America's Got Talent

AGT is an American TV talent show which is part of the global British Got Talent series. Judges for this series are Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne (2007–12), Howie Mandel (2010–), Howard Stern (2012–), Melanie Brown (2013–), Heidi Klum (2013–), Brandy Norwood (2006) and David Hasselhoff (2006–09).

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Genre: Reality, Talent

Release Date: JUne 21, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: NBC (Official Website)

Casts: Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, David Hasselhoff, Terry Crews, Tyra Banks, Sofía Vergara, Jerry Springer, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Brandy Norwood, Regis Philbin

Most recent episode: America's Got Talent Season 17 Episode 22 - Finale Results ( 9/14/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1722Finale ResultsSep-14-2022293 months
21FinaleSep-13-202253 months
20Qualifiers 5 ResultsSep-07-2022183 months
19Qualifiers 5Sep-06-2022273 months
18Qualifiers 4 ResultsAug-31-2022133 months
17Qualifiers 4Aug-30-2022163 months
16Qualifiers 3 ResultsAug-24-2022163 months
15Qualifiers 3Aug-23-2022363 months
14Qualifiers 2 ResultsAug-17-2022183 months
13Qualifiers 2Aug-16-2022373 months
12Qualifiers 1 ResultsAug-10-2022174 months
11Qualifiers 1Aug-09-2022174 months
10Auditions End and Judge DeliberationsAug-02-2022144 months
9Auditions 8Jul-26-2022244 months
8Auditions 7Jul-19-2022144 months
7Auditions 6Jul-12-2022264 months
6Simon's Favorite Golden BuzzersJul-05-202204 months
5Auditions 5Jun-28-2022184 months
4Auditions 4Jun-21-2022274 months
3Auditions 3Jun-14-2022294 months
2Auditions 2Jun-07-2022244 months
1Auditions 1May-31-2022154 months
1620Finale ResultsSep-15-2021119 months
19FinaleSep-14-202199 months
18Semifinals Results 2Sep-08-2021139 months
17Semifinals 2Sep-07-202189 months
16Semi-Finals Results 1Sep-01-2021139 months
15Semi-Finals 1Aug-31-202179 months
14Quarterfinals Results 3Aug-25-2021109 months
13Quarterfinals 3Aug-24-202199 months
12Quarterfinals Results 2Aug-18-2021119 months
11Quarterfinals 2Aug-17-202179 months
10Quarterfinals Results 1Aug-11-2021119 months
9Quarterfinals 1Aug-10-2021119 months
8Auditions 8Jul-20-202179 months
7Auditions 7Jul-13-202199 months
6Auditions 6Jul-06-202169 months
5Auditions 5Jun-29-202199 months
4Auditions 4Jun-22-202199 months
3Auditions 3Jun-15-2021109 months
2Auditions 2Jun-08-2021139 months
1Auditions 1Jun-01-2021129 months
1525Live Finale ResultsSep-23-202059 months
24Countdown to the FinaleSep-23-202049 months
23Live FinalsSep-22-202049 months
22Results Show 6Sep-16-202059 months
21Semi-Finals 2Sep-15-202069 months
20Results Show 5Sep-09-202049 months
19Semi-Finals 1Sep-08-202069 months
18Results Show 4Sep-02-202059 months
17Live Show 4Sep-01-202069 months
16Results Show 3Aug-26-202059 months
15Live Show 3Aug-25-2020109 months
14Results Show 2Aug-19-202069 months
13Live Show 2Aug-18-202059 months
12Results Show 1Aug-12-202059 months
11Live Show 1Aug-11-202059 months
10AGT: 15th Anniversary SpecialAug-04-202049 months
9Judge CutsJul-28-202049 months
8AGT: Best of AuditionsJul-21-202079 months
