American Dad

American Dad is a US animated series that surround with the domestic life of Stan Smith, a staunchly conservative Republican CIA agent and self-proclaimed patriot. Featured voices for this show are Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes, Rachael MacFarlane and Dee Bradley Baker.

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Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: February 6, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes, Rachael MacFarlane, Dee Bradley Baker, Seth MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane

Most recent episode: American Dad Season 18 Episode 19 - Jambalaya ( 11/28/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1820Gernot and StrudelDec-05-202202 days
19JambalayaNov-28-2022351 day
18Please Please JeffNov-21-2022501 week
17Hayley Was a Girl Scout?Nov-14-2022311 week
16I Heard You Wanna Buy Some SpeakersNov-07-2022511 week
15You Are HereOct-31-2022561 week
14A League of His OwnOct-10-2022411 week
13The Fast and the SpuriousOct-03-2022511 week
12Smooshed: A Love StorySep-26-2022441 week
11The Three FsSep-19-2022532 months
10Gold Top NutsSep-12-2022412 months
9The Curious Case of the Old HoleSep-05-2022422 months
8A Song of Knives and FireMar-14-202222 months
7Beyond the Alcove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love KlausMar-07-2022222 months
6American Dad GraffitoFeb-28-2022172 months
5Epic Powder DumpFeb-21-2022142 months
4A Roger StoryFeb-14-2022182 months
3The Book of FischerFeb-07-202292 months
2Dressed DownJan-31-2022132 months
1Langley Dollar ListingsJan-24-2022192 months
1722Steve's Franken OutOct-25-2021169 months
21Crystal ClearSep-06-2021109 months
20Cry BabyAug-30-202189 months
19Family TimeAug-23-2021109 months
18Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckersAug-16-2021129 months
17The Sinister Fate!!Aug-09-202179 months
16Plot HeavyAug-02-202169 months
15Comb Over: A Hair PieceJul-26-202169 months
14Flush After ReadingJul-19-202189 months
13Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & RadikaJul-12-202169 months
12LumberjerkJul-05-2021119 months
11Hot ScoompJun-28-202149 months
10HendersonJun-21-202169 months
9Mused and AbusedJun-14-202169 months
8Dancin' A-with My CellJun-07-202179 months
7Little Bonnie RamirezMay-31-2021149 months
6The WondercabinetMay-24-202199 months
5Klaus And Rogu In Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! AdventureMay-17-202199 months
4Shakedown SteveMay-10-2021129 months
3Stan Moves to ChicagoMay-03-2021109 months
2Russian DollApr-26-2021119 months
1Who Smarted?Apr-19-202189 months
1624Yule. Tide. Repeat.Dec-21-202059 months
23300Sep-14-202059 months
22The Last Ride of the Dodge City RamblerSep-07-202059 months
21Dammmm, Stan!Aug-31-202049 months
20The Chilly ThrilliesAug-24-202069 months
19Businessly BrunetteAug-17-202099 months
18The Old CountryAug-10-202079 months
17Roger Needs DickAug-03-202079 months
16First, Do No FarmJul-27-202089 months
15Men II BoyzJul-20-202079 months
14Ghost DadJul-13-202079 months
13Salute Your SllortJul-06-202079 months
12American Data?Jun-29-202059 months
11Game NightJun-22-202069 months
10Trophy Wife, Trophy LifeJun-15-202069 months
9Exquisite CorpsesJun-08-202079 months
8One Fish, Two FishJun-01-202069 months
7Into the WoodsMay-25-202069 months
6Brave N00b WorldMay-18-202069 months
5Tapped OutMay-11-202079 months
