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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is an American television show that presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact.

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery

Release Date: 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: History Channel (History, IMDb)

Casts: Robert Clotworthy

Most recent episode: Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10 - The Giants of Malta ( 3/17/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
1910The Giants of MaltaMar-17-2023483 days
9Aliens in our AirspaceMar-10-2023313 days
8The Mysteries of AlaskaMar-03-2023434 weeks
7Close Encounters of the Fifth KindFeb-24-2023391 month
6Cosmic ImpactsFeb-17-2023241 month
5The MUFON FilesFeb-10-2023412 months
4The Power of the ObelisksFeb-03-2023352 months
3Mystery of the Lost CivilizationJan-20-2023192 months
2The Crop Circle CodeJan-13-2023263 months
1The Hotspots ConnectionJan-06-2023443 months
1820Return Of The Egyptian GodsSep-16-2022196 months
19Secrets Of Inner EarthSep-09-2022177 months
18The Journey to ImmortalityAug-26-2022157 months
17The Shining OnesAug-19-2022277 months
16Ancient Aliens on Location: Evidence of Alien LifeAug-12-2022198 months
15Ancient Aliens On Location: Mysterious ArtifactsAug-05-2022158 months
14Ancient Aliens On Location: The UFO InvestigationsJul-29-2022358 months
13Ancient Aliens On Location: The Alien GlyphsJul-22-2022418 months
12Ancient Aliens On Location: Extraordinary EncountersJul-15-2022168 months
11Ancient Aliens On Location: Incredible StructuresJul-08-202218 months
10The Time BendersMar-18-2022118 months
9Decoding The Dragon GodsMar-11-202248 months
8The Shadow PeopleMar-04-2022133 days
7Alien Air ForceFeb-25-2022103 days
6Secrets of the Star AncestorsFeb-18-2022108 months
5Recovering the Ark of the CovenantFeb-11-2022103 days
4The World on AlertJan-28-202263 days
3Beneath the Sacred TemplesJan-21-2022133 days
2Mystery of the Standing StonesJan-14-2022133 days
1The Disclosure EventJan-07-2022153 days
178TBASep-24-202111 year
7Top Ten Alien ArtifactsOct-08-202193 days
6Top Ten Alien EncountersOct-01-202163 days
5The Human ExperimentSep-24-202193 days
4The Mystery of Mount ShastaSep-17-2021163 days
3Top Ten Alien Cover-UpsAug-20-2021123 days
2Top Ten Mysterious SitesAug-13-2021123 days
1The Lost City of PeruAug-06-2021123 days
1614TBAAug-27-202102 years
13The Human ExperimentApr-16-202102 years
12TBAApr-09-202102 years
11The Mystery Of Mount ShastaApr-02-202102 years
10The Harmonic CodeMar-12-202193 days
9UFO PioneersMar-05-202173 days
8The Space TravelersFeb-26-202191 year
7Impossible ArtifactsFeb-19-2021113 days
6William Shatner Meets Ancient AliensFeb-12-2021103 days
5The Forbidden BibleDec-18-202093 days
4Giants of the MediterraneanDec-11-202093 days
3The Galactic KeyholeDec-04-202051 year
2The Lost KingdomNov-20-2020103 days
1The Divine NumberNov-13-202073 days
1515TBANov-27-202002 years
14TBANov-20-202002 years
13The Divine NumberNov-13-202002 years
12Aliens and the PresidentsApr-18-202071 year
11The Ultimate Guide to UFO'sApr-11-202041 year
10The Mystery of Skinwalker RanchMar-28-202073 days
9The ShapeshiftersMar-21-202063 days
8The Immortality MachineMar-14-202061 year
7They Came from the PleiadesMar-07-202053 days
6The World Before TimeFeb-29-202043 days
5The Mystery of the Stone GiantsFeb-22-202043 days
4The Real Men in BlackFeb-15-202053 days
3Destination ChileFeb-08-202061 year
2The Relics of RoswellFeb-01-202061 year
1The Mystery of Nan MadolJan-25-202051 year
1422Secrets of the ExoplanetsNov-29-201961 year
21Countdown to DisclosureNov-22-201983 days
20The Storming of Area 51Nov-15-201941 year
19Human HieroglyphsNov-08-201931 year
18Food of the GodsNov-01-201951 year
17The Secrets of StonehengeOct-18-201941 year
16The Alien BrainOct-11-201953 days
15The Alien MountainOct-04-201963 days