7Auditions 7Jul-14-202049 months
6Auditions 6Jun-30-202049 months
5Auditions 5Jun-23-202049 months
4Auditions 4Jun-16-202049 months
3Auditions 3Jun-09-202059 months
2Auditions 2Jun-02-202069 months
1Auditions 1May-26-202059 months
1423Live Results FinaleSep-18-201959 months
22Live FinalsSep-17-201959 months
21Live Results 5Sep-11-201959 months
20Semifinals 2Sep-10-201969 months
19Live Results 4Sep-04-201969 months
18Semifinals 1Sep-03-201969 months
17Live Results 3Aug-28-201969 months
16Quarter Finals 3Aug-27-201969 months
15Live Results 2Aug-21-201969 months
14Quarter Finals 2Aug-20-201959 months
13Live Results 1Aug-14-201969 months
12Quarter Finals 1Aug-13-201969 months
11Judge Cuts 4Aug-06-201959 months
10Judge Cuts 3Jul-30-201979 months
9Judge Cuts 2Jul-23-201969 months
8Judge Cuts 1Jul-16-201969 months
7Auditions 6Jul-09-201969 months
6Best of AuditionsJul-02-201959 months
5Auditions 5Jun-25-201979 months
4Auditions 4Jun-18-201969 months
3Auditions 3Jun-11-201979 months
2Auditions 2Jun-04-201969 months
1Auditions 1May-28-201969 months
1324Live Results FinaleSep-19-201803 years
23Live Performance FinalsSep-18-201803 years
22Live Results 5Sep-12-201859 months
21Live Semi Finals 2Sep-11-201813 years
20Live Results 4Sep-05-201803 years
19Live Semi Finals 1Sep-04-201869 months
18Live Results 3Aug-29-201803 years
17Live Quarter Finals 3Aug-28-201859 months
16Live Results 2Aug-22-201803 years
15Live Quarter Finals 2Aug-21-201849 months
14Live Results 1Aug-15-201803 years
13Live Quarter Finals 1Aug-14-201803 years
12Road to LivesAug-09-201859 months
11Judge Cuts 4Aug-07-201859 months
10Judge Cuts 3Jul-31-201859 months
9Judge Cuts 2Jul-24-201859 months
8Judge Cuts 1Jul-17-201849 months
7Best of AuditionsJul-11-201849 months
6Auditions 6Jul-10-201849 months
5Auditions 5Jun-26-201849 months
4Auditions 4Jun-19-201859 months
3Auditions 3Jun-12-201859 months
2Auditions 2Jun-05-201859 months
1Auditions 1May-29-201859 months
0[no episode title yet]03 years
1224The Live Results FinaleSep-20-201749 months
23The Live Performance FinalsSep-19-201749 months
22Live Semifinals Results 2Sep-13-201759 months
21Live Semifinals 2Sep-12-201759 months
20Semifinals Results 1Sep-06-201759 months
19Semifinals 1Sep-05-201759 months
18Live Results 3Aug-30-201759 months
17Live Show 3Aug-29-201759 months
16Live Results 2Aug-23-201759 months
15Live Show 2Aug-22-201759 months
14Live Results 1Aug-16-201759 months
13Live Show 1Aug-15-201759 months
12Road to FinalsAug-09-201759 months
11Judge Cuts, Night 4Aug-08-201759 months
10Judge Cuts, Night 3Aug-01-201759 months
9Judge Cuts, Night 2Jul-25-201749 months
8Judge Cuts, Night 1Jul-18-201749 months
7Best of AuditionsJul-13-201759 months
6Auditions, Week 6Jul-11-201749 months
5Auditions, Week 5Jun-27-201759 months
4Auditions, Week 4Jun-20-201759 months
3Auditions, Week 3Jun-13-201749 months
2Auditions, Week 2Jun-06-201759 months
1Auditions, Week 1May-30-201759 months
1123Live Finale ResultsSep-14-201669 months
22Live Finale PerformancesSep-13-201649 months
21Semifinals Results 2Sep-07-201659 months
20Semifinals 2Sep-06-201659 months
19Semifinals Results 1Aug-31-201669 months