4A Starboy is BornMay-04-2020109 months
3Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's StoryApr-27-202079 months
2DowntownApr-20-202069 months
1100 Years a Solid FoolApr-13-202059 months
1525TBAApr-29-201904 years
24TBAApr-22-201903 years
23TBAApr-15-201904 years
22TBAApr-08-201924 years
21TBAApr-01-201924 years
20The Hand That Rocks the RoguAug-26-201939 months
19Eight FiresAug-19-201969 months
18No Weddings and a FuneralAug-12-201959 months
17Enter StanmanAug-05-201949 months
16Pride Before the FailJul-29-201949 months
15Demolition DaddyJul-22-201949 months
14Hamerican Dad!Jul-15-201949 months
13Mom SauceJul-08-201959 months
12Stompe Le MondeJul-01-201959 months
11An Irish GoodbyeJun-24-201959 months
10Wild Women DoJun-17-201949 months
9The Hall Monitor and the Lunch LadyJun-10-201969 months
8The Long MarchJun-03-201959 months
7Shark?!May-27-201949 months
6Lost BoysMay-20-201979 months
5Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed FactoryMay-13-201949 months
4Rabbit EarsMay-06-201959 months
3Stan & Francine & Connie & TedApr-29-201969 months
2I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti StoryApr-22-201969 months
1Fantasy BaseballApr-15-201969 months
1425TBAApr-29-201903 years
24TBAApr-22-201903 years
23TBAApr-15-201903 years
22The Future is BoraxApr-08-201949 months
21FleabiscuitApr-01-201949 months
20Funnyish GamesMar-25-201949 months
19Top of the SteveMar-18-201949 months
18TwinanigansMar-11-201949 months
17The Legend of Old UlyssesMar-04-201969 months
16Persona AssistantFeb-25-201959 months
15FlavortownFeb-18-201969 months
14One-Woman SwoleFeb-11-201959 months
13Mean FrancineMay-07-201869 months
12OreTron TrailApr-30-201859 months
11My Purity Ball and ChainApr-23-201879 months
10RailroadedApr-16-201869 months
9The Never-Ending StoriesApr-09-201879 months
8Death by Dinner PartyMar-26-201869 months
7Klaustastrophe.tvMar-19-201859 months
6(You Gotta) Strike for Your RightMar-12-201859 months
5The Mural of the StoryMar-05-201859 months
4Shell GameFeb-26-201849 months
3The Census of the LambsFeb-19-201859 months
2Paranoid FrandroidFeb-12-201859 months
1Santa, SchmantaDec-25-201759 months
1322West to MexicoSep-11-201759 months
21The Talented Mr. DingleberrySep-04-201769 months
20Garbage StanAug-28-201769 months
19KlogerAug-21-201759 months
18The Long BombAug-14-201779 months
17Family PlanAug-07-201759 months
16The Bitchin' RaceJul-31-201759 months
15The Life and Times of Stan SmithJul-24-201749 months
14Julia RogertsJun-12-201759 months
13Camp CampawandaJun-05-201749 months
12Bazooka SteveMay-29-201759 months
11Casino NormaleMay-01-201759 months
10A Nice Night for a DriveApr-24-201779 months
9The Witches of LangleyApr-17-201789 months
8A Whole Slotta LoveApr-10-201769 months
7Ninety North, Zero WestDec-19-201659 months
6Roger's BabyDec-12-201649 months
5Bahama MamaDec-05-201669 months
4Portrait of Francine's GenitalsNov-28-201649 months
3The Enlightenment of Ragi-BabaNov-21-201679 months
2Fight and FlightNov-14-201669 months
1Father's DazeNov-07-201659 months
1222Standard DeviationJun-27-201659 months
21Next of PinJun-20-201659 months
20Gift Me LibertyJun-13-201659 months
19Garfield and FriendsJun-06-201659 months
18Mine StruggleMay-30-201659 months
17Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad of Billy JesusworthMay-23-201659 months
16Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to InnocenceMay-16-201669 months
15Daesong Heavy IndustriesMay-09-201669 months
14The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American DadMay-02-201669 months
13Widow's PiqueApr-25-201669 months
12The Dentist's WifeApr-18-201669 months
11The UnincludedsApr-11-201689 months
10The Two HundredMar-28-201679 months
9AnchorfranMar-21-201659 months
8Stan-Dan DeliverMar-14-201669 months
7The Devil Wears a Lapel PinMar-07-201669 months
6Kiss Kiss, Cam CamFeb-29-201659 months
5Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point BreakersFeb-22-201669 months
4N.S.A. (No Snoops Allowed)Feb-15-201669 months
3Hayley Smith, Seal Team SixFeb-08-201659 months
2The Life Aquatic with Steve SmithFeb-01-201669 months
1RootsJan-25-201659 months
1115Seizures Suit StannyJun-01-2015109 months
14American FungMay-25-2015119 months
13Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!May-18-2015119 months
12The ShrinkMar-30-2015159 months
11Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery TourMar-23-2015129 months
10A Star is RebornMar-16-201599 months
9My Affair LadyMar-09-2015199 months
8Morning MimosaMar-02-2015219 months
7LGBSteveFeb-23-201559 months
6Dreaming of a White Porsche ChristmasDec-01-2014179 months
5Now and GwenNov-17-2014179 months
4Big Stan on CampusNov-10-201459 months
3Scents and Sensei-bilityNov-03-201499 months
2CIAPOWOct-27-201489 months
1Blonde AmbitionOct-20-201489 months
1020The Longest Distance RelationshipMay-18-201403 years
19News Glance With Genevieve VavanceMay-11-201403 years
18Permanent Record WreckerMay-04-201403 years
17RubberneckersApr-27-201403 years
16She Swill SurviveApr-13-201403 years
15Honey, I'm HomelandApr-06-201404 years
14Stan Goes on the PillMar-30-201404 years
13I Ain't No Holodeck BoyMar-23-201404 years
12Introducing the Naughty StewardessesMar-16-201404 years
11Cock of the SleepwalkJan-26-201404 years
10FamilylandJan-12-201404 years
9Vision: ImpossibleJan-05-201404 years
8Minstrel KrampusDec-15-201304 years
7Faking BadDec-08-201304 years
6Independent MovieDec-01-201304 years
5Kung Pao TurkeyNov-24-201304 years
4[no episode title yet]Oct-20-201408 years
3Blagsnarst, A Love StorySep-21-201449 months
2A Boy Named MichaelSep-14-201459 months
1Roger Passes the BarSep-14-201469 months
920The Longest Distance RelationshipMay-18-201449 months
19News Glance with Genevieve VavanceMay-11-201459 months
18Permanent Record WreckerMay-04-201449 months
17RubberneckersApr-27-201459 months
16She Swill SurviveApr-13-201479 months
15Honey, I'm HomelandApr-06-201469 months
14Stan Goes on the PillMar-30-201479 months
13I Ain't No Holodeck BoyMar-23-201459 months
12Introducing the Naughty StewardessesMar-16-201449 months
11Cock of the SleepwalkJan-26-201449 months
10FamilylandJan-12-201459 months
9Vision: ImpossibleJan-05-201459 months
8Minstrel KrampusDec-15-201369 months
7Faking BadDec-08-201359 months
6Independent MovieDec-01-201359 months
5Kung Pao TurkeyNov-24-201349 months
4CrotchwalkersNov-10-201349 months
3Buck, WildNov-03-201359 months
2PoltergasmOct-06-201349 months
1Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular AdventureSep-29-201379 months
819Da Flippity FlopMay-12-201349 months
18Lost in SpaceMay-05-201349 months
17The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan SmithApr-28-201369 months
16The Boring IdentityApr-21-201349 months
