A Haunting

“A Haunting” is a chills-filled series, chronicling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced real-life horror tales. “When the door between the spirit world and ours is opened, the stuff of nightmares becomes reality”. That’s according to the introduction of this series which dramatizes the “true” stories of people who have been haunted or experienced a haunting. In this docu-drama, the actual people involved recount their stories on-camera, as the frightening events of their stories are re-enacted.

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Genre: Horror, Documentary

Release Date: October 28, 2005 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Destination America (IMDB)

Casts: Anthony Call

Most recent episode: A Haunting Season 11 Episode 10 - Gateway to Evil ( 7/29/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1110Gateway to EvilJul-29-201942 years
9When the Lights Go OutJul-22-2019211 months
8Norman the DollJul-15-201922 years
7Grave AwakeningsJul-08-201902 years
6The Haunted CabinetJul-01-201922 years
5Provoking EvilJun-24-201922 years
4Haunted PastJun-17-201912 years
3Wicked EvictionJun-10-201922 years
2House of NightmaresJun-03-201922 years
1Demon WhispersMay-27-201912 years
0[no episode title yet]02 years
1014ExorcismSep-13-201802 years
13Spirit HunterSep-13-201802 years
12Noises At NightSep-13-201802 years
11Evil Among UsSep-13-201802 years
10Ghostly PresenceSep-13-2018011 months
9Nightmares And WitchesSep-06-201802 years
8Uninvited GuestsSep-06-201802 years
7Happy HomeSep-06-201802 years
6Spirits AwakeningSep-06-2018011 months
5Real HorrorSep-06-2018011 months
4Field of GhostsOct-30-201702 years
3Masks of TerrorOct-23-2017011 months
2Buried SecretsOct-16-201702 years
1UntouchableOct-09-201703 months
0[no episode title yet]02 years
916Field of GhostsOct-30-201702 years
15Masks of TerrorOct-23-201702 years
14Buried SecretsOct-16-201702 years
13UntouchableOct-09-201702 years
12Ghostly VoicesFeb-12-201702 years
11BewitchedFeb-11-2017011 months
10Face of EvilJan-29-201702 years
9Living NightmareDec-09-201602 years
8Dangerous GamesDec-02-201602 years
7Mother's TerrorNov-25-201602 years
6Fear FeedersNov-18-2016011 months
5Ghost ProtectorNov-11-2016011 months
4Love CurseNov-04-2016011 months
3Immortal LoveOct-28-201602 years
2Ghost ConfessionsOct-28-201602 years
1Demon's LairOct-21-2016011 months
813Love CurseSep-23-201602 years
12Ghost ConfessionsSep-16-201602 years
11Fear FeedersSep-09-201602 years
10Vision of TerrorMar-20-201602 years
9Ghosts of WarMar-13-201632 months
8Demons Never DieMar-06-201602 years
7House of SorrowsFeb-21-201602 years
6Tunnel of DeathFeb-14-201602 years
5Evil RisesJan-31-201603 months
4Game of LiesJan-24-201602 years
3Eternal GriefJan-17-201632 months
2Mind ControlJan-10-201602 years
1Heartland HorrorJan-03-201603 months
716Phantom RoomJan-25-2015011 months
15Conjuring EvilJan-18-2015111 months
14Curse of the MummyJan-11-201502 years
13Ghost InfernoJan-04-201502 years
12Portal of DoomDec-28-201402 years
11Trapped in TerrorDec-21-201402 years
10Shape of EvilDec-14-201402 years
9Nightmare in the AtticDec-07-201402 years
8Ghost FuryNov-30-201402 years
7Child's PlayNov-23-201402 years
6Devil Inside MeSep-07-201402 years
5Ashes to EvilAug-24-201402 years
4Evil Never DiesAug-17-201402 years
3Demon UnearthedAug-10-201402 years
2The ShadowmanAug-03-201402 years
1Demon's RevengeAug-01-201402 years
616[no episode title yet]Jan-31-201402 years
4The Haunted VictorianOct-20-201302 years
3Black MagicOct-13-201302 years
2Welcome to HellOct-06-201302 years
1Marked by EvilSep-29-201302 years
510Death's DoorDec-14-201212 years
9The Exorcism of Cindy SauerDec-07-2012111 months
8The UninvitedNov-30-201212 years
7Back from the GraveNov-23-201212 years
6Nightmare UpstairsNov-16-201212 years
5Dark DreamsNov-09-201212 years
4The Allen HouseNov-02-201212 years
3Nightmare in BridgeportOct-26-201212 years
2Angels and DemonsOct-19-201212 years
1Blood VisionsOct-12-201202 years
413Legend TrippersNov-09-2007011 months
12Monster in the ApartmentNov-02-2007011 months
11Casa de los muertosOct-26-2007011 months
10Stalked by EvilOct-19-2007011 months
9Ghost HunterOct-12-2007011 months
8Echoes of the PastOct-05-2007011 months
7SpellboundSep-28-2007011 months
6Where Evil LurksSep-21-2007011 months
5Spirits of the DeadSep-14-2007011 months
4The ApartmentAug-31-2007011 months
3The CallingAug-24-200702 years
2The AwakeningAug-17-200702 years
1Dark WrathAug-10-200702 years
310The Dark SideDec-14-200602 years
9The PresenceDec-07-200602 years
8The PossessedNov-30-200602 years
7The Wheatsheaf HorrorNov-16-200602 years
6The ForgottenNov-09-200602 years
5A Haunting in IrelandNov-02-200602 years
4The UnleashedOct-26-200602 years
3Hidden TerrrorOct-19-200602 years
2The AtticOct-12-200602 years
1Fear HouseOct-05-200602 years
210A Haunting in FloridaSep-28-200602 years
9Dark ForestSep-21-200602 years
8A Haunting in FloridaSep-28-200602 years
7Dark ForestSep-21-200602 years
6Hungry GhostsSep-14-200602 years
5House of the DeadSep-07-200602 years
4Where Demons DwellAug-31-200602 years
3Ghost SoldierAug-24-200602 years
2Sallie's HouseAug-17-200602 years
1Demon ChildAug-10-200602 years
18The DiabolicalMar-24-200602 years
7A Gateway to HellMar-17-200602 years
6Lake Club HorrorDec-09-200502 years
5Darkness FollowsDec-02-200502 years
4CursedNov-18-200502 years
3Echoes from the GraveNov-11-200502 years
2The Haunting of SummerwindNov-04-200502 years
1Hell HouseOct-28-200502 years
06House of HorrorOct-15-201502 years
5Ghost AttackSep-20-201502 years
4Demonic ActivityAug-28-201502 years
3Back from the DeadDec-07-201402 years
2A Haunting in GeorgiaJan-01-200402 years
1A Haunting in ConnecticutJan-01-200402 years

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