Alaskan Bush People

“Alaskan Bush People” is a reality-documentary series that introduces the Brown family — Billy, wife Ami and their seven grown children who — according to Discovery — are interesting because “they are unlike any other family in America.” Deep in the Alaskan wilderness lives a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild. Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – 5 boys and 2 girls – are so far removed from civilization that they often go six to nine months of the year without seeing an outsider. They’ve developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a “wolf pack,” and at night, all nine sleep together in a one-room cabin. Simply put, they are unlike any other family in America. Recently, according to the Browns, the cabin where they lived for years was seized and burned to the ground for being in the wrong location on public land. They were devastated, but instead of giving up and moving back to society, they decided to go deeper into the wilderness to continue their way of life.

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Genre: Adventure, Reality Series

Release Date: May 6, 2014 (US)

Status: To Be Determined

Network: Discovery Channel (Official Website)


Most recent episode: Alaskan Bush People Season 12 Episode 8 - Faith & Fury ( 10/11/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
128Faith & FuryOct-11-2020123 months
7The Land Giveths and TakethsOct-04-2020113 months
6A Bottle for Your ThoughtsSep-27-2020113 months
5Water to IceSep-20-202083 months
4Bush Below ZeroSep-13-2020153 months
3Range Ridin'Sep-06-2020113 months
2Rumble in the BushAug-30-202073 months
1Life in the ExtremeAug-23-2020163 months
118Where There's Water There's a WayJan-29-2020010 months
7Noah's Animal ArkJan-22-202033 months
6Bear Meets GirlJan-15-202043 months
5Bam Bam's Big Build and BearsJan-08-202001 year
4A Very Bush WeddingJan-01-202024 months
3Storm's FuryDec-18-2019010 months
2Bears of a FeatherDec-11-201943 months
1Wind and WaterDec-04-201924 months
107The Wild New WildSep-15-201902 years
6The Big PushSep-08-201943 months
5The Chaos Before the StormSep-01-201902 years
4Fowl Weather FriendsAug-25-2019110 months
3Clear and Pheasant DangerAug-18-201902 years
2The Wolfpack vs. the WolfAug-11-2019110 months
1King of the MountainAug-04-201912 years
922This Land is Our LandMar-01-201901 year
5Winter Is HereMar-31-201902 years
4The PredatorsMar-24-201912 years
3Beware The Bear-crowMar-17-201924 months
2The Buffalo TrailMar-10-201924 months
1Bull By the HornsMar-03-201973 months
0This Land is Our LandMar-01-201901 year
89A New BeginningSep-30-201801 year
8TBASep-30-201801 year
7A New BeginningSep-30-201824 months
6Family FirstSep-23-201863 months
5Bird and the BeesSep-16-201834 months
4Call to DutySep-02-201873 months
3Head Above WaterAug-27-201824 months
2Breaking GroundAug-26-201824 months
1Back to the BushAug-19-201853 months
710Forging a New FutureSep-05-201701 year
9Blazing a New Trail Part 2Sep-05-201701 year
8Blazing a New TrailAug-23-201724 months
7A New ChapterAug-16-201701 year
6Bush CodeAug-09-201724 months
5Weight of the WolfpackJul-19-201724 months
4UnanchoredJul-12-201724 months
3Strength in NumbersJul-05-201724 months
2The Long RoadJun-28-201724 months
1Faith & FamilyJun-21-201724 months
68Wind and a PrayerFeb-22-201701 year
7Field of DreamsFeb-15-201701 year
6All Falls DownFeb-08-201701 year
5One Brown DownFeb-01-201701 year
4Dead in the WaterJan-25-201701 year
