Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is an animated series that follows the adventures of of Finn, a 14-year-old human boy, and his best friend Jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. The animated show receives positive response from various audiences and even received multi-awards that includes three Annie Awards, six Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Sundance Film Festival Award.

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Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Animation, Adventure

Release Date: April 5, 2010 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Cartoon Network (Official Website, IMDb)

Casts: Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Hynden Walch, Tom Kenny, Olivia Olson, Niki Hyun Yang, Pendleton Ward, Niki Hyun Yang

Most recent episode: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Season 10 Episode 13 - Diamonds and Lemons ( 7/20/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1013Diamonds and LemonsJul-20-201802 years
12GumbaldiaMar-18-201802 years
11Temple of MarsMar-18-201802 years
10Jake the StarchildMar-18-201802 years
9BlenanasMar-18-201802 years
8The First InvestigationDec-17-201702 years
7Marcy & HunsonDec-17-201702 years
6Ring of FireDec-17-201702 years
5SeventeenDec-17-201702 years
4Bonnibel BubblegumSep-17-201702 years
3Son of Rap BearSep-17-201702 years
2Always Bmo ClosingSep-17-201702 years
1The Wild HuntSep-17-201702 years
914Three BucketsJul-21-201702 years
13WhispersJul-20-201702 years
12Fionna and Cake and FionnaJul-19-201702 years
11KetchupJul-18-201702 years
10AbstractJul-17-201702 years
9Elements Part 8: Skyhooks IIApr-27-201702 years
8Elements Part 7: Hero HeartApr-27-201702 years
7Elements Part 6: Happy WarriorApr-26-201702 years
6Elements Part 5: Slime CentralApr-26-201702 years
5Elements Part 4: CloudyApr-25-201702 years
4Elements Part 3: Winter LightApr-25-201702 years
3Elements Part 2: Bespoken ForApr-24-201702 years
2Elements Part 1: SkyhooksApr-24-201702 years
1OrbApr-21-201702 years
828Three BucketsJul-21-201702 years
27WhispersJul-20-201702 years
26Fionna and Cake and FionnaJul-19-201702 years
25KetchupJul-18-201702 years
24AbstractJul-17-201702 years
23Elements Part 8: Skyhooks IIApr-27-201702 years
22Elements Part 7: Hero HeartApr-27-201702 years
21Elements Part 6: Happy WarriorApr-26-201702 years
20Elements Part 5: Slime CentralApr-26-201702 years
19Elements Part 4: CloudyApr-25-201702 years
18Elements Part 3: Winter LightApr-25-201702 years
17Elements Part 2: Bespoken ForApr-24-201702 years
16Elements Part 1: SkyhooksApr-24-201702 years
15OrbApr-21-201702 years
14Islands Part 8: The Light CloudFeb-02-201702 years
13Islands Part 7: HelpersFeb-02-201702 years
12Islands Part 6: Min and MartyFeb-01-201702 years
11Islands Part 5: Hide and SeekFeb-01-201702 years
10Islands Part 4: Imaginary ResourcesJan-31-201702 years
9Islands Part 3: Mysterious IslandJan-31-201702 years
8Islands Part 2: Whipple the Happy DragonJan-30-201702 years
7Islands Part 1: The InvitationJan-30-201702 years
6Jelly Beans Have PowerJan-27-201702 years
5Horse and BallJan-26-201702 years
4High StrangenessJan-25-201702 years
3WheelsJan-24-201702 years
2Do No HarmJan-23-201702 years
1Two SwordsJan-23-201702 years
739Reboot02 years
38ReBoot02 years
37PreBootJul-07-201602 years
36Daddy-Daughter Card WarsJun-23-201602 years
35The Music HoleMay-26-201612 years
34Five Short TablesMay-19-201612 years
33ElementalMay-12-201612 years
32Normal ManMay-05-201616 years
31Bun BunApr-23-201606 years
30I Am a SwordApr-16-201606 years
29Lady Rainicorn and the Crystal DimensionApr-09-201606 years
28Beyond the GrottoApr-02-201607 years
27Don't LookMar-26-201607 years
26Broke His CrownMar-19-201607 years
25The Thin Yellow LineMar-12-201607 years
24Flute SpellMar-05-201607 years
23Hall of EgressJan-28-201607 years
22CrossoverJan-21-201607 years
21ScampsJan-15-201607 years
20A King's RansomJan-14-201607 years
19Bad JubiesJan-13-201607 years
18Blank-Eyed GirlJan-12-201607 years
17President Porpoise is Missing!Jan-11-201607 years
16Angel FaceJan-07-201607 years
