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American Greed

Enter a world where crime pays well–until you get caught. CNBC’s unprecedented original primetime series, American Greed takes you inside the scams, schemes and broken dreams…revealing the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money.


Release Date: June 21, 2007

Status: Running

Network: CNBC (Official Website)


Most recent episode: American Greed Season 13 Episode 12 - The Luxury Curse Scam ( 2/10/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1313x16: Judgment of TerrorMar-09-202003 hours
13x15: All-star Sports ScamMar-02-202003 hours
13x14: Fake Heiress Cons High SocietyFeb-24-202003 days
13x13: Mike "the Situation" SorrentinoFeb-17-202003 days
13x12: The Luxury Curse ScamFeb-10-2020394 days
13x11: Starstruck Studio SwindleFeb-03-2020252 weeks
13x10: Painful Greed Turns DeadlyFeb-03-202092 weeks
13x9: The Fast and the FraudulentJan-20-202002 weeks
13x8: Diagnosis: Temptress Health ScamJan-13-202002 weeks
13x7: The Fake Prince's Royal ScamJan-06-202002 weeks
13x6: The House Flipping Reality Star FraudsterSep-16-2019183 months
13x5: Black Market Dirty GoldSep-09-2019143 months
13x4: Prophets Of GreedSep-02-2019105 months
13x3: Paul ManafortAug-26-2019105 months
13x2: The Fyre FestivalAug-19-2019233 months
13x1: The College Admissions ScandalAug-12-2019233 months
1212x20: TBAOct-22-201851 year
12x19: From Bouncer To Millionaire FraudsterOct-08-2018113 months
12x18: An Ungodly ScammerSep-10-201851 year
12x17: Scams On Film//god And GoldSep-24-201861 year
12x16: Something's Fishy: The CodfatherSep-17-201873 months
12x15: An Ungodly ScammerSep-10-201821 year
12x14: An Ungodly ScammerSep-03-201811 year
12x13: An Ungodly ScammerAug-27-201821 year
12x12: Artistic License To StealAug-20-201843 months
12x11: Operation Crook, Line And StinkerAug-13-201812 years
12x10: Florida Rehab Gone WildJul-02-201832 years
12x9: Billion Dollar Fraud Goes ViralJun-25-201883 months
12x8: Dangerous LuxuryJun-18-201832 years
12x7: Blood Relatives//end Of Life ScamApr-09-201802 years
12x6: Conn's JobApr-02-2018122 years
12x5: Stolen Valor ScamMar-26-201892 years
12x4: The Polka King ConMar-19-201882 years
12x3: Murderous Plot Meets Reality TvMar-12-201872 years
12x2: Deadly Opioids, Dirty DoctorsMar-05-201842 years
12x1: The Most Hated Man In AmericaFeb-26-201822 years
1111x20: Top Gun Of FraudSep-04-201702 years
11x19: Lesson In Greed/Soldier ScamAug-28-201702 years
11x18: Fraud CollectorsAug-21-201722 years
11x17: Neighborhood InfernoAug-14-201722 years
11x16: Wine, Women and FraudAug-07-201743 years
11x15: Red Carpet Rip-OffJul-31-201703 years
11x14: Art Schlichter: All-American FraudJul-24-201703 years
11x13: Deadly Black Gold RichesJul-17-201703 years
11x12: A Glamorous Showbiz LieJul-10-201703 years
11x11: From Peanuts to Sick MillionsJul-03-201703 years
11x10: Junk in a Box / Been Caught StealingJun-26-201703 years
11x9: Recipe for MurderJun-19-201703 years
11x8: Fouled Out / Rumeal RobinsonMar-20-201703 years
11x7: Making a Killing / Doctor Drug DealerMar-13-201703 years
11x6: Sticky Fingers / Life in the Fraud LaneMar-06-201703 years
11x5: Clean Teeth, Dirty Money / Comic Book MurderFeb-27-201703 years
11x4: Billionaire Boys BustFeb-13-201703 years
11x3: Badge of DishonorFeb-06-201703 years
11x2: The Real "War Dogs"Jan-30-201703 years
11x1: Deadly Gold DiggerJan-23-201703 years
1010x20: Silk Road: Digital Drug DealersSep-29-201603 years
10x19: Family Fortune FeudSep-22-201603 years
10x18: Diagnosis: Blood Money / Chicago JailbrakeSep-15-201603 years
10x17: Seattle Roasted / The Stealing SocialiteSep-08-201603 years
10x16: Hack Me If You Can / Goodfella Gone BadAug-25-201603 years
