Watch One Second Superbowl 43 Ad / Commercial

Just anything today is really expensive, from food to clothing and now businessman is facing a really big amount of money just advertise their products on shows. Now, what is the talk about of people today is about the Superbowl XLIII (43) commercial / ad space. Imagine it will took you about a several million dollars just to have a complete ad during the Superbowl. Wow, who just can afford that? But advertisers have come with an idea and that is to have a one second ad / commercial that will cost them several hundreds of bux. It will be definitely eye catching and easy to be remembered by audiences and fans of the Superbowl in the most least spending. A really good idea in this times of economic problems all over the world. Here's the video of the different one second Superbowl 43 ad / commercials from Youtube. I hope you enjoy this, it will be really a killer ad. hehehe

More of this different hilarious and funniest ads ever aired on TV later and / or in different big time games in America and in any part of the world here at I will provide you a lot of "lough out loud" videos later.

Adios amigos = Sayonara = Goodbye guys!

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