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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior
Once partners, they are now fierce competitors at contending motorcycle shops. Senior continues his struggle to keep OCC afloat during difficult financial times, while Junior is no[...]

August 12, 2010 (US)
Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids
The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Atlanta’s Bridals by Lori and the drama that surrounds finding the perfect dress for the bridesmaids. You think helping a b[...]

October 12, 2007 (US)
All-American Muslim
All-American Muslim is a reality series that follows the life in Dearborn, Michigan — home to the largest mosque in the United States — through the lens of five Muslim [...]

November 13, 2011 (US)
Extreme Couponing
Extreme Couponing is an American reality television show that follows shoppers who make extensive and focused use of coupons to save money while accumulating large quantities of go[...]

April 6, 2011 (US)
Tattoo School
Tattoo School profiles prospective tattoo artists who are given a once-in-a-lifetime, two-week intensive course on the art of tattooing at the World’s Only Tattoo School. Cha[...]

July 14, 2011 (US)
Lottery Changed My Life
Lottery Changed My Life is a reality series that centers on the stories of the winners of lotteries, usually seen from the [...]

June 26, 2009 (US)
NY Ink
Tattoo artist Ami James leaves the warm sunny shores of Miami for the cold hard concrete and steel of New York City. The series follows Ami as he opens a shop, risking his reputati[...]

June 2, 2011 (US)
Kitchen Boss
Buddy brings viewers into the kitchen, where he shares his family favorite Italian dishes. From his grandmother’s secret recipes to simple tips to make a more delicious meal,[...]

January 25, 2011 (US)
Mama's Boys of the Bronx
Forget about fresh baked bread, pasta and cannoli — Arthur Avenue is the place where growing up means never having to leave your mama. TLC shares a slice of the real Little I[...]

April 9, 2012 (US)
My Crazy Obsession
“My Crazy Obsession” pulls back the curtains to reveal some of the nation’s most extreme and unique obsessions. The series takes viewers behind-the-scenes of home[...]

March 7, 2012 (US)
On The Fly
“On the Fly” gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the large-scale operations and personal customer stories at Southwest Airlines. Each episode introduces viewers t[...]

May 24, 2012 (US)
TLC takes a raw, first-hand look at the consequences of driving under the influence. The action unfolds as law enforcement works to prevent drivers from risking their lives and the[...]

December 1, 2011 (US)
Craft Wars
Three talented crafters will go head to head to create amazing themed projects in the hopes of winning a $10,000 prize. The contestants will first face off in the Pop Craft challen[...]

June 26, 2012 (US)
Strange Sex
With first hand accounts and commentary from medical professionals, each half-hour episode sends viewers on an unrestricted journey into an entirely new world of sex. The focus of [...]

July 18, 2010 (US)
Big Tiny Life with the Jordans
“Big Tiny: Life with the Jordans” is a reality series on TLC about the extraordinary life of the world’s smallest siblings. In September 2011, 22-year-old Bridget[...]

August 13, 2012 (US)
High School Moms
“High School Moms” follows the real-life drama at a Colorado high school devoted exclusively to pregnant girls and teen moms. With nursing facilities and a day care cen[...]

August 12, 2012 (US)
Brides of Beverly Hills
The series gives an inside look into the hearts – and wallets – of Beverly Hills’ over-the-top brides. Set in the stunning salon of Renee Strauss, the series foll[...]

October 28, 2011 (US)
Cheer Perfection
As anybody who’s seen the classic cheerleading movie Bring It On knows, “this is not a cheerocracy”. And the girls who attend classes at Sherwood, Arkansas, Cheer[...]

December 19, 2012 (US)
Sin City Rules
TLC present Sin City Rules, a reality series that follows the lives of the most powerful women in Las Vegas. The cast of lively characters include Lana Fuchs, successful businesswo[...]

December 9, 2012 (US)
Totally T-Boz
Does T-Boz have what it takes to get back onstage and conquer the world like she did with mega-popular girl group, TLC? Will her drive for a solo career crumble in her path and mar[...]

January 1, 2013 (US)
The Sisterhood
TLC presents The Sisterhood, an inside look at the world of evangelical preacher wives. Not the docile ladies you might be imagining- these gals are brazen when they talk about tat[...]

January 1, 2013 (US)
What Not To Wear
Two fashion experts, Stacy and Clinton takes a horrible dressing person, gives them a $5,000 credit card,and have 3 days to buy a whole new wardrobe BUT- in order to get the cash a[...]

January 18, 2013 (US)
Police Women of Broward County
This show follows four female police officers at the Broward County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office. The viewer is also shown glimpses into these cops’ personal and families[...]

August 6, 2009 (US)
Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.
Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose will be coming to TLC later this year with a new reality show about his life and impending wedding to model Kiana Kim. We’re looking fo[...]

January 14, 2013 (US)
Starter Wives Confidential
Starter Wives Confidential follows the lives of seven women who had relationships with men prior to the wealth and stardom making them what they are today. [...]

January 29, 2013 (US)
Cracking Addiction
A mother-son intervention team from Texas try to help people with substance-abuse problems, including a homeless, pregnant college dropout with a heroin habit, and a woman whose me[...]

October 3, 2012 (US)
Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost
America’s favorite nanny, Jo Frost, is saving fractured families from self-destruction. Whether torn by marital strife or turbulent teens, Jo is the only cure. The country[...]

May 28, 2013 (US)
Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta
“Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta” brings Southern charm to a familiar series. This weekly half hour series takes viewers inside Bridals by Lori – Atlanta’s big[...]

July 30, 2010 (US)
Secret Princes
TLC explores what happens when four members of international royalty leave their countries to live, work and search for love in America. To ensure that they are loved for their tru[...]

September 21, 2012
Hoarding: Buried Alive
Hoarding explores the psychology behind the compulsion to accumulate and store large quantities of nonessential things. Each episode tells the stories of hoarders struggling with b[...]

March 14, 2010 (US)
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