Air Crash Investigation

Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses. Plane crashes and near-disasters from around the globe are investigated in meticulous detail, providing a look into what went wrong and if they could have been prevented. These events have helped change aviation safety and brought about some of the most important standard regulations that we know today. Survivor accounts and event re-enactments weave gripping tales while computer generated images (CGI) and expert testimony better explain the reasons behind the fatal or near fatal events.

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Genre: Drama, Reality Series, Documentary, Action

Release Date: September 3, 2003

Status: Running

Network: Discovery Channel (CA) (IMDb, Wikipedia)

Casts: Stephen Bogaert, Jonathan Aris

Most recent episode: Air Crash Investigation Season 19 Episode 8 - Not Found ( 2/18/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1910Slam Dunk (United Express Flight 6291)02 years
9Football Tragedy (LaMia Flight 2933)02 years
8TBAFeb-18-201903 years
7Runway Runoff (Continental Airlines Flight 1404)03 years
6TBAJan-28-201901 year
5Fine Air Flight 10116 days
4AIA Flight 80803 years
3Fatal Approach (KLM Cityhopper Flight 433)03 years
2Death Race (2011 Reno Air Races)Jan-07-201916 days
1TBAJan-02-201903 years
1899TBAJan-21-201901 year
20Fire on Board01 year
19Deadly Distractions01 year
18Controversial Crashes01 year
17Missing Pieces01 year
16Killer in the Cockpit?01 year
15Explosive Evidence01 year
14Plane vs. Pilot01 year
13Hero Pilots01 year
12Bad Attitude01 year
11Communication BreakdownJul-09-201801 year
10Slam DunkJul-04-201803 years
9Football TragedyJun-27-201803 years
8Lethal LimitsJun-20-201816 days
7Runway RunoffFeb-18-201924 weeks
6Fatal ClimbJan-28-201901 year
5Deadly PitchJan-21-201901 year
4Fatal ApproachJan-16-201901 year
3Borderline TacticsJan-14-201914 weeks
2Death RaceJan-07-201914 weeks
1Deadly DescentJan-02-201901 year
0[no episode title yet]01 year
1720Fire On BoardSep-10-201801 year
19Deadly DistractionsSep-03-201801 year
18Controversial CrashesAug-27-201801 year
17Missing PiecesAug-20-201801 year
16Killer In The Cockpit?Aug-13-201801 year
15Explosive EvidenceAug-06-201801 year
14Plane vs. PilotJul-30-201801 year
13Hero PilotsJul-23-201801 year
12Bad AttitudeJul-16-201801 year
11Communication BreakdownJul-09-201801 year
10Dead of WinterJul-04-201801 year
9Deadly Go-RoundJun-27-201801 year
8Deadly InclinationJun-22-201801 year
7Free FallJun-15-201801 year
6Deadly MissionMar-22-201801 year
5Deadly DisplayMar-15-201801 year
4Deadly DistractionMar-08-201801 year
3Nuts and BoltsMar-01-201801 year
2Blown AwayFeb-22-201801 year
1Deadly AirspaceFeb-15-201801 year
1610The Lost PlaneOct-10-201701 year
9Deadly DiscussionsOct-03-201701 year
8Terror over EgyptSep-18-201701 year
7Caught on TapeSep-19-201701 year
6Storming OutSep-12-201714 weeks
5Lethal TurnSep-05-2017111 months
4Explosive ProofMar-13-201701 year
3Turning PointMar-06-201701 year
2Deadly MythFeb-27-2017011 months
1Killer AttitudeFeb-20-2017011 months
1510Afghan NightmareFeb-13-201701 year
9Deadly SolutionFeb-06-201701 year
