90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? catches up with some of the most memorable couples from 90 Day Fiancé as they now face the next chapter in their marriages. The frenzied countdown to the altar may be behind them, but the true drama is just starting to unfold as these newlyweds face life’s challenges with someone they barely know.

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Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: September 11, 2016

Status: Running

Network: TLC (Official Website)

Casts: Shaun Robinson

Most recent episode: 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Episode 17 - Tell All Part 2 ( 8/22/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
617Tell All Part 2Aug-22-2021143 weeks
16Tell All Part 1Aug-15-2021261 month
15Time Does Not Heal All WoundsAug-08-2021271 month
14She's A Snake In The GrassAug-01-2021312 months
13Let's Talk About Sex...Jul-25-2021312 months
12Bubble Baths And Family WrathsJul-18-2021202 months
11Man Up Or Shut UpJul-11-2021322 months
10Shadows Of DoubtJun-27-2021503 months
9Not So Silent PartnersJun-20-2021273 months
8All Shook UpJun-13-2021233 months
7Troubled WatersJun-06-2021323 months
6Fear And LoathingMay-30-2021374 months
5Love Takes HostagesMay-23-2021234 months
4Damage ControlMay-16-2021314 months
3Forgiving Is Not ForgettingMay-09-2021134 months
2Indecent ProposalMay-02-2021245 months
1Be Careful What You Wish ForApr-25-2021292 weeks
518Tell All Part 3Oct-05-202096 months
17Tell All Part 2Oct-04-202076 months
16Tell All Part 1Sep-27-202076 months
15Point of No ReturnSep-20-2020106 months
14To Love and to Obey?Sep-13-202076 months
13Hot Tempers and Cold FeetSep-06-202076 months
12Compromising PositionsAug-30-202096 months
11Public Displays of ContentionAug-23-202096 months
10Drawing the LineAug-16-202076 months
9Burnt Bridges and Bitter TruthsAug-09-202046 months
8Hell Hath No FuryAug-02-202096 months
7The Best Mistake of My LifeJul-26-2020146 months
6Ultimatums and Ugly TruthsJul-19-2020126 months
5Drive Me Crazy Like a Roulette WheelJul-12-202086 months
4She's a WolfJul-05-202096 months
3Seeds of DiscontentJun-28-202066 months
2Caught in the CrossfireJun-21-2020106 months
1What Goes Around, Comes AroundJun-14-2020136 months
414Tell All Part 2Jul-28-201942 years
13Colt and Larissa: Judgement Day + Tell All Part 1Jul-21-201926 months
12Change Of HeartJul-07-201956 months
11Kicked To The CurbJul-07-201936 months
10Sparks Will FlyJun-23-201922 years
9The Truth Comes OutJun-16-201926 months
8Nowhere to RunJun-09-201946 months
7Into the Lion's Den - Part 1Jun-02-201936 months
6Severed Ties Part 1Jun-02-201936 months
5Dirty DancingMay-26-201946 months
4A Break Is NecessaryMay-19-201912 years
3Mistrials of MarriageMay-12-201926 months
2In for a ShockMay-05-201956 months
1After the Dust SettlesApr-28-201926 months
312Tell All: Part 2Jul-29-201801 year
11Tell All: Part 2 & Will Nicole & Azan Say I Do?Jul-22-201801 year
10Tell All: Part 1Jul-22-201801 year
9The End of the LineJul-15-201801 year
8No Turning BackJul-08-201801 year
7Not Off the HookJul-01-201801 year
6Big Little LiesJun-24-201801 year
5The Blame GameJun-17-201801 year
4Boiling PointJun-10-201801 year
3There is Something They Don't KnowJun-03-201801 year
2Disruptive BehaviorMay-27-201801 year
1Home Sweet Home?May-20-201801 year
212Season 2 Tell All: Part 3Sep-10-201701 year
11Season 2 Tell All: Part 2Sep-03-201701 year
10Season 2 Tell All: Part 1Aug-27-201701 year
9Where Do We Go from Here?Aug-20-201701 year
8I Do's and I Don'tsAug-13-201701 year
7Models, Moms & MeltdownsAug-06-201701 year
6Lies & GoodbyesJul-30-201701 year
5Lost in TranslationJul-23-201701 year
4Family SecretsJul-16-201701 year
3We Got Bad BloodJul-09-201701 year
2When the Past Catches UpJul-02-201701 year
1Happy Wife, Happy Life?Jun-25-201701 year
112Tell All: Part 2Nov-13-201626 months
11Tell All: Part 1Nov-06-201626 months
10The Roles ReverseNov-06-201626 months
9I Came All This WayOct-30-201626 months
8You Can Run...Oct-30-201626 months
7Destination ImpossibleOct-23-201626 months
6Facing the PastOct-16-201626 months
5The Truth HurtsOct-09-201626 months
4What Don't I Know?Oct-02-201626 months
3Something's UpSep-25-201626 months
2It's My Secret to TellSep-18-201626 months
1It's Only the BeginningSep-11-201626 months
017TBAJul-14-201901 year
16Pillow Talk: Kicked to the CurbJul-07-201901 year
15Pillow Talk: Sparks Will FlyJul-01-201901 year
14TBAJun-23-201901 year
13Pillow Talk: Nowhere to RunJun-16-201901 year
12Pillow Talk - Nowhere to RunJun-16-201901 year
11Pillow Talk - Severed TiesJun-03-201901 year
1090 Day LIVEJun-02-201901 year
9Pillow Talk - A Break Is NecessaryMay-19-201901 year
8Pillow Talk - Mistrials of MarriageMay-12-201901 year
7Pillow Talk - In For a ShockMay-06-201901 year
6Pillow Talk - After the Dust SettlesApr-22-201901 year
5From the BeginningApr-21-201901 year
4Loren & Alexei: Our Continuing JourneyJun-25-201701 year
3Pedro & Chantel: Our Journey So FarJun-23-201701 year
2Jorge & Anfisa: Our Journey So FarJun-18-201701 year
1Danielle & Mohamed: Our Continuing JourneyJun-11-201701 year
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