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The Truth About Kim Zolciak Scandal

Kim ZolciakYou probably heard a lot of rumours and stories running around about Kim Zolciak of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta". You may or might not like it, but let me tell you that people just like you seem to have been drawn with the wrong information of what really happened and that it was all a big mistake or should I say a lie to make that person be in the spotlight putting Kim's career on the line. But you all know whenever someone tries to ruin somebody's career, right?! They end up failing, and that' what's going to happen to Kim's alleged scandal right now.

I have an impression that you are expecting something raw, shocking about Kim... But let me tell you that this scandal I'm talking about is the alleged "kicking" out of the mansion drama that had happened to Kim. According to news, Kim Zolciak here from the Real Housewives of Atlanta got kicked out in the mansion that she's been renting in Georgia together with her NFL player husband Kroy Biermann, but it was the other way around.

According to sources, Kim here wasn not kicked out of the mansion and that they were the ones who've decided to leave after finding out that the Georgia Mansion that they were renting and that they are planning to buy is overvalued and that it's not worth $3 Million Dollars according to an appraiser they hired. Because of that, the landlord of the house got pissed and decided to brag about how shekicked the actress out of the house which is totally opposite to what really happened.

This is the scandal of the so called $ 3 Million Dollar mansion that the actress and her husband is living in Georgia which is a million dollar worth the original price. This is what you call over pricing!


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