American Experience

Since 1988, PBS has broadcast a series that focuses on the history of the United States and what has made it unique. Called American Experience (originally titled The American Experience), the program examines the people, events, technology, and natural resources that have shaped the country. Hosted by David McCullough until 2002 and narrated by a number of well-known personalities – American Experience uses historians and authors, period images and film, music, dramatic re-enactments, and contemporary context to set the stage for its topics.

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Genre: Crime, History, War, Documentary, Biography

Release Date: October 1998 (US)

Status: Running

Network: PBS (Official Website)

Most recent episode: American Experience Season 34 Episode 4 - Plague at the Golden Gate ( 5/24/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
344Plague at the Golden GateMay-24-202216 months
3Flood in the DesertMay-03-202277 months
2The American DiplomatFeb-15-2022610 months
1Riveted: The History of JeansFeb-07-2022010 months
338Citizen Hearst: Part 2Sep-28-202189 months
7Citizen Hearst: Part 1Sep-27-202149 months
6Sandra Day O'Connor: The FirstSep-13-202169 months
5Billy GrahamMay-17-202119 months
4American OzApr-19-202139 months
3The Blinding of Isaac WoodardMar-30-202119 months
2Voice of FreedomFeb-15-202149 months
1The CodebreakerJan-11-202129 months
3210Biosphere 2Jul-28-202002 years
9Clinton: Part 1Jul-21-202002 years
8The Vote: Part 2Jul-07-202029 months
7The Vote: Part 1Jul-06-202029 months
6Mr. TornadoMay-19-202029 months
5George W. Bush: Part 2May-05-202039 months
4George W. Bush: Part 1May-04-202039 months
3The Man Who Tried to Feed the WorldApr-21-202039 months
2The Poison SquadJan-28-202029 months
1McCarthySep-10-201929 months
317The FeudSep-10-201919 months
6Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a GenerationAug-06-201919 months
5Chasing the Moon: Magnificent DesolationJul-10-201901 year
4Chasing the Moon: EarthriseJul-09-201903 years
3Chasing the Moon: A Place Beyond the SkyFeb-19-201909 months
2SealabFeb-12-201919 months
1The SwampJan-15-201929 months
309TBAOct-16-201804 years
8The Eugenics Crusade: What's Wrong with Perfect?Oct-16-201829 months
7The Circus: Part 2Oct-09-201829 months
6The Circus: Part 1Oct-08-201829 months
5The Chinese Exclusion ActMay-29-201829 months
4The Bombing of Wall StreetFeb-13-201819 months
3The Gilded AgeFeb-06-201849 months
2The Secret of Tuxedo ParkJan-16-201849 months
1Into the AmazonJan-09-201829 months
2912Summer of LoveJul-25-201703 years
11Summer of LoveJul-25-201703 years
10The Great War, Part 3Apr-12-201703 years
9The Great War, Part 2Apr-11-201703 years
8The Great War: Part 3Apr-12-201719 months
7The Great War: Part 2Apr-11-201719 months
6The Great War: Part 1Feb-07-201703 years
5Ruby RidgeJan-31-201719 months
4Oklahoma CityJan-24-201719 months
3The Race UndergroundJan-10-201719 months
2Rachel CarsonNov-01-201619 months
1Command and ControlOct-18-201629 months
0[no episode title yet]03 years
288The Battle of ChosinNov-01-201629 months
7TeslaOct-18-201619 months
6The Boys of '36Aug-02-201619 months
5Space MenMar-01-201629 months
4The Perfect CrimeFeb-09-201603 years
3Murder of a PresidentFeb-02-201619 months
2The Mine WarsJan-26-201619 months
1Bonnie & ClydeJan-19-201659 months
2711The PilgrimsNov-24-201549 months
10American ComandanteNov-17-201519 months
9Walt Disney: Part 2Sep-15-201549 months
8Walt Disney: Part 1Sep-14-201519 months
7BlackoutJul-14-201519 months
