48 Hours

“48 Hours Mystery is television’s most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style. 48 Hours in-depth approach has earned the program and its teams numerous awards including three Peabodys, 17 Emmys and five RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Release Date: January 19, 1988 (US)

Status: Running

Network: CBS (IMDb)


Most recent episode: 48 Hours Season 33 Episode 25 - Crosley Green Comes Home ( 4/17/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
3325Crosley Green Comes HomeApr-17-2021033 mins
24The Mysterious Death of Kat WestApr-10-202106 days
23The Kidnapping Of Jonelle MatthewsMar-27-202103 weeks
22The Eye Drop HomicideMar-13-202184 weeks
21Fighting For AniahMar-06-202101 month
20The Puzzle: Solving The Madeleine Mccann CaseFeb-27-202102 months
19The Deliveryman MurdersFeb-20-202102 months
18What Does The Other Woman Know? The Disappearance Of Jennifer DulosFeb-13-202102 months
17The Search For Christie WilsonJan-30-202103 months
16The 30-year Secret - The Tracey Harris MurderJan-23-202163 months
15The Murder of Jackie VandagriffJan-16-202103 months
14The Suspicious Death Of Christian AndreacchioJan-09-202103 months
13Episode 13Dec-26-202004 months
12The Hunt For The Long Island Serial KillerDec-12-202004 months
11The Disappearance Of Kristin SmartNov-28-202015 months
10The Case Against Nicole AddimandoNov-21-202025 months
9Christy Martin - The Fight Of Her LifeNov-14-202015 months
8The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer Nov-02-201946 months
7Who Wanted Howard Pilmar Dead?Oct-26-201936 months
6Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather BogleOct-19-2019011 months
5TBAOct-12-201936 months
4The Murder of Kelsey BerrethOct-05-201916 months
3The Corn Rake MurderSep-26-202036 months
2The Final Hours Of Cayley MandadiSep-19-202036 months
1TBASep-14-201976 months
3239Peter Chadwick: CaughtAug-10-2019011 months
38Jayme Closs: Hometown HeroJun-08-2019011 months
37What Happened to Rachael?May-18-2019011 months
36#FindPeterChadwickMay-11-201902 years
35The Case Against Enrico FortiMay-04-201902 years
34A Death in Payson CanyonApr-27-201902 years
33In Jason's NameApr-20-201902 years
32Live to Tell: The VendettaApr-13-201902 years
31Widow's WarMar-30-2019210 months
30The Missing Children of Lori Vallow DaybellMay-16-202001 hour
29The Shape of a KillerMar-16-201902 years
28Out of ReachMar-09-201902 years
27Fatal CrossingMar-02-201902 years
26Portrait of a KillerFeb-23-201902 years
25Killer AppFeb-23-201902 years
24Live to Tell: Standoff at Trader Joe'sFeb-16-201902 years
23Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 2Jan-26-201902 years
22Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 1Jan-26-201902 years
21Knock KnockJan-19-201902 years
20Jayme Closs Comes HomeJan-13-201902 years
19Jayme Closs Comes HomeJan-11-201902 years
18Sugar Land: Life or Death02 years
17Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed02 years
16Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point02 years
15Cold-Blooded Killer: Update02 years
14FindJodiDec-15-201802 years
13Don't Scream: UpdateDec-15-201802 years
12Dear Savanna: UpdateDec-08-201802 years
11Defending DJDec-01-201802 years
10The Mysterious Death Of Casey KasemNov-24-201802 years
9What Happened in Apartment 4C? Nov-17-201802 years
8Operation Murder: UpdateNov-17-201802 years
7In the Name of Hate Nov-10-201812 years
6Cold-Blooded KillerOct-21-201802 years
5The Fitbit Alibi: UpdateOct-20-201802 years
4Dead RingerOct-13-201802 years
3Hollywood Horror StoryOct-06-201803 years
2Click for a killer: Part 2Sep-29-201803 years
1Click for a killer: Part 1Sep-29-201803 years
3168Death by Text03 years
67The Last Ride Home03 years
66Killer Performance03 years
65Who Killed Fabio?Sep-08-201803 years
64Mystery at Eagle CreekSep-08-201803 years
63Live to Tell: The Long Road HomeSep-01-201803 years
62Sins of The FatherSep-01-201803 years
61Grapes of WrathAug-18-201803 years
60Death on the HudsonAug-18-201803 years
59Death on Valentine's DayAug-11-201803 years
58The Evidence RoomAug-04-201803 years
57Murder in Pinyon PinesJul-28-201803 years
56Death and the DentistJul-28-201803 years
55Moment of TruthJul-21-201803 years
54The Widow on Solway RoadJul-14-201803 years
53Red Notice for MurderJul-07-201803 years
52Reality KillsJun-30-201803 years
51Taken AwayJun-23-201803 years
50Serial ConfessionsJun-23-201803 years
49Storm of SuspicionJun-16-201803 years
48The DNA of a KillerJun-16-201803 years
47Blood in the SandJun-09-201803 years
46The Accidental HusbandJun-09-201803 years
45Resident EvilJun-02-201803 years
44Resident EvilJun-02-2018011 months
43Sophia's SecretMay-26-201803 years
42Murder on Red RiverMay-19-201803 years
41Lorenzen Wright: No DefenseMay-12-201802 years
40Dark Side of the Mesa: UpdateMay-12-201802 years
39Don't ScreamMay-05-201803 years
38The Last Ride HomeApr-28-201803 years
37The Golden State Killer: UpdateApr-28-201803 years
36The Clown Did ItApr-21-201803 years
35The Lost BoyApr-14-201803 years
34Secrets of Waco: UpdateApr-14-201803 years
33Missing MarshaApr-08-201803 years
32Live to Tell: TraffickedMar-31-201803 years
31The Fitbit AlibiMar-24-201803 years
30Mystery at Eagle CreekMar-17-201803 years
29Who Killed Fabio?Mar-10-201803 years
28The Good GirlMar-07-201812 years
27Live to Tell: Afraid of the DarkMar-04-201812 years
26The Family: A Cult Revealed (Part 2)Feb-24-201802 years
25The Family: A Cult Revealed (Part 1)Feb-24-201803 years
24Rodney Alcala: The Killing GameFeb-17-201803 years
23Paradise Lost: UpdateFeb-10-201803 years
22Natalie Woods: Death in Dark WaterFeb-03-201803 years
