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These are the most recent series that aired on TV or upcoming shows to expect. Click on the titles to view the detailed information about the show and the comprehensive episode guide.

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The Beatles: Get Back
The Beatles: Get Back takes audiences back in time to the band’s intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history. The documentary showcases the warmth, c[...]

November 25, 2021
The Shrink Next Door
The Shrink Next Door is a dark comedy inspired by true events that detail the bizarre relationship between psychiatrist to the stars Dr. Isaac \”Ike\” Herschkopf, and h[...]

November 12, 2021
The 4400
Over the last century at least, four thousand four hundred people who were overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized vanished without a trace off the face of the planet. L[...]

October 25, 2021
Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity’s existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggl[...]

October 22, 2021
Legends of the Hidden Temple
This supersized, adult version of Legends of the Hidden Temple is taken out of the studio into a \”jungle\” and scaled up with tougher challenges and much bigger prizes[...]

October 10, 2021
Killer Camp
The new U.S. version of Killer Camp will return to \”Camp Pleasant\” as a mix of 13 unlucky American and British campers navigate through new deadly twists and surprise[...]

October 10, 2021
Y: The Last Man
All of the men are dead. But one. Based on DC Comics’ acclaimed series, Y: The Last Man traverses a post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic event has decimated every ma[...]

September 13, 2021
Only Murders in the Building
Only Murders in the Building follows three New Yorkers who find they have a mutual interest in solving true crime – but limit their amateur sleuthing to only murders in their bui[...]

August 31, 2021
The Chair
The Chair is centered around the Chair of an English department at a major university. [...]

August 27, 2021
Ultimate Surfer
Ultimate Surfer gathering some of the world’s greatest up-and-coming surfers to train and live together as they battle it out at the World Surf League’s (WSL) state-of-[...]

August 23, 2021
Nine Perfect Strangers
Nine Perfect Strangers takes place at a boutique health-and-wellness resort that promises healing and transformation as nine stressed city dwellers try to get on a path to a better[...]

August 18, 2021
Heels is a story about the men and women who chase their dreams in the world of small town pro wrestling. Set in a close-knit Georgia community, it follows a family-owned wrestling[...]

August 15, 2021
Family Game Fight!
Hosted by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Family Game Fight! pits America’s funniest husband and wife against one another as they are \”adopted\” into a family of [...]

August 11, 2021
Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island, an all-new version of the classic show takes place at a luxury resort, where literally any fantasy requested by guests is fulfilled, although they rarely turn out [...]

August 10, 2021
Reservation Dogs
Reservation Dogs follows four Native teenagers in rural Oklahoma who spend their days committing crime… and fighting it. [...]

August 9, 2021
UFO explores unsettling theories of a subject that recently reached national headlines, and has historically been the focus of powerful politicians and CEOs, while average citizens[...]

August 8, 2021
Ultimate Slip 'N Slide
Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide takes the spirit of the classic backyard slide and transforms it into a real-life water park full of gigantic slippery rides with the chance to take ho[...]

August 8, 2021
Mr. Corman
Mr. Corman follows the days and nights of Josh Corman, played by Gordon-Levitt, an artist at heart but not by trade. A career in music hasn’t panned out, and he teaches fifth[...]

August 6, 2021
Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson
Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson will examine sound creation and the revolutionary technology that has shaped music as we know it. Each episode will follow Ronson as he uncovers th[...]

July 30, 2021
Chip ‘N' Dale: Park Life
Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life follows two tiny troublemakers trying to live the good life in a big city park while having giant-sized, sky-high adventures. Disney’s belove[...]

July 23, 2021
Masters of the Universe: Revelation
A radical return to Eternia, Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a direct sequel series to the classic era of Masters of the Universe. Featuring fan-favorites He-Man, Orko, Crin[...]

July 23, 2021
Ultra City Smiths
The story, unfolding via the stop-motion animation of baby dolls repurposed as a grown-up cast of characters, hinges on an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of fictio[...]

July 22, 2021
Through Our Eyes
Through Our Eyes spotlights the perspectives of children as they experience some of the most challenging issues facing families today – homelessness, parental incarceration, [...]

July 22, 2021
Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a prequel story that takes viewers back to the ’90s and the early years of iconic Power character Kanan Stark. [...]

July 18, 2021
100 Foot Wave
100 Foot Wave intimately captures the decade-long odyssey of surfing pioneer Garrett McNamara, who, after visiting Nazaré, Portugal in hopes of conquering a 100-foot wave, pushed [...]

July 18, 2021
Turner and Hooch
Turner and Hooch follows an ambitious, buttoned-up U.S. Marshall Scott Turner who suddenly inherits a big unruly dog, soon realizing the pet he didn’t want may be the partner[...]

July 16, 2021
Schmigadoon! is a parody of iconic musicals, which follows a couple on a backpacking trip designed to reinvigorate their relationship when they discover a magical town in which eve[...]

July 16, 2021
SurrealEstate revolves around real estate agent Nick Roman and an elite team of specialists who handle the cases that no one else can: haunted and possessed houses that literally s[...]

July 16, 2021
American Horror Stories
American Horror Stories is a companion anthology series to AHS where each episode is a standalone ghost story. Spin-off of the FX’s American Horror Story series. [...]

July 15, 2021
The Walking Dead: Origins
The Walking Dead: Origins is a series of specials exploring the journeys of the series’ most celebrated characters. Each episode charts the story of the zombie apocalypse fro[...]

July 15, 2021
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