6Last Days in VietnamApr-28-201519 months
5The Forgotten PlagueFeb-10-201519 months
4The Big BurnFeb-03-201503 years
3EdisonJan-27-201539 months
2Klansville, USAJan-13-201519 months
1Ripley: Believe It or NotJan-06-201529 months
2612The PilgrimsNov-24-201503 years
11American ComandanteNov-17-201503 years
10[no episode title yet]Sep-09-201403 years
9[no episode title yet]Jun-24-201403 years
8[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201403 years
7Cold War RoadshowNov-18-201408 years
6Freedom SummerJun-24-201419 months
5The Rise and Fall of Penn StationFeb-18-201419 months
4Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidFeb-11-201419 months
3Too Many RequestsFeb-04-201419 months
21964Jan-14-201429 months
1Too Many RequestsJan-07-201439 months
2514[no episode title yet]03 years
13[no episode title yet]03 years
12[no episode title yet]03 years
11[no episode title yet]03 years
10[no episode title yet]03 years
9[no episode title yet]Jun-24-201403 years
8JFK: Part 2Nov-12-201303 years
7JFK: Part 1Nov-11-201319 months
6Too Many RequestsOct-29-201303 years
5Too Many RequestsFeb-05-201303 years
4Too Many RequestsJan-29-201319 months
3Too Many RequestsJan-22-201319 months
2Too Many RequestsJan-15-201319 months
1Too Many RequestsJan-08-201319 months
2414[no episode title yet]Feb-12-2013010 years
13[no episode title yet]Feb-05-2013010 years
12[no episode title yet]Jan-29-2013010 years
11[no episode title yet]Jan-22-2013010 years
10[no episode title yet]Jan-15-2013010 years
9[no episode title yet]Jan-08-2013010 years
8Death and the Civil WarSep-18-201204 years
7Jesse OwensMay-01-2012111 years
6Grand Coulee DamApr-10-201219 months
5The AmishFeb-28-2012011 years
4Clinton: The SurvivorFeb-21-201208 years
3Clinton: The Comeback KidFeb-20-201219 months
2Too Many RequestsJan-17-201239 months
1Too Many RequestsJan-10-201249 months
2315Freedom RidersMay-16-201103 years
14Too Many RequestsMay-09-201103 years
13Stonewall UprisingJun-19-201149 months
12Too Many RequestsApr-11-201119 months
11Freedom RidersMay-16-201103 years
10The Greely ExpeditionJan-31-201101 year
9Too Many RequestsJan-24-201119 months
8Too Many RequestsJan-17-201119 months
7Robert E. LeeFeb-28-201119 months
6Too Many RequestsJan-24-201119 months
5Too Many RequestsOct-13-201019 months
4Too Many RequestsJan-03-201103 years
3Too Many RequestsOct-12-201019 months
2Too Many RequestsOct-11-201019 months
1Too Many RequestsOct-11-201019 months
2213[no episode title yet]03 years
12[no episode title yet]03 years
11[no episode title yet]03 years
10[no episode title yet]03 years
9Too Many Requests39 months
8Into the Deep: America, Whaling and the WorldMay-10-201019 months
7Too Many RequestsMay-03-201019 months
6Too Many RequestsApr-26-201019 months
5Too Many RequestsApr-19-201003 years
4Too Many RequestsMar-01-201019 months
3Wyatt EarpFeb-08-201019 months
2Surviving the Dust BowlJan-25-201008 years
1Too Many RequestsNov-02-200908 years
2112Surviving the Dust BowlNov-16-200903 years
11Civilian Conservation CorpsNov-02-200903 years
10The Crash of 1929Oct-26-200903 years
9Too Many RequestsMay-11-200949 months
8Too Many RequestsMay-04-200919 months
7Too Many RequestsApr-27-200919 months
6We Shall Remain: Tecumseh's VisionApr-20-200939 months
5We Shall Remain: After the MayflowerApr-13-200908 years
4A Class ApartFeb-23-200908 years
3The Assassination of Abraham LincolnFeb-09-200908 years
2The Polio CrusadeFeb-02-200919 months
1The Trials of J. Robert OppenheimerJan-26-200919 months
2018George H.W. Bush: Echoes of the Wise MenMay-06-200803 years