8River RunwayJan-30-201701 year
7Murder in the SkiesJan-23-201701 year
6Dangerous ApproachJul-12-201601 year
5Deadly DetourJul-05-201601 year
4Deadly DetailJun-28-201601 year
3Disaster at TenerifeJun-21-201601 year
2Inside 9/11: The Pentagon AttackJun-14-201601 year
1Deadly SilenceJun-07-201601 year
1411Malaysia 370: What Happened?Mar-22-201501 year
10Fatal DelayMar-07-201601 year
9Deadly MissionFeb-29-201601 year
8Edge of DisasterFeb-22-201601 year
7Carnage in Sao PauloFeb-15-201601 year
6Fatal TransmissionFeb-08-201601 year
5High Rise CatastropheFeb-01-201601 year
4Steep ImpactJan-25-201601 year
3Terror in San FranciscoJan-18-201601 year
2Fatal DeliveryJan-11-201601 year
1Fatal FocusJan-04-201601 year
1311Malaysia 370: What Happened?Mar-22-201501 year
10The Final PushMar-17-201501 year
9SideswipedMar-10-201501 year
8No Clear OptionsFeb-26-201501 year
7Death in the ArcticFeb-24-201501 year
6Accident or AsassinationFeb-17-201501 year
5Vanishing ActFeb-10-201501 year
4Choosing SidesFeb-03-201501 year
3Niki Lauda: Testing the LimitsJan-27-201501 year
2The Death of JFK Jr.Jan-20-201501 year
1Concorde - Up In FlamesJan-13-201501 year
1213Air France 447: VanishedMay-17-201301 year
1228 Seconds to SurviveMay-10-201301 year
11Heading to DisasterMay-03-201301 year
10Qantas 32: Titanic in the SkyMay-16-201401 year
9Into the Eye of the StormMay-09-201401 year
8Imperfect PitchMay-02-201401 year
7Terror In ParadiseApr-25-201401 year
6Massacre Over the MediterraneanApr-18-201401 year
5Lost In TranslationApr-11-201401 year
4Queens CatastropheApr-04-201401 year
3Speed TrapMar-14-201401 year
2Disaster on the PotomacMar-07-201401 year
1Fight to the DeathFeb-28-201401 year
1113Air France 447/ VanishedMay-17-201301 year
1228 Seconds to Survive/ Seconds to SurviveMay-10-201301 year
11Heading to Disaster/ Subtle IncapacitationMay-03-201301 year
10Fatal Fixation/ Focused on FailureApr-26-201311 year
9Lokomotiv Hockey Team DisasterApr-19-201311 year
8Catastrophe at O'HareApr-12-201311 year
7Death of the PresidentApr-05-201311 year
6Grand Canyon DisasterMar-29-201311 year
5Blind LandingAug-31-201211 year
4Pushed to the LimitAug-24-201211 year
3Caution to the WindAug-17-201211 year
2Fire in the HoldAug-10-201211 year
1Fight for ControlAug-03-201211 year
1013Impossible LandingApr-13-201201 year
12The Invisible Plane/The Linate Airport DisasterMar-23-201201 year
11Nowhere to LandMar-09-201201 year
10I'm the ProblemFeb-10-201201 year
9Under PressureFeb-03-201201 year
8Blind SpotJan-27-201201 year
7Bad AttitudeJan-20-201201 year
6Turning PointDec-29-201101 year
5Mayday Munich / Munich Air DisasterDec-29-201101 year
4Break Up Over TexasDec-29-201101 year
3Split DecisionAug-26-201101 year
2The Plane That Flew Too HighAug-19-201101 year
1Deadly ReputationAug-12-201101 year
98Cracks in the SystemOct-27-201001 year
7The Final BlowOct-20-201001 year
6Pilot BetrayedMar-28-201101 year
5Dead TiredMar-21-201101 year
4Hudson SplashdownMar-14-201101 year
3Cockpit FailureMar-12-201101 year
2The Heathrow EnigmaMar-07-201101 year
1Who's In Control?Feb-27-201101 year
88Cracks in the SystemOct-27-201001 year
7The Final BlowOct-20-201001 year
