Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled see’s Alan present a nightly unscripted chat show with a panel of comedians sharing their anecdotes.

Genre: Comedy, Talk Show

Release Date: June 16, 2014 (UK)

Status: To Be Determined

Network: Dave (UK) (Official Website)

Casts: Alan Davies

Most recent episode: Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled Season 5 Episode 8 - Roll Your Trousers Up and Do a Krankie ( 4/11/2017 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
58Roll Your Trousers Up and Do a KrankieApr-11-2017012 months
7My Breasts Are at WarApr-04-2017012 months
6Half of My Special RoseMar-28-2017012 months
5The Poxed Puppies of Leprous BitchesMar-21-2017012 months
4Frank Bruno Was the Original Bus DriverMar-14-2017012 months
3Free PussyMar-07-2017012 months
2I Burnt My Arse with a ChickenFeb-28-2017012 months
1Captain Kirk & William Shatner Are Two Different PeopleFeb-21-2017012 months
410Cream Cakes and PernodJun-20-2016012 months
9Do I Know Him? I Shagged Him!Jun-19-2016012 months
8Carnal Happy Fun TimesJun-18-2016012 months
7Just the Moon and My Mum's TitsJun-17-2016012 months
6Jaffa Cake NipplesJun-16-2016012 months
5Just Pop a Knife Near Your PenisJun-15-2016012 months
4Hitler and JingleJun-14-2016012 months
3A Penis Poking Through the WindowJun-13-2016012 months
2A Clacker Free ZoneJun-12-2016012 months
1I Don't Know If It Was the Embarrassment or the Narcotics But I Have a Nose BleedJun-11-2016012 months
311Nigel FarageMar-08-2016012 months
10Jokes About James Joyce and BalletMar-01-2016012 months
9And Then He Deftly Grabbed My CervixFeb-23-2016012 months
8No Smiling, No LaughingFeb-16-2016012 months
7Loose Men with Chris MartinFeb-09-2016012 months
6Watch Out, Wanky Bill's AboutFeb-02-2016012 months
5That is a LieDec-01-2015012 months
4It Must Have Been Big to Serve a Lot of PeopleNov-24-2015012 months
3I'm Locked in with a Ham and I'm Not Coming OutNov-17-2015012 months
2Thirty-Five Quid for This?Nov-10-2015012 months
1I've Been Fingered by Captain KirkNov-03-2015012 months
211The Lips and Arseholes of Alan DaviesMar-17-2015012 months
10The Land of Happy DonkeysMar-10-2015012 months
9Hello, Can I Have a Bath?Mar-03-2015012 months
8My Father's Would-Be AssassinsFeb-24-2015012 months
7You Can Face Time or Face ThisFeb-17-2015012 months
6CountryfileFeb-10-2015012 months
5Thwarted Sex PestsFeb-03-2015012 months
4A British Asian Comedian Can No Longer Afford to Buy a House Because of James BrownJan-27-2015012 months
3Two Lesbians Pissed on by BatsJan-20-2015012 months
2The Pig Knows You're FrightenedJan-13-2015012 months
1Simple People Eating Complex CarbohydratesJan-06-2015012 months
16Were You on the South Bank Show Last Night?Mar-15-2016012 months
5Jarvis Cocker's Britpop HerdJun-20-2014012 months
4Until I'm Married or You're DeadJun-19-2014012 months
3The Bringer of SpidersJun-18-2014012 months
2Sex is FunJun-17-2014012 months
1Cupped by a Shammy HandJun-16-2014012 months

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