3Browntown BoomJan-18-201701 year
2Bear With UsJan-11-201701 year
1All That MattersJan-04-201733 months
513Made in the WildJul-29-201601 year
12Browns Down SouthJul-22-201601 year
11Back in BrowntownJul-15-201601 year
10Released to the WildMar-08-201701 year
9Judgement DayJun-24-201633 months
8Shots in the DarkJun-17-201633 months
7High Tide HousingFeb-15-201701 year
6Surviving the Lower 48Feb-08-201701 year
5Growing the WolfpackFeb-01-201701 year
4Winter WatchMay-20-201633 months
3Driving Miss RainyJan-18-201701 year
2The Wolf Pack ReturnsJan-11-201701 year
1Browntown or BustApr-29-201614 months
412Made in the WildJul-29-201601 year
11Browns Down SouthJul-22-201601 year
10Paradise LostJul-15-201624 months
9Bush HeartJul-08-201624 months
8Alarmed & DangerousDec-30-201524 months
7Dead in the WaterJun-17-201624 months
6Dock-u-dramaJun-10-201624 months
5Ballad of Billy BrownJun-03-201624 months
4Rock, Paper, SkipperMay-27-201624 months
3Shots FiredMay-20-201624 months
2Block and TackleMay-13-201624 months
1Endless SummerMay-06-201624 months
316[no episode title yet]Jul-24-201501 year
15[no episode title yet]Jul-17-201501 year
14[no episode title yet]Jul-03-201501 year
13[no episode title yet]Jun-26-201501 year
12[no episode title yet]Jun-19-201501 year
11The Wild YearJun-12-201524 months
10Lost FootageAug-07-201524 months
9Never Give UpJan-06-201624 months
8Sink or SwimJan-03-201624 months
7Rocky SeasDec-30-201524 months
6A Big GambleJun-26-201524 months
5BloodlinesDec-09-201524 months
4Divide and ConquerDec-02-201524 months
3Rise of BrowntownJun-05-201524 months
2A Wolfpack DividedNov-18-201524 months
1Wild TimesNov-11-201524 months
0[no episode title yet]Aug-07-201501 year
216Never Give UpJul-24-201501 year
15Sink or SwimJul-17-201501 year
14Rocky SeasJul-03-201501 year
13A Big GambleJun-26-201501 year
12BloodlinesJun-19-201501 year
11Divide and ConquerJun-12-201501 year
10Rise of BrowntownJun-05-201501 year
9Now or NeverMay-29-201564 months
8Home AloneFeb-20-201501 year
7On the ProwlFeb-13-201524 months
6Pile It OnFeb-06-201524 months
5Birdy Get Your GunJan-30-201524 months
4Welcome to BrowntownJan-23-201524 months
3Return to the WildJan-16-201501 year
2Breaking FreeJan-09-201501 year
1A Very Bush ChristmasJan-02-201524 months
0[no episode title yet]Dec-19-201401 year
16[no episode title yet]01 year
5The Wild LifeJun-15-201424 months
4Fight or FlightMay-27-201424 months
3BlindsidedMay-20-201424 months
2Human Wolf PackMay-13-201424 months
1Raised WildMay-06-201424 months
024TBASep-29-201901 year
23Secrets of the HuntSep-22-201901 year
22This Land Is Our LandMar-02-201902 years
21Unbreakable WillAug-19-201801 year
20Home Away for the HolidaysDec-16-201701 year
19One For AllJun-15-201701 year
18Made in the WildJul-29-201601 year
17Browns Down SouthJul-22-201601 year
16Heart of the BrownsMar-15-201701 year
15Forever BrowntownMar-08-201701 year
14Harsh WildernessMar-01-201701 year
13Browntown BoundDec-28-201601 year
12A Browntown ChristmasDec-07-201601 year
11The Book of BearMay-25-201601 year
10Browntown or BustApr-29-201601 year
9Paradise LostJan-06-201601 year
8Return to the BushJan-03-201601 year
7Endless SummerNov-04-201501 year
6The Wild YearAug-07-201501 year
5Lost FootageJul-31-201501 year
4Father's Day SpecialJun-21-201501 year
3Wild TimesMay-22-201501 year
2A Very Bush ChristmasDec-19-201401 year
1Back to the Bush: A Family of NineJul-15-201401 year

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