18Live Semi Finals 1Aug-30-201669 months
17Live Results 3Aug-24-201659 months
16Live Performances 3Aug-23-201669 months
15Live Results 2Aug-03-201659 months
14Live Performances 2Aug-02-201669 months
13Live Results 1Jul-27-201659 months
12Live Performances 1Jul-26-201669 months
11Judge Cuts, Night 4Jul-20-201669 months
10Judge Cuts, Night 3Jul-19-201659 months
9Judge Cuts, Night 2Jul-13-201659 months
8Judge Cuts, Night 1Jul-12-201669 months
7Best of AuditionsJul-06-201659 months
6Auditions Week 6Jul-05-201669 months
5Auditions Week 5Jun-28-201659 months
4Auditions Week 4Jun-21-201649 months
3Auditions Week 3Jun-14-201659 months
2Auditions Week 2Jun-07-201659 months
1Auditions Week 1May-31-201659 months
1026Finale ResultsSep-16-201506 years
25Finale PerformancesSep-15-201504 years
24Semi-Final Results (2)Sep-09-201506 years
23Semi-Final Performances 2Sep-08-201549 months
22Semi-Final Results (1)Sep-02-201559 months
21Semi-Final Performances 1Sep-01-201549 months
20Live Results (3)Aug-26-201559 months
19Live Performances 3Aug-25-201559 months
18Live Results (2)Aug-19-201559 months
17Live Performances 2Aug-18-201559 months
16Live Results (1)Aug-12-201559 months
15Live Performances 1Aug-11-201559 months
14World's Got TalentAug-05-201559 months
13Judge Cuts Week 4Aug-04-201559 months
1210 Year Anniversary SpecialJul-29-201569 months
11Judge Cuts Week 3Jul-28-201559 months
10Best of AuditionsJul-22-201569 months
9Judge Cuts Week 2Jul-21-201579 months
8Judge Cuts Week 1Jul-14-201579 months
7Auditions Week 7Jul-07-201579 months
6Auditions Week 6Jun-30-201579 months
5Auditions Week 5Jun-23-201579 months
4Extreme AuditionsJun-16-201579 months
3Auditions Week 3Jun-09-2015129 months
2Auditions Week 2Jun-02-201569 months
1Season 10 PremiereMay-26-2015129 months
925Finale: ResultsSep-17-201469 months
24Finale: PerformancesSep-16-201469 months
23Top 12 (Results)Sep-10-201459 months
22Top 12 (Performances)Sep-09-201469 months
21Semifinals, Week #2 (Results)Sep-03-201469 months
20Semifinals: Week 2 PerformancesSep-02-201459 months
19Semifinals, Week #1 (Results)Aug-27-201459 months
18Semifinals: Week 1 PerformancesAug-26-201469 months
17Quarterfinals, Week #4 (Results)Aug-20-201469 months
16Quarterfinals, Week #4 (Performances)Aug-19-201469 months
15Quarterfinals, Week #3 (Results)Aug-13-201469 months
14Quarterfinals, Week #3 (Performances)Aug-12-201406 years
13Quarterfinals, Week #2 (Results)Aug-06-201479 months
12Quarterfinals, Week #2 (Performances)Aug-05-201469 months
11Quarterfinals, Week #1 (Results)Jul-30-201469 months
10Quarterfinals, Week #1 (Performances)Jul-29-201479 months
9Judgment Week: Night 2Jul-23-201479 months
8Judgment Week: Night 1Jul-22-201459 months
7The Best of Season 9 AuditionsJul-15-201469 months
6Auditions Week 6Jul-01-201459 months
5Auditions Week 5Jun-22-201469 months
4Auditions Week 4Jun-17-201469 months
3Auditions Week 3Jun-10-201469 months
2Auditions Week 2Jun-03-201469 months
1Season 9 PremiereMay-27-201459 months
827The Season 8 FinaleSep-18-201359 months
26Finals, Week 2 - The Top 6 PerformancesSep-17-201359 months
25Finals, Week 1 ResultsSep-11-201359 months