17George H.W. Bush: CAVUMay-05-200803 years
16Roberto ClementeApr-21-200803 years
15Walt WhitmanApr-14-200803 years
14George H.W. Bush (2)May-06-200808 years
13Buffalo BillMay-05-200808 years
12Eyes on the Prize II: Back to the MovementApr-21-200819 months
11Eyes on the Prize II: The Keys to the KingdomApr-14-200819 months
10Kit CarsonMar-31-200808 years
9Eyes on the Prize II: A Nation of Law?Feb-25-200808 years
8Eyes on the Prize II: Ain't Gonna' Shuffle No MoreFeb-24-200849 months
7Eyes on the Prize II: The Promised LandFeb-18-200819 months
6Eyes on the Prize II: Power!Feb-17-200819 months
5Grand CentralFeb-10-200819 months
4Eyes on the Prize II: Two SocietiesFeb-04-200819 months
3Eyes on the Prize II: The Time Has ComeFeb-03-200819 months
2The LobotomistJan-21-200808 years
1Oswald's GhostJan-14-200819 months
1918Alexander HamiltonMay-14-200703 years
17The Mormons: Church and StateMay-01-200703 years
16The Mormons: HistoryApr-30-200719 months
15Alexander HamiltonMay-14-200749 months
14Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples TempleMay-01-200719 months
13Sister AimeeApr-30-200708 years
12New OrleansApr-23-200719 months
11The Living WeaponApr-09-200719 months
10The Berlin AirliftApr-02-200708 years
9The Gold RushFeb-12-200719 months
8The Great FeverFeb-05-200719 months
7Test Tube BabiesJan-29-200708 years
6Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to FreedomNov-06-200619 months
5Eyes on the Prize: Is This America?Oct-30-200619 months
4Eyes on the Prize: No Easy WalkOct-23-200619 months
3Eyes on the Prize: Ain't Scared of Your JailsOct-16-200619 months
2Eyes on the Prize: Fighting BackOct-09-200619 months
1Eyes on the Prize: AwakeningsOct-02-200608 years
1814[no episode title yet]Jul-05-200608 years
13The Man Behind HitlerMay-22-200608 years
12Annie OakleyMay-08-200619 months
11The Alaska PipelineApr-24-200649 months
10The Boy in the BubbleApr-10-200619 months
9Too Many RequestsMar-21-200619 months
8Too Many RequestsFeb-25-200619 months
7Too Many RequestsFeb-06-200619 months
6Too Many RequestsJan-30-200619 months
5Too Many RequestsJan-23-200619 months
4Too Many RequestsNov-15-200519 months
3Too Many RequestsNov-14-200519 months
2Too Many RequestsOct-31-200508 years
1Two Days in OctoberOct-17-200508 years
1713The Massie Affair (aka The Island Murder)Jul-04-200519 months
12Too Many RequestsMay-30-200519 months
11Too Many RequestsMay-23-200549 months
10Too Many RequestsMay-09-200508 years
9The Massie AffairApr-25-200519 months
8Too Many RequestsApr-11-200549 months
7Too Many RequestsApr-04-200529 months
6Too Many RequestsFeb-14-200508 years
5Too Many RequestsFeb-07-200519 months
4Too Many RequestsJan-31-200508 years
3The FightJan-24-200519 months
2Too Many RequestsOct-04-200408 years
1Too Many RequestsOct-04-200419 months
169Golden Gate BridgeMay-03-200419 months
8Too Many RequestsApr-19-200419 months
7Emma GoldmanApr-12-200408 years
6Too Many RequestsFeb-09-200419 months
5Too Many RequestsFeb-02-200419 months
4Citizen KingJan-19-200419 months
3Too Many RequestsJan-13-200419 months
2Too Many RequestsJan-12-200419 months
1Too Many RequestsSep-09-200319 months
1513Too Many RequestsJan-20-200319 months
12Too Many RequestsJul-14-200319 months
11Too Many RequestsJul-07-200319 months
10Too Many RequestsMar-29-200319 months
9Too Many RequestsApr-07-200319 months
8Too Many RequestsFeb-17-200319 months
7Too Many RequestsFeb-10-200319 months
6The Murder of Emmett TillJan-27-200349 months
5Too Many RequestsJan-15-200319 months
4Too Many RequestsJan-14-200319 months
3Too Many RequestsJan-13-200308 years
