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The Osbourne’s Law Suite Revealed!

Ozzy & Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne married to Ozzy Osbourne and a judge of the hit singing competition The X factor firs became famous because of the reality TV show The Osbournes which focusses about the families daily routine. Sharon Osbourne was ranked as the 25th most richest woman in Britain during 2009 and together with her husband they ranked as 724th richest people in Britain. Thinking that She ranked as the 25th most riches woman in Britain during 2009 who wouldve thought that at this day that they would be facing a lawsuit regarding illegal extending of their backyard, in short their are trying to occupy a lot which they do not own.

The one who filed the lawsuit agains Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne is the Mountain View Estate Owners Association which said that the fence of the Osbournes are extending at the lot that's been owned by they're neighbor and it was added that the ousbournse didnt asked permission about this extension. Maybe they are assuming that they still own that lot. And during the investigation it was found out that indeed the Osbourne overextended to the lot that they do not own, so the Owners Association wants the fence of the Osbournes to be wiped out and they wanted the Osbourne to mind theire own lot.

For your info, Sharon Osbourne here is also and has been a previous judge in the hit reality talent show "The X Factor" together with the famous Simon Cowell. It was said that she was able to impress and to make an impression on the show which made him last for some time now. But now, you can see that she's found a totally different career and that she looks like she's having fun, except for this one of course.


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