America's Funniest Home Videos

ABC’s longest-running primetime entertainment show, America’s Funniest Home Videos, returns for season 26 this fall with the same mission — giving families something genuinely funny to enjoy together on Sunday nights. Along with a new host, the upcoming season will welcome an abundant supply of fresh clips to keep families laughing from coast to coast. AFV has become an iconic part of American pop culture, as evidenced by its entry into the Smithsonian’s permanent entertainment collection. Today, AFV is seen in 193 territories around the world, spreading American humor and clumsiness across the globe!

Genre: Comedy, Reality

Release Date: November 26, 1989

Status: Running

Network: ABC (US) (Official Website)

Casts: Jess Harnell, Tom Bergeron, Bob Saget, Ernie Anderson, Gary Owens, Daisy Fuentes, John Fugelsang, Alfonso Ribeiro

Most recent episode: America's Funniest Home Videos Season 31 Episode 17 - Episode 17 ( 4/4/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
3122Episode 22May-23-202101 week
21Episode 21May-23-202102 weeks
20Episode 20May-16-202102 weeks
19Episode 19May-09-202102 weeks
18Episode 18May-02-202102 weeks
17Episode 17Apr-04-202157 days
16Face Filters, Science Experiments, and ScaresMar-28-202142 weeks
15Sisters, Birds, and Catastrophe CountdownMar-21-202102 weeks
14Episode 14Mar-07-2021121 month
13Episode 13Feb-28-202191 month
12Episode 12Feb-21-202142 months
11Episode 11Feb-14-202132 months
10Episode 10Jan-17-202133 months
9Episode 9Jan-10-202183 months
8Episode 8Jan-03-202113 months
7Episode 7Dec-06-202004 months
6Episode 6Nov-22-202005 months
5Episode 5Nov-15-202055 months
4Episode 4Nov-08-202025 months
3Episode 3Nov-01-202005 months
2Episode 2Oct-25-202036 months
1Episode 1Oct-18-202006 months
3022Episode 22Jun-14-2020011 months
21Episode 21Jun-07-2020011 months
20Episode 20May-17-2020011 months
19Episode 19May-03-2020011 months
18Episode 18Apr-05-202021 year
17Episode 17Mar-29-202031 year
16Episode 16Mar-22-202011 year
15Episode 15Mar-15-202011 year
14Episode 14Feb-23-202011 year
13Episode 13Feb-16-202011 year
12Daddy-Daughter Time, Kids Say, and the Trouble with ShoesJan-19-2020011 months
11Golf Gaffes, Boneheads, and You Had One JobJan-12-2020011 months
10Prank You Very Much, Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons, and TwinsJan-05-2020011 months
9Whoa Christmas Tree, Boneheads, and Sassy SeniorsDec-08-2019011 months
8Money, Magic, & Mishaps!Nov-24-201911 year
7Episode 7Nov-17-201911 year
6Tricks, Riddles, and Laughs!Nov-10-201911 year
5Practical Jokers and Big Little LiarsNov-03-201911 year
4Episode 4Oct-20-201911 year
3Wisdom Teeth, Stumblebums, and Sensitive Startle ReflexOct-13-201911 year
2Episode 2Oct-06-201912 years
1TBASep-29-201912 years
2922Grand Prize Spectacular, Transportation Problems, and Cheerleader FailsMay-19-201912 years
21Snow-dacious, Cuddly Toys, and Kid VidsMay-12-201912 years
20Twins, Dramatic Exits, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb ReasonsMay-05-201912 years
19Winter Takes All, Hoop There It Is, and I Got Some Fear Right HereApr-28-201902 years
18The Easter Funny, Hoverboards, and a Bevy of BoneheadsApr-07-201902 years
17The Joys of Parenting, Literal Kids, and BowlingMar-31-201902 years
16Episode 16Mar-10-201902 years
15Recovery Room Ramblers, Kids Say, and the Ladies of AFVMar-03-201912 years
14Sneezes, Boneheads, and What The Fluff?Feb-17-201902 years
13Young Love, Slime, and Animal TwinsJan-27-201902 years
12I'm a Fanimal of Animals, Riddles, and Tantrum Lip-SyncsJan-13-201902 years
11Bonehead Brigade, Chickens, and Frightening in a BottleJan-06-201902 years
10Episode 10Dec-02-201802 years
9Episode 9Nov-25-201802 years
8Baseball, Pools, and Things that Rhyme with ThanksgivingNov-18-201802 years
7Wedding fails, Couple pranks and Mom challengesNov-11-201802 years
6Work Mishaps, Beach Birds, and Small Animal ScaresNov-04-201802 years
5Costume Catastrophes, Spooky Scares, and Smashing PumpkinsOct-28-201802 years
4Animal Thieves, Climbing Fails, and Wax OffOct-21-201802 years
3Money Mishaps, Hair Cuts Get Hairy, and A New GrandmaOct-14-201802 years
2Soccer Fails, Party Fouls, and Doggy Disappearing ActsOct-07-2018011 months
1Winter Blunderland, Prank You Very Much, and #NotTrendingSep-30-2018011 months
2822Grand Prize Spectacular, Alfonso's Funny Videos, and Family TimeMay-20-2018011 months
21Alfonso's Flubs, Kid Vids, and Exercise Your Right to Fall DownMay-13-2018011 months
20Faints, Destroy a Snowman, and Babies, Baby!May-06-2018011 months
19Kids Dropping Phones, Dad Pranks, and Funny FacesApr-29-2018011 months
18Lip-synched Tantrums, Puppies, and FlourApr-22-2018011 months
