1000 Ways to Die

1000 Ways to Die is a documentary thriller series that features different kinds of deaths.

Genre: Thriller, Documentary

Release Date: May 14, 2008 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Spike TV (Spike TV, IMDb)


Most recent episode: 1000 Ways to Die Season 6 Episode 11 - ( 2/29/2012 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
611[no episode title yet]Feb-29-2012011 months
10[no episode title yet]Feb-22-2012011 months
9[no episode title yet]Feb-08-2012011 months
8[no episode title yet]Feb-01-2012111 months
7[no episode title yet]Jan-25-2012111 months
6[no episode title yet]Nov-21-2011011 months
5[no episode title yet]Nov-14-2011011 months
4[no episode title yet]Nov-07-2011011 months
3[no episode title yet]Oct-31-2011011 months
2[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2011011 months
1[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2011011 months
518[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2011011 months
17[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2011011 months
8[no episode title yet]Aug-29-2011011 months
7[no episode title yet]Aug-22-2011011 months
6[no episode title yet]Aug-15-2011011 months
5[no episode title yet]Aug-08-2011011 months
4[no episode title yet]Aug-01-2011011 months
3[no episode title yet]Jul-25-2011011 months
2[no episode title yet]Jul-18-2011011 months
1[no episode title yet]Jul-11-2011011 months
48Death, The Final FrontierJul-15-2012011 months
7It's a Dead Dead Dead WorldJul-15-2012011 months
6Crying Over Spilled BloodJul-15-2012011 months
5Death CertificatesJul-15-2012011 months
4A New App Called DeathApr-02-2012011 months
3Tweets from the DeadMar-26-2012011 months
2Think Globally, Die LocallyMar-19-2012011 months
1Enter the FerretMar-12-2012011 months
342Locked and Low DeadFeb-29-2012011 months
41Sor-Dead AffairFeb-29-2012011 months
40Death - Putting the "Fun" in "Funeral"Feb-22-2012011 months
39Star Death: The Last GenerationFeb-08-2012011 months
38Die-abesticFeb-01-2012011 months
37Death PenaltiesJan-25-2012011 months
36Wild Wild DeathNov-21-2011011 months
35Death Takes a VacationNov-14-2011011 months
34Dirt NapNov-07-2011011 months
33Grave DecisionsOct-31-2011011 months
32Deadliest KitschOct-24-2011011 months
31Death by RequestOct-24-2011011 months
30Death: One Size Fits AllAug-29-2011011 months
29Death: The Gift That Lasts ForeverAug-22-2011011 months
28Wait, Don't Tell Me - You're DeadAug-15-2011011 months
27Eat, Pray DieAug-08-2011011 months
26Today's Special: DeathAug-01-2011011 months
25Death Be a Lady TonightJul-25-2011011 months
24Death, The New BlackJul-18-2011011 months
23That's "Mister Death" to YouJul-11-2011011 months
22Stupid is as Death DoesMar-29-2011011 months
21Dead Before They Know ItMar-23-2011011 months
20Better Them Than UsMar-16-2011011 months
19Killing Them SoftlyMar-09-2011011 months
18Grave ErrorsMar-02-2011011 months
17Ready or Not, Here Comes DeathFeb-23-2011011 months
16Getting a Rise from the DeadFeb-16-2011011 months
15The One About Dumb People Dying!Feb-08-2011011 months
14If You're Dead - Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to YouJan-05-2011011 months
13Dying to Tell the StoryDec-29-2010011 months
12Sudden DeathDec-22-2010011 months
11Cure for the Common Death Pt. IIDec-15-2010011 months
10Today's Menu: Deep Fried DeathDec-08-2010011 months
9Young, Dumb and Full of DeathNov-09-2010011 months
8Death Puts on a Dunce CapNov-02-2010011 months
7Hurry Up and DieOct-26-2010011 months
6The End is WeirdOct-19-2010011 months
5Fatal DistractionsOct-05-2010011 months
4Dead WrongsSep-28-2010011 months
3Stupid is as Stupid DiesSep-21-2010011 months
2Putting a Smiley Face on DeathSep-14-2010011 months
1Death on a StickAug-03-2010011 months
212Dead on DeadFeb-24-2010011 months
11Dead to RightsFeb-17-2010011 months
10You're Dead! LOL!Feb-10-2010011 months
9Waking Up DeadFeb-03-2010011 months
8Death WatchJan-27-2010011 months
7Come on Get DeathyJan-20-2010011 months
6Gratefully DeadJan-13-2010011 months
5Bringing in the DeadJan-06-2010011 months
4Putting a Happy Face on DeathDec-30-2009011 months
3Up with DeathDec-16-2009011 months
2Death Bites!Dec-09-2009011 months
1Death on ArrivalDec-06-2009011 months
110I See Dead People (and They're Cracking Me Up)Apr-05-2009011 months
9Death: A User's ManualMar-29-2009011 months
8Cure for the Common DeathMar-22-2009011 months
7Death Be Not StupidMar-15-2009011 months
6The Good, The Bad, and the DeadMar-08-2009011 months
5The Lighter Side of DeathMar-01-2009011 months
4Death Gets BusyFeb-22-2009011 months
3Dead and DeaderFeb-15-2009011 months
2Death Over EasyFeb-08-2009011 months
1Unforced ErrorsFeb-08-2009011 months

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