21A Brother's Mission: UpdateFeb-03-201803 years
20Sins of the FatherJan-27-201803 years
19Murder in the Mansion: UpdateJan-20-201803 years
18Grapes of WrathJan-06-201802 years
17Bad BoyDec-30-201702 years
16Murder by Design: UpdateDec-30-201702 years
15The Secrets of WacoDec-29-201702 years
14The Evidence RoomDec-23-201703 years
13The DNA of a Killer: UpdateDec-16-201703 years
12Knock KnockDec-09-201702 years
11TBADec-02-201702 years
10Live To Tell: TraffickedNov-25-201702 years
9FindJodiDec-15-201802 years
8Defending DJDec-01-201802 years
7The Mysterious Death of Casey KasemNov-24-201802 years
6TBAOct-28-201712 years
5In the Name of HateNov-10-201802 years
4Cold-Blooded KillerOct-20-201802 years
3Dead RingerOct-13-201802 years
2TBAOct-07-201703 years
1Click for a KillerSep-29-201803 years
3042O.J. Simpson: EndgameSep-30-201703 years
41The Secret Life of Paige BirgfeldJul-01-201703 years
40Serial ConfessionsJun-24-201703 years
39Death by TextJun-16-201703 years
38Murder by DesignMay-20-201703 years
37Murder in the MansionMay-13-201703 years
36Resident EvilMay-06-201703 years
35The Family: A Cult RevealedApr-29-201703 years
34The Golden State KillerApr-22-201703 years
33The DNA of a KillerApr-15-201703 years
32The Alternate SuspectsMar-25-201703 years
31Death on Valentine's DayMar-18-201703 years
30Live to Tell: Afraid of the DarkMar-11-201703 years
29Murder on Red RiverMay-19-201803 years
28Lorenzen Wright: No DefenseMay-12-201803 years
27Don't ScreamMay-05-201803 years
26The Last Ride HomeApr-28-201803 years
25The Clown Did ItApr-21-201803 years
24The Lost BoyApr-14-201803 years
23Missing MarshaApr-07-201803 years
22Live to Tell: TraffickedMar-31-201803 years
21The Fitbit AlibiMar-24-201803 years
20Mystery at Eagle CreekMar-17-201803 years
19Who Killed Fabio?Mar-10-201803 years
18The Good GirlMar-03-201803 years
17Rodney Alcala: The Killing GameFeb-17-201803 years
16Paradise LostFeb-10-201803 years
15Natalie Wood: Death in Dark WaterFeb-03-201803 years
14Sins of the FatherJan-27-201803 years
13All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron HernandezJan-20-201803 years
12Grapes of WrathJan-06-201803 years
11Secrets of WacoDec-29-201703 years
10The Evidence RoomDec-23-201703 years
9A Brother's MissionNov-25-201703 years
8Taken AwayNov-18-201703 years
7Reality KillsNov-11-201703 years
6Storm of SuspicionOct-28-201703 years
5Red Notice for MurderOct-21-201703 years
4Operation MurderOct-14-201703 years
3Moment of TruthOct-07-201704 years
2The Widow on Solway RoadSep-30-201704 years
1O.J. Simpson: EndgameSep-30-201703 years
2938The Preppy KillerAug-20-201603 years
37Bringing a Nation TogetherJul-10-201603 years
36Muhammad Ali: Remembering a Legend Jun-04-201603 years
35Cal Harris: The Final Verdict May-28-201603 years
34The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs Part 2May-21-201603 years
33The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs Part 1May-21-201603 years
32Serial ConfessionsJun-24-201704 years
31Death by TextJun-16-201704 years
30Murder by DesignMay-20-201704 years
29Murder in the MansionMay-13-201714 years
28Resident EvilMay-06-201704 years
27The FamilyApr-29-201704 years
26The Golden State KillerApr-22-201705 years
25The DNA of a KillerApr-15-201704 years
24Death and the DentistApr-08-201704 years
23The Alternate SuspectsMar-25-201704 years
22Death on Valentine's DayMar-18-201705 years
21Live to Tell: Afraid of the DarkMar-11-201705 years
20Stalked: Part 2Feb-25-201705 years
19Stalked: Part 1Feb-25-201705 years
18Eleven Hundred Miles to MurderFeb-18-201704 years
17The Strange Life of Dr. SchwartzFeb-11-201705 years
16Murder in Beverly HillsFeb-11-201705 years
15Guilty Until Proven InnocentFeb-04-201704 years
14Solve This Case: Who Killed Kay Wenal?Jan-28-201705 years
13Crime & PunishmentJan-07-201705 years
12The Fight for MelissaDec-17-201605 years
11The Psychiatrist and the SelfieDec-03-201605 years
10Live to Tell: The Long Road HomeNov-26-201605 years
9HuntedNov-19-201605 years
8Live to Tell: Sophia's SecretNov-19-201605 years
7Buried TruthNov-12-201604 years
6Bad BoyOct-29-201605 years
5Death After MidnightOct-22-201605 years
4Driven to ExtremesOct-15-201605 years
3Killer PerformanceOct-08-201605 years
2The Mortician, the Murder, the MovieOct-01-201604 years
1Killer AppSep-24-201605 years
2836Death and the DentistSep-17-201602 years
35Death and the DentistJun-02-201505 years
34Bringing a Nation TogetherJul-09-201603 years
33Father and Son: The VerdictMay-23-201505 years
32Cal Harris: The Final VerdictMay-28-201605 years
31The Spymasters - CIA in the CrosshairsMay-21-201605 years
30Death of an OlympianMay-14-201605 years
29The Soldier's WifeApr-25-201505 years
28Blood in the SandApr-18-201505 years
27Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: ObsessedApr-23-201605 years
26Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking PointApr-23-201605 years
25The Last ConfessionApr-16-201603 years
24A Mother AccusedApr-09-201605 years
23What Happened in Apt. 1601?Apr-02-201603 years
22Eliminating the Threat?Mar-19-201603 years
21Playing by the Rules?Mar-12-201605 years
20‚ÄčTrail of TearsMar-05-201605 years
19A Student of MurderFeb-27-201605 years
18What Did the Children See?Feb-20-201605 years
17Target JusticeFeb-13-201605 years
16Murder 90210Jan-30-201605 years
15Live to Tell: My Name is VictoriaJan-23-201603 years
14Murder in Pinyon PinesJan-17-201505 years
13Love and Death in AlaskaDec-26-201503 years
12The Two Faces of Todd WinklerDec-12-201505 years
11Dear SavannaDec-05-201505 years
10Road to RedemptionNov-29-201405 years
9The Strange Case of Kurt SonnenfeldNov-21-201503 years