17Snow Far So Good, Mr. Coordinated, and Kids SayApr-15-2018011 months
16Easter, Oblivious Easter Egg Hunters, and Kids in Slo-MoMar-25-2018011 months
15People Scared Senseless, and Parents Lip-Synching to their Kids' TantrumsMar-18-2018011 months
14Football Follies, Adorable Hamsters, and Curious BearsMar-11-2018011 months
13Siblings, Snow, and Animals with Zippers Vs People with ZappersFeb-18-2018011 months
12Fathers and Sons, Birthdays, and GoatsFeb-11-2018011 months
11Superheroes, Seniors, and Dog ParkJan-21-2018011 months
10The Scratchin' Post, Failure is an Option, and Practical JokesJan-14-2018011 months
9Talking Animals, Dogs Trying to Steal Food, and Squirrely BehaviorJan-07-2018011 months
8Cats, Animal Crack-Ups, and BirthdaysDec-10-2017011 months
7misplaced lollipop; fish stuck in shorts; child's tantrum lip-syncing ; young girl lwants avish life.Dec-03-2017011 months
6Summer Fun, On the Job, and Literal KidsNov-26-2017011 months
5A Bit of Bad Luck, Mind Blowing Magic, and Not So MachoNov-12-2017011 months
4Skate Park, Siblings, and Daddy Daughter TimeNov-05-2017011 months
3Halloween, Animal Crack-Ups, and Pool TimeOct-22-2017011 months
2Cats Being Cats, Kids Say, and Winter BlunderlandOct-15-2017011 months
1Dorky Dads, Dinosaurs, and Mistakes on the LakeOct-08-2017011 months
2722Dorky Dads, Creepy Crawlies, and Kid VidsMay-21-2017011 months
21Cats in Slow-Mo, Legs in the Air, and MomsMay-07-2017011 months
20Snow, Stumblebums, and Face SwapsApr-30-2017011 months
19Recovery Room Ramblers, Dad Fails, and Dogs in Slo-MoApr-23-2017011 months
18Easter, A Salute to Hamsters Eating, and CatsApr-09-2017011 months
17Workforce Follies, Bird Brains, and Party GamesMar-19-2017011 months
16Weddings, Bad Hair Days, and Oh Mother Where Art Thou?Mar-12-2017011 months
15Animals Stealing Hats Versus Stilts, In the Background, and ScaresMar-05-2017011 months
14Stumblebums, Dogs in Slo-Mo, and Animal KingdomFeb-19-2017011 months
13Cats, Playgrounds, and Laughing BabiesFeb-12-2017011 months
12Fathers and Sons, Siblings, and Animal PlanetJan-15-2017011 months
11Puppies, Scaredy Cats and Dogs, and Second Guy Bites ItJan-08-2017011 months
10Busted!, Tragic or Magic, and Worst EverJan-01-2017011 months
9Christmas Celebrations, Kids Breaking Ornaments Versus Santas Falling, and SquirrelsDec-11-2016011 months
8Yeehaw for Yahoos, Sneezes, and The Teen CommandmentsDec-04-2016011 months
7Funny Faces in Slo-Mo, Remote Controlled Cars, and The ObliviousNov-20-2016011 months
6Angry Birds, Hairless Cats, and Dog ParkNov-13-2016011 months
5Boneheads, Pinatas, and Sports GaloreNov-06-2016011 months
4Halloween, Gymnastics, and Fathers and SonsOct-30-2016011 months
3Face Filter Fun, Kids Say, and CatsOct-16-2016011 months
2Pranks, Pets, and You're Doing it WrongOct-09-2016011 months
1Hilarious Face Swaps and a Hip-Hop MamaOct-02-2016011 months
2622AFV's Grand Prize Spectacular, Food Follies, and Kids SayMay-22-2016011 months
21$100,000 Showdown, Tough Being a Kid, Great Moments in Bad IdeasMay-08-2016011 months
20Stumblebums, Basic Boneheads, and Pets Who Sit Like PeopleMay-01-2016011 months
19Sneezes, Dog Park, and Snow FolliesApr-24-2016011 months
18Out of Nowhere, Face Plants, and Babies Will Laugh at AnythingApr-10-2016011 months
17Dudes Being Dads, You're Busted, and Happy Birthday to UsApr-03-2016011 months
16Easter Funny, Hover Board, Ice Buckets Vs Baby FailsMar-20-2016011 months
15Felines, Dog Park, Snackin' Rodents vs People Crashing Into ShedsMar-13-2016011 months
14Grandmas, Stumblebums, and Hoo-Ray for SportsFeb-21-2016011 months
13Kids are a Handful, Dog Park, and BlockheadsFeb-14-2016011 months
12Third Times the Harm, Jokes Backfire, and Girls Getting Their Hair Caught in Things Versus Hot Dog DogsJan-17-2016011 months
11$100,000 Show, Dog Park, Second Guy Bites ItJan-10-2016011 months
10Mischievous cats and dogs; a creative pregnancy announcement; a man drops the breakfast he made for his wife; Who's Makin' That Racket?Jan-03-2016011 months
9On the 1st Day of Christmas, Tool Fools, and 24 Christmas Tree Hits in 43 SecondsDec-13-2015011 months
8A monkey refuses to give up a toy; workplace pranks; a girl who's afraid of her own shadow; anxious people.Dec-06-2015011 months
7Things We're Thankful For, Dog Park, and Bowling Alley BlundersNov-22-2015011 months
6Dogs Unleashed; Ostrich's; Skunks and Stupid People Tricks !!Nov-15-2015011 months
5Selfies Gone Wrong, The Barking Lot, and Rocket MenNov-08-2015011 months
4You're Doing it Wrong, Daddy-Daughter Time, and Water Bottle PrankNov-01-2015011 months
3Halloween, Frights, and Tricks and/or TreatsOct-25-2015011 months
2The Teen Commandments, It Coulda Been Worse, and SquirrelsOct-18-2015011 months
