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Snooki’s Decision In the Upcoming Season 6 of Jersey Shore

Snooki's Decision In the Upcoming Season 6 of Jersey ShoreSo after that boring, or should I say a variety of things that had happened in the Season 5 of Jersey Shore, the casts including Mike "THe Sitation" and Snooki have more like a surprise installed for us. And let me tell you that this is more than just another situation in the show and that this is about their real life and what and how it's going to affect the surprising Season 6 of Jersey Shore that everyone weren't expecting about. This new project for the Jersey Shore Star came about a week or so and that it surprised everybody, especially the casts in the show who weren't expecting for it.

You heard that right. Jersey Shore is coming right at your screen for it's 6th season and they are going to give you some really big surprises and revealing ventures that the casts of the show have gone into for some time now. We have here Mike, also known as "The Situation" who just got out of alcohol regab, including Snooki who decided to still be featured in the show, but have decided to be on a different in than that of the casts of the show afraid that the baby might actually get affected with the usual life style that everyone of the casts have had in the show.

It seems to me like Snooki here is taking the pregnancy seriously that she have decided to rent a house just nearby the In that the casts are getting in