24Finals, Week 1 - The Top 12 PerformancesSep-10-201359 months
23Semifinals, Week 2 ResultsSep-04-201369 months
22Semifinals, Week 2 PerformancesSep-03-201359 months
21Semifinals, Week 1 ResultsAug-28-201359 months
20Semifinals, Week 1 PerformancesAug-27-201359 months
19Live from Radio City, Week 5 ResultsAug-21-201359 months
18Live from Radio City, Week 5 PerformancesAug-20-201359 months
17Live from Radio City, Week 4 ResultsAug-14-201359 months
16Live from Radio City, Week 4 PerformancesAug-13-201359 months
15Live from Radio City, Week 3 ResultsAug-07-201359 months
14Live from Radio City, Week 3 PerformancesAug-06-201369 months
13Live from Radio City, Week 2 ResultsJul-31-201316 years
12Live from Radio City, Week 2 PerformancesJul-30-201379 months
11Live from Radio City, Week 1 ResultsJul-24-201369 months
10Live from Radio City, Week 1 PerformancesJul-23-201369 months
9Vegas Week, Night 2Jul-17-201359 months
8Vegas Week, Night 1Jul-16-201379 months
7Week 6, Night 2Jul-10-201379 months
6Week 6: Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York CityJul-09-201359 months
5Week 5: Chicago and San AntonioJul-02-201369 months
4Week 4: New York and Los AngelesJun-25-201369 months
3Week 3: ChicagoJun-18-201389 months
2Week 2: San Antonio and New OrleansJun-11-201369 months
1Season 8 PremiereJun-04-201359 months
732Winner AnnouncedSep-13-201206 years
31FinaleSep-12-201279 months
30Finals (performances)Sep-06-201226 years
29Semifinals, Round 2 (results)Sep-04-2012109 months
28Semifinals, Round 2 (performances)Aug-29-201289 months
27Semifinals, Round 1 (results)Aug-28-201269 months
26Semifinals, Round 1 (performances)Aug-22-201226 years
25Wildcard Show (Results)Aug-21-201289 months
24Wildcard ShowAug-15-201269 months
23YouTube Snapple Special (results)Aug-14-201289 months
22YouTube Snapple SpecialJul-25-201216 years
21Quarterfinals, Group 4 ResultsJul-24-201206 years
20Quarterfinals, Group 4Jul-18-201289 months
19Quarterfinals, Group 3 ResultsJul-17-201289 months
18Quarterfinals, Group 3Jul-11-201216 years
17Quarterfinals, Group 2 ResultsJul-10-201279 months
16Quarterfinals, Group 2Jul-03-201289 months
15Quarterfinals, Group 1 ResultsJul-02-201279 months
14Quarterfinals, Group 1Jul-02-201269 months
13Hopefuls perform for the judges in Las Vegas (3)Jun-27-201259 months
12Hopefuls perform for the judges in Las Vegas (2)Jun-26-201269 months
11Hopefuls perform for the judges in Las Vegas (1)Jun-25-201259 months
10Final AuditionsJun-18-201259 months
9Tampa Bay Auditions (Part 2)Jun-12-201269 months
8Austin Auditions (Part 2)Jun-05-201259 months
7Austin Auditions (Part 1)Jun-04-201269 months
6St. Louis Auditions (Part 2)May-29-201269 months
5Tampa Bay Auditions (Part 1)May-28-201269 months
4New York Auditions (Part 2)May-22-201216 years
3New York Auditions (Part 1)May-21-201249 months
2San Francisco AuditionsMay-15-201269 months
1Los Angeles and St. Louis AuditionsMay-14-201259 months
0[no episode title yet]03 years
632FinaleSep-14-201149 months
31The Finals - Top 4 PerformSep-13-201159 months
30Top 10 ResultsSep-07-201159 months
29Top 10 PerformSep-06-201159 months
28Semi-Finals Part 2 ResultsAug-31-201169 months