1Blessed are the Mess Makers, Animal Encounters, and Ladies Who FallOct-11-2015011 months
2523Farewell to Tom and the Grand Prize episodeMay-17-2015011 months
22Failure is an Option, Dogs, and $100,000 EpisodeMay-10-2015011 months
21A Day in the Life of a Kid, Wardrobe Malfunctions, and Super Fat CatsMay-03-2015011 months
20Dogs, Super Slo-Mo, and People Who Disappear in Snow vs Lousy DiversApr-26-2015011 months
19Bears, Name That Sound, and Mediocre Mascots vs Flying FairiesApr-19-2015011 months
18Who Said Childhood Was Easy?, Nature Gone Wild, and Paws for EffectApr-12-2015011 months
17Mensa's Rejects, Teen Scene, and Air Mattress Catapults vs Weirdo Eye TricksMar-22-2015011 months
16A Dose of Dumb, The Feline File, and BowlingMar-15-2015011 months
15Teen Scene, Department of Duh, and DogsMar-08-2015011 months
14AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity CelebrationFeb-15-2015011 months
13Dogs Behaving Badly, and Momentum, Mo ProblemsFeb-08-2015011 months
12A Whole Lotta Little Dogs, Nice One Dad, and Folding Chair Fails vs Thirsty KittensJan-25-2015011 months
11$100,000 show, Dog Park, and Dudes Doing Splits vs AntsJan-18-2015011 months
10Hooked on a Feline, Animals on Pianos, and Clumsy GroomsmenJan-11-2015011 months
9Stumblebums, There's the Dog, and Hamsters vs HamstringsJan-04-2015011 months
8Best Christmas Ever, Like a Light Bob, and Who Doesn't Like Dogs?Dec-07-2014011 months
7Bad Hair Days, Cats, and Springy Playground Ride Things vs Horse FacesNov-30-2014011 months
6Ten Pounds of Dumb in a Five Pound Bag, and Kids Who Think They're Hula Hooping vs Flaming TurkeysNov-23-2014011 months
5Dim Bulbs, Dog Shame, and TrampolinesNov-16-2014011 months
4Who's Who in the AFV Zoo, Kids Fighting Sleep vs PeopleNov-09-2014011 months
3Feline Fun Fest, Dim Bulbs, The AFV World CupNov-02-2014011 months
2Halloween, Stumblebums, Creative Drinkers vs LousyOct-19-2014011 months
1The Barking Lot, Mission Im-Paw-Sible, Hammocks vs HamsOct-12-2014011 months
2422May 18, 2014May-18-2014011 months
21May 11, 2014May-11-2014011 months
20May 4, 2014May-04-2014011 months
19April 27, 2014Apr-27-2014011 months
18April 13, 2014Apr-13-2014011 months
17April 6, 2014Apr-06-2014011 months
16March 30, 2014Mar-30-2014011 months
15March 23, 2014Mar-23-2014011 months
14March 16, 2014Mar-16-2014011 months
13January 26, 2014Jan-26-2014011 months
12January 12, 2014Jan-12-2014011 months
11January 5, 2014Jan-05-2014011 months
10December 15, 2013Dec-15-2013011 months
9December 8, 2013Dec-08-2013011 months
8December 1, 2013Dec-01-2013011 months
7November 24, 2013Nov-24-2013011 months
6November 17, 2013Nov-17-2013011 months
5November 10, 2013Nov-10-2013011 months
4November 3, 2013Nov-03-2013011 months
3October 27, 2013Oct-27-2013011 months
2October 20, 2013Oct-20-2013011 months
1October 13, 2013Oct-13-2013011 months
2322AFV's Grand Prize SpectacularMay-19-2013011 months
216 Finalists compete for the final $100,000 of the seasonMay-12-2013011 months
20A Screaming Goat Mash-up, Failosophy and Itchy AnimalsMay-05-2013011 months
19AFV Presents a Salute to the MilitaryApr-28-2013011 months
18Smart Dog/Dumb Dog and "Worst Ever"Apr-21-2013011 months
17Tom's Tips for Office Etiquette and Sink Sprayer Practical JokesMar-24-2013011 months
16Name Calling Canines and Dads Getting DingedMar-10-2013011 months
15Foot, Face or Fanny?Mar-03-2013011 months
14Six Finalists Compete for $100,000Feb-17-2013011 months
13Mischievous Cats and Dogs and Hopeless HandspringsFeb-10-2013011 months
12Buffoon Buffet and Kid, Cat or Canine?Jan-20-2013011 months
11Smart Dogs and Fore!Jan-13-2013011 months
10School Daze and Weekend WarriorsDec-09-2012011 months
9People Scared of Clowns Versus Big Babes on BullsDec-02-2012011 months
8Grumpy Little Dogs and Practical JokesNov-25-2012011 months
7The First 6 Nominees of the Season Battle it Out to Win the $100,000 PrizeNov-18-2012011 months
6AFV's 500th EpisodeNov-11-2012011 months
5Not So Super-Heroes and Name That SoundNov-04-2012011 months
4Halloweenies 2012 and Second Guy Bites ItOct-28-2012011 months
3Salute to Stupidity and Dog ParkOct-21-2012011 months
2Who Let the Cats Out? And Kids SayOct-14-2012011 months
1October 7, 2012Oct-07-2012011 months
2223The grand prize winner is announced.May-20-2012011 months
22A countdown beginsMay-13-2012011 months
21A kid tries kumquats for the first timeMay-06-2012011 months
20A gassy baby; kids say funny thingsApr-29-2012011 months
19Kids say funny thingsApr-29-2012011 months
18Mishaps involving Easter eggsMar-25-2012011 months
17Pranking a co-workerMar-18-2012011 months
16Pranks that backfireMar-11-2012011 months
15A baby cheers while sleepingMar-04-2012011 months
