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Dracula (2013)
A retelling of the story of Dracula as he tries to seeks revenge on those who betrayed him centuries earlier. Dracula comes to London, posing as an American entrepreneur who wants [...]

October 25, 2013 (US)
Freak Out
The half-hour hidden-camera prank show will premiere this fall during the network’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween. Each episode of Freak Out will feature an unsuspecting mar[...]

October 21, 2014 (US)
Second Chance (2016)
A thrilling new action-drama about a man brought back to life by two scientists playing god in the quest to save one of their own lives. Seventy-five-year-old Jimmy Pritchard is a [...]

January 13, 2016
Deadbeat is a 10-episode Supernatural comedy series from co-creators Cody Heller and Brett Konner. Kevin Pacalioglu (series star Tyler Labine) may have no money and no clue, but h[...]

April 9, 2014 (US)
Switch UK
Switch is an upbeat, comedy drama series about a coven of witches living in the heart of Camden. Stella (Lacey Turner), Grace (Phoebe Fox), Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) and Hannah ([...]

October 15, 2012
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole
In the spooky area known to the world as “Somewhere In Eastern Europe”, the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein performs insane experiments on famous people from througho[...]

June 28, 2010 (US)
The Returned (US)
The Returnedfocuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, having not aged and unaware of their ow[...]

March 9, 2015
Psychic Tia
A supernatural fantasy reality series that centers on celebrity psychic medium Tia Belle and her remarkable gift to transcend the physical world and enter into the spiritual one. A[...]

August 3, 2013 (US)
Created by Josh Gates (Destination Truth), “Stranded” is an all-new reality series that documents an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psyc[...]

Febtuary 27, 2013 (US)
A young woman returns to the small town where she was born, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the widely known, grisly killing[...]

March 4, 2016
When Ghosts Attack
Watch WHEN GHOSTS ATTACK, if you dare. Destination America’s all-new series flickers to life just in time for Halloween season to expose what happens when an unseen, evil en[...]

October 20, 2013 (US)
Paranormal Paparazzi
Paranormal Paparazzi features eight half-hour episodes, each of which follows Aaron Sagers’ (journalist, pop culture enthusiast, editor-in-chief of the Paranormal Pop Culture[...]

September 28, 2012 (US)
The River
The River is an American paranormal adventure horror series that stars Bruce Greenwood, Daniel Zacapa, Eloise Mumford, Joe Anderson, Leslie Hope, Paul Blackthorne, Paulina Gaitan, [...]

February 7, 2012 (US)
School Spirits
Executive Producer Mark Burnett joins forces with Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna, creators of the hit series Celebrity Ghost Stories, to take viewers on a spooky thrill ride throug[...]

June 20, 2012 (US)
Based on the hit Japanese series Dero!, Exit is a six episode series hosted by Curt Doussett (America’s Lost Treasures, Hazard Pay). In each nail-biting episode, four teams [...]

June 4, 2013 (US)
South of Hell
A supernatural thriller set in South Carolina, South Of Hell focuses on Maria Abascal (Suvari), a stunning demon-hunter-for-hire whose power stems from within. Like those she hunts[...]

November 27, 2015
Filled with dark humour and unexpected twists, Crazyhead is a funny, gripping series about friendship, love and facing your demons that follows the angst and exorcisms of an unlike[...]

October 19, 2016
Deep South Paranormal
The quest for proof of the paranormal goes deeper than ever – Deep South that is. “Deep South Paranormal” follows a bayou-based team on a mission. Steeped in the[...]

April 10, 2013 (US)
I Was Possessed
I Was Possessed chronicles present day demonic possession and exorcism first hand. Using video and audio captured during the actual exorcism, each hour long episode tells two separ[...]

July 11, 2015
Ghosts in My House
A psychic and a paranormal investigator enter the homes of people who feel they are being haunted. (Source: Destination America) [...]

February 8, 2015 (US)
The Living and the Dead
Somerset, England, 1888. A land and a community on the edge of monumental change, on the great hinge between ancient traditional ways and an industrial, scientific future. A land o[...]

June 28, 2016
Dr. David Marsh introduces us to the deadly and mysterious world of curses. First-person accounts of how curses have tormented, hurt and even killed those affected are told by the [...]

October 12, 2012 (US)
Lightfields is a supernatural drama series set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast in which three families who each live in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods. They [...]

February 27, 2013 (UK)
HIM is a three-part domestic horror drama commissioned by ITV from the producers of Unforgotten, Mainstreet Pictures, and written by the multi award-winning screenwriter Paula Miln[...]

October 19, 2016
Bedlam is a British supernatural drama series set in a former asylum that has been converted into loft-style apartments, where things begin to go bump in the night. [...]

February 8, 2011 (US)
Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter
Set in the pretend sleepy enclave of Garrity, Vermont (aka “B&B Town, USA!”), Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is the story of a neon-clad man with a mysterious past and a[...]

December 7, 2015
James Hayes is a small town police man who is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night after six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health. With[...]

July 9, 2015
Cursed: The Bell Witch
“Cursed: The Bell Witch” is a new reality series will feature experts and others close to the legend, and promises to shed new light on one of America’s most terr[...]

October 26, 2015
Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil
Follows a book of awesome power that makes teenagers [...]

September 29, 2010 (US)
Alaska Haunting: Dead of Winter
Alaska Haunting: Dead of Winter is a series that airs extended enhanced episodes with extra information, deleted scenes and bonus unseen footage from the show Alaska Haunting that [...]

December 23, 2016
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