2Too Many RequestsNov-12-200219 months
1Too Many RequestsNov-11-200219 months
1414Too Many RequestsApr-28-200208 years
13Too Many RequestsApr-21-200208 years
12Too Many RequestsApr-02-200219 months
11Too Many RequestsApr-01-200249 months
10Too Many RequestsMar-01-200208 years
9Too Many RequestsFeb-23-200219 months
8Too Many RequestsFeb-17-200219 months
7Too Many RequestsJan-27-200208 years
6Too Many RequestsJan-20-200219 months
5Too Many RequestsJan-13-200219 months
4Too Many RequestsJan-06-200219 months
3Too Many RequestsNov-11-200108 years
2Too Many RequestsSep-17-200119 months
1Too Many RequestsSep-10-200119 months
1318[no episode title yet]03 years
17[no episode title yet]03 years
16Streamliners: America's Last TrainsApr-30-200103 years
15Too Many RequestsApr-23-200103 years
14Too Many RequestsApr-16-200119 months
13Scottsboro: An American TragedyApr-02-200139 months
12Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - Blind with WeepingFeb-21-200108 years
11Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - The Frightful WarFeb-21-200119 months
10Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - The Dearest of All ThingsFeb-20-200108 years
9Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - ShatteredFeb-20-200108 years
8Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - We are ElectedFeb-19-200108 years
7Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided - AmbitionFeb-19-200119 months
6Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the WhirlwindJan-19-200119 months
5Streamliners: America's Last TrainsJan-12-200108 years
4Return with HonorNov-14-200019 months
3Secrets of a Master BuilderOct-30-200008 years
2The Rockefellers: Part 2Oct-24-200008 years
1The Rockefellers: Part 1Oct-17-200019 months
1215George Eastman: The Wizard of PhotographyMay-23-200008 years
14Joe DiMaggio: A Hero's LifeMay-08-200019 months
13Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and GloryApr-25-200008 years
12George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire Part IIApr-24-200008 years
11George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire Part IMar-07-200008 years
10John Brown's Holy WarFeb-28-200019 months
9The DuelFeb-15-200019 months
8Nixon's China GameFeb-08-200019 months
7HoudiniFeb-01-200019 months
6Eleanor RooseveltJan-10-200008 years
5New York: Cosmopolis 1919-1931Nov-18-199919 months
4New York: The Power and the People 1898-1918Nov-17-199904 years
3New York: Sunshine and Shadow 1865-1898Nov-16-199919 months
2New York: Order and Disorder 1825-1865Nov-15-199919 months
1New York: The Country and the City 1609-1825Nov-14-199919 months
1114MacArthur (2): The Politics of WarMay-18-199903 years
13Fly GirlsMay-17-199919 months
12MacArthur: The Politics of WarMay-10-199929 months
11MacArthur: DestinyApr-12-199919 months
10Lost in the Grand CanyonApr-05-199939 months
9Meltdown at Three Mile IslandFeb-22-199919 months
8Rescue at SeaFeb-15-199919 months
7Alone on the IceFeb-08-199919 months
6Hoover DamJan-18-199919 months
5Race for the Super BombJan-11-199919 months
4America 1900: Anything Seemed PossibleNov-25-199808 years
3America 1900: A Great Civilized PowerNov-25-199819 months
2America 1900: Change Is in the AirNov-18-199819 months
1America 1900: Spirit of the AgeNov-18-199819 months
1020Surviving the Dust BowlMar-02-199803 years
19Reagan (2): An American CrusadeFeb-24-199803 years
18Reagan (1): LifeguardFeb-23-199803 years
17Influenza 1918Feb-09-199803 years
16Mr. Miami BeachFeb-02-199803 years
15A Midwife's TaleJan-19-199803 years
