American Ninja Warrior

G4 presents the biggest and most daring “Ninja Warrior” event in the network’s history with the new series “American Ninja Warrior”. The series will hold open tryouts to find the top 10 American competitors from across the country and send them to Japan to tackle Sasuke, the world’s most difficult and diabolical obstacle course. The American competitor who completes all four stages of Sasuke in the fastest time will be named the ultimate “American Ninja Warrior”. Only 3 out of 2,600 competitors have completed all stages of the course, none have been from America.

Genre: Action, Game-Show

Release Date: December 12, 2009 (US)

Status: Running

Network: G4 (IMDb)

Casts: Akbar Gbajabiamila, Matt Iseman

Most recent episode: American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Episode 8 - Finals 2 ( 11/6/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
132TBAMay-09-202104 days
1Episode 1May-31-202106 days
128Finals 2Nov-06-2020114 weeks
7Finals 1Oct-28-202094 weeks
6Semifinals 2Oct-21-202084 weeks
5Semifinals 1Oct-12-202074 weeks
4Qualifier 4Oct-05-2020134 weeks
3Qualifier 3Sep-21-2020104 weeks
2Qualifier 2Sep-14-202094 weeks
1Qualifier 1Sep-07-2020134 weeks
1117USA vs. the WorldJan-26-202009 months
16Las Vegas National Finals Night 4Sep-16-201964 weeks
15Las Vegas National Finals Night 3Sep-09-201924 weeks
14Las Vegas National Finals Night 2Sep-02-201964 weeks
13Las Vegas National Finals Night 1Aug-26-201924 weeks
12Cincinnati City FinalsAug-19-201924 weeks
11Baltimore City FinalsAug-12-201934 weeks
10Seattle/Tacoma City FinalsAug-05-201934 weeks
9Oklahoma City City FinalsJul-29-201984 weeks
8Atlanta City FinalsJul-22-201924 weeks
7Los Angeles City FinalsJul-15-201944 weeks
6Cincinnati City QualifiersJul-08-201974 weeks
5Baltimore City QualifiersJul-01-201974 weeks
4Seattle/Tacoma City QualifiersJun-24-201974 weeks
3Oklahoma City City QualifiersJun-17-201934 weeks
2Atlanta City QualifiersJun-05-201984 weeks
1Los Angeles City QualifiersMay-29-201984 weeks
1017All-Star Skills CompetitionMay-26-2019012 months
16TBAJan-27-201902 years
15Las Vegas Season FinaleSep-10-201824 weeks
14Las Vegas - Finals Night 2Sep-03-201824 weeks
13Las Vegas - Finals Night 1Aug-27-201837 months
12Minneapolis City FinalsAug-20-201818 months
11Philadelphia City FinalsAug-13-201827 months
10Indianapolis City FinalsAug-06-2018012 months
9Miami City FinalsJul-30-201824 weeks
8Dallas City FinalsJul-23-201864 weeks
7Los Angeles City FinalsJul-16-201834 weeks
6Minneapolis City QualifiersJul-09-201834 weeks
5Philadelphia City QualifiersJun-25-201844 weeks
4Indianapolis City QualifiersJun-18-201874 weeks
3Miami City QualifiersJun-13-201834 weeks
2Los Angeles City QualifiersJun-06-201864 weeks
1Dallas City QualifiersMay-30-201864 weeks
917All-Stars 2018May-17-2018012 months
16USA vs the World 2018Mar-11-2018012 months
15Las Vegas - Season FinaleSep-18-2017012 months
14Las Vegas - Finals Night 2Sep-11-201724 weeks
13Las Vegas - Finals Night 1Sep-04-201724 weeks
12Denver City FinalsAug-28-201724 weeks
11Kansas City City FinalsAug-21-201724 weeks
10Cleveland City FinalsAug-14-201724 weeks
9Daytona Beach City FinalsAug-07-201724 weeks