8Paris Under AttackNov-15-201405 years
7The Bugs Bunny DefenseOct-31-201503 years
6Live To Tell: I Remember EverythingOct-25-201405 years
5Vengeance in VegasOct-17-201503 years
4Shadow of DeathOct-10-201503 years
3The Doctor's DaughterOct-03-201503 years
2Hannah Graham: Stalked by EvilSep-26-201505 years
1Hannah Graham: Deadly ConnectionsSep-26-201505 years
2735Temptation in Texas: UpdateJun-02-201503 years
34Last Chance for FreedomMay-30-201505 years
33Cal Harris: DeadlockedMay-23-201505 years
32Janet's SecretMay-16-201503 years
31Father and Son: The VerdictMay-09-201505 years
30A Vision of MurderMay-02-201503 years
29The VerdictMay-17-201405 years
28To Catch a GeniusApr-18-201503 years
27Death After MidnightApr-11-201506 years
26The Accidental HusbandApr-04-201506 years
25The PretenderMar-28-201506 years
24The Bizarre Saga of Robert DurstMar-21-201506 years
23Cold Case: Who Killed Amy Gellert?Mar-14-201506 years
22Bruce Beresford-Redman: The VerdictMar-14-201503 years
21Murder in AspenMar-07-201503 years
20Blaming MelissaFeb-28-201503 years
19Fall from GraceFeb-21-201503 years
18Dangerous GamesFeb-14-201503 years
17GoneFeb-07-201503 years
16The Millionaire, the Model & the Hit ManJan-31-201507 years
15Kiss of Death and the Google ExecJan-24-201503 years
14Murder in Pinyon PinesJan-17-201503 years
13UltimatumJan-09-201506 years
12Live to Tell: Sole SurvivorJan-03-201506 years
11The Two Faces of Todd WinklerDec-13-201413 years
10The Sober TruthNov-29-201407 years
9The Girl Next DoorNov-22-201403 years
8Devil's IslandNov-15-201403 years
7Prison DiariesNov-15-201407 years
6Live to Tell: I Remember EverythingOct-25-201403 years
5The PactOct-25-201416 years
4Kristen's SecretOct-18-201416 years
3The HitOct-11-201416 years
2Mommy DearestOct-04-201417 years
1Paradise LostSep-27-201407 years
2643Honor and DishonorSep-21-201305 years
42The Usual Suspect; Death WishSep-07-201305 years
40[no episode title yet]Jul-19-201407 years
39[no episode title yet]Jul-12-201407 years
38[no episode title yet]Jul-05-201407 years
37[no episode title yet]Jun-28-201407 years
36[no episode title yet]Jun-28-201407 years
35Blade Runner: The VerdictSep-12-201407 years
34Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the DarkJun-16-201407 years
33The Trials of Cal HarrisJun-09-201407 years
32Hollywood SecretsJun-07-201407 years
31The Lost DaughterJun-02-201407 years
30One Last HugMay-31-201407 years
29[no episode title yet]May-26-201407 years
28A Raging SonMay-10-201407 years
27[no episode title yet]May-10-201408 years
26Dangerous BeautyApr-26-201407 years
25Decades of DeceiptApr-19-201407 years
24Father and SonApr-12-201407 years
23Power and PassionApr-12-201408 years
22Wounded by LoveApr-05-201407 years
21Last ChanceMar-29-201407 years
20Fateful ConnectionMar-15-201407 years
19The Blue River MurderMar-08-201407 years
18The Last ConfessionMar-01-201408 years
17Pain and GainFeb-22-201407 years
16Death at Soho HouseFeb-01-201403 years
15A Bad BetJan-25-201408 years
14Perilous JourneyJan-18-201408 years
13Death at the ParsonageJan-04-201407 years
12Love, Hate & ObsessionDec-14-201307 years
11Nelson Mandela: Father of a NationDec-07-201308 years
10Walking FreeNov-30-201303 years
9Hollywood SecretsNov-23-201307 years
8The Devils TwinNov-16-201317 years
7RelentlessNov-02-201317 years
6Loved to DeathOct-26-201308 years
5The Ghosts of GreenwichOct-26-201307 years
4aka RockefellerOct-19-201307 years
3Death at Cottonwood CreekOct-12-201307 years
2Spies, Lies & SecretsOct-05-201307 years
1The Sweetheart MurdersSep-28-201307 years
2543Honor and DishonorSep-21-201303 years
42The Usual Suspect; Death WishSep-07-201303 years
40End of the TrailMay-26-201503 years
30[no episode title yet]May-29-201207 years
29A Daughter, a Mortgage, and Two MurdersMay-14-201407 years
28The War in ChicagoMay-18-201309 years
27Unraveling the Lies of Jodi AriasMay-17-201319 years
26Murder at Sea?May-11-201309 years
25Over the EdgeMay-04-201309 years
24Muscle and MayhemApr-27-201319 years
23CaughtApr-20-201309 years
22Power and PassionApr-13-201309 years
21AmbushedMar-16-201309 years
20Cold as IceMar-09-201309 years
19The Usual SuspectMar-02-201309 years
18The AccuserFeb-23-201309 years
17Honor and DishonorFeb-16-201309 years
16Desperate MeasuresFeb-09-201309 years
15Live to Tell: The Stranger You KnowFeb-02-201319 years
14Crazy LoveJan-26-201319 years
13Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi AriasJan-19-201309 years
12The Perfect FamilyJan-12-201309 years
11Shattered DreamsJan-05-201309 years
10Everything to LoseDec-08-201209 years
9The Hunt for Mr. WrightDec-01-201209 years
8Presumed GuiltyNov-24-201209 years
7Highway of TearsNov-17-201209 years
6Secrets of the RiverNov-10-201209 years
5Lina's HeartOct-27-201209 years
4The Preacher's PassionOct-20-201209 years
3Collision CourseOct-13-201209 years
2Friends for LifeOct-06-201203 years
1My Dad's KillerSep-29-201209 years
2433[no episode title yet]May-21-201107 years
32[no episode title yet]May-20-201107 years
31[no episode title yet]May-14-201107 years
30[no episode title yet]May-29-201207 years
29[no episode title yet]May-26-201207 years
28[no episode title yet]May-19-201207 years
27One of Their Own - UpdatedMay-26-201207 years
26RansomMay-12-201207 years
25The Writing on the WallMay-05-201207 years
24Death WishApr-28-201207 years
23Mystery on Twin Peaks DriveApr-21-201207 years
22The Stranger Beside MeApr-14-201207 years
21A Family's HonorApr-07-201207 years
20Arturo Gatti's Last Fight - UpdatedMar-24-201207 years
19Grave Injustice - UpdatedMar-17-201207 years
18The Boy Next Door - UpdatedMar-10-201207 years
17The Country Club MurdersMar-03-201207 years
