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Ugly Americans
Ugly Americans is animated comedy series that features the voices of Matt Oberg, Kurt Metzger, Natasha Leggero, Randy Pearlstein, Michael-Leon Wooley and Larry Murphy. It follows M[...]

March 17, 2010 (US)
Futurama follows the comic exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery boy, who was accidentally cryogenically frozen in 1999, and awakens in the year 3000, finding much has changed, and, ye[...]

March 28, 1999 (US)
The Burn
Roastmaster General Jeff Ross spends 30 nationally televised minutes every Tuesday night burning a wide array of targets. From politicians to athletes to b-list celebrities making [...]

August 14, 2012 (US)
The Jeselnik Offensive
“The Jeselnik Offensive” brings Anthony Jeselnik and his signature dark and twisted point of view to Comedy Central in a new weekly, topical series. Jeselnik, known for[...]

February 19, 2013 (US)
The Ben Show
“The Ben Show” is a sketch show/man-on-the-street hybrid from the mind of comedian Ben Hoffman. Every week, with the advice of unwitting strangers and experts alike, Be[...]

February 28, 2013 (US)
Big Bad World
Big Bad World is a comedy about what happens when you wait for life to begin. Ben has just graduated and the world should be his oyster, but he quickly finds himself back in his ho[...]

August 21, 2013 (US)
Adam Devine's House Party
Adam Devine, co-star of the hit COMEDY CENTRAL series “Workaholics,” is taking the party to the next level as the channel has ordered eight episodes of a stand-up serie[...]

October 23, 2013 (US)
Tosh.0 is a comedy show that is hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh where he talks all things Internet in his new weekly series, uncovering new technology as well as old. “Tosh.O&[...]

June 4, 2009 (US)
“Brickleberry” is an animated series that follows the misadventures of a motley crew of national park forest rangers. When their fledgling park faces disclosure, a new [...]

September 25, 2012 (US)
Key and Peele
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele present “Key & Peele,” an original new sketch-comedy show. In this new series these fresh, relevant comedic actor-writers, used [...]

January 31, 2012 (US)
The Colbert Report
An, offshoot of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report (the Ts in Colbert and in Report are silent) is a parody of shows like “The O’Reilly Factor.” Colbert begins th[...]

October 17, 2005 (US)
The Daily Show
Forget the 24 hour biased left wing news media, the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view of recent n[...]

July 22, 1996 (US)
Kroll Show
From the unique mind of Nick Kroll comes a new sketch series, Kroll Show, satirizing our television obsessed culture and the rabid fan base it breeds. Kroll has built a loyal follo[...]

January 13, 2013 (US)
Inside Amy Schumer
Inside Amy Schumer is the new series featuring Schumer’s provocative and hilariously wicked mind, as she explores topics revolving around sex, relationships, and the general [...]

April 30, 2013 (US)
The Half Hour
Comedy Central is shining the spotlight on some of the funniest and most unique comedians out there today with a new stand-up series filmed in Boston. Join Joe Mande, Theo Von, Gar[...]

May 11, 2012 (US)
Nathan For You
Nathan For You is a half-hour comedy starring Canadian writer-comedian Nathan Fielder (Jon Benjamin Has A Van, Important Things with Demetri Martin). Armed with a business degree a[...]

February 28, 2013 (US)
Give Out Girls
Give Out Girls is a sitcom about four girls who work in the world of promotions. Stars Diana Vickers, Kerry Howard, Cariad Lloyd, Miranda Hennessy, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Ben Bailey Sm[...]

October 14, 2014 (US)
Review with Forrest MacNeil
Review with Forrest MacNeil is a half-hour comedy starring Daly as “Forrest MacNeil.” Unlike typical critics who review boring things like films, food or art, MacNeil r[...]

March 6, 2014 (US)
A weekly, half-hour series showcasing a wide range of fast-paced, hard-hitting animated shorts delivered in a variety of animation styles. “Triptank” is slated to premi[...]

December 3, 2013 (US)
Chris Hardwick will lead three celebrity contestants down the ultimate Internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, they will compete to determine who has [...]

October 21, 2013 (US)
Three unmotivated college graduates are about to learn what the real world is all about. From now on they will be forced to follow dress codes, make deadlines and above all wake up[...]

April 6, 2011 (US)
Broad City
Broad City follows two girls, played by Jacobson and Glazer, throughout their daily lives in New York City, making the smallest and mundane events hysterical and disturbing to watc[...]

January 22, 2014 (US)
The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is a talk show series that replaced the “The Colbert Report.” The series provide viewers with Larry Wilmore’s distinct point [...]

January 19, 2015 (US)
This is Not Happening
From firearms to hotel fires, top comedians, including the likes of Marc Maron and Keegan-Michael Key, tell wild, wacky, and weird tales from their own lives in these storytelling [...]

January 23, 2015 (US)
Big Time In Hollywood, FL
Big Time In Hollywood, FL is a single camera comedy series that follows two delusional brothers, who are self-proclaimed filmmakers, as they are kicked out of their parents’[...]

March 25, 2015
Brotherhood UK
The series features a pair of adult brothers who left to raise their younger sibling after their mother passes away unexpectedly. [...]

June 2, 2015
Another Period
Another Period, hails from Ben Stiller’s Red Hour, with Drunk History co-creator/director Jeremy Konner directing. It stars Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindholme as Victorian e[...]

June 23, 2015
IDIOTSITTER is an Odd Couple for the modern era — if The Odd Couple followed two off-the-wall women instead of saggy old men. Jillian Bell is Gene, a woman whose wild lifesty[...]

February 26, 2014
Legends of Chamberlain Heights
Even though best friends Grover, Milk and Jamal are lowly benchwarmers on the Michael Clarke Duncan High basketball team, they’ve got superstar dreams. But it won’t be [...]

September 14, 2016
Drunk History
Drunk History is a weekly, half-hour series where historical reenactments by A-list talent are presented by inebriated storytellers. Based on the award-winning and wildly popular w[...]

July 9, 2013 (US)
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