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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs from Fox Movies
Today, watching animated movies or TV series or cartoons as I know it during our time is never been the same when 3D animation was introduce to movies and televisions. A lot of amazing movies and TV series were created under this kind of magical computer graphics. This year there are several 3D animation movies inline from Disney Pixar and Fox Movies. One example of the great movie that I love to watch is the Ice Age 3 "Dawn of the Dinosaurs". Ice Age 3 is from Fox Movies and the third installment of the Ice Age franchise (Ice Age, Ice Age: Meltdown) which main characters are the Manny and Ellie (Mammoth), Diego (Saber Tooth, Sid (the Goofball Sloth) and of course Scrat the Saber Toothed squirrel. A new character was introduced on the story, Scratte, the female squirrel that will be the competition of Scrat for the crazy stunts for the nuts or maybe a future partner of his heart.

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