10x15: Medical Gloves with HolesAug-18-201603 years
10x14: The Phantom Fraudster of BroadwayAug-11-201603 years
10x13: The Bad NeighborsAug-04-201623 months
10x12: Jamaican Lottery ScamJul-14-201623 months
10x11: Pain Killer ProfitsJul-07-201623 months
10x10: Jersey Car Stealer Dealer / Facebook Face-OffJun-30-201623 months
10x9: Six Feet PlunderJun-23-201623 months
10x8: Capturing the FugitivesJun-09-201603 years
10x7: Sick Profits / Hollywood SwingingMay-26-201623 months
10x6: The Bar Girls TrapMay-19-201603 years
10x5: Psychic Fiend's NetworkMay-12-201623 months
10x4: Vanity and Greed: Deadly BeautyApr-28-201623 months
10x3: A Mother's Costly RevengeApr-14-201623 months
10x2: The Surfer Slayer?Apr-07-201623 months
10x1: Ray Nagin: New Orleans ShakedownMar-31-201623 months
99x17: Fake It to Make It / Kill the WitnessesDec-18-201503 years
9x16: The Sky's the LimitNov-06-201503 years
9x15: The Spy Who Scammed MeOct-30-201503 years
9x14: Friends Without BenefitsOct-23-201503 years
9x13: The Lawyer Lies / Black Gold BustOct-16-201503 years
9x12: In Harm's WayJul-31-201503 years
9x11: "Vintage" Wine FraudJul-24-201503 years
9x10: Fake It to Make It / Kill the WitnessesJul-17-201503 years
9x9: Kevin Trudeau's Secrets / Remington StealJul-10-201503 years
9x8: The Real Wolf of Wall StreetMar-05-201503 years
9x7: Charity Begins at HomeFeb-26-201503 years
9x6: The Dirtiest ConFeb-19-201503 years
9x5: The Cash KingFeb-12-201503 years
9x4: A Widow's WebFeb-05-201503 years
9x3: Ea$y Being Green / Burglar to the StarsJan-29-201503 years
9x2: The Playboy of IndianaJan-22-201503 years
9x1: A Con Man's Deadly RevengeJan-15-201503 years
88x14: Hail to the ThiefAug-13-201403 years
8x13: The Home Invaders / Nashville's PredatorAug-06-201423 months
8x12: A Wolf in Priest's ClothingJul-30-201403 years
8x11: The Car ConJul-23-201403 years
8x10: Lights! Camera! Fraud!Jul-16-201403 years
8x9: Insider Trading Trio / Cocaine Cash CleanerJun-25-201423 months
8x8: Extreme Home Ripoffs / Greedings from FloridaJun-18-201423 months
8x7: The Falcon and the Con ManApr-30-201403 years
8x6: Detroit 'Crime Boss' MayorApr-30-201423 months
8x5: Make Me Rich or Die / Kids for CashApr-16-201423 months
8x4: Sudden Death / Hip Hop HustleApr-09-201403 years
8x3: The Cunning Cowgirl Crook / Dollars for DumpsApr-02-201423 months
8x2: Young Lust Gone BustMar-26-201403 years
8x1: Murder in MemphisMar-19-201423 months
77x13: Rapper$ Delight / Grapes of GreedJul-31-201303 years
7x12: The Lady KillerJul-18-201303 years
7x11: Greedy Groovy Guru / Doomsday ProfitJun-14-201303 years
7x10: Brooklyn's Madoff / Corrupted SoftwareMay-29-201303 years
7x9: Talk Radio TakedownMay-21-201303 years
7x8: Dealing in DeceitApr-15-201303 years
7x7: Windy City Wipeout / Miami BurnApr-16-201303 years
7x6: Union Bu$ter / The Fool's GoldApr-10-201303 years
7x5: Wild West Rip-OffApr-01-201303 years
7x4: Deadly PayoutMar-11-201303 years
7x3: The Prisoner of Wall StreetMar-04-201303 years
7x2: The Wealth Builder ClubFeb-28-201303 years
7x1: ShipwreckedFeb-22-201303 years
66x17: Allen Stanford: The Dark KnightAug-01-201203 years
6x16: The Jersey ScoreJul-25-201203 years
6x15: Financial Home InvasionJul-11-201203 years
6x14: Crash for CashJun-27-201223 months
6x13: The Mormon MadoffJun-20-201203 years
6x12: The Tran Organization: Blackjack CheatersMay-30-201223 months
6x11: Michael Lock Pimp Preachers ProfiteerMay-09-201223 months
6x10: Nicholas Cosmo: All Interest, No ReturnMay-02-201223 months
6x9: William Erpenbeck Real Estate Home WreckerApr-04-201223 months
6x8: Loan Scam Money for NothingMar-21-201203 years
6x7: Fine Art: Portrait of a FraudMar-14-201223 months