16Fatal Episode: The Producer's StoryFeb-25-201207 years
15Soccer Moms ConfidentialFeb-18-201207 years
14Screenplay for Murder: The Diary of a "Dexter" WannabeFeb-11-201207 years
13Dark Side of ParadiseFeb-04-201207 years
12A Fatal AttractionJan-28-201207 years
11Showdown in the BedroomJan-21-201202 years
10Family AffairJan-07-201202 years
9The Long Island Serial KillerDec-17-201107 years
8Secrets of a MarriageDec-03-201107 years
7Murder at the ManorNov-26-201107 years
6Private Needham's WarNov-12-201107 years
5Murder in the O.C.Oct-29-201107 years
4The Killing FieldsOct-22-201107 years
3Redemption SongOct-15-201107 years
2Amanda Knox: The Untold StoryOct-08-201107 years
1Arturo Gattis Last FightSep-24-201107 years
2333[no episode title yet]May-21-201107 years
32[no episode title yet]May-20-201107 years
31[no episode title yet]May-14-201107 years
30[no episode title yet]May-07-201107 years
29[no episode title yet]Apr-30-201107 years
28[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201107 years
27Barefoot Bandit: The Stunning ConclusionJun-12-201103 years
26Follow the MoneyMay-21-201103 years
25House of SecretsMay-20-201107 years
24The Boy Next DoorMay-14-201103 years
23The Facebook DetectivesMay-07-201103 years
22Last Chance for JusticeApr-30-201103 years
21Grave InjusticeApr-23-201103 years
20Only Casey KnowsApr-16-201103 years
19Name Rank Serial KillerApr-09-201103 years
18The Lost NightMar-26-201103 years
17Playing with FireFeb-19-201103 years
16The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 2Feb-12-201103 years
15The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 1Feb-12-201103 years
14Every Picture Tells a StoryJan-29-201107 years
13TemptationJan-22-201107 years
12Body of LiesJan-15-201103 years
11Fatal ChoiceJan-08-201103 years
10Shootout at the HillsNov-27-201003 years
9Secrets, Lies and AlibisNov-20-201003 years
8Chasing the Barefoot BanditNov-13-201003 years
7Taken: The Amber DuBois StoryNov-06-201003 years
6Dirty Little SecretsOct-30-201007 years
5The Preacher's WifeOct-30-201007 years
4The One Who Got AwayOct-23-201007 years
3The Whole TruthOct-16-201003 years
2[email protected]Oct-09-201007 years
1The Killing GameSep-25-201007 years
2230[no episode title yet]May-22-201007 years
29[no episode title yet]May-15-201007 years
28[no episode title yet]May-08-201007 years
27[no episode title yet]May-01-201007 years
26One of Their OwnMay-22-201007 years
25Betting Her Life:Susan WrightMay-15-201007 years
24Shelley's Last BreathMay-08-201007 years
23A Killer DefenseMay-01-201007 years
22Unmasking a Killer aka Hannibal UnmaskedApr-24-201007 years
21My Mother's MurderApr-10-201007 years
20In Too Deep - UpdatedMar-20-201007 years
19The Girl Who Knew Too MuchMar-13-201007 years
18Lady in the PoolMar-06-201007 years
17A Cry for InnocenceFeb-27-201003 years
16Lies and WhispersFeb-20-201007 years
15A Time to Kill: Michele Harris - UpdatedFeb-13-201003 years
14Thou Shalt Not KillFeb-06-201007 years
13The SecretJan-30-201007 years
12Buried Secrets of Las VegasJan-23-201007 years
11Innocence Lost: The Yogurt Shop MurdersJan-09-201007 years
10The Lost ChildrenDec-12-200903 years
9Justice in the HeartlandDec-05-200907 years
8Diary of a ShowgirlNov-21-200907 years
7A Case for MurderNov-14-200907 years
6Deadly ProphecyOct-31-200907 years
5HauntedOct-24-200907 years
4Caylee Anthony: The Untold StoryOct-17-200907 years
3Show Me the MoneyOct-03-200903 years
2The Godfather's Daughter aka Their Father, the GodfatherSep-26-200903 years
1Seven Days of RageSep-19-200907 years
2133[no episode title yet]Jul-01-200807 years
32[no episode title yet]Jun-03-200807 years
31[no episode title yet]May-27-200807 years
30[no episode title yet]May-17-200807 years
29[no episode title yet]May-10-200807 years
28[no episode title yet]May-03-200807 years
27[no episode title yet]May-16-200907 years
26Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? - RevisitedJun-13-200903 years
25Deep SecretJun-02-200907 years
24Daddy's GirlMay-16-200907 years
23Catch Her If You CanMay-09-200907 years
22Dark VoyageMay-02-200907 years
21Craigslist: Classified for MurderApr-25-200903 years
20American Girl, Italian NightmareApr-11-200907 years
19The Curious Case of Colonel ShueMar-28-200907 years
18ToxicMar-14-200907 years
17Picture PerfectMar-07-200907 years
16An Invisible Enemy - RevisitedFeb-07-200907 years
15Conspiracy to KillJan-31-200903 years
14Lady in the HarborJan-24-200903 years
13Peace, Love and MurderJan-17-200807 years
12Who Killed Toni HeartstringJan-10-200907 years
11Power, Passion and Poison - RevisitedDec-20-200807 years
10Invitation to a Murder - RevisitedDec-13-200803 years
9The Guessing GameDec-06-200807 years
8Drawn to MurderNov-29-200903 years
7Sign of the Times aka The Mortgage and the MurderNov-22-200807 years
6Truth on TrialNov-15-200803 years
5Vegas HeatNov-08-200807 years
4Blood and Money on Horseshoe BayNov-01-200803 years
3Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?Oct-25-200807 years
2Into Thin AirOct-18-200807 years
1Kidnapped - Shawn Hornbeck's Incredible StorySep-24-200807 years
2036[no episode title yet]May-19-200707 years
35[no episode title yet]May-12-200707 years
34[no episode title yet]May-05-200707 years
33[no episode title yet]Jul-01-200807 years
32[no episode title yet]Jun-03-200807 years
31[no episode title yet]May-27-200807 years
30[no episode title yet]May-17-200807 years
29[no episode title yet]May-10-200807 years
28[no episode title yet]May-03-200807 years
27Stolen BeautyJul-01-200807 years
26The Secret Life of Paige BirgfeldJun-10-200807 years
25BetrayalJun-03-200807 years
24Point BlankMay-17-200807 years
