Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is a British television variety show presented and executively produced by Ant & Dec.

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Genre: Variety Show, Talk Show

Release Date: June 8, 2002

Status: Running

Network: ITV1 (UK) (Official Website)

Casts: Declan Donnelly, Ant McPartlin

Most recent episode: Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Season 16 Episode 7 - Episode 7 ( 4/4/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
167Episode 7Apr-04-202011 year
6Episode 6Mar-28-202021 year
5Episode 5Mar-21-202011 year
4Episode 4Mar-14-202012 years
3Episode 3Mar-07-202001 year
2Episode 2Feb-29-202002 years
1Episode 1Feb-22-202002 years
156Episode 6Apr-07-201801 year
5Episode 5Mar-31-201801 year
4Episode 4Mar-17-201801 year
3Episode 3Mar-10-201801 year
2Episode 2Mar-03-201801 year
1Episode 1Feb-24-201801 year
147Episode 7Apr-08-201701 year
6Episode 6Apr-01-201701 year
5Episode 5Mar-25-201701 year
4Episode 4Mar-18-201701 year
3Episode 3Mar-11-201701 year
2Episode 2Mar-04-201711 year
1Episode 1Feb-25-201711 year
137Episode 7Apr-02-201601 year
6Episode 6Mar-26-201601 year
5Episode 5Mar-19-201601 year
4Episode 4Mar-12-201601 year
3Episode 3Mar-05-201601 year
2Episode 2Feb-27-201601 year
1Episode 1Feb-20-201601 year
127Episode 7Apr-04-201501 year
6Episode 6Mar-28-201501 year
5Episode 5Mar-21-201501 year
4Episode 4Mar-14-201501 year
3Episode 3Mar-07-201501 year
2Episode 2Feb-28-201501 year
1Episode 1Feb-21-201501 year
117Episode 7Apr-05-201401 year
6Episode 6Mar-29-201401 year
5Episode 5Mar-22-201401 year
4Episode 4Mar-15-201401 year
3Episode 3Mar-08-201401 year
2Episode 2Mar-01-201401 year
1Episode 1Feb-22-201401 year
107Episode 7Apr-06-201301 year
6Episode 6Mar-30-201301 year
5Episode 5Mar-23-201301 year
4Episode 4Mar-16-201301 year
3Episode 3Mar-09-201301 year
2Episode 2Mar-03-201301 year
1Episode 1Feb-23-201301 year
96Episode 6Mar-21-200901 year
5Episode 5Mar-14-200901 year
4Episode 4Mar-07-200901 year
3Episode 3Feb-28-200901 year
2Episode 2Feb-21-200901 year
1Episode 1Feb-14-200901 year
86Episode 6Mar-22-200801 year
5Episode 5Mar-15-200801 year
4Episode 4Mar-08-200801 year
3Episode 3Mar-01-200801 year
2Episode 2Feb-23-200801 year
1Episode 1Feb-16-200801 year
76Episode 6Oct-13-200701 year
5Episode 5Oct-06-200701 year
4Episode 4Sep-29-200701 year
3Episode 3Sep-22-200701 year
2Episode 2Sep-15-200701 year
1Episode 1Sep-08-200701 year
66Episode 6Oct-21-200601 year
5Episode 5Oct-14-200601 year
4Episode 4Oct-07-200601 year
3Episode 3Sep-30-200601 year
2Episode 2Sep-23-200601 year
1Episode 1Sep-16-200601 year
510Episode 10Apr-16-200501 year
9Episode 9Apr-09-200501 year
8Episode 8Apr-02-200501 year
7Episode 7Mar-26-200501 year
6Episode 6Mar-19-200501 year
5Episode 5Mar-12-200501 year
4Episode 4Mar-05-200501 year
3Episode 3Feb-26-200501 year
2Episode 2Feb-19-200501 year
1Episode 1Feb-12-200501 year
46Episode 6Nov-06-200401 year
5Episode 5Oct-30-200401 year
4Episode 4Oct-23-200401 year
3Episode 3Oct-16-200401 year
2Episode 2Oct-09-200401 year
1Episode 1Oct-02-200401 year
36Episode 6Apr-17-200401 year
5Episode 5Apr-10-200401 year
4Episode 4Apr-03-200401 year
3Episode 3Mar-27-200401 year
2Episode 2Mar-20-200401 year
1Episode 1Mar-13-200401 year
211Episode 11Mar-22-200301 year
10Episode 10Mar-15-200301 year
9Episode 9Mar-08-200301 year
8Episode 8Mar-01-200301 year
7Episode 7Feb-22-200301 year
6Episode 6Feb-15-200301 year
5Episode 5Feb-08-200301 year
4Episode 4Feb-01-200301 year
3Episode 3Jan-25-200301 year
2Episode 2Jan-18-200301 year
1Episode 1Jan-11-200301 year
16Episode 6Jul-13-200201 year
5Episode 5Jul-06-200201 year
4Episode 4Jun-29-200201 year
3Episode 3Jun-22-200201 year
2Episode 2Jun-15-200201 year
1Episode 1Jun-08-200201 year

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