OrleansNov-25-200203 years
17New OrleansNov-18-200203 years
16New OrleansNov-11-200203 years
15MiamiNov-04-200203 years
14MiamiOct-28-200203 years
13MiamiOct-21-200204 years
12IndianapolisMay-27-200204 years
11IndianapolisMay-20-200204 years
10IndianapolisMay-13-200204 years
9San DiegoMay-06-200204 years
8San DiegoApr-29-200204 years
7[no episode title yet]May-20-198409 years
6New OrleansMay-13-198409 years
5New OrleansMay-06-198409 years
4New OrleansApr-29-198409 years
3MiamiApr-22-198409 years
2MiamiApr-15-198409 years
1MiamiApr-08-198409 years
525Las VegasNov-19-200104 years
24Las VegasNov-12-200104 years
23Las VegasNov-05-200104 years
22Sacramento, CaliforniaOct-29-200104 years
21Sacramento, CaliforniaOct-22-200104 years
20BostonOct-19-200104 years
19BostonOct-12-200104 years
18BostonOct-05-200104 years
17Tulsa, OklahomaMay-21-200104 years
16Tulsa, OklahomaMay-14-200104 years
15Tulsa, OklahomaMay-07-200104 years
14Madison, WisconsinApr-30-200104 years
13Madison, WisconsinApr-23-200104 years
12IndianapolisMay-27-200206 years
11IndianapolisMay-20-200206 years
10IndianapolisMay-13-200206 years
9San DiegoMay-06-200206 years
8San DiegoMay-22-198309 years
7San DiegoMay-15-198309 years
6New York, N.Y.May-08-198309 years
5New York, N.Y.May-01-198309 years
4New York, N.Y.Apr-24-198309 years
3TucsonApr-17-198309 years
2TucsonApr-10-198309 years
1TucsonApr-03-198309 years
425Las VegasNov-19-200106 years
24Las VegasNov-12-200106 years
23Las VegasNov-05-200106 years
22Sacramento, CaliforniaOct-29-200106 years
21Sacramento, CaliforniaOct-22-200106 years
20BostonOct-19-200106 years
19BostonOct-12-200106 years
18BostonOct-05-200106 years
17Des Moines, IowaMay-21-200106 years
16Des Moines, IowaMay-14-200106 years
15Tulsa, OklahomaMay-07-200106 years
14Madison, WisconsinApr-30-200106 years
13Madison, WisconsinApr-23-200106 years
12Madison, WisconsinApr-16-200106 years
11DenverApr-09-200106 years
10DenverApr-02-200106 years
9DenverMar-26-200106 years
8Austin, TexasFeb-26-200109 years
7Austin, TexasFeb-19-200109 years
6Charleston, South CarolinaFeb-12-200109 years
5Charleston, South CarolinaFeb-05-200109 years
4Charleston, South CarolinaJan-29-200109 years
3St. Louis, Mo.Jan-23-200109 years
2St. Louis, Mo.Jan-16-200109 years
1St. Louis, Mo.Jan-08-200109 years
317Des Moines, IowaMay-30-200006 years
16Des Moines, IowaMay-23-200006 years
15Salt Lake CityMay-02-200006 years
14Salt Lake CityApr-25-200006 years
13TorontoApr-18-200006 years
12TorontoApr-11-200006 years
11BaltimoreApr-04-200006 years
10BaltimoreMar-28-200006 years
9Special EditionMar-02-200006 years
8Providence, R.I.Feb-29-200009 years
7Providence, R.I.Feb-22-200009 years
6TampaFeb-15-200009 years
5TampaFeb-08-200009 years
4Birmingham, Ala.Feb-01-200009 years
3Birmingham, Ala.Jan-25-200009 years
2Columbus, OhioJan-18-200009 years
1Columbus, OhioJan-11-200009 years
213NashvilleMay-04-199804 years
12Phoenix - Hour 2Apr-20-199804 years
11Phoenix - Hour 1Apr-13-199804 years
10DallasApr-06-199804 years
9Pittsburgh - Hour 2Mar-23-199804 years
8[no episode title yet]Apr-27-198009 years
7[no episode title yet]Apr-20-198009 years
6[no episode title yet]Apr-13-198009 years
5[no episode title yet]Apr-06-198009 years
4[no episode title yet]Mar-30-198009 years
3[no episode title yet]Mar-23-198009 years
2[no episode title yet]Mar-16-198009 years
1[no episode title yet]Mar-09-198009 years
113Greenwich, CTMay-01-199704 years
12Durham, NCApr-24-199704 years
11Kansas CityApr-17-199704 years
10College Park, MDApr-10-199704 years
9Concord, MAMar-06-199704 years
8AlbuquerqueFeb-27-199703 years
7MinneapolisFeb-20-199703 years
6Southfield, MIFeb-13-199703 years
5San AntonioFeb-06-199703 years
4PhiladelphiaJan-30-199703 years
3DenverJan-23-199703 years
2SeattleJan-16-199703 years
1ChicagoJan-09-199703 years
027Out of This WorldJul-08-201904 years
26Forever YoungDec-19-201104 years
25Tasty TreasuresNov-14-201104 years
24Jackpot!May-07-200704 years
23Special EditionMar-01-200004 years
22Unique AntiquesNov-19-200704 years
21Junk in the Trunk 7Nov-13-201704 years
20Special: Our 50 States Hour 2Nov-06-201704 years
19Special: Our 50 States Hour 1Oct-30-201704 years
18The Civil War YearsJan-23-201704 years
17Best of 20Dec-19-201604 years
16Junk in the Trunk (Part 6)Nov-14-201604 years
15Asian-Pacific HeritageNov-07-201604 years
14Celebrating Black AmericanaFeb-09-201504 years
11Fame and FortuneDec-31-200604 years
10Junk in the Trunk (Part 1)Nov-07-201104 years
9Trash to TreasureDec-15-200804 years
8Roadshow RemembersNov-06-200604 years
7Politically CollectNov-03-200804 years
6Simply the BestNov-22-201004 years
5Naughty or NiceDec-20-201004 years
4Wild Things!May-09-200504 years
3Tomorrow's AntiquesSep-26-200504 years
2Roadshow's Greatest FindsMay-03-200404 years
1Roadshow FavoritesApr-26-200404 years

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