14A toddler reacts to a phone ringingFeb-19-2012011 months
13Mishaps caught on cameraFeb-12-2012011 months
12Animals on the attackJan-29-2012011 months
11Football mishaps; Shark encountersJan-22-2012011 months
10A little boy's take on plumber pantsJan-15-2012011 months
9Kids say funny thingsJan-08-2012011 months
8Christmas SpectacularDec-08-2011011 months
7A bride laughs during her ceromonyDec-04-2011011 months
6Dogs; A man tries to catch a spiderNov-27-2011011 months
5A toddler fears his own reflectionNov-13-2011011 months
4A dog steals a birthdayOct-23-2011011 months
3A man wrestles with a giant fishOct-16-2011011 months
2Cats attackOct-09-2011011 months
1A man teases an alligatorOct-02-2011011 months
2124The grand-prize winner is revealedMay-22-2011011 months
23Counting down to the grand-prize winnerMay-15-2011011 months
22The $100,000 winner is chosenMay-08-2011011 months
21A marriage proposal goes wrongMay-01-2011011 months
20A child makes a mess dyeing Easter eggsApr-17-2011011 months
19Snow mishaps; funny kidsApr-03-2011011 months
18A Thanksgiving turkey goes up in flamesMar-27-2011011 months
17Cheerleading gone wrongMar-13-2011011 months
16Golf cart mishapsMar-06-2011011 months
15Workplace mishapsFeb-20-2011011 months
14A woman interrogates her dogsFeb-13-2011011 months
13A boy dumps cold water over his fatherJan-30-2011011 months
12Backyard birds bother a catJan-23-2011011 months
11Trick basketball shotsJan-09-2011011 months
10Bridesmaids with trick bouquetsJan-02-2011011 months
9Christmas morning pranksDec-05-2010011 months
8A turkey catches fire in the ovenNov-21-2010011 months
7A woman passes outNov-14-2010011 months
6Trick or treat mishapsNov-07-2010011 months
5A woman on a roller coasterOct-31-2010011 months
4Dogs that talk; a man scares neighborsOct-24-2010011 months
3A man has a run-in with a squirrelOct-17-2010011 months
2Musical cat montage; videos from IowaOct-10-2010011 months
1A bulldog drools in a carOct-03-2010011 months
2024The strangest video is revealedMay-16-2010011 months
23Funny and unique videosMay-09-2010011 months
22Videos compete for the grand prizeMay-02-2010011 months
21A baby imitates a dancing dollApr-25-2010011 months
20A dog chases a mountain lion up a treeApr-11-2010011 months
19A collection of Easter mishapsMar-28-2010011 months
18Fake lottery tickets; pet pranksMar-14-2010011 months
17Skydiving accidentsFeb-28-2010011 months
16A dog tears apart a Halloween costumeFeb-21-2010011 months
15Kids say funny things; a running puppyFeb-14-2010011 months
14Videos compete for the $100,000 prizeFeb-14-2010011 months
13A cat gives a dog a massageJan-31-2010011 months
12A boy makes a funny toast at a weddingJan-17-2010011 months
11A dog eats a girl's homeworkJan-10-2010011 months
10Unusual sneezes; golf mishapsJan-03-2010011 months
9Boy steals Christmas cookiesDec-13-2009011 months
8Bob Saget makes an appearanceNov-29-2009011 months
7A car alarm prankNov-15-2009011 months
6A squirrel picks a fight with a deerNov-08-2009011 months
5Pint-sized pooches; wedding mishapsNov-01-2009011 months
4A man pulls a prank on his girlfriendOct-25-2009011 months
3Daredevils' stunts go awryOct-18-2009011 months
2A music montage features catsOct-11-2009011 months
1A dog steals bread from a toasterOct-04-2009011 months
1925Three compete for the grand prize (2)May-15-2005011 months
24Contestants compete for the grand prize (1)May-15-2009011 months
23May 10, 2009May-10-2009011 months
22May 3, 2009May-03-2009011 months
21April 26, 2009Apr-26-2009011 months
20April 19, 2009Apr-19-2009011 months
19March 29, 2009Mar-29-2009011 months
18March 22, 2009Mar-22-2009011 months
17March 15, 2009Mar-15-2009011 months
16March 8, 2009Mar-08-2009011 months
15March 1, 2009Mar-01-2009011 months
14February 8, 2009Feb-08-2009011 months
13January 25, 2009Jan-25-2009011 months
12January 18, 2009Jan-18-2009011 months
11January 11, 2009Jan-11-2009011 months
10January 4, 2009Jan-04-2009011 months
9December 14, 2008Dec-14-2008011 months
8December 9, 2008Dec-09-2008011 months
7November 30, 2008Nov-30-2008011 months
6November 9, 2008Nov-09-2008011 months
5November 2, 2008Nov-02-2008011 months
4October 26, 2008Oct-26-2008011 months
3October 19, 2008Oct-19-2008011 months
2October 12, 2008Oct-12-2008011 months
1October 5, 2008Oct-05-2008011 months
1823May 16, 2008 (2)May-16-2008011 months
22May 16, 2008 (1)May-16-2008011 months
21May 11, 2008May-11-2008011 months
20May 4, 2008 (400th Episode)May-04-2008011 months
19April 13, 2008Apr-13-2008011 months
18April 6, 2008Apr-06-2008011 months
17March 16, 2008Mar-16-2008011 months
16March 9, 2008Mar-09-2008011 months
15March 2, 2008Mar-02-2008011 months