6x6: Galleon Group: The Insider - Raj RajaratnamFeb-29-201223 months
6x5: Tom Petters Generous with Other Peoples MoneyFeb-22-201223 months
6x4: Baby Broker ScamFeb-15-201203 years
6x3: Major League FraudFeb-08-201223 months
6x2: Master of Deadly DeceitFeb-01-201223 months
6x1: Celebrity Scam ArtistJan-25-201223 months
55x14: Mark Weinberger: Nose No BoundsApr-27-201123 months
5x13: The Wizard of SarasotaApr-20-201123 months
5x12: Hedge Fund ImposterApr-13-201103 years
5x11: The Art of the Steal, The Folsom FelonApr-06-201103 years
5x10: The Royal Scam: Kings of CounterfeitMar-30-201103 years
5x9: The SlaughterhouseMar-23-201123 months
5x8: Fraudster of the Opera / Frozen Assets - The Ice CapersMar-16-201123 months
5x7: The Bling Ring / The Fraudster / The Ex-Stripper and the Missing MillionsMar-09-201123 months
5x6: $1.2 Billion Scam: Ft. FrauderdaleFeb-23-201123 months
5x5: A More Generous CriminalFeb-16-201123 months
5x4: Hackers: Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin'Feb-09-201123 months
5x3: Fool's GoldFeb-02-201123 months
5x2: Financial Guru Gone BadJan-26-201123 months
5x1: Bank Robbing BrokerJan-19-201123 months
44x12: Computer Hacker MastermindsMay-05-201003 years
4x11: Dr. Stokes / C & D DistributorsApr-28-201023 months
4x10: Kentucky Fen-Phen AttorneysApr-21-201023 months
4x9: Sexual Performance Pill / Kirk WrightApr-14-201003 years
4x8: Flipping Frenzy ScamApr-07-201003 years
4x7: Funny MoneyMar-31-201023 months
4x6: Sholam WeissMar-24-201023 months
4x5: Crash and BurnMar-17-201023 months
4x4: The Mad Max of Wall StreetMar-10-201003 years
4x3: Raffaello FollieriMar-10-201003 years
4x2: The Black Widows: Helen Golay and Olga RutterschmidtFeb-10-201003 years
4x1: Suicide is Painless: Sam Israel IIIFeb-03-201023 months
33x8: The Body SnatcherFeb-25-200903 years
3x7: The Mustang Ranch: Money, Women and MurderFeb-18-200903 years
3x6: A Scam Exposed: Strippers and Insider Trading / Economan: SuperthiefFeb-11-200923 months
3x5: Skin Doctor Takes His Cut / Revolutionary Guru of GreedFeb-04-200903 years
3x4: Two Brothers, Two MurdersJan-28-200903 years
3x3: A Wall Street Wonder Takes a Fall a.k.a. Hazardous HealthcareJan-21-200903 years
3x2: Boy Band MogulJan-14-200903 years
3x1: The Bonnie and Clyde of Mortgage FraudJan-07-200903 years
3x0: 02 years
22x13: The Rise and Fall of CybernetMar-12-200803 years
2x10: Robbing Hollywood's A-List and Soaking the Rich at AuctionMar-30-200803 years
2x9: Driven by Greed and Conned in the CaribbeanMar-26-200803 years
2x8: Party's Over: Tyco's KozlowskiMar-19-200803 years
2x7: Fraud in CyberspaceMar-12-200803 years
2x6: Inside the WorldCom Scam and DHS: Department of Hollywood ScamsMar-05-200803 years
2x5: Deadly RX for GreedFeb-27-200803 years
2x4: Stealing $$$ from Scientologists / The Art of FraudFeb-20-200803 years
2x3: Unsolved: $300 Million Art Heist / Preying on FaithFeb-13-200803 years
2x2: When Greed and Giving Collide / Confessions of a Con ManFeb-06-200803 years
2x1: The Martin Frankel CaseJan-30-200803 years
2x0: 02 years
11x6: Preacher Preys on the Faithful / It Takes a ThiefJul-26-200723 months
1x5: Religious Prey / Dr. Miko's Medical ScamsJul-19-200723 months
1x4: Meth Identity Thieves / The Wheaton BanditJul-12-200703 years
1x3: Art Heist: Fine Arts Express / Medical Scams: Dr. MartinezJul-05-200703 years
1x2: The Imposter: Dr. Barnes / Interstate Bank Mart BanditJun-28-200723 months
1x1: Hook, Line and Sucker / Maxfield Parish Art HeistJun-21-200723 months
00x4: 911 FraudSep-07-201102 years
0x3: Madoff Behind BarsAug-25-201002 years
0x2: Mob MoneyAug-11-201002 years
0x1: The Last Days of Lehman BrothersSep-09-200902 years

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