15Summer ShowersDec-03-201507 years
14The More You Moe, The Moe You KnowDec-03-201507 years
13Stakes: The Dark CloudNov-19-201507 years
12Stakes: CheckmateNov-19-201507 years
11Stakes: Take Her BackNov-18-201507 years
10Stakes: May I Come In?Nov-18-201507 years
9Stakes: Empress EyesNov-17-201507 years
8Stakes: Vamps AboutNov-17-201507 years
7Stakes: Everything StaysNov-16-201507 years
6Stakes: Marceline the Vampire QueenNov-16-201507 years
5FootballNov-06-201507 years
4Mama SaidNov-05-201507 years
3Cherry Cream SodaNov-04-201507 years
2VarmintsNov-03-201507 years
1Bonnie & NeddyNov-02-201507 years
643The CometJun-05-2015422 hours
42Hot Diggity DoomJun-05-2015122 hours
41On the LamJun-04-2015122 hours
40OrgalorgJun-03-20151322 hours
39Be SweetJun-02-2015122 hours
38You Forgot Your FloatiesJun-01-2015522 hours
37Water Park PrankMay-21-2015623 hours
36HootsMay-14-201511 day
35Graybles 1000+May-07-201551 day
34Chips & Ice CreamApr-30-2015111 day
33JermaineApr-23-2015141 day
32Friends ForeverMar-12-2015131 day
31Walnuts & RainMar-05-2015101 day
30The DiaryFeb-26-2015171 day
29Dark PurpleFeb-19-2015191 day
28The MountainFeb-12-201571 day
27The VisitorFeb-05-201591 day
26Gold StarsJan-29-201561 day
25Astral PlaneJan-22-201511 day
24The EvergreenJan-15-201511 day
23The Pajama WarsDec-04-201491 day
22The CoolerNov-28-201411 day
21DentistNov-26-201411 day
20Jake the BrickNov-26-201411 day
19Is That You?Nov-24-201411 day
18Everything's JakeDec-31-196911 day
17Ghost FlyOct-28-201411 day
16Joshua & Margaret InvestigationsAug-14-201411 day
15NemesisAug-07-201411 day
14Princess DayJul-31-201411 day
13Thanks for the Crabapples, GiuseppeJul-24-201411 day
12OcarinaJul-17-201411 day
11Little BrotherJul-10-201411 day
10Something BigJul-03-201411 day
9The Prince Who Wanted EverythingJun-26-201411 day
8Furniture & MeatJun-19-201411 day
7Food ChainJun-12-201411 day
6BreezyJun-05-201411 day
5Sad FaceMay-12-201411 day
4The TowerMay-05-201411 day
3James IIApr-28-201412 days
2Escape from the CitadelApr-21-201412 days
1Wake UpApr-21-201412 days
552Billy's Bucket ListMar-17-201412 days
51Lemonhope Part IIMar-10-201412 days
50Lemonhope Part IMar-10-201412 days
49Bad TimingMar-03-201412 days
48BettyFeb-24-201412 days
47The Red ThroneFeb-10-201412 days
46RattleballsJan-27-201412 days
45Blade of GrassJan-20-201412 days
44Apple WeddingJan-13-201412 days
43Root Beer GuyDec-02-201312 days
42JamesNov-25-201312 days
41The PitNov-18-201312 days
40Play DateNov-04-201312 days
39We Fixed a TruckOct-21-201312 days
38Red StarvedOct-14-201312 days
37The Box PrinceOct-07-201312 days
36Dungeon TrainSep-30-201312 days
35Love GamesSep-23-201312 days
34The VaultSep-16-201312 days
33Time SandwichSep-09-201312 days
32Earth & WaterSep-02-201312 days
31Too OldAug-12-201312 days
30Frost & FireAug-05-201312 days
29Sky WitchJul-29-201322 days
28Be MoreJul-22-201322 days
27Jake SuitJul-15-201322 days
26Wizards Only, FoolsJul-01-201312 days
25Candy StreetsJun-24-201312 days
24Another 5 Short GrayblesJun-17-201322 days
23One Last JobJun-10-201312 days
22The Party's Over, Isla de SeñoritaMay-27-201312 days
21The SuitorMay-20-201312 days
20Shh!May-13-201312 days
19James Baxter the HorseMay-06-201312 days
18Princess PotluckApr-22-201322 days
17BMO LostApr-15-201312 days
16PuhoyApr-08-201312 days
15A Glitch is a GlitchApr-01-201312 days
14Simon & MarcyMar-25-201312 days
13The Great Bird ManMar-04-201322 days
12Vault of BonesFeb-25-201312 days
11Bad Little BoyFeb-18-201312 days
10Little DudeFeb-04-201322 days
9All Your FaultJan-28-201322 days
8Mystery DungeonJan-21-201322 days
7DaveyJan-14-201322 days
6Jake the DadJan-07-201312 days
5All the Little PeopleDec-03-201222 days
4Up a TreeNov-26-201222 days
3Five More Short GrayblesNov-19-201222 days
2Jake the DogNov-12-201222 days
1Finn the HumanNov-12-201212 days
427[no episode title yet]Oct-29-2012010 years
26The LichOct-22-201212 days
25I Remember YouOct-15-201212 days
24Reign of GuntersOct-08-201212 days
23The Hard EasyOct-01-201212 days
22Ignition PointSep-17-201212 days
21Who Would WinSep-03-201212 days
20You Made MeAug-27-201212 days