8San Antonio FinalsJul-31-201724 weeks
7Los Angeles FinalsJul-24-201724 weeks
6Denver QualifiersJul-17-201724 weeks
5Cleveland QualifiersJul-10-201724 weeks
4Kansas City QualifiersJul-03-201724 weeks
3Daytona Beach QualifiersJun-26-201724 weeks
2San Antonio QualifiersJun-19-201708 months
1Los Angeles QualifiersJun-12-201724 weeks
815USA vs the World 2017Jun-04-2017012 months
14All Stars 2017Feb-20-2017012 months
13National Finals Week 3Sep-12-201624 weeks
12National Finals Week 2Sep-05-201624 weeks
11National Finals Week 1Aug-29-201654 weeks
10Philadelphia FinalsAug-22-201654 weeks
9Oklahoma City FinalsAug-01-201634 weeks
8Indianapolis FinalsJul-25-201624 weeks
7Atlanta FinalsJul-18-201634 weeks
6Los Angeles FinalsJul-11-201634 weeks
5Philadelphia QualifierJun-27-201634 weeks
4Oklahoma City QualifierJun-20-2016112 months
3Indianapolis QualifierJun-13-201634 weeks
2Atlanta QualifierJun-08-201634 weeks
1Los Angeles QualifierJun-01-201634 weeks
718All Stars 2016May-29-2016012 months
17USA vs the World 2016Jan-31-2016012 months
16Vegas Finals (3)Sep-14-2015012 months
15Vegas Finals (2)Sep-07-2015012 months
14Vegas Finals (1)Aug-31-2015012 months
13Best Runs of 2015Aug-24-2015012 months
12Military FinalsAug-17-2015012 months
11Pittsburgh FinalsAug-10-2015012 months
10Orlando FinalsAug-03-2015012 months
9Houston FinalsJul-27-2015012 months
8Kansas City FinalsJul-20-2015012 months
7Venice FinalsJul-13-2015012 months
6Military QualifyingJul-06-2015012 months
5Pittsburgh QualifyingJun-29-2015012 months
4Orlando QualifyingJun-22-2015512 months
3Houston QualifyingJun-08-2015012 months
2Kansas City QualifyingJun-01-2015012 months
1Venice QualifyingMay-25-2015012 months
615[no episode title yet]Sep-15-2014212 months
14National Finals in Vegas (3)Sep-08-2014012 months
13National Finals in Vegas (2)Sep-01-2014112 months
12National Finals in Vegas (1)Aug-18-2014112 months
11Best Runs of the SeasonAug-11-2014112 months
10Denver FinalsAug-04-2014112 months
9Miami FinalsJul-28-2014112 months
8St. Louis FinalsJul-21-2014112 months
7Dallas FinalsJul-14-2014112 months
6Venice Beach FinalsJul-07-2014112 months
5Denver QualifyingJun-23-2014112 months
4Miami QualifyingJun-16-2014112 months
3St. Louis QualifyingJun-09-2014212 months
2Dallas QualifyingJun-02-2014112 months
1Venice Beach QualifyingMay-26-2014112 months
521FinalsSep-16-2013012 months
20Las Vegas National Finals (2)Sep-09-201324 weeks
19Las Vegas National Finals (1)Sep-02-201324 weeks
18Vegas Finals (2)Aug-26-201324 weeks
17Vegas Finals (1)Aug-25-201324 weeks
16Denver Finals (2)Aug-19-2013012 months
15Denver Finals (1)Aug-18-201324 weeks
14Miami Finals (2)Aug-12-201324 weeks
13Miami Finals (1)Aug-11-201324 weeks
12Baltimore Finals (2)Aug-05-201324 weeks
11Baltimore Finals (1)Aug-04-201324 weeks
10Venice Beach Finals (2)Jul-29-201324 weeks
9Venice Beach Finals (1)Jul-28-201324 weeks
8Denver Qualifying (2)Jul-22-201334 weeks
7Denver Qualifying (1)Jul-21-201334 weeks
6Miami Qualifying (2)Jul-15-201334 weeks
5Miami Qualifying (1)Jul-14-201334 weeks
4Baltimore Qualifying (2)Jul-08-201324 weeks
3Baltimore Qualifying (1)Jul-07-201324 weeks
2Venice Beach Qualifying (2)Jul-01-201324 weeks
1Venice Beach Qualifying (1)Jun-30-201324 weeks