14Vietnam: A Television History (11): The End of the TunnelDec-16-199703 years
13Vietnam: A Television History (10): Homefront USAMar-02-199808 years
12Vietnam: A Television History (9): Peace is at HandFeb-24-199808 years
11Vietnam: A Television History (8): Cambodia and LaosFeb-23-199808 years
10Too Many RequestsFeb-09-199819 months
9Surviving the Dust BowlFeb-02-199819 months
8Too Many RequestsJan-19-199819 months
7Too Many RequestsDec-09-199719 months
6Influenza 1918Dec-02-199729 months
5Too Many RequestsOct-27-199708 years
4Too Many RequestsOct-20-199719 months
3Too Many RequestsOct-13-199739 months
2Too Many RequestsOct-06-199708 years
1Too Many RequestsOct-05-199719 months
923Too Many RequestsJul-28-199703 years
22Too Many RequestsJul-21-199703 years
21Too Many RequestsJul-14-199719 months
20Too Many RequestsJul-07-199719 months
19Too Many RequestsJun-30-199703 years
18Too Many RequestsJun-23-199729 months
17Too Many RequestsJun-16-199729 months
16Too Many RequestsJun-09-199719 months
15Too Many RequestsJun-02-199719 months
14Too Many RequestsMay-26-199749 months
13Too Many RequestsMay-26-199703 years
12Too Many RequestsMay-12-199703 years
11Too Many RequestsMay-12-199719 months
10Too Many RequestsApr-28-199719 months
9Too Many RequestsMay-12-199708 years
8Too Many RequestsApr-28-199719 months
7Too Many RequestsFeb-17-199719 months
6Too Many RequestsFeb-10-199719 months
5Too Many RequestsFeb-03-199719 months
4Too Many RequestsJan-27-199719 months
3Too Many RequestsJan-20-199719 months
2Too Many RequestsOct-07-199619 months
1Too Many RequestsOct-06-199619 months
89Spy in the SkyFeb-26-199619 months
8The Wright StuffFeb-12-199608 years
7The Battle Over Citizen KaneJan-29-199608 years
6Daley: The Last BossJan-22-199619 months
5Too Many RequestsJan-15-199608 years
4The Orphan TrainsNov-27-199508 years
3Too Many RequestsNov-13-199519 months
2Edison's Miracle of LightOct-23-199508 years
1Murder of the CenturyOct-16-199519 months
716The Way West (4): Ghost Dance (1877-1893)May-17-199503 years
15The Way West (3): The War for the Black Hills (1870-1876)May-16-199503 years
14The Way West (2): The Approach of Civilization (1865-1869)May-09-199503 years
13Too Many RequestsMay-08-199503 years
12Too Many RequestsFeb-13-199519 months
11Too Many RequestsJan-30-199519 months
10Too Many RequestsJan-23-199503 years
9America's War on PovertyJan-16-199508 years
8Too Many RequestsNov-16-199408 years
7Too Many RequestsNov-09-199408 years
6Too Many RequestsOct-26-199419 months
5Too Many RequestsOct-19-199419 months
4Too Many RequestsOct-13-199408 years
3Too Many RequestsOct-13-199408 years
2Too Many RequestsOct-12-199408 years
1Too Many RequestsOct-12-199419 months
69D-Day RememberedMay-25-199403 years
8America and the Holocaust: Deceit and IndifferenceMay-25-199419 months
7Malcolm X: Make It PlainApr-06-199419 months
6Too Many RequestsJan-26-199419 months
5The Hurricane of '38Jan-12-199419 months
4Eisenhower: StatesmanNov-08-199319 months
3Eisenhower: SoldierOct-11-199319 months
2The Hunt for Pancho VillaSep-27-199319 months
1Amelia Earhart: The Price of CourageSep-20-199308 years
515Goin' Back to T-TownMar-01-199308 years
14French Dance TonightFeb-15-199308 years
13Rachel Carson's Silent SpringFeb-15-199308 years
12Goin' Back to T-TownFeb-08-199319 months
11Rachel Carson's Silent SpringFeb-01-199319 months
10Sit Down and FightJan-18-199308 years
9Knute Rockne and His Fighting IrishJan-11-199319 months
8Simple JusticeDec-02-199208 years
7If You Knew SousaNov-25-199208 years
6Last Stand at Little Big HornNov-18-199219 months