15The Missing KinkApr-14-201349 months
14Spelling Bee My BabyMar-24-201349 months
13For Black Eyes OnlyMar-10-201369 months
12Naked to the Limit, One More TimeFeb-17-201359 months
11Max JetsFeb-10-201369 months
10Blood Crieth Unto HeavenJan-27-201389 months
9The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy JabariJan-13-201389 months
8Finger Lenting GoodJan-06-201369 months
7National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole StoryDec-23-201259 months
6Adventures in HayleysittingDec-09-201259 months
5Why Can't We Be Friends?Dec-02-201249 months
4American StepdadNov-18-201279 months
3Can I Be Frank with You?Nov-04-201269 months
2Killer VacationOct-07-201269 months
1Love, AD StyleSep-30-201269 months
719Gorillas in the MistMay-22-201104 years
18Toy WhoreyMay-13-201259 months
17Ricky SpanishMay-06-201259 months
16The Kidney Stays in the PictureApr-01-201269 months
15Less Money, Mo' ProblemsMar-25-201279 months
14Stan's Best FriendMar-18-201299 months
13Dr. KlaustusMar-11-201269 months
12The WrestlerMar-04-201289 months
11Old Stan in the MountainFeb-19-201299 months
10Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's KeyFeb-12-201279 months
9Stanny TendergrassJan-29-201289 months
8The Unbrave OneJan-08-201259 months
7Season's BeatingsDec-11-201169 months
6The Scarlett GetterNov-27-201149 months
5Virtual In-StanityNov-20-201159 months
4The Worst StanNov-13-201149 months
3A Ward ShowNov-06-201169 months
2Hurricane!Oct-02-201169 months
1Hot WaterSep-25-201159 months
619Gorillas in the MistMay-22-201159 months
18Flirting with DisasterMay-15-201159 months
17Home WreckerMay-08-201159 months
16Jenny FromdablocApr-17-201159 months
15License to TillApr-10-201169 months
14School LiesApr-03-201159 months
13I Am the WalrusMar-27-201159 months
12You Debt Your LifeFeb-20-201149 months
11A Piñata Named DesireFeb-13-201149 months
10Stanny Boy and FrantasticJan-23-201159 months
9Fartbreak HotelJan-16-201149 months
8For Whom the Sleigh Bell TollsDec-12-201089 months
7The People vs. Martin SugarDec-05-201049 months
6There Will Be Bad BloodNov-28-201059 months
5White RiceNov-21-201049 months
4Stan's Food RestaurantNov-14-201069 months
3Best Little Horror House in Langley FallsNov-07-201059 months
2Son of Stan, Pt. 2 of 2Oct-10-201059 months
1100 A.D., Pt 1 of 2Oct-03-201059 months
520Stan's Night OutMay-17-200904 years
19Daddy QueerestMay-10-200904 years
18Great Space RoasterMay-16-201059 months
17An Incident at Owl CreekMay-09-201079 months
16Bully for SteveApr-25-201059 months
15Merlot Down Dirty ShameApr-18-201059 months
14Cops & RogerApr-11-201059 months
13Return of the BlingFeb-21-201049 months
12May the Best Stan WinFeb-14-201059 months
11A Jones for a SmithJan-31-201059 months
10Don't Look a Smith Horse in the MouthJan-03-201069 months
9Rapture's DelightDec-13-200959 months
8G-String CircusNov-29-200949 months
7My Morning StraitjacketNov-22-200959 months
6Shallow VowsNov-15-200959 months
5Man in the MoonbounceNov-08-200949 months
4Brains, Brains, and AutomobilesOct-18-200969 months
3Home AdroneOct-11-200959 months
2Moon Over Isla IslandOct-04-200949 months
1In Country...ClubSep-27-200949 months
420Stan's Night OutMay-17-200939 months
19Daddy QueerestMay-10-200949 months
18Weiner of Our DiscontentMay-03-200939 months
17Every Which Way But LoseApr-26-200949 months
16Delorean Story-AnApr-19-200949 months