424Las Vegas Finals (6)Jul-23-201244 weeks
23Las Vegas Finals (5)Jul-16-201234 weeks
22Las Vegas Finals (4)Jul-09-201244 weeks
21Las Vegas Finals (3)Jul-08-201224 weeks
20Las Vegas Finals (2)Jul-08-201224 weeks
19Las Vegas Finals (1)Jul-08-201224 weeks
18Finals: Region 6Jun-25-201224 weeks
17Southeast Regional Qualifying Round (2)Jun-24-201224 weeks
16Southeast Regional Qualifying Round (1)Jun-24-201224 weeks
15Finals: Region 5Jun-18-201224 weeks
14Midsouth Regional Qualifying Round (2)Jun-17-201224 weeks
13Midsouth Regional Qualifying Round (1)Jun-17-201224 weeks
12Finals: Region 4Jun-12-201224 weeks
11Northwest Regional Qualifying Round (2)Jun-10-201224 weeks
10Northwest Regional Qualifying Round (1)Jun-10-201224 weeks
9Finals: Region 3Jun-04-2012012 months
8Northeast Regional Qualifying Round (2)Jun-03-201224 weeks
7Northeast Regional Qualifying Round (1)Jun-03-201224 weeks
6Finals: Region 2May-28-201224 weeks
5Midwest Regional Qualifying Round (2)May-27-201224 weeks
4Midwest Regional Qualifying Round (1)May-27-201224 weeks
3Finals: Region 1May-21-201224 weeks
2Southwest Qualifying Round (2)May-20-201234 weeks
1Southwest Qualifying Round (1)May-20-201234 weeks
310Part 10 of 10Aug-22-201124 weeks
9Part 9 of 10Aug-22-201124 weeks
8Part 8 of 10Aug-21-201124 weeks
7Part 7 of 10Aug-21-201124 weeks
6Part 6 of 10Aug-14-201124 weeks
5Part 5 of 10Aug-14-201124 weeks
4Part 4 of 10Aug-07-201124 weeks
3Part 3 of 10Aug-07-201124 weeks
2Part 2 of 10Jul-31-201124 weeks
1Part 1 of 10Jul-31-201124 weeks
210Part 10 of 10Dec-23-2010012 months
9Part 9 of 10Dec-23-201024 weeks
8Part 8 of 10Dec-22-201024 weeks
7Part 7 of 10Dec-22-2010012 months
6Part 6 of 10Dec-15-201024 weeks
5Part 5 of 10Dec-15-201024 weeks
4Part 4 of 10Dec-15-201024 weeks
3Part 3 of 10Dec-08-201024 weeks
2Part 2 of 10Dec-08-201024 weeks
1Part 1 of 10Dec-08-201024 weeks
18Part 8 of 8Dec-19-200924 weeks
7Part 7 of 8Dec-19-200924 weeks
6Part 6 of 8Dec-19-200924 weeks
5Part 5 of 8Dec-19-200924 weeks
4Part 4 of 8Dec-12-200924 weeks
3Part 3 of 8Dec-12-2009012 months
2Part 2 of 8Dec-12-200924 weeks
1Part 1 of 8Dec-12-200924 weeks
023TBAMay-26-2019012 months
22[no episode title yet]012 months
21Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose DayMay-24-2018012 months
20Celebrity Ninja WarriorMay-25-2017012 months
19Best of 2017Feb-24-2017012 months
1824/B4: Reko RiveraJul-17-2016012 months
1724/B4: Grant McCartneyJul-10-2016012 months
1624/B4: Geoff BrittenJun-26-2016012 months
1524/B4: Kacy CatanzaroJun-19-2016012 months
14Father's Day SpecialJun-19-2016012 months
1324/B4: Meagan MartinJun-12-2016012 months
1224/B4: Neil CraverJun-06-2016012 months
1124/B4: Natalie DuranJun-02-2016012 months
10Countdown to American Ninja Warrior 2014May-26-2014012 months
9USA vs JapanJan-13-2014012 months
8Best of the Finals (2)Mar-23-2013012 months
7Best of the Finals (1)Mar-16-2013012 months
6Best of SoutheastMar-09-2013012 months
5Best of MidsouthMar-02-2013012 months
4Best of NorthwestFeb-23-2013012 months
3Best of NortheastFeb-16-2013012 months
2Best of the MidwestFeb-09-2013012 months
1Best of SouthwestFeb-02-2013012 months

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