23The Preachers WifeMay-10-200807 years
22The Last TakeApr-26-200807 years
21Deadline for JusticeApr-19-200803 years
20The LetterApr-15-200807 years
19A Long Way from HomeApr-12-200803 years
18Stolen DreamsMar-15-200807 years
17The Long RoadMar-01-200807 years
16Addicted to LoveFeb-16-200803 years
15Who Killed the Beauty Queen?Feb-09-200803 years
14No Way Out aka Flood of BlameFeb-02-200807 years
13Trigger PointJan-29-200807 years
12Fight for the Truth: Marty TankleffJan-26-200803 years
11In Too DeepJan-22-200803 years
10The Socialite's SecretJan-19-200807 years
9Death Without MercyJan-05-200807 years
8An Invisible EnemyDec-08-200707 years
7Capture the QueenDec-01-200703 years
6Where's Maddie?Nov-17-200707 years
5A Time to Kill: Michele HarrisNov-10-200703 years
4An Eye for an EyeOct-27-200703 years
3The Sugar Land ConspiracyOct-20-200707 years
2Storm of MurderOct-13-200707 years
1The McGuire DiariesSep-29-200707 years
1936[no episode title yet]May-19-200707 years
35[no episode title yet]May-12-200707 years
34[no episode title yet]May-05-200707 years
33[no episode title yet]Apr-28-200707 years
32[no episode title yet]Apr-21-200707 years
31[no episode title yet]Apr-17-200707 years
30Beyond the BoardwalkMay-19-200707 years
29Death of a DreamMay-12-200707 years
28Power, Passion and PoisonMay-05-200707 years
27Murder in the Fast LaneApr-28-200702 years
26[no episode title yet]Mar-06-200707 years
25The Puppet MasterApr-14-200707 years
24The Ghost of David CoffinApr-07-200707 years
23Dangerous ReunionMar-10-200707 years
22Murder on the CapeMar-06-200702 years
21To Catch a Killer: Nelson SerranoMar-03-200702 years
20Caught in the Crossfire aka Courting DisasterFeb-24-200707 years
19The Biggest GambleFeb-17-200707 years
18Murder Comes KnockingFeb-10-200702 years
17Love and LiesFeb-03-200707 years
16Secrets in the SandJan-30-200702 years
15The Sweetheart MurdersJan-27-200707 years
14Taylor Behl: Searching for SecretsJan-16-200702 years
13Murder on His MindJan-13-200702 years
12EndgameJan-06-200707 years
11Murder on Lockhart RoadDec-09-200602 years
10Decade of MysteryNov-25-200607 years
9Blood and MoneyNov-18-200607 years
8ExposedNov-11-200607 years
7Memory of MurderNov-04-200607 years
6Scientology: A Question of FaithOct-28-200607 years
5Nashville BluesOct-21-200602 years
4Dangerous LiaisonsOct-14-200607 years
3Millionaire ManhuntOct-07-200607 years
2The InformerSep-30-200607 years
1Dark Voyage: Ashley's TaleSep-23-200607 years
1831[no episode title yet]May-21-200507 years
30Deadly ObsessionMay-30-200603 years
29Duty, Death, DishonorMay-20-200607 years
28Cheatin' HeartMay-13-200607 years
27The Last DanceMay-06-200607 years
26Deadly ProposalApr-29-200607 years
25The Marilyn TapesApr-22-200603 years
24A Knock on the DoorApr-15-200603 years
23Love LostApr-08-200603 years
22Natalee Holloway: New Clues in ParadiseMar-25-200603 years
21Texas ConfidentialMar-11-200607 years
20The Highest Stakes aka The Biggest GambleMar-04-200607 years
19What They Did for LoveFeb-25-200603 years
18Dream KillerFeb-18-200603 years
17Blaming the BabysitterFeb-04-200607 years
16Rage on the RunJan-28-200603 years
15The Phone CallJan-21-200603 years
14The Girl Next DoorJan-07-200607 years
13The Mystery of ChristmasDec-20-200503 years
12Who Murdered the NewlywedsDec-17-200503 years
11Love, Lies, Murder? aka The Mystery of Janet MarchDec-10-200503 years
10Deadly RideNov-26-200503 years
9Nightmare in NapaNov-19-200503 years
8Sex, Lies and the Doctor's WifeNov-12-200503 years
7Jeffrey McDonald: Time for TruthNov-05-200503 years
6Scared to DeathOct-29-200503 years
5Secrets & Lies on Grapevine LakeOct-22-200503 years
4Defending Your LifeOct-15-200507 years
3Strange TruthOct-08-200503 years
2BTK: Out of the ShadowsOct-01-200503 years
1Back from the DeadSep-24-200503 years
1735Going To ExtremesAug-06-200405 years
34Cold Cases Get HotJul-10-200405 years
33Young, Rich and Powerful IIJun-04-200405 years
32Legal Challenges in the SpotlightJun-02-200405 years
31Perfectly ExecutedAug-06-200503 years
30The PretenderMay-31-200503 years
29Two Wigs, a Gun and a MurderMay-21-200503 years
28A Mind for MurderMay-14-200503 years
27Secrets from the GraveMay-07-200503 years
26The Man Who Knew Too MuchApr-30-200503 years
25Terror at the MorgueApr-23-200503 years
24Prescription for MurderApr-16-200503 years
23Blood FeudApr-09-200503 years
22A Question of MurderMar-26-200503 years
21Prime Suspect: Marty Tankleff RevisitedMar-12-200503 years
20Secrets of the Well aka Cold Case ClayMar-05-200503 years
19Rescued from the ShadowsFeb-26-200503 years
18Chamber of SecretsFeb-19-200503 years
17Postmarked for MurderFeb-12-200503 years
16Michael Jackson: Critical StageJan-29-200503 years
15HostageJan-22-200503 years
14Where's Our BabyJan-15-200507 years
13A Shot in the DarkJan-08-200503 years
12JonBenet: Prime SuspectsDec-18-200403 years
11Why Did Eric KillDec-11-200403 years
10Black Dahlia ConfidentialNov-27-200403 years
9Eye of the BeholderNov-20-200403 years
8VanishedNov-13-200403 years
7The Right to KillNov-06-200403 years
6On the Verge of a VerdictOct-30-200403 years
5American Taboo aka Lost in ParadiseOct-23-200403 years
4Who Killed Stephanie Crowe?Oct-16-200407 years
3Dark Side of the MesaOct-09-200403 years
2The Ghosts of El SegundoOct-02-200403 years
1Written in BloodSep-25-200403 years
1643The ProfilerSep-20-200205 years
42Cry RapeSep-17-200205 years
41Star WitnessAug-27-200305 years
40Tribute to Bob HopeJul-28-200305 years
39Baby HopeJul-12-200305 years
38Rich KidsJun-11-200305 years
37The Canal Street BrothelMay-23-200305 years
36For Love or MoneyMay-14-200305 years
35Going to ExtremesAug-06-200402 years