6Cold CaseOct-13-201001 year
5Target is DestroyedOct-06-201001 year
4Cleared for DisasterSep-29-201001 year
3Alarming SilenceSep-22-201001 year
2Pilot vs. PlaneSep-15-201001 year
1Panic on the RunwaySep-08-201001 year
78Frozen in FlightDec-16-200901 year
7Flight 574: LostDec-16-200901 year
6Falling FastDec-09-200901 year
5Operation BabyliftDec-02-200901 year
4Blown ApartNov-25-200901 year
3Scratching the SurfaceNov-18-200901 year
2Sight UnseenNov-11-200901 year
1Lockerbie DisasterNov-04-200901 year
610Phantom strikeJun-11-200801 year
9Fatal DistractionJun-04-200801 year
8Mixed SignalsMay-28-200801 year
7Fanning the FlamesMay-21-200801 year
6Gimli GliderMay-14-200801 year
5Invisible KillerMay-07-200801 year
4Dead WeightApr-30-200801 year
3Southern StormApr-23-200801 year
2Behind Closed DoorsApr-16-200801 year
1Air India: Explosive EvidenceApr-09-200801 year
510Phantom strikeJun-11-200801 year
9Fatal DistractionJun-04-200801 year
8Mixed SignalsMay-28-200801 year
7Fanning the FlamesMay-21-200801 year
6Gimli GliderMay-14-200801 year
5Slammed To The GroundMay-07-200801 year
4Dead WeightApr-30-200801 year
3Who's Flying The Plane?Mar-02-200801 year
2Fatal FlawDec-16-200701 year
1Ripped ApartDec-16-200701 year
410Ghost PlaneJun-17-200701 year
9VertigoJun-10-200701 year
8Fog of WarJun-03-200701 year
7Out of SightMay-27-200701 year
6Panic Over the PacificMay-20-200701 year
5Hidden DangerMay-13-200701 year
4Final ApproachMay-06-200701 year
3Fire FightApr-29-200701 year
2Falling from the SkyApr-22-200701 year
1Desperate EscapeApr-15-200701 year
313Bomb on Board (Philippine Airlines Flight 434)Nov-30-200501 year
12Runaway TrainNov-23-201101 year
11Hanging by a Thread (Aloha Airlines Flight 243)Nov-16-200501 year
10Ocean LandingNov-16-200501 year
9Helicopter DownNov-09-200501 year
8Bomb on BoardNov-02-200501 year
7Death and DenialOct-26-200501 year
6Mistaken IdentityOct-19-200501 year
5Hanging by a ThreadOct-12-200501 year
4Fight For Your LifeOct-05-200501 year
3Attack over BaghdadSep-28-200501 year
2Out of ControlSep-21-200501 year
1Kid in the CockpitSep-14-200501 year
26Deadly DelayFeb-27-200501 year
5Crash on the MountainFeb-20-200501 year
4Mid Air CollisionFeb-13-200501 year
3HijackedFeb-06-200501 year
2A Wounded BirdJan-30-200501 year
1Blow OutJan-23-200501 year
16Flying on EmptyOct-22-200301 year
5Flying BlindOct-15-200301 year
4Cutting CornersOct-08-200301 year
3Fire on BoardSep-17-200301 year
2Racing the StormSep-10-200301 year
1Unlocking DisasterSep-03-200301 year
017[no episode title yet]01 year
16Trans World Airliness Flight Massacre or Accident01 year
15Final Hour of Flight 11 Aircrash Confidential Mystery01 year
14[no episode title yet]01 year
13[no episode title yet]01 year
12[no episode title yet]01 year
11[no episode title yet]01 year
10[no episode title yet]01 year
9[no episode title yet]01 year
8[no episode title yet]01 year
7[no episode title yet]01 year
6[no episode title yet]01 year
5[no episode title yet]01 year
4[no episode title yet]01 year
3Getting Out AliveMay-09-201401 year
2Concorde (Air France Flight 4590)01 year
1Crash of the CenturyAug-13-200601 year

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