19Lady & PeeblesAug-20-201212 days
18King WormAug-13-201212 days
17BMO NoireAug-06-201212 days
16Burning LowJul-30-201212 days
15Sons of MarsJul-23-201212 days
14Card WarsJul-16-201212 days
13Princess CookieJun-25-201212 days
12Gotcha!Jun-18-201212 days
11Beyond This Earthly RealmJun-11-201212 days
10GoliadJun-04-201222 days
9Princess Monster WifeMay-28-201222 days
8Hug WolfMay-14-201222 days
7In Your FootstepsMay-07-201212 days
6Daddy's Little MonsterApr-30-201212 days
5Return to the NightosphereApr-30-201212 days
4Dream of LoveApr-23-201222 days
3Web WeirdosApr-16-201212 days
2Five Short GrayblesApr-09-201212 days
1Hot to the TouchApr-02-201212 days
326IncendiumFeb-13-201212 days
25Dad's DungeonFeb-06-201212 days
24Ghost PrincessJan-30-201212 days
23Another WayJan-23-201212 days
22Paper PeteJan-16-201212 days
21Marceline's ClosetDec-12-201112 days
20Holly Jolly Secrets Part IIDec-05-201112 days
19Holly Jolly Secrets Part IDec-05-201112 days
18The New FrontierNov-28-201112 days
17Thank YouNov-23-201112 days
16Jake vs. Me-MowNov-21-201112 days
15No One Can Hear YouNov-14-201112 days
14BeautopiaNov-07-201112 days
13From Bad to WorseOct-24-201112 days
12The CreepsOct-17-201112 days
11Apple ThiefOct-03-201112 days
10What Was MissingSep-26-201112 days
9Adventure Time with Fionna and CakeSep-05-201112 days
8Wizard BattleAug-29-201112 days
7StillAug-22-201112 days
6The MonsterAug-15-201112 days
5Too YoungAug-08-201112 days
4HitmanAug-01-201112 days
3Memory of a MemoryJul-25-201112 days
2Morituri te SalutamusJul-18-201112 days
1The Conquest of CutenessJul-11-201112 days
226Heat SignatureMay-09-201112 days
25Mortal RecoilMay-02-201112 days
24Mortal FollyMay-02-201112 days
23Video MakersApr-18-201112 days
22The LimitApr-11-201112 days
21Belly of the BeastApr-04-201112 days
20Go with MeMar-28-201112 days
19Mystery TrainMar-14-201112 days
18Susan StrongMar-07-201112 days
17Death in BloomFeb-28-201112 days
16Guardians of SunshineFeb-21-201112 days
15The Real YouFeb-14-201112 days
14The Silent KingFeb-07-201112 days
13The PodsJan-31-201112 days
12Her ParentsJan-24-201112 days
11The Chamber of Frozen BladesJan-17-201112 days
10To Cut a Woman's HairJan-10-201112 days
9The Other TartsJan-03-201112 days
8Crystals Have PowerNov-29-201012 days
7Power AnimalNov-22-201012 days
6Slow LoveNov-15-201012 days
5StorytellingNov-08-201012 days
4Blood Under the SkinNov-01-201012 days
3Loyalty to the KingOct-25-201012 days
2The EyesOct-18-201012 days
1It Came from the NightosphereOct-11-201012 days
126The Gut GrinderSep-27-201012 days
25Finn Meets His HeroSep-20-201012 days
24What Have You Done?Sep-13-201012 days
23Rainy Day DaydreamSep-06-201012 days
22HenchmanAug-23-201012 days
21DonnyAug-09-201012 days
20Freak CityJul-26-201012 days
19The DukeJul-19-201012 days
18DungeonJul-12-201012 days
17When Wedding Bells ThawJun-28-201012 days
16Ocean of FearJun-21-201012 days
15What is Life?Jun-14-201012 days
14The Witch's GardenJun-07-201012 days
13City of ThievesMay-24-201012 days
12Evicted!May-17-201012 days
11Finn the WizardMay-10-201012 days
10Memories of Boom Boom MountainMay-03-201012 days
9My Two Favorite PeopleMay-03-201012 days
8Business TimeApr-26-201012 days
7Ricardio the Heart GuyApr-26-201012 days
6The JigglerApr-19-201012 days
5The Enchiridion!Apr-19-201012 days
4Tree TrunksApr-12-201012 days
3Prisoners of LoveApr-12-201012 days
2Trouble in Lumpy SpaceApr-05-201012 days
1Slumber Party PanicApr-05-201012 days
014Diamonds and Lemons02 years
13Frog Seasons: Spring (Again)Sep-02-201602 years
12Frog Seasons: WinterApr-23-201602 years
11Frog Seasons: AutumnApr-16-201602 years
10Frog Seasons: SummerApr-09-201602 years
9Frog Seasons: SpringApr-02-201602 years
8Good Jubies: The Making of Bad JubiesJan-15-201602 years
7The Gift, that Reaps GivingNov-01-201502 years
6Sow, do you like them ApplesOct-01-201502 years
5Have You Seen the Muffin MessAug-03-201502 years
4All's Well That Rats SwellJul-06-201502 years
3How an Idea Becomes Adventure Time02 years
2The WandJul-10-201202 years
1Adventure Time (Pilot)Dec-07-200802 years

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