14The Nuclear AgendaSep-06-201973 days
13The Constellation CodeAug-30-201943 days
12Islands of FireAug-23-201963 days
11The Trans-DimensionalsAug-16-201973 days
10Project HybridAug-09-201953 days
9The Alien InfectionAug-02-201983 days
8The Reptilian AgendaJul-26-201963 days
7The Druid ConnectionJul-19-201963 days
6Secrets of the MayaJul-05-201973 days
5They Came from the SeaJun-28-201983 days
4The Star Gods of SiriusJun-21-201983 days
3Element 115Jun-14-201983 days
2The Badlands GuardianJun-07-201983 days
1Return to AntarcticaMay-31-2019101 year
1315Return to MarsJan-07-201931 year
14The Alien PhenomenonJan-04-201953 days
13The Artificial HumanAug-31-201831 year
12They Came from the SkyAug-24-201841 year
11Russia DeclassifiedAug-17-201841 year
10The SentinelsAug-10-201841 year
9The TakenAug-03-201831 year
8Island of the GiantsJul-27-201831 year
7Earth Station EgyptJul-20-201841 year
6Area 52Jun-01-201853 days
5The Desert CodesMay-25-201863 days
4Earth's Black HolesMay-18-201873 days
3The Alien ProtocolsMay-11-201863 days
2Da Vinci's Forbidden CodesMay-04-201843 days
1The UFO ConspiracyApr-27-201843 days
1216Return to Gobekli TepeSep-15-201763 days
15The Alien DisksSep-08-201793 days
14A Spaceship Made of StoneAug-11-201743 days
13The ReplicantsAug-04-201773 days
12The Animal AgendaJul-28-201763 days
11Voices of the GodsJul-21-201773 days
10The Akashic RecordJul-14-201763 days
9The Majestic TwelveJul-07-201751 year
8The Alien FrequencyJun-16-201773 days
7City of the GodsJun-09-201773 days
6The Science WarsJun-02-201793 days
5The Pharaohs' CurseMay-26-201763 days
4The Alien ArchitectsMay-19-201763 days
3The Mystery of Rudloe ManorMay-12-201783 days
2Forged by the GodsMay-05-201753 days
1The Alien HuntersApr-28-201763 days
1115Shiva the DestroyerSep-02-201643 days
14The ReturnedAug-26-201643 days
13Beyond RoswellAug-19-201643 days
12Russia's Secret FilesAug-12-201643 days
11Space Station MoonJul-29-201643 days
10The PrototypesJul-22-201643 days
9The Hidden EmpireJul-15-201663 days
8The Mysterious NineJul-08-201643 days
7The Wisdom KeepersJun-24-201643 days
6Decoding the Cosmic EggJun-17-201643 days
5The VisionariesJun-10-201643 days
4The New EvidenceMay-27-201643 days
3The Next HumansMay-20-201643 days
2Destination MarsMay-13-201661 year
1Pyramids of AntarcticaMay-06-201643 days
1010The Forbidden ZonesOct-09-201543 days
9The Alien WarsOct-02-201543 days
8Circles from the SkySep-18-201543 days
7Creatures of the DeepSep-04-201531 year
6The Other EarthAug-28-201543 days
5The Alien EvolutionAug-21-201531 year
4Dark ForcesAug-14-201573 days
3Aliens and RobotsAug-07-201543 days
2NASA's Secret AgendaJul-31-201531 year
1Aliens B.C.Jul-24-201551 year
912The Alien AgendaMay-01-201531 year
11The VanishingsApr-24-201531 year
10Hidden PyramidsApr-17-201543 days
9Aliens and the Civil WarApr-10-201531 year
8The Great FloodDec-23-201431 year
7Alien MessagesDec-19-201443 days
6Alien ResurrectionsDec-05-201443 days
5Secrets of the MummiesNov-28-201443 days
4The Genius FactorNov-21-201431 year
3Aliens Among UsNov-14-201453 days
2Mysteries of the SphinxNov-07-201431 year
1Forbidden CavesOct-31-201443 days
810[no episode title yet]Oct-09-201503 years
9Aliens & SuperheroesAug-22-201431 year
8Alien EncountersAug-15-201431 year
7The God ParticleAug-08-201431 year
6The Tesla ExperimentAug-01-201431 year
5The ReptiliansJul-25-201431 year
4Faces of the GodsJul-25-201431 year
3Mysterious DevicesJun-27-201431 year
2Mysterious StructuresJun-20-201431 year
1Alien TransportsJun-13-201431 year
712[no episode title yet]May-01-201503 years
11[no episode title yet]May-01-201503 years
10[no episode title yet]Apr-24-201503 years
9[no episode title yet]Apr-17-201503 years
8Alien BreedersMar-14-201421 year
7Aliens and InsectsMar-07-201431 year
6The ShamansFeb-28-201431 year
5Aliens and the Red PlanetFeb-21-201431 year
4Treasures of the GodsFeb-14-201463 days