27Semi-Finals Part 2 PerformancesAug-30-201106 years
26Semi-Finals Part 1 ResultsAug-24-201159 months
25Semi-Finals Part 1 PerformancesAug-23-201159 months
24Wildcard Show (Results)Aug-17-201159 months
23Wildcard ShowAug-16-201159 months
22Week 11, Night 2 - YouTube Special (Results)Aug-10-201106 years
21Week 11, Night 1 - YouTube SpecialAug-09-201169 months
20Quarterfinals, Group 4 ResultsAug-03-201159 months
19Quarterfinals, Group 4Aug-02-201106 years
18Quarterfinals, Group 3 ResultsJul-27-201106 years
17Quarterfinals, Group 3Jul-26-201106 years
16Quarterfinals, Group 2 ResultsJul-20-201106 years
15Quarterfinals, Group 2Jul-19-201159 months
14Quarterfinals, Group 1 ResultsJul-13-201159 months
13Quarterfinals, Group 1Jul-12-201159 months
12Las Vegas Week (Part 2)Jul-06-201106 years
11Las Vegas Week (Part 1)Jul-05-201159 months
10Final auditionsJul-05-201159 months
9Auditions Episode 9Jun-29-201159 months
8New York auditions, Part 2Jun-28-201159 months
7New York AuditionsJun-22-201104 years
6Atlanta Auditions (Part 2)Jun-21-201159 months
5Seattle auditions, Part 2Jun-14-201159 months
4Minneapolis auditionsJun-08-201159 months
3Houston auditionsJun-08-201106 years
2Seattle AuditionsJun-07-201159 months
1Los Angeles Auditions & Atlanta AuditionsMay-31-201106 years
532The Winner Is...Sep-15-201059 months
31Finals, PerformancesSep-14-201059 months
30Top Ten - ResultsSep-08-201059 months
29Top Ten - PerformancesSep-07-201059 months
28Semi-Final #2 - ResultsSep-01-201059 months
27Semi-Final #2Aug-31-201059 months
26Semi-Final #1 - ResultsAug-25-201049 months
25Semi-Final #1Aug-24-201059 months
24Wild Card Show - ResultsAug-18-201069 months
23Wild Card ShowAug-17-201059 months
22Group 5: YouTube ResultsAug-11-201059 months
21Group 5: YouTubeAug-10-201059 months
20Quarterfinals, Group 4 ResultsAug-04-201059 months
19Quarterfinals, Group 4Aug-03-201049 months
18Quarterfinals, Group 3 ResultsJul-28-201049 months
17Quarterfinals, Group 3Jul-27-201059 months
16Quarterfinals, Group 2 ResultsJul-21-201059 months
15Quarterfinals, Group 2Jul-20-201049 months
14Quarterfinals, Group 1 ResultsJul-14-201049 months
13Quarterfinals, Group 1Jul-13-201059 months
12Las Vegas Week - Day 2Jul-07-201069 months
11Las Vegas Week - Day 1Jul-06-201049 months
10Final AuditionsJun-30-201069 months
9Chicago auditionsJun-29-201069 months
8Portland Auditions Day 2Jun-23-201069 months
7Portland Auditions Day 1Jun-22-201059 months
6Orlando Auditions Day 2Jun-22-201004 years
5Orlando Auditions Day 1Jun-16-201059 months
4New York Auditions Day 2Jun-15-201059 months
3New York Auditions Day 1Jun-08-201069 months
2Dallas auditionsJun-02-201079 months
1Los Angeles auditionsJun-01-201049 months
426FinaleSep-16-200949 months
25Final PerformancesSep-14-200949 months
24Semifinals, Group 2 ResultsSep-09-200906 years
23Semifinals, Group 2Sep-08-200959 months
22Semifinals, Group 1 ResultsSep-02-200959 months
21Semifinals, Group 1Sep-01-200949 months
20Quarterfinals, Group 4 ResultsAug-26-200959 months
19Quarterfinals, Group 4Aug-25-200959 months
18Quarterfinals, Group 3 ResultsAug-19-200959 months
17Quarterfinals, Group 3Aug-18-200949 months