34Cold Cases Get HotJul-10-200402 years
33Young, Rich and Powerful IIJun-04-200402 years
32Legal Challenges in the SpotlightJun-02-200402 years
31Six Miracles for ChristmasMay-19-200402 years
30Who Murdered the Rock Star?May-15-200402 years
29Driven to ExtremesApr-28-200402 years
28Right or WrongApr-24-200402 years
27Diana's SecretsMar-30-200305 years
26Dangerous MindsApr-14-200402 years
25Prime Suspect: Marty TankleffApr-07-200402 years
24Caged KidsMar-31-200402 years
23The Mystery of Robert DurstMar-17-200402 years
22Mystery in ParadiseMar-12-200402 years
21Searching for Angela SheltonMar-10-200402 years
20TrappedFeb-25-200402 years
19Murder in the HamptonsFeb-11-200402 years
18Who Killed the Prosecutor?Jan-28-200402 years
17It's Just SexJan-21-200402 years
16Prime Suspect: Billy FoxJan-14-200402 years
15The Other WomanJan-07-200402 years
14Air Sunshine: Flying Into DangerDec-17-200302 years
13Without Warning, ChaosDec-17-200302 years
12The HomecomingDec-10-200302 years
11Missing MollyDec-03-200302 years
10Dangerous ExtremesNov-29-200302 years
9Heavy Burden: Eat It RawNov-22-200302 years
8Twist of FateNov-15-200302 years
7Robert Blake's Real Life DramaNov-12-200302 years
6The Secret Life of Eric WrightNov-08-200302 years
5It's a Big CountryNov-01-200302 years
4The Law and Mrs. SheltonOct-29-200302 years
3What's Love Got to Do with It?Oct-11-200302 years
2Kobe Bryant: Full Court PressOct-04-200302 years
1Tacoma ConfidentialSep-27-200302 years
1545Middletown, U.S.A.Aug-23-200205 years
44A Family Accused - RevisitedAug-07-200205 years
43The ProfilerSep-20-200202 years
42Cry RapeSep-17-200202 years
41Star WitnessAug-27-200302 years
40Tribute to Bob HopeJul-28-200302 years
39Baby HopeJul-12-200302 years
38Rich KidsJun-11-200302 years
37The Canal Street BrothelMay-23-200302 years
36For Love or MoneyMay-14-200302 years
35Extremely PerfectApr-30-200302 years
34To Catch a StalkerApr-23-200302 years
33Ghosts of GreenwichApr-16-200302 years
32Fog of War: Facing Friendly FireApr-11-200302 years
31Hong Kong: Crowded City of FearApr-09-200302 years
30Battling Gulf War SyndromeApr-09-200302 years
29A Widow's TaleApr-04-200302 years
28Hidden Dangers of Ambush AlleyApr-04-200302 years
27Waiting on Women Warriors: Jessica LynchMar-30-200302 years
26How Long a War?Mar-29-200302 years
25One on One with PowellMar-25-200302 years
24The Babysitter's StoryMar-14-200302 years
23The Tale of the TapeMar-07-200302 years
22The Negotiators aka Desperate CallMar-05-200302 years
21Chambers Speaks aka Justice Served?Feb-26-200302 years
20Lust, Lies and Videotape aka The Secret TapesFeb-19-200302 years
19Mystery in Room 813Feb-12-200302 years
18Muder in MonacoFeb-05-200302 years
17Elizabeth's Road HomeFeb-05-200302 years
16To Hell and Back IIJan-31-200302 years
15Invitation to a MurderJan-15-200302 years
14Searching for ElizabethJan-10-200302 years
13Tracking a Killer IIDec-06-200202 years
12Family SecretsDec-06-200202 years
11Cold TurkeyNov-29-200202 years
10Burden of ProofNov-22-200202 years
9Scammed!Nov-08-200202 years
8Where is Janet March?Nov-01-200202 years
7The InvestigatorsOct-25-200202 years
6Addictions on All SidesOct-18-200202 years
5The Alibi: Reasonable Doubt IOct-11-200202 years
4The Alibi: Disturbing the Peace IOct-11-200202 years
3Searching for a KillerOct-04-200202 years
2A Crime of the MindSep-27-200202 years
1Silent Killers IISep-20-200202 years
1445Middletown, U.S.A.Aug-23-200202 years
44A Family Accused - RevisitedAug-07-200202 years
43A Question of Guilt: The Bakley MurderAug-05-200202 years
42Til Death Do Us PartAug-02-200202 years
41Murder Without JusticeJul-15-200202 years
40Sin City ExposedJul-12-200202 years
39Idol MakerJul-10-200202 years
38Death in the DesertJun-28-200202 years
37Jackpot!Jun-21-200202 years
36End of the RoadJun-17-200202 years
35It's All in Your HeadJun-14-200202 years
34Truth and ConsequencesMay-31-200202 years
33Murder in the Fast LaneMay-20-200202 years
32LegendsMay-10-200202 years
31Millionaire Boys ClubMay-08-200202 years
30PerfectMay-03-200202 years
29Teen IdolMay-01-200202 years
28Trouble Next Door IIApr-29-200202 years
27A Cop Behind BarsApr-19-200202 years
26Spring Break ExposedApr-17-200202 years
25Spencer's JourneyApr-12-200202 years
24Tracking a Killer IApr-10-200202 years
23To Hell and BackApr-03-200202 years
22Animal MagnetismMar-29-200202 years
21Reasonable DoubtMar-27-200202 years
20The Mystery of Slide MountainMar-08-200202 years
19Is It a Crime?Mar-06-200202 years
18Your Money or Your LifeFeb-11-200202 years
17Target TerrorJan-30-200202 years
16A Lot to Lose - Atkins ControversyJan-18-200202 years
15Bookie's WifeJan-11-200202 years
14Web of SeductionJan-04-200202 years
13Your Wildest DreamsDec-28-200102 years
12All in the FamilyDec-21-200102 years
11Addicted: OxyContinDec-12-200102 years
10Twin MiraclesDec-07-200102 years
9A Family Torn ApartDec-03-200102 years
8Murder in Las VegasNov-16-200102 years
7Out of Control aka Parent TrapNov-09-200102 years
6The RookiesNov-02-200102 years
5Double LifeOct-25-200102 years
4Special SecurityOct-19-200102 years
3Untold Story of Flight 11Oct-12-200102 years
2Safe at Home?Oct-05-200102 years
1At Ground ZeroSep-28-200102 years
1343Against All OddsSep-07-200005 years
42Enough Trauma for a LifetimeSep-20-200102 years
41Silent KillersSep-05-200102 years
40Everybody Has a StoryAug-31-200102 years
39Murder They Wrote: Murder in SpokaneAug-24-200102 years
38Murder They Wrote: Double JeopardyAug-17-200102 years
37Murder They Wrote: Precious AngelsAug-10-200102 years
36Murder They Wrote: By Two and TwoAug-03-200102 years
35Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 2Jul-27-200102 years
34Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 1Jul-27-200102 years
33Murder They Wrote: While Innocents SleptJul-20-200102 years
32For Better or Worse: Divorce??Jul-05-200102 years
31Medical MysteriesJun-14-200102 years
30Day of ReckoningJun-11-200102 years
29Bitter Pill: A Wife on TrialJun-04-200102 years
28Prisoners in ParadiseMay-24-200102 years
27Against All Odds IIIMay-02-200102 years
26The Road BackApr-26-200102 years
25Sleep TightApr-19-200102 years
24Campus InsecurityApr-03-200102 years
23Dead CertainMar-26-200102 years
22Survival of the Fittest: Eco-ChallengeMar-21-200102 years
21Slim ChanceMar-14-200102 years
20Living with the EnemyMar-05-200102 years
19Tug of LoveFeb-22-200102 years
18The Boston StranglerFeb-15-200102 years
17A Mother AccusedFeb-12-200102 years
16Krystal's Courage: The TrialFeb-08-200102 years
15Krystal's CourageFeb-01-200102 years
14CybercrimeJan-25-200102 years
13Getting Away with Murder?Jan-11-200002 years
12David's JourneyJan-04-200102 years
11Great DamesDec-28-200002 years
10The Fight to ForgiveDec-21-200002 years
9The Colonel's WifeDec-07-200002 years
8EcstasyNov-30-200002 years
7RageNov-16-200002 years
6Heroes Under FireNov-02-200002 years
5A Grandmother's MissionOct-26-200002 years
4Lori BerensonOct-19-200002 years
3The Enemy WithinOct-12-200002 years
2Gold RushOct-05-200002 years
1Service Please!Sep-21-200002 years
1253Nature's FurySep-16-199905 years
52Race to FreedomSep-14-199905 years
51CourageSep-02-199905 years
50On the Edge of Your SeatAug-31-199905 years
49MissingAug-30-199905 years
48Something Wild: Animal IntelligenceAug-19-199905 years
47Deadly DeceptionAug-16-199905 years
46Teacher's PetAug-12-199905 years
45Who Killed Allen Griffen?Aug-09-199905 years
44Sixth SenseAug-05-199905 years
43Against All OddsSep-07-200002 years
42Save My ChildAug-24-200002 years
41The LegacyAug-09-200002 years
40TornadoJul-27-200002 years
39FameJul-05-200002 years
38Ghosts of MississippiJun-26-200002 years
37Class of 2000: Great ExpectationsJun-22-200002 years
36Living Better LongerJun-15-200002 years
35That's My ChildJun-01-200002 years
34It's Only SexMay-22-200002 years
33Citizen JaneMay-18-200002 years
32Impossible Mission IIMay-15-200002 years
31Never Forget IVMay-11-200002 years
30Judging Dr. MorganMay-04-200002 years
29AccusedApr-27-200002 years
28Bad GirlsApr-20-200002 years
27Who Killed These Girls?Apr-13-200002 years
26Breaking PointApr-12-200002 years
25CyberstalkerMar-30-200002 years
24Never Forget IIIMar-09-200002 years
23Invisible KillersMar-02-200002 years
22PanicFeb-24-200002 years
21Daddy's Little GirlFeb-17-200002 years
20MatchmakerFeb-14-200002 years
19The Perfect ChildFeb-10-200002 years
18Who Killed Robert Adair?Feb-03-200002 years
17Justice For Sheila? - RevisitedJan-31-200002 years
16Weighing the RisksJan-20-200002 years
15A Family's ShameJan-13-200002 years
14Family FeudsJan-06-200002 years
13The Future of EverythingDec-30-199902 years
12Class of 2000: Too Much Too SoonDec-16-199902 years
11MiraclesDec-09-199902 years
10A House DividedNov-18-199902 years
9The ImposterNov-11-199902 years
8A Mother AccusedNov-04-199902 years
7Impossible MissionNov-01-199902 years
6Deadly SecretOct-28-199902 years
5Gambling with Your LifeOct-26-199902 years
4Fatal AttractionOct-14-199902 years
3Why Did Josh Kill?Oct-07-199902 years
2Torn by HateSep-30-199902 years
1Mr. WonderfulSep-23-199902 years
1153Nature's FurySep-16-199903 years
52Race to FreedomSep-14-199903 years
51CourageSep-02-199903 years
50On the Edge of Your SeatAug-31-199903 years
49MissingAug-30-199903 years
48Something Wild: Animal IntelligenceAug-19-199903 years
47Deadly DeceptionAug-16-199903 years
46Teacher's PetAug-12-199903 years
45Who Killed Allen Griffen?Aug-09-199903 years
44Sixth SenseAug-05-199903 years
43Mission ImpossibleAug-03-199903 years
42The Shame of Rush SpringsAug-02-199903 years
41Animal MagnetismJul-20-199903 years
40Against All OddsJul-13-199903 years
39Murder, Madness, InsanityJul-12-199903 years
38Multiple ChoiceJul-08-199903 years
37Wild ThingsJul-06-199903 years
36Kidnapped: A Year LaterJul-01-199903 years
35Desperate MeasuresJun-24-199903 years
34Class of 2000: Driven to ExtremesJun-10-199903 years
33Price of PerfectionMay-27-199903 years
32Murder for Hire?May-13-199903 years
31The ConfessionMay-06-199903 years
30After the TearsApr-24-199903 years
29Ultimate RiskApr-15-199903 years
28Who Killed JonBenet?Apr-08-199903 years
27$trike It RichApr-01-199903 years
26Pain KillersMar-04-199903 years
25ObsessedFeb-25-199903 years
24Second Hand ManFeb-22-199903 years
23Never Forget IIFeb-18-199903 years
22A Time to Kill: Sterling BarberFeb-11-199903 years
21My Daughter's KillerFeb-04-199903 years
20Expert WitnessJan-28-199903 years
19A Second ChanceJan-21-199903 years
18BingeJan-14-199903 years
17The Killer Next DoorJan-07-199903 years
16Class of 2000Dec-17-199803 years
15Whiz Kids!Dec-16-199803 years
14Royals Among UsDec-10-199803 years
13Surviving DivorceDec-03-199803 years
12Cry RapeNov-19-199803 years
11My Father's KillerNov-18-199803 years
10Searching for ImmortalityNov-12-199803 years
9Samantha's ChoiceNov-05-199803 years
8A Family AccusedNov-03-199803 years
7Dad's Double LifeOct-29-199803 years
6Torn by HateOct-22-199803 years
5Breaking PointOct-15-199803 years
4Save My ChildOct-08-199803 years
3Nature's FuryOct-01-199803 years
2The Curse of Small Town U.S.A.Sep-24-199803 years
1Kidnapped!Sep-17-199803 years
1016Deadly EncounterSep-14-199803 years
15Nowhere to HideSep-10-199803 years
14Step by StepSep-03-199803 years
13Chance of a LifetimeAug-31-199803 years