15Wife InsuranceMar-29-200949 months
14Bar Mitzvah ShuffleMar-22-200949 months
13Jack's BackMar-15-200949 months
12Roy Rogers McFreelyMar-08-200949 months
11Live and Let FryMar-01-200959 months
10Family AffairFeb-15-200959 months
9Stan TimeFeb-08-200959 months
8ChimdaleJan-25-200949 months
7Phantom of the TelethonNov-30-200869 months
6Pulling Double BootyNov-16-200879 months
5Escape from Pearl BaileyNov-09-200849 months
4Choosy Wives Choose SmithNov-02-200839 months
3One Little WordOct-19-200849 months
2The One That Got AwayOct-05-200859 months
11600 CandlesSep-28-200859 months
319Joint CustodyMay-20-200704 years
18The Magnificent StevenMay-13-200704 years
17I Can't Stan YouMay-06-200704 years
16Spring Break-UpMay-18-200859 months
15Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's GoldMay-11-200859 months
14Office SpacemanMay-04-200869 months
13Red October SkyApr-27-200849 months
12WidowmakerFeb-17-200849 months
11Oedipal PantiesJan-27-200849 months
10TearjerkerJan-13-200859 months
9Frannie 911Jan-06-200849 months
8The Most Adequate Christmas EverDec-16-200759 months
7Surro-GateDec-02-200749 months
642-Year-Old VirginNov-18-200749 months
5HayliasNov-11-200759 months
4Big Trouble in Little LangleyNov-04-200759 months
3Dope and FaithOct-14-200749 months
2Meter MadeOct-07-200759 months
1The Vacation GooSep-30-200759 months
219Joint CustodyMay-20-200749 months
18The Magnificent StevenMay-13-200749 months
17I Can't Stan YouMay-06-200759 months
16When a Stan Loves a WomanApr-29-200749 months
15Four Little WordsApr-01-200749 months
14An Apocalypse to RememberMar-25-200749 months
13Black Mystery MonthFeb-18-200749 months
12A.T. The Abusive TerrestrialFeb-11-200749 months
11The American Dream FactoryJan-28-200759 months
10Bush Comes to DinnerJan-07-200759 months
9The Best Christmas Story Never ToldDec-17-200649 months
8Irregarding SteveDec-10-200659 months
7Of Ice and MenNov-26-200659 months
6Iced, Iced BabiesNov-19-200659 months
5Dungeons and WagonsNov-12-200659 months
4Lincoln LoverNov-05-200659 months
3Failure is Not a Factory-installed OptionSep-24-200659 months
2The American Dad After School SpecialSep-17-200659 months
1Camp RefoogeeSep-10-200659 months
123Tears of a ClooneyMay-14-200659 months
22With Friends Like Steve'sMay-07-200649 months
21Helping HandisApr-30-200649 months
20Roger 'n MeApr-23-200649 months
19It's Good to Be QueenFeb-26-200649 months
18Finances with WolvesJan-29-200659 months
17Rough TradeJan-08-200649 months
16Not Particularly Desperate HousewivesDec-18-200559 months
15Star TrekNov-27-200549 months
14Stannie Get Your GunNov-20-200559 months
13Stan of Arabia: Part 2Nov-13-200559 months
12Stan of Arabia: Part 1Nov-06-200559 months
11Con HeirOct-02-200559 months
10All About SteveSep-25-200549 months
9A Smith in HandSep-18-200559 months
8Bullocks to StanSep-11-200559 months
7Deacon Stan, Jesus ManJun-19-200569 months
6Homeland InsecurityJun-12-200549 months
5Roger CodgerJun-05-200549 months
4Francine's FlashbackMay-15-200549 months
3Stan Knows BestMay-08-200549 months
2Threat LevelsMay-01-200549 months
1PilotFeb-06-200549 months
05I Love Patrick StewartApr-17-201204 years
3How's Your Aspen?: American Dad! Live at the 2005 U.S Comedy Arts FestivalFeb-12-200504 years
2American Dad: The New CIAApr-08-200504 years
1Original Pilot04 years

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