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The Child’s Eye (2010)
The Child's Eye is a 2010 Asian horror movie that stars Rainie Yang, Elanne Kwong, Lam Ka-tung, Jo Koo, Ciwi Lam, Izz Xu, Rex Ho, and Shawn Yue. The following shows the plot summary of this Hong Kong horror film, The Child's Eye: In Bangkok, six young people on vacation find themselves stranded at an airport due to a riot. A driver takes them to the Chung Tai Hotel, run by Chuen (Lam Ka-tung), where Rainie (Rainie Yang) sees a female ghost and Ling (Elanne Kwong) finds a hovering hand trying to grab her. While at dinner the three men disappear. Rainie leads the girls with the aid of Man-man and her ghost-seeing dog Little Huang as they try and find them in the hotel's underground passages where they encounter the female ghost and a strange monster which is actually a dog human hybrid The movie received mixed criticisms from different viewers and critics. Majority of them are negative due to the poor script and purely relies on sounds effects. Well you should watch it to find out yourself.

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