14February 17, 2008Feb-17-2008011 months
13Top 10 Practical Joke CountdownFeb-10-2008011 months
12January 27, 2008Jan-27-2008011 months
11January 13, 2008Jan-13-2008011 months
10January 6, 2008Jan-06-2008011 months
9December 16, 2007Dec-16-2007011 months
8December 9, 2007Dec-09-2007011 months
7December 2, 2007Dec-02-2007011 months
6November 11, 2007Nov-11-2007011 months
5November 4, 2007Nov-04-2007011 months
4October 28, 2007Oct-28-2007011 months
3October 21, 2007Oct-21-2007011 months
2October 14, 2007Oct-14-2007011 months
1October 7, 2007Oct-07-2007011 months
1725May 18, 2007 (2)May-18-2007011 months
24May 13, 2007 (1)May-13-2007011 months
23May 6, 2007May-06-2007011 months
22April 29, 2007Apr-29-2007011 months
21April 22, 2007Apr-22-2007011 months
20April 15, 2007Apr-15-2007011 months
19April 1, 2007Apr-01-2007011 months
18March 25, 2007Mar-25-2007011 months
17March 11, 2007Mar-11-2007011 months
16March 4, 2007Mar-04-2007011 months
15February 18, 2007Feb-18-2007011 months
14January 28, 2007Jan-28-2007011 months
13January 21, 2007Jan-21-2007011 months
12January 14, 2007Jan-14-2007011 months
11January 7, 2007Jan-07-2007011 months
10December 10, 2006Dec-10-2006011 months
9All Animal Extravaganza 2Nov-26-2006011 months
8November 19, 2006Nov-19-2006011 months
7November 12, 2006Nov-12-2006011 months
6November 5, 2006Nov-05-2006011 months
5AFHV: HalloweeniesOct-29-2006011 months
4October 22, 2006Oct-22-2006011 months
3October 15, 2006Oct-15-2006011 months
2October 8, 2006Oct-08-2006011 months
1October 1, 2006Oct-01-2006011 months
1626May 19, 2006 (2)May-19-2006011 months
25May 19, 2006 (1)May-19-2006011 months
24May 14, 2006May-14-2006011 months
23May 7, 2006May-07-2006011 months
22April 23, 2006Apr-23-2006011 months
21April 16, 2006Apr-16-2006011 months
20April 9, 2006Apr-09-2006011 months
19March 26, 2006Mar-26-2006011 months
18March 17, 2006Mar-17-2006011 months
17March 3, 2006Mar-03-2006011 months
16February 26, 2006Feb-26-2006011 months
15February 24, 2005 (2)Feb-24-2005011 months
14February 24, 2006 (1)Feb-24-2006011 months
13February 19, 2006Feb-19-2006011 months
12January 29, 2006Jan-29-2006011 months
11January 22, 2006Jan-22-2006011 months
10January 8, 2006Jan-08-2006011 months
9December 11, 2005Dec-11-2005011 months
8December 4, 2005Dec-04-2005011 months
7December 2, 2005Dec-02-2005011 months
6November 20, 2005Nov-20-2005011 months
5November 13, 2005Nov-13-2005011 months
4October 30, 2005Oct-30-2005011 months
3October 23, 2005Oct-23-2005011 months
2October 9, 2005Oct-09-2005011 months
1October 2, 2004Oct-02-2005011 months
1524Competing for the grand prize (2)May-13-2005011 months
23Competing for the grand prize (1)May-13-2005011 months
22May 8, 2005May-08-2005011 months
21April 29, 2005Apr-29-2005011 months
20April 17, 2005Apr-17-2005011 months
19April 3, 2005Apr-03-2005011 months
18March 27, 2005Mar-27-2005011 months
17March 6, 2005Mar-06-2005011 months
16The show offers its own awards (2)Feb-25-2005011 months
15The show offers the "Homie Awards" (1)Feb-25-2005011 months
14February 20, 2005Feb-20-2005011 months
13January 30, 2005Jan-30-2005011 months
12A lazy dog; people at amusement parksJan-25-2005011 months
11January 9, 2005Jan-09-2005011 months
10December 19, 2004Dec-19-2004011 months
9December 12, 2004Dec-12-2004011 months
8November 28, 2004Nov-28-2004011 months
7November 21, 2004Dec-20-2004011 months
6December 12, 2004Dec-12-2004011 months
5October 31, 2004Oct-31-2004011 months
4October 17, 2004Oct-17-2004011 months
3October 10, 2004Oct-10-2004011 months
2October 3, 2004Oct-03-2004011 months
1September 26, 2004Sep-26-2004011 months
1422May 23, 2004May-23-2004011 months
21No Brain, No PainMay-16-2004011 months
20Dads react to diaper changesMay-02-2004011 months
19Basketball shots; skateboarding mishapsApr-18-2004011 months
18April 11, 2004Apr-11-2004011 months
17March 28, 2004Mar-28-2004011 months
16March 21, 2004Mar-21-2004011 months
15March 14, 2004Mar-14-2004011 months
14March 7, 2004Mar-07-2004011 months
13Grand prize winner is selectedFeb-22-2004011 months
12Videos of disastrous home repairsFeb-15-2004011 months
11All Animal ExtravaganzaFeb-07-2004011 months
10January 25, 2004Jan-25-2004011 months
9January 11, 2004Jan-11-2004011 months
8December 7, 2003Dec-07-2003011 months
7November 30, 2003Nov-30-2003011 months
6November 9, 2003Nov-09-2003011 months
5November 2, 2003Nov-02-2003011 months
4October 19, 2003Oct-19-2003011 months
3October 12, 2003Oct-12-2003011 months
2October 5, 2003Oct-05-2003011 months
1September 28, 2003Sep-28-2003011 months
1325Finalists vie for the prizeMay-09-2003011 months
24May 2, 2003 (2)May-02-2003011 months
23May 2, 2003 (1)May-02-2003011 months
22April 25, 2003Apr-25-2003011 months