16Quarterfinals, Group 2 ResultsAug-12-200949 months
15Quarterfinals, Group 2Aug-11-200959 months
14Quarterfinals, Group 1 ResultsAug-05-200949 months
13Quarterfinals, Group 1Aug-04-200969 months
12Vegas Verdicts (2)Jul-29-200959 months
11Vegas Verdicts (1)Jul-28-200949 months
10Final audition showJul-22-200904 years audition showJul-21-200904 years
8Audition Show #8 Seattle(3)Jul-15-200969 months
7Audition Show #7 New York(3)Jul-14-200959 months
6Audition Show #6 Houston(2)Jul-08-200979 months
5Audition Show #5 Los AngelesJul-07-200969 months
4Audition Show #4 Houston, Miami(2)Jul-01-200969 months
3Audition Show #3 New York(2), Chicago(2)Jun-30-200906 years
2Audition Show #2 Seattle(2), MiamiJun-24-200969 months
1Audition Show #1 New York, Chicago, SeattleJun-23-200969 months
320The Finale & The Finals ResultsOct-01-200859 months
19The Finals, Top 5Sep-24-200859 months
18Live Show 7 ResultsSep-18-200859 months
17Live Show 7, Top 10Sep-17-200859 months
16Live Show 5 & 6 ResultsSep-11-200859 months
15Live Show 6, Top 20Sep-10-200859 months
14Live Show 5, Top 20 & Live Show 4 ResultsSep-09-200859 months
13Live Show 4, Top 40 & Live Show 3 ResultSep-03-200879 months
12Live Show 3, Top 40 & Live Show 2 ResultsSep-02-200859 months
11Live Show 2, Top 40 & Live Show 1 ResultsAug-27-200859 months
10Live Show 1, Top 40Aug-26-200859 months
9Vegas Week 2Aug-07-200859 months
8Vegas Week 1Aug-05-200859 months
7Auditions 7, MySpaceJul-29-200859 months
6Auditions 6, New York & Los AngelesJul-22-200869 months
5Auditions 5, AtlantaJul-15-200869 months
4Auditions 4, AtlantaJul-08-200869 months
3Auditions 3, Dallas, Chicago & AtlantaJul-01-200869 months
2Auditions 2, Los Angeles & New YorkJun-24-200859 months
1Auditions 1, New York & Los AngelesJun-17-200859 months
212Season FinaleAug-21-200759 months
11Final PerformancesAug-14-200769 months
10Performance Episode #4Aug-07-200759 months
9Performance Episode #3Jul-31-200759 months
8Performance Episode #2Jul-24-200759 months
7Performance Episode #1Jul-17-200769 months
6Las Vegas Callbacks, Part 2Jul-11-200769 months
5Las Vegas Callbacks, Part 1Jul-10-200759 months
4New York AuditionJun-26-200759 months
3Chicago AuditionJun-19-200749 months
2Los Angeles AuditionJun-12-200769 months
1Dallas AuditionJun-05-200759 months
116Winner AnnouncedAug-17-200606 years
15The FinalAug-16-200649 months
14Wildcard Show - ResultsAug-10-200659 months
13Wildcard ShowAug-09-200659 months
12Semi-Final 4 - ResultsAug-03-200659 months
11Semi-Final 4Aug-02-200659 months
10Semi-Final 3 - ResultsJul-27-200659 months
9Semi-Final 3Jul-26-200669 months
8Semi-Final 2 - ResultsJul-20-200659 months
7Semi-Final 2Jul-19-200659 months
6Semi-Final 1 - ResultsJul-13-200659 months
5Semi-Final 1Jul-12-200649 months
4Auditions 4Jul-05-200649 months
3Auditions 3Jun-28-200649 months
2Auditions 2Jun-21-200649 months
1Auditions 1Jun-21-200669 months
06TBADec-17-201803 years
5Holiday SpectacularDec-19-201604 years
4[no episode title yet]Jul-15-201507 years
3[no episode title yet]Jul-08-201507 years
2[no episode title yet]Jul-01-201507 years
1[no episode title yet]Jun-24-201507 years

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