5George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn't Be KingNov-04-199208 years
4Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War IINov-05-199208 years
3The Donner PartyOct-28-199249 months
2The Kennedys: Part 2Sep-21-199219 months
1The Kennedys: Part 1Sep-20-199249 months
415In the White Man's ImageFeb-17-199203 years
14Barnum's Big TopFeb-10-199203 years
13Wild by LawJan-27-199203 years
12Love in the Cold WarFeb-17-199219 months
11The Quiz Show ScandalFeb-10-199249 months
10Duke Ellington: Reminiscing in TempoJan-13-199219 months
9G-Men: The Rise of J. Edgar HooverJan-06-199208 years
8Pearl Harbor: Surprise and RemembranceDec-09-199119 months
7The Johnstown FloodNov-18-199129 months
6Scandalous MayorNov-11-199108 years
5The Massachusetts 54th Colored InfantryOct-28-199108 years
4LBJ: The Last BelieverOct-14-199108 years
3LBJ: We Shall OvercomeOct-07-199108 years
2LBJ: My Fellow AmericansOct-01-199108 years
1LBJ: Beautiful TexasSep-30-199108 years
0[no episode title yet]03 years
314Coney IslandFeb-18-199103 years
13Los MinerosFeb-04-199119 months
12After the CrashDec-10-199019 months
11Wildcatter: A Story of Texas OilJan-21-199119 months
10French Dance TonightNov-26-199019 months
9The Iron RoadNov-19-199019 months
8The Crash of 1929Nov-12-199008 years
7The Satellite SkyNov-05-199019 months
6Insanity on TrialOct-22-199019 months
5God Bless America and Poland, TooOct-15-199019 months
4Nixon: The FallOct-08-199008 years
3Nixon: TriumphSep-17-199008 years
2Nixon: The QuestSep-10-199008 years
1LindberghAug-27-199049 months
215Roots of Resistance: A Story of the Underground RailroadFeb-12-199008 years
14Battle for WildernessJan-29-199008 years
13Forbidden City, USAJan-15-199049 months
12Orphans of the StormJan-08-199019 months
11Ida B. Wells: A Passion for JusticeDec-19-198919 months
10Ballad of a Mountain ManDec-12-198919 months
9Journey to AmericaDec-05-198949 months
8Adam Clayton PowellNov-21-198908 years
7Yosemite: The Fate of HeavenNov-14-198908 years
6Mr. Sears' CatalogueNov-07-198919 months
5Forever BaseballOct-31-198919 months
4The Great War: 1918Oct-20-198908 years
3A Family GatheringOct-17-198919 months
2Demon RumOct-10-198919 months
1The Great Air Race of 1924Oct-03-198919 months
116Sins of Our MothersJan-17-198919 months
15The World That Moses BuiltJan-10-198919 months
14Eudora Welty: One Writer's BeginningsJan-03-198919 months
13Views of a Vanishing FrontierDec-27-198801 year
12Hearts and HandsDec-20-198808 years
11The Radio PriestDec-13-198801 year
10That Rhythm, Those BluesDec-06-198803 years
9Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: RevisitedNov-29-198821 year
8Geronimo and the Apache ResistanceNov-22-198809 years
7Kennedy vs. Wallace: A Crisis Up-CloseNov-15-198809 years
6Do You Mean There are Still Real CowboysNov-08-198803 years
5The Life and Times of Rosie the RiveterNov-01-198801 year
4Not So Wild a DreamOct-25-198801 year
3Indians, Outlaws and Angie DeboOct-18-198809 years
2Radio BikiniOct-11-198801 year
1The Great San Francisco EarthquakeOct-04-198809 years
011[no episode title yet]03 years
10[no episode title yet]03 years
9[no episode title yet]03 years
8[no episode title yet]03 years
7[no episode title yet]03 years
6[no episode title yet]03 years
5[no episode title yet]03 years
4[no episode title yet]03 years
3[no episode title yet]03 years
2Let's Face it - Watch a 1950's Government File on Nuclear Tests Near Las Vegas03 years
1[no episode title yet]Jan-15-200303 years
0[no episode title yet]03 years

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