21April 4, 2003Apr-04-2003011 months
20March 28, 2003Mar-28-2003011 months
19March 7, 2003Mar-07-2003011 months
18February 21, 2003 (2)Mar-21-2003011 months
17February 21, 2003 (1)Feb-21-2003011 months
16February 14, 2003Feb-14-2003011 months
15February 7, 2003Feb-07-2003011 months
14January 31, 2002 (2)Jan-31-2003011 months
13January 31, 2003 (1)Jan-31-2003011 months
12January 24, 2003Jan-24-2003011 months
11January 10, 2003Jan-10-2002011 months
10December 13, 2002Dec-13-2002011 months
9November 22, 2002Nov-22-2002011 months
8November 15, 2002Nov-15-2002011 months
7November 8, 2002Nov-08-2002011 months
6November 1, 2002Nov-01-2002011 months
5October 25, 2002Oct-25-2002011 months
4October 18, 2002Oct-18-2002011 months
3October 11, 2002Oct-11-2002011 months
2October 4, 2002Oct-04-2002011 months
1September 27, 2002Sep-27-2002011 months
1215May 17, 2002May-17-2002011 months
14May 10, 2002May-10-2002011 months
13The Battle of the Best (2)May-02-2002011 months
12The Battle of the Best (1)May-02-2002011 months
11April 26, 2002Apr-26-2002011 months
10April 19, 2002Apr-19-2002011 months
9April 12, 2002Apr-12-2002011 months
8April 5, 2002Apr-05-2002011 months
7March 29, 2002Mar-29-2002011 months
6March 22, 2002 (2)Mar-22-2002011 months
5March 22, 2002 (1)Mar-22-2002011 months
4March 15, 2002Mar-15-2002011 months
3March 8, 2002Mar-08-2002011 months
2March 1, 2002Mar-01-2002011 months
1February 15, 2002Feb-15-2002011 months
1117Athletic supportersFeb-08-2002011 months
16January 25, 2002Jan-25-2002011 months
15January 4, 2002Jan-04-2002011 months
14December 7, 2001Dec-07-2001011 months
13November 30, 2001Nov-30-2001011 months
12The Greatest Videos of All Time, Vol. 1Nov-23-2001011 months
11October 27, 2001Oct-27-2001011 months
10October 19, 2001Oct-19-2001011 months
9August 31, 2001Aug-31-2001011 months
8August 24, 2001Aug-24-2001011 months
7August 17, 2001Aug-17-2001011 months
6August 10, 2001Aug-10-2001011 months
5August 3, 2001Aug-03-2001011 months
4July 27, 2001Jul-27-2001011 months
3July 20, 2001Jul-20-2001011 months
2Nincompoop-a-ramaMar-04-2001011 months
1Matrimony ManiaFeb-03-2001011 months
1023Wedding reception; pig in poolMay-15-1999011 months
22Tot reacts to sneezing horseApr-29-1999011 months
21Cat protects his turfApr-29-1999011 months
20Boy encounters loaded envelopeApr-22-1999011 months
19April 15, 1999Apr-15-1999011 months
18Baby uses treadmill; parrot talksApr-08-1999011 months
17Man picks up food; hot-tub handstandMar-25-1999011 months
16Child samples Santa's cookieMar-18-1999011 months
15Finalists vie for $100,000 grand prizeMar-18-1999011 months
14Dog exits without a dog doorMar-11-1999011 months
13Man white-water canoes in poolMar-04-1998011 months
12Stir-crazy hamster; scooterMar-04-1999011 months
11January 30, 1999Jan-30-1999011 months
10Boy rips duct tape off grandmaJan-30-1999011 months
9December 19, 1998Dec-19-1998011 months
8Man is trapped in portable toiletDec-12-1998011 months
7Audience picks grand-prize winnerDec-12-1998011 months
6Music-hating toddlerNov-14-1998011 months
5Cocky raccoon; an out-of-control RVNov-07-1998011 months
4October 24, 1998Oct-24-1998011 months
3Pregnant woman sports watermelonOct-17-1998011 months
2October 10, 1998Oct-10-1998011 months
1Ten compete to win a $100,000Oct-03-1998011 months
921Finalists vie for $100,000May-11-1998011 months
20Man eats corn; cyclist; bowlingMay-04-1998011 months
19Man hangs from a tree in his underwearApr-27-1998011 months
18Birds and bees; lunch-box surpriseApr-25-1998011 months
17Hammock spin; boy's birthday cakeApr-20-1998011 months
16April 10, 1998Apr-10-1998011 months
15Houdini wannabe; back-flipping groomMar-30-1998011 months
14Snoring snorkeler; dog snoozes in tubMar-26-1998011 months
13Couple rides bucking bronco; catsMar-16-1998011 months
12Snake attach; dog; caterpillars; waspMar-09-1998011 months
11March 2, 1998Mar-02-1998011 months
10Poodle brooch; abusive parrotFeb-16-1998011 months
9Finalists vie for $100,000Feb-09-1998011 months
8February 2, 1998Feb-02-1998011 months
7Kids and animals (2)Jan-25-1998011 months
6Kids and animals (1)Jan-25-1998011 months
5Jackie Chan wannabes; simian dentistryJan-19-1998011 months
4Gift-giving elephant; ski-less skierJan-12-1998011 months
3Salute to Boneheads (2)Jan-11-1998011 months
2Salute to Boneheads (1)Jan-11-1998011 months
1Animal antics; airplane comes apartJan-05-1998011 months
830Finalists vie for $100,000May-18-1997011 months
29'Full House' cast members reuniteMay-09-1997011 months
28Social blunders; belching boyMay-04-1997011 months
27Woman gives birth to a puppyMay-04-1997011 months
26Animals; llama spits on grandmaApr-27-1997011 months
