An Island Parish

Chronicle of life in an island parish. We visit the beautiful Isles of Scilly where the search for a new vicar, led by Bishop Bill, leads us to Reverend Guy Scott. Will he and his young family have what it takes to embrace island life?

Genre: Documentary,

Release Date: January 8, 2007 (US)

Status: Running

Network: BBC TWO (UK) (IMDb, BBC)


Most recent episode: An Island Parish Season 12 Episode 8 - To See Sunshine One Must Weather the Storm ( 2/20/2017 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
128To See Sunshine One Must Weather the StormFeb-20-2017011 months
7The Spirit of LifeFeb-13-2017011 months
6Beauty is Power, a Smile is Its SwordFeb-06-2017011 months
5Anguilla - Lean on MeJan-30-2017011 months
4The Mouse That RoaredJan-23-2017011 months
3A Grey Head is a Crown of GloryJan-16-2017011 months
2Wise as a Serpent, Harmless as a DoveJan-09-2017011 months
1Unity, Strength and EnduranceJan-02-2017011 months
116Reap the Harvest of Your LandApr-25-2016011 months
5Make Hay While the Sun ShinesApr-18-2016011 months
4I Will Make You Fishers of MenApr-11-2016011 months
3UnstoppableApr-04-2016011 months
2Your People Shall Be My PeopleMar-28-2016011 months
1The Island Above All OthersMar-21-2016011 months
103Episode 3Nov-27-2015011 months
2Episode 2Nov-20-2015011 months
1Episode 1Nov-13-2015011 months
96Nature's BountyMay-08-2015011 months
5Past and PresentApr-24-2015011 months
4All Hands to the PumpApr-17-2015011 months
3Tis the SeasonApr-10-2015011 months
2West is BestApr-03-2015011 months
1In the BeginningMar-27-2015011 months
86The Times They Are a ChangingFeb-21-2014011 months
5If You Want Something Doing...Feb-14-2014011 months
4The Wheel Has Come Full CircleFeb-07-2014011 months
3Sark's Got TalentJan-31-2014011 months
2Busy Hands Are Never in WantJan-24-2014011 months
1Tis the SeasonJan-14-2014011 months
76All Creatures Great and SmallDec-21-2012011 months
5Make Hay While the Sun ShinesDec-14-2012011 months
4Blue Skies Around the CornerDec-07-2012011 months
3Bolt from the BlueNov-30-2012011 months
2[no episode title yet]Nov-23-2012011 months
1[no episode title yet]Nov-16-2012011 months
66[no episode title yet]Feb-13-2012011 months
5[no episode title yet]Feb-06-2012011 months
4[no episode title yet]Jan-30-2012011 months
3[no episode title yet]Jan-16-2012011 months
2[no episode title yet]Jan-09-2012011 months
1[no episode title yet]Jan-02-2012011 months
512A Question of SurvivalApr-15-2011011 months
11Getting to Know YouApr-01-2011011 months
10The Gathering of the ClansMar-25-2011011 months
9Clash of the TitansMar-18-2011011 months
8For Those in PerilMar-11-2011011 months
7The Long, Long Days of SummerMar-04-2011011 months
6A Very Serious BusinessFeb-25-2011011 months
5New Lives, New BeginningsFeb-18-2011011 months
4Lighten Our DarknessFeb-11-2011011 months
3Forgive Us Our SinsFeb-04-2011011 months
2A Legacy of the PastJan-28-2011011 months
1A Strange Turn of EventsJan-21-2011011 months
414Forever in My ThoughtsFeb-12-2010011 months
13Grey Skies...Outlook BrighterFeb-05-2010011 months
12A Family AffairJan-29-2010011 months
11Entering Unknown WatersJan-22-2010011 months
10Wish You Were HereJan-15-2010011 months
9A Good Nose for a StoryJan-08-2010011 months
8Beyond the Blue HorizonDec-14-2009011 months
7When the Heavens OpenDec-30-2009011 months
6A Double BlessingDec-23-2009011 months
5A Bolt from the BlueDec-16-2009011 months
4Closer to HeavenNov-09-2009011 months
3Best Laid PlansNov-02-2009011 months
2Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself DownOct-26-2009011 months
1Reeling from the BlowOct-22-2009011 months
312A Sad End to the AffairDec-05-2008011 months
11Winds of ChangeNov-28-2008011 months
10Difficult Days for the MinisterNov-21-2008011 months
9Coming HomeNov-14-2008011 months
8Life Will Never Be the SameNov-07-2008011 months
7Sowing the SeedsOct-31-2008011 months
6Departures and an Unexpected ArrivalOct-24-2008011 months
5Best Foot ForwardOct-10-2008011 months
4Unchartered WatersOct-10-2008011 months
3Just Days to GoOct-03-2008011 months
2Always Check the ForecastSep-26-2008011 months
1The Start of a Long JourneySep-19-2008011 months
212Episode 12Mar-25-2008011 months
11Episode 11Mar-18-2008011 months
10Episode 10Mar-11-2008011 months
9Episode 9Mar-04-2008011 months
8Episode 8Feb-26-2008011 months
7Episode 7Feb-19-2008011 months
6Episode 6Feb-12-2008011 months
5Episode 5Feb-05-2008011 months
4Episode 4Jan-29-2008011 months
3Episode 3Jan-22-2008011 months
2Episode 2Jan-15-2008011 months
1Episode 1Jan-08-2008011 months
18Episode 8Feb-26-2007011 months
7Episode 7Feb-19-2007011 months
6Episode 6Feb-12-2007011 months
5Episode 5Feb-05-2007011 months
4Episode 4Jan-29-2007011 months
3Episode 3Jan-22-2007011 months
2Episode 2Jan-15-2007011 months
1Episode 1Jan-08-2007011 months

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