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The Daily Show
Forget the 24 hour biased left wing news media, the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view of recent n[...]

July 22, 1996 (US)
The Colbert Report
An, offshoot of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report (the Ts in Colbert and in Report are silent) is a parody of shows like “The O’Reilly Factor.” Colbert begins th[...]

October 17, 2005 (US)
With the first episode being broadcast on November 11, 1953, Panorama is the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme and the longest-running public affairs TV programme in t[...]

November 11, 1953 (UK)
Award-winning investigative documentary series produced by Channel 4, exploring complex and contemporary issues facing the UK, and the world. Established in 1987, it has a reputati[...]

October 30, 1987 (US)
60 Minutes
This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events. 60 Minutes has set unprecedented re[...]

September 24, 1968 (US)
Since January 1983, Frontline has served as American public television’s – PBS – flagship public affairs series. Hailed upon its television broadcast debut as [...]

January 17, 1983 (US)
Good Game
Good Game is a program by gamers for gamers. Each week it will be jam-packed with the latest gaming news and events, top gaming tips, reviews and interviews with game developers an[...]

September 19, 2006 (US)
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Correspondent has been Australia’s leading international current affairs program since 1992. In 18 years reporters, producers, camera operators and sound recordists h[...]

1992 (US)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is an American late-night talk show hosted by comedian John Oliver. It shares some similarities with The Daily Show, where Oliver was previousl[...]

April 27, 2014 (US)
It’s estimated that more than 600,000 people will be released from America [...]

June 1, 2005 (US)
Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Alan Carr’s chat show, packed with celebrity guests, topical showbiz news and highlights from the world of telly and the web. Funnyman Alan Carr returns with the seventh seri[...]

June 14, 2009 (US)
Rock Center with Brian Williams
“Rock Center with Brian Williams” is a weekly hour-long newsmagazine built around the week’s most provocative events, compelling coverage, and newsmaker interview[...]

October 31, 2011 (US)
Our America with Lisa Ling
“Our America with Lisa Ling” on OWN takes viewers along for an in-depth look at some of the most controversial and thought-provoking issues in the United States today &[...]

February 15, 2011 (US)
Tonight with Trevor McDonald
Tonight with Trevor McDonald is a factual news programme which takes a look at the issues affecting the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. In 2007 the title of the show was [...]

April 8, 1999 (US)
Inside MMA
MMA Legend Bas Rutten, Fight Master Kenny Rice, and Combat Correspondent Ron Kruck provide all the latest news, highlights, in-depth analysis and fighter rankings. Each week a gues[...]

September 14, 2007 (US)
Rip Off Britain
Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville battle on behalf of viewers who feel they’ve been ripped off or had a raw deal, investigating why they’ve been left[...]

November 30, 2009 (US)
Gadget Man
Stephen Fry welcomes us into his wonderful world of tech, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Richard Ayoade immerses himself in the world of gadgetry, trying out all the produ[...]

November 19, 2012 (US)
Has a company let you down? Are you being overcharged by your energy supplier? Watchdog wants to know. Every week Anne Robinson and Matt Allwright investigate your stories, quizzin[...]

July 14, 1985 (US)
Stephen Fry: Gadget Man
Stephen Fry welcomes us into his wonderful world of tech, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Stephen doesn’t live life like the rest of us. He doesn’t get caught i[...]

November 19, 2012 (US)
UFC Tonight
“UFC Tonight” is the official weekly news and information show of the UFC. With in-depth event coverage and analysis, jaw-dropping highlights, exclusive fighter intervi[...]

January 3, 2012 (US)
10 O'Clock Live
A weekly live comedy and current affairs show hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne. Each week the hosts present an intelligent, informative R[...]

January 20, 2011 (US)
Watchdog Daily
“Watchdog Daily” is a spin off daytime version of the Watchdog series. The series campaigns for consumer rights. Live and interactive series in which Sophie Raworth tak[...]

NOVEMBER 12, 2012 (US)
Curiosity (2011)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Why sex is fun? Welcome to Curiosity. More than just a landmark televi[...]

August 7, 2011 (US)
That Sunday Night Show
Back for a second series, That Sunday Night Show returns to ITV1. The brand new run will see host Adrian Chiles once again give his engaging round up of the biggest events and topi[...]

January 9, 2011 (US)
Untold With Maria Menounos
On her new show “Untold”, which premieres this Thurday, July 17, Maria Menounos will explore various pop culture and celebrity news topics by interviewing celebrities, [...]

July 17, 2014 (US)
Rip Off Food
Consumer series looking at the tricks of the trade used by food manufacturers and supermarkets, revealing how customers are fooled or misled when choosing what to buy at the shops.[...]

October 29, 2012 (US)
Four Corners (AU)
“Four Corners” is Australia’s premier television current affairs program. It has been part of the national story since August 1961, exposing scandals, triggering [...]

August 19, 1961 (US)
Beyond Belief (US)
Hosted by The New York Times best-selling author and Army combat veteran Wes Moore, each hour-long episode will explore stories of wonder, mysteries and miracles that delve into th[...]

January 24, 2012 (US)
Among the most recognized and revered television newsmagazines, “20/20” was ABC’s answer to CBS’s “60 Minutes”. Though some stories were humorou[...]

June 6, 1978 (US)
Talking Bad
Talking Bad” is a weekly, half-hour live after-show and companion piece for AMC’s Emmy Award-winning series, Breaking Bad. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, Talking Bad will an[...]

August 11, 2013
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