25In-line skaters; bad driverApr-27-1997011 months
24Cats and dogsApr-13-1997011 months
23Health clubs; basketball bozosMar-23-1997011 months
22Toddlers mess with makeupMar-03-1997011 months
21Pillow fight; bikini tuxedoFeb-23-1997011 months
20Finalists vie for $100,000Feb-23-1997011 months
19Animals and cages; bathroom surprisesFeb-16-1997011 months
18Weddings; macho men; guest Joely FisherFeb-09-1997011 months
17Football foibles; bonehead bowlFeb-02-1997011 months
16Woman rides 'flying fox'; hungry dogJan-12-1997011 months
15Birthday blunders; child's 'Hamlet'Jan-05-1997011 months
14Children speak on Christmas morningDec-15-1996011 months
13President Clinton; iguana-kissing womanDec-08-1996011 months
12Coifed cockatoo; fearful turtlesDec-01-1996011 months
11Infant escapes; military mishapsNov-24-1996011 months
10Finalists compete for $100,000Nov-17-1996011 months
9Comic canines; psychic grandmaNov-17-1996011 months
8Kerri Strug; gymnastics; shed fallsNov-10-1996011 months
7Music chairs; babies' hairdosNov-10-1996011 months
6Puppy escapes; rodeo tumbleOct-26-1996011 months
5Wet toddler; rocketOct-13-1996011 months
4Pool fun; dancer gets diplomaOct-06-1996011 months
3Family wears antlers; spinning boySep-29-1996011 months
2Helicopter drops car; skydiverSep-22-1996011 months
1Summer; wild animals; sportsSep-22-1996011 months
722Five finalists compete for $100,000May-19-1996011 months
21Household hints; canine capersMay-05-1996011 months
20Costumed pets; weddings; outdoor anticsApr-28-1996011 months
19A dizzy grandma; a belching manMar-24-1996011 months
18Kids at large; sports; animalsMar-10-1996011 months
17Camera-hating grandma; FabioFeb-25-1996011 months
16Seven finalists vie for the grand prizeFeb-18-1996011 months
15Bears; wedding mishapsFeb-11-1996011 months
14Cat in a tub; truck splitsJan-21-1996011 months
13Seaplane somersault; children's anticsJan-14-1996011 months
12Sibling rivalries; brawling babiesJan-07-1996011 months
11Christmas themeDec-17-1995011 months
10Feisty fish; patty-cake catsDec-03-1995011 months
9Leisure-time antics; birthday funNov-26-1995011 months
8Seven finalists vie for $100,000 grand prizeNov-19-1995011 months
7Animal antics; child escapadesNov-12-1995011 months
6Faulty catapult; squirrel steals sweetsNov-05-1995011 months
5Hippie nuptials; Halloween anticsOct-22-1995011 months
4Kids and food; trampolineOct-15-1995011 months
3Human hummingbird feeder; cat capersOct-01-1995011 months
2Canines; post- nuptial havoc; announcersSep-24-1995011 months
1Backyard foibles; vacationsSep-17-1995011 months
624Six finalists vie for the grand prizeMay-21-1995011 months
23Police pursuit; a bored wrestlerMay-07-1995011 months
22Weddings; children's jokesApr-30-1995011 months
21Vacation woes; dog trails horseMar-26-1995011 months
20Elvis impersonator; raccoon; piñataMar-12-1995011 months
19Children at weddings; kayaker gaffeMar-05-1995011 months
18San Diego Charger Stan HumphriesFeb-26-1995011 months
17A grand-prize winner is chosenFeb-19-1995011 months
16Valentines day; office anticsFeb-12-1995011 months
15Parasailing; dogs play baseballJan-22-1995011 months
14Resolutions; marriage proposal; gorillaJan-18-1995011 months
13Holiday happenings; fainting groomDec-18-1992011 months
12December 11, 1994Dec-11-1994011 months
11Dog cheatsNov-27-1994011 months
10November 20, 1994Nov-20-1994011 months
9A $100,000 grand prize is awardedNov-13-1994011 months
8Cat vs. fishNov-06-1994011 months
7October 30, 1994Oct-30-1994011 months
6A hot-air balloon; dogs; babyOct-23-1994011 months
5October 16, 1994Oct-16-1994011 months
4Summer vacation; swan mocks speakerOct-09-1994011 months
3Wrestlers; egg-crackers; bronco-bustingOct-02-1994011 months
2Big lizard; cats; children; aliensSep-25-1994011 months
1Tree; golf; billiards; baby; dogsSep-18-1994011 months
522Five finalists vie for the grand prizeMay-22-1994011 months
21Mother in drain: disrespectMay-01-1994011 months
20Cockatiels; grandmother tends barMar-27-1994011 months
19Cats affectionMar-13-1994011 months
18Patriot; karate kickFeb-27-1994011 months
17February 13, 1994Feb-13-1994011 months
16Finalists vie for the grand prizeFeb-06-1994011 months
15January 23, 1994Jan-23-1994011 months
14Bicyclist; Dracula; cat; egg-crackingJan-09-1994011 months
13Unhappy birthdayJan-02-1994011 months
12December 12, 1993Dec-12-1993011 months
11Thanksgiving; boy; birdNov-28-1993011 months
10Retrospective on memorable clipsNov-21-1993011 months
9Retrospective on the first 100 showsNov-21-1993011 months
8Seven videos vie for $100,000 prizeNov-14-1993011 months
7Cat attacks dog; sister; pilotNov-07-1993011 months
6Biting turtle; mother caught in tireOct-31-1993011 months
5World Series; showering horseOct-17-1993011 months