3The Star ChildrenFeb-07-201431 year
2Aliens in AmericaJan-31-201431 year
1Aliens and StargatesJan-24-201431 year
627[no episode title yet]Aug-22-201403 years
26[no episode title yet]Aug-15-201403 years
25[no episode title yet]Aug-08-201403 years
24[no episode title yet]Aug-01-201403 years
23[no episode title yet]Jul-25-201403 years
22[no episode title yet]Jun-27-201403 years
21[no episode title yet]Jun-20-201403 years
20[no episode title yet]Jun-13-201403 years
19[no episode title yet]Aug-22-201403 years
18[no episode title yet]Aug-15-201403 years
17[no episode title yet]Aug-08-201403 years
16[no episode title yet]Aug-01-201403 years
15[no episode title yet]Jul-25-201403 years
14[no episode title yet]Jun-27-201403 years
13[no episode title yet]Jun-20-201403 years
12[no episode title yet]Jun-13-201403 years
11Aliens and Mysterious MountainsDec-13-201341 year
10Aliens and the Lost ArkDec-06-201353 days
9Aliens and Forbidden IslandsNov-29-201331 year
8Mysterious RelicsNov-15-201343 days
7Emperors, Kings and PharaohsNov-08-201343 days
6Alien OperationsNov-01-201343 days
5The Satan ConspiracyOct-28-201343 days
4Magic of the GodsOct-21-201343 days
3The Anunnaki ConnectionOct-14-201353 days
2The Crystal SkullsOct-07-201343 days
1The Power of ThreeSep-30-201351 year
515[no episode title yet]Nov-15-201303 years
14[no episode title yet]Nov-08-201303 years
13[no episode title yet]Nov-01-201303 years
12The MonolithsApr-19-201343 days
11The Viking GodsApr-12-201343 days
10The von Däniken LegacyApr-05-201323 days
9Strange AbductionsFeb-22-201331 year
8Beyond NazcaFeb-15-201331 year
7Prophets and PropheciesFeb-08-201353 days
6Secrets of the TombsJan-25-201373 days
5The Einstein FactorJan-18-201353 days
4Destination OrionJan-11-201373 days
3Alien Power PlantsJan-04-201363 days
2Aliens and Cover-UpsDec-28-201243 days
1Secrets of the PyramidsDec-21-201263 days
415[no episode title yet]Jan-18-201303 years
14[no episode title yet]Jan-11-201303 years
13[no episode title yet]Jan-04-201303 years
12[no episode title yet]Dec-28-201203 years
11[no episode title yet]Dec-21-201203 years
10Aliens and DinosaursMay-04-201243 days
9The Time TravelersApr-27-201253 days
8The Da Vinci ConspiracyApr-06-201253 days
7Aliens and BigfootMar-23-201243 days
6The Mystery of Puma PunkuMar-16-201263 days
5The NASA ConnectionMar-09-201243 days
4Aliens and Mega-DisastersMar-02-201251 year
3The GreysFeb-24-201253 days
2The Doomsday PropheciesFeb-17-201253 days
1The Mayan ConspiracyFeb-17-201253 days
316Aliens and the Creation of ManNov-23-201131 year
15Aliens, Gods and HeroesNov-16-201143 days
14Aliens and the UndeadOct-26-201143 days
13Aliens and the Secret CodeOct-19-201133 days
12Aliens and Deadly CultsOct-12-201133 days
11Aliens and the Founding FathersOct-05-201121 year
10Aliens and Evil PlacesSep-28-201163 days
9Aliens and Deadly WeaponsSep-22-201143 days
8Aliens and Lost WorldsSep-15-201133 days
7Aliens, Plagues and EpidemicsSep-08-201133 days
6Aliens and Ancient EngineersSep-01-201133 days
5Aliens and Mysterious RitualsAug-25-201133 days
4Aliens and Temples of GoldAug-18-201143 days
3Aliens and Sacred PlacesAug-11-201133 days
2Aliens and MonstersAug-04-201133 days
1Aliens and the Old WestJul-28-201133 days
210Alien ContactsDec-30-201033 days
9Alien DevastationsDec-23-201033 days
8Unexplained StructuresDec-16-201053 days
7Angels and AliensDec-09-201021 year
6Alien TechDec-02-201043 days
5Aliens and the Third ReichNov-25-201043 days
4Underground AliensNov-18-201043 days
3Underwater WorldsNov-11-201043 days
2Gods & AliensNov-04-201063 days
1Mysterious PlacesOct-28-201043 days
15The ReturnMay-25-201043 days
4Closer EncountersMay-18-201043 days
3The MissionMay-04-201043 days
2The VisitorsApr-27-201033 days
1The EvidenceApr-20-201063 days
02[no episode title yet]Jul-25-201403 years
1[no episode title yet]Jul-30-200903 years

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