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The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Secret Life of the American Teenager or simply the “Secret Life” is a drama series which stars Shailene Woodley, Kenny Baumann and Mark Derwin. [...]

July 1, 2008 (US)
The Secret Millionaire UK
The Secret Millionaire is a reality television show which originated in the UK, in which millionaires go incognito into impoverished communities and agree to give away tens of thou[...]

November 29, 2006 (UK)
Don't Trust the B*tch In Apartment 23
A wide-eyed Midwestern girl moves to New York City to pursue her dream job only to find herself living with a outlandish girl with the morals of a pirate. June’s (Dreama Walk[...]

April 11, 2012 (US)
Laid is a black romantic comedy about Roo McVie, a woman whose sexual past catches up with her in the most unusual of ways. Laid is a series about sex. Sex and death. Death and val[...]

February 9, 2011 (AU)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Get ready to immerse yourself in the opulent, exciting world of Australia’s leading lady detective Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) in “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries&[...]

February 24, 2012 (AU)
Ball Boys
From the producers of cable’s top rated Pawn Stars, “Ball Boys” follows the sports memorabilia business at iconic Robbie’s 1st Base in Baltimore, MD, and th[...]

March 24, 2012 (US)
101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (US)
101 Ways to Leave a Game Show features contestants competing in one of the most insane game shows for a chance to win 50,000 dollars! Contestants will match wits in a series of mul[...]

June 21, 2011 (US)
Angry Boys
Angry Boys is an Australian comedy series from comedian Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes). The series is composed of a 12-part mockumentary episodes which puts t[...]

May 11, 2011 (US)
Australia on Trial
Presented by historian Michael Cathcart, “Australia On Trial” is a thought-provoking three-part series, recreating three historic trials that throw light on the Austral[...]

April 5, 2012 (US)
Jane by Design
Jane By Design (previously entitled as What Would Jane Do) is an comedy drama television show that features Erica Dasher, Nick Roux, Rowly Dennis, India De Beaufort, Meagan Tandy,[...]

January 3, 2012 (US)
The Nine Lives of Chloe King
The Nine Lives of Chloe King is an American fantasy drama series that stars Skyler Samuels, Amy Pietz, Grey Damon, Grace Phipps, Benjamin Stone, Alyssa Diaz and Ki Hong Lee. The se[...]

June 14, 2011 (US)
Happy Endings
Happy Endings is an American sitcom that follows the lives of a group of friends, living in Chicago, whose group is rocked when the couple that brought them together, Alex and Dave[...]

April 13, 2011 (US)
Make It or Break It
Set in the high flying world of competitive gymnastics, “Make It or Break It” follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the sp[...]

June 22, 2009 (US)
The soap returns to Dallas in this deliciously fun, wicked new drama that shows that you can go home again… but only if you’re ready to face the sins of your past. Aman[...]

March 4, 2012 (US)
The Slap
The Slap is an Australian drama series based on the multi-award winning novel with the same title. It is an 8 episode series that stars Jonathan LaPaglia, Melissa George, Sophie Ok[...]

October 6, 2011 (US)
Charlie's Angels
Charlie’s Angels (2011) is a US television show that is a reboot of the show and the remake of the 1976 series with the same title. Casts of this 2011 version of Charlie̵[...]

September 22, 2011 (US)
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Correspondent has been Australia’s leading international current affairs program since 1992. In 18 years reporters, producers, camera operators and sound recordists h[...]

1992 (US)
Man Up!
Man Up! is an American situation comedy series that stars Christopher Moynihan, Dan Fogler, Mather Zickel, Henry Simmons, Teri Polo and Amanda Detmer. This television show surround[...]

October 18, 2011 (US)
State of Georgia
State of Georgia is an American comedy series series that stars Raven-Symon [...]

June 29, 2011 (US)
The Straits
The Montebellos are not your average Australian family; modern day smugglers, their family business is transporting drugs into Australia and guns and exotic wildlife out, making us[...]

February 2, 2012 (US)
You Deserve It
You Deserve It is a television game show created by Deal or No Deal creator, Dick de Rijk where the winners on the show will not receive any money, they decide to give to people wh[...]

November 21, 2011 (US)
Expedition Impossible
Expedition Impossible is an American reality TV series that follows 13 teams of 3 competitors as they “solve problems while racing across deserts, over mountains and through [...]

June 23, 2011 (US)
Kitchen Cabinet
A half-hour entertainment series that serves up a delectable combination of political discussion and good food. Each week one of Australia’s most respected political commenta[...]

February 22, 2012 (US)
Secret Millionaire
Secret Millionaire takes America’s wealthy away from their lavish lifestyles and places them in some of the poorest neighborhoods in America. Filmed under the guise as a docu[...]

December 3, 2008 (US)
We [...]

May 24, 2012 (US)
“Bunheads” is the tale of a Las Vegas showgirl who impulsively marries a man, moves to his sleepy coastal town, and takes an uneasy role at her new mother-in-law’[...]

June 11, 2012 (US)
The Glass House
The Glass House features fourteen contestants living and competing for a quarter million dollars in a totally wired, state-of-the-art house. But the contestants aren [...]

June 18, 2012
Beverly Hills Nannies
Beverly Hills Nannies is a docu-series, following the lives of a group of nannies working for families in the most exclusive zip code in the country. The show is produced by Evolut[...]

July 11, 2012
Trust Us with Your Life
From the creators of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Mock the Week”, “Trust Us with Your Life” is a brand new studio based improvisation series [...]

July 10, 2012 (US)
Four Corners (AU)
“Four Corners” is Australia’s premier television current affairs program. It has been part of the national story since August 1961, exposing scandals, triggering [...]

August 19, 1961 (US)
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