4Ocean wave interrupts video tapingOct-10-2003011 months
3Tot interview at beauty pageantOct-03-1993011 months
2Bloody nose interrupts speechSep-26-1993011 months
1Toy dizzies tot; dog sees reflectionSep-19-1993011 months
425Seven finalists vie for $100,000May-16-1993011 months
24Kids bad haircut; ill-fitting gownMay-09-1993011 months
23Kindergarten singer; an agile catMay-02-1993011 months
22Sleeping baby; dog jumps through screenApr-18-1993011 months
21Bribe flubs vows; tot streaksMar-28-1993011 months
20Tot sinks putt; girls first braMar-21-1993011 months
19Rocking-horse race; bug scares girlMar-14-1993011 months
18Toddlers perch atop washerFeb-28-1993011 months
17Nine vie for the $100,000 prizeFeb-21-1993011 months
16Beachcomber; distracted performerFeb-14-1993011 months
15Crab on sunbather; tot teaches babyJan-24-1993011 months
14Owner plays with chihuahuaJan-10-1993011 months
13Performer perseveresJan-03-1993011 months
12Child tells mother he saw SantaDec-20-1992011 months
11Bride plays drum at receptionDec-13-1992011 months
10Child's hidden-camera trick goes awryNov-29-1992011 months
9November 22, 1992Nov-22-1992011 months
8Cranky baby; tot's descriptionNov-15-1992011 months
7November 8, 1992Nov-08-1992011 months
6Mothers barnyard sounds soothe babyNov-01-1992011 months
5Child dumps ice water; dogs chase stickOct-25-1992011 months
4Ice cream truck passes by toddlersOct-18-1992011 months
3Dogs; goat; kindergarten graduationOct-04-1992011 months
2Bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleepsSep-27-1992011 months
1September 20, 1992Sep-20-1992011 months
322The $100,000 grand prize is awardedMay-17-1992011 months
21May 10, 1992May-10-1992011 months
20May 3, 1992May-03-1992011 months
19Basketball; man vs. dogApr-26-1992011 months
18Toddler looks for Easter eggsApr-05-1992011 months
17Father puts hat on babyMar-15-1992011 months
16March 1, 1992Mar-01-1992011 months
15Girl makes mess blowing out candlesFeb-02-1992011 months
14January 19, 1992Jan-19-1992011 months
13Children react to Christmas giftsJan-05-1992011 months
12High jump; water-skier; breathDec-22-1991011 months
11December 8, 1991Dec-08-1991011 months
10Jumping horse; bat; cat plays golfNov-24-1991011 months
9$100,000 grand prize awardedNov-17-1991011 months
8Baths; rabbit; swimmingNov-10-1991011 months
7Man vs. goat; reflection; TV-adNov-03-1991011 months
6Davy Crockett cap; dragon; dancingOct-27-1991011 months
5Bicyclists exchange vows; dogs; waitersOct-20-1991011 months
4Bride and groom; horses; partygoerOct-13-1991011 months
3October 6, 1991Oct-06-1991011 months
2September 29, 1991Sep-29-1991011 months
1September 22, 1991Sep-22-1991011 months
225Grand-prize winner is announcedMay-12-1991011 months
24Wedding funMay-05-1991011 months
23April 28, 1991Apr-28-1991011 months
22Toddler helps; dog; hamsterApr-07-1991011 months
21March 17, 1991Mar-17-1991011 months
20Mount muleMar-10-1991011 months
19Primping; wrestling; punching bagFeb-24-1991011 months
18Cat climbs; dog: resemblanceFeb-17-1991011 months
17Karate; dog; birthday candlesFeb-10-1991011 months
16Finalists vie for the grand prizeFeb-03-1991011 months
15January 20, 1991Jan-20-1991011 months
14Martial-artists; golfers; dogJan-13-1991011 months
13January 6, 1991Jan-06-1991011 months
12December 16, 1990Dec-16-1990011 months
11December 2, 1990Dec-02-1990011 months
10November 25, 1990Nov-25-1990011 months
9Boxers; stuffing chicken; BatmanNov-18-1990011 months
8Finalists vie for prize; past showsNov-11-1990011 months
7November 4, 1990Nov-04-1990011 months
6Sky divers; landings; cats; dancingOct-28-1990011 months
5October 14, 1990Oct-14-1990011 months
4Dog hoses a man down; "singing" horseOct-07-1990011 months
3Violin; canoe; felines; toddlers eatingSep-30-1990011 months
2Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat.Sep-23-1990011 months
1Belly-flop: back-flips; lizardsSep-16-1990011 months
116Grand-prize winnerMay-20-1990011 months
15May 20, 1990May-20-1990011 months
14May 13, 1990May-13-1990011 months
13May 6, 1990May-06-1990011 months
12April 29, 1990Apr-29-1990011 months
11April 15, 1990Apr-15-1990011 months
10April 8, 1990Apr-08-1990011 months
9April 1, 1990Apr-01-1990011 months
8March 18, 1990Mar-18-1990011 months
7March 11, 1990Mar-11-1990011 months
6March 4, 1990Mar-04-1990011 months
5February 18, 1990Feb-18-1990011 months
4February 11, 1990Feb-11-1990011 months
3February 4, 1990Feb-04-1990011 months
2WeddingsJan-21-1990011 months
1PilotJan-14-1990011 months
03AFV Looks at Kids and Animals011 months
2AFV's Guide to Parenting011 months
1America's Funniest Home Videos - Uncensored011 months

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