12Cheating DeathAug-20-199803 years
11Trouble Next DoorAug-13-199803 years
10A Killer Walks FreeAug-10-199803 years
9AfterlifeAug-06-199803 years
8Making ItJul-16-199803 years
7EyewitnessJul-09-199803 years
6Free to KillJun-29-199803 years
5Princess Diana: Investigating TragedyJun-11-199803 years
4Uproar in WenatcheeMay-28-199803 years
3Who's My Mommy?May-14-199803 years
2RevengeMay-07-199803 years
1Never Forget IApr-30-199803 years
34On Lonely StreetOct-05-198902 years
3The Tarnished YearsSep-28-198902 years
2Hurricane Watch (Hugo)Sep-21-198902 years
1Return to Crack StreetSep-14-198902 years
247Making BabiesSep-07-198902 years
46No Place Like HomeAug-31-198902 years
45Murder CapitalAug-24-198902 years
44Behind the SoapsAug-17-198902 years
43Behind the BadgeAug-10-198902 years
42Out of MindAug-03-198902 years
41Crude AwakeningJul-27-198902 years
40Revolution '89Jul-13-198902 years
39Drunk or Sober?Jul-06-198902 years
38On the BorderJun-29-198902 years
37Abortion BattleJun-22-198902 years
36Abortion BattleJun-22-198903 months
35The DeprogramingJun-01-198902 years
34Lights, Camera, War!May-25-198902 years
33China RebellionMay-18-198902 years
32Death Row KidsMay-11-198902 years
31Crystal USAMay-04-198902 years
30Lottery FeverApr-27-198902 years
29Working HighApr-20-198902 years
28Dying WishApr-13-198902 years
27Toy MoneyApr-06-198902 years
26L.A. JusticeMar-30-198902 years
25Armed and DeadlyMar-16-198902 years
24Murder CapitalMar-09-198902 years
23Hot TVMar-02-198902 years
22After HirohitoFeb-23-198902 years
21On Homeless StreetFeb-16-198902 years
20Victim of DivorceFeb-09-198902 years
19Animal RightsFeb-02-198902 years
18Critical ConditionJan-26-198902 years
17In High SchoolJan-12-199802 years
16Behind the BadgeJan-05-198902 years
15America for SaleDec-29-198802 years
14Inside the VaticanDec-15-198802 years
13Assignment: GorbachevDec-08-198802 years
12In the Rhino WarDec-01-198802 years
11Nightmare Next DoorNov-17-198802 years
10Drunk or Sober?Nov-10-198802 years
9Gun FightNov-03-198802 years
8Who's Watching the Kids?Oct-27-198802 years
7Abortion BattleOct-20-198802 years
6In Aids AlleyOct-13-198802 years
5Making BabiesOct-06-198802 years
4Not on My StreetSep-29-198802 years
3Hard SellSep-22-198802 years
2Hurricane WatchSep-15-198802 years
1Smoking WarSep-08-198802 years
126On Runaway StreetSep-01-198802 years
25Showdown at CheyenneAug-25-198802 years
24In the Cocaine WarAug-11-198802 years
23In the WildAug-04-198802 years
22Time and PunishmentJul-28-198802 years
21The 24 Hours of Le MansJul-14-198802 years
20Wedding DayJul-07-198802 years
19On Gang StreetJun-30-198802 years
18Hitting HomeJun-16-198802 years
17Gold Medal FeverJun-09-198802 years
16The WarriorsMay-26-198802 years
15Rags to RichesMay-19-198802 years
14Beating Heart DiseaseMay-12-198802 years
13Top DogMay-05-198802 years
12In the Cocaine WarApr-28-198802 years
11From Disaster to DiscoveryApr-21-198802 years
10Faith Under FireApr-14-198802 years
9In HollywoodApr-07-198802 years
8More than a gameMar-31-198802 years
7Miami Fights BackMar-17-198802 years
6On Runaway StreetMar-10-198802 years
5In the CampaignFeb-16-198802 years
4In the Promised LandFeb-09-198802 years
3AirportFeb-02-198802 years
2In Las VegasJan-19-198802 years
1HospitalJan-19-198802 years
046All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron HernandezJan-20-201803 years
45O.J. Simpson: EndGameSep-28-201703 years
44Live to Tell: My Name is VictoriaJan-22-201603 years
43Live to Tell: Sole SurvivorJan-03-201503 years
42Live To Tell: I Remember EverythingOct-25-201403 years
41Live to Tell: The Stranger You KnowFeb-02-201303 years
40NewtownDec-15-201203 years
39Live to Tell: An Officer and a HeroMay-19-201203 years
38 Live to Tell: Three Days Before ChristmasDec-10-201103 years
37Vanity Fair - Hollywood ScandalNov-19-201103 years
36The West Memphis 3 - FreeSep-17-201103 years
35Casey Anthony - Judgement DayJul-05-201103 years
34Bullying Words Can KillJun-25-201103 years
33Live to Tell: Hunting HumansFeb-26-201103 years
32Live to Tell: The Railroad KillerDec-11-201003 years
31Live to Tell: Full MoonDec-04-201003 years
30Live to Tell: Kidnapp on Highway 1Jan-02-201003 years
29Live to Tell: Birthday PartyDec-19-200903 years
28American Girl, Italian Murder: The VerdictDec-05-200903 years
27Live to Tell: Krystal's CourageNov-28-200903 years
26Michael Jackson - The Last DanceJul-07-200903 years
25Michael Jackson - Picking Up The PiecesJun-30-200903 years
24Live to Tell: Black WaveFeb-28-200903 years
23Live To Tell: River's EdgeFeb-21-200903 years
22Live To Tell: The Year We DisappearedFeb-14-200903 years
21Polygamy: A World ApartMay-27-200803 years
20The Lord's BootcampApr-12-200803 years
19Love And Death In AlaskaMar-08-200803 years
18Perfectly Executed: Pocket Book MysterySep-17-200703 years
17Nightmare In Napa: Pocket Book MysteryApr-17-200703 years
16Disaster In the DeltaSep-06-200503 years
15Katrina's FuryAug-31-200503 years
14Michael Jackson VerdictJun-13-200503 years
13A Nation's FarewellJun-11-200403 years
12The Kennedys: Privilege and Pressure aka Sons of CamelotMar-23-200403 years
11Extremely Perfect: Bypass ManiaMar-05-200403 years
10The Road To OscarFeb-18-200403 years
948 Hours: Latest on Terror AttacksSep-21-200103 years
8America's FightSep-18-200103 years
7History On HoldNov-09-200003 years
6North Valley Jewish Community Center ShootingAug-10-199903 years
5An American Tragedy (3)Jul-23-199903 years
4An American Tragedy (2)Jul-22-199903 years
3An American Tragedy (1)Jul-19-199903 years
2Young GunsApr-22-199903 years
1Cure For the Common Snore?Apr-23-199803 years

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