Alone is a ten-episode series that is the country’s boldest and longest survival experiment ever captured for television. It places ten hardcore survivalists alone in the Vancouver Island wilderness – no camera crew, no teams, no producers – on a single mission to stay alive. At stake is $500,000 awarded to the person who can last the longest. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown, self-documenting their experience.

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Genre: Adventure

Release Date: June 18, 2015

Status: Running

Network: History (Official Website)

Casts: Kevin Burkhardt

Most recent episode: Alone Season 8 Episode 12 - Not Found ( 8/19/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
812TBAAug-19-202101 month
11The ReckoningAug-19-2021264 weeks
10All InAug-12-2021292 weeks
9The TrollAug-05-2021274 weeks
8The GrizzlyJul-22-2021484 weeks
7SurroundedJul-15-2021344 weeks
6SmokedJul-08-2021474 weeks
5The BuckJul-01-2021502 weeks
4Far From HomeJun-24-2021402 weeks
3Chewed UpJun-17-2021422 weeks
2Open SeasonJun-10-2021412 weeks
1The HuntedJun-03-2021332 weeks
711Over the EdgeAug-20-2020192 weeks
10Pins and NeedlesAug-13-2020222 weeks
9The WolvesAug-06-2020252 weeks
8Up In SmokeJul-30-2020212 weeks
7SnaredJul-23-2020222 weeks
6The Musk OxJul-16-2020182 weeks
5The RockJul-09-2020302 weeks
4The FlyJul-02-2020212 weeks
3That Was No BunnyJun-25-2020232 weeks
2The Rock HouseJun-18-2020242 weeks
1Million Dollar MistakeJun-11-2020182 weeks
611Fire and IceAug-22-2019112 weeks
10Thin IceAug-15-2019102 weeks
9The Ice ComethAug-08-2019112 weeks
8Out ColdAug-01-2019112 weeks
7Night RaiderJul-25-201962 weeks
6AblazeJul-18-2019142 weeks
5The KillJul-11-2019122 weeks
4The MooseJun-27-2019102 weeks
3Up In FlamesJun-20-2019122 weeks
2TaintedJun-13-2019112 weeks
1IcebreakerJun-06-2019112 weeks
510Cold WarAug-16-201812 weeks
9Starvation's ShadowAug-09-201832 weeks
8Slayer IiAug-02-201832 weeks
7Desperate MeasuresJul-26-201832 weeks
6Of Mice and MenJul-19-201842 weeks
5The Bowels Of HellJul-12-201842 weeks
4Mongolia's WrathJul-05-201852 weeks
3The SerpentJun-28-201852 weeks
2The HauntingJun-21-201832 weeks
1RedemptionJun-14-201832 weeks
411Tales from the IslandAug-17-201712 weeks
10Flesh and BloodAug-17-201732 weeks
9My Brother's KeeperAug-10-201732 weeks
8Flare-UpAug-03-201732 weeks
7HookedJul-27-201732 weeks
6Thicker Than WaterJul-20-201732 weeks
5Double or NothingJul-13-201742 weeks
4The Last MileJul-06-201732 weeks
3Margin of ErrorJun-29-201732 weeks
2Hell on EarthJun-22-201732 weeks
1Divide and ConquerJun-15-201732 weeks
311Season 3 ReunionFeb-09-201701 year
10Day 87Feb-09-201732 weeks
9The Point of No ReturnFeb-02-201732 weeks
8Of Feast & FamineJan-26-201732 weeks
7Hungry BeastsJan-19-201732 weeks
6Along Came a SpiderJan-12-201732 weeks
5The Lone WolfJan-05-201732 weeks
4OutfoxedDec-29-201622 weeks
3Eternal DarknessDec-22-201632 weeks
2First BloodDec-15-201632 weeks
1A New LandDec-08-201632 weeks
213The End GameJul-14-201632 weeks
12Into the AbyssJul-14-201632 weeks
11Winter's FuryJul-07-201632 weeks
10The GambleJun-30-201632 weeks
9The MadnessJun-23-201632 weeks
8The AscentJun-16-201632 weeks
7Trial by FireJun-09-201632 weeks
6AdriftMay-26-201632 weeks
5Storm RisingMay-19-201632 weeks
4Hunger's GripMay-12-201632 weeks
3The Beasts of NightMay-05-201632 weeks
2The Knife's EdgeApr-28-201632 weeks
1Once More Unto the BreachApr-21-201632 weeks
111After the RescueAug-05-201501 year
10TriumphAug-20-201532 weeks
9Brokedown PalaceAug-13-201532 weeks
8The FreezeAug-06-201532 weeks
7The HungerJul-30-201532 weeks
6Rain of TerrorJul-23-201532 weeks
5Winds of HellJul-16-201532 weeks
4StalkedJul-09-201542 weeks
3The Talons of FearJul-02-201532 weeks
2Of Wolf and ManJun-25-201542 weeks
1And So It BeginsJun-18-201532 weeks
09Season 5 Reunion SpecialAug-23-201801 year
8Making the Cut: Season 5May-25-201801 year
7Tales from the IslandAug-17-201701 year
6Making the Cut: Season 4Jun-08-201701 year
5Season 3 Reunion SpecialFeb-09-201701 year
4Making the Cut: Season 3Dec-08-201601 year
3Alone: The ReunionJul-21-201601 year
2Alone: Making the CutApr-14-201601 year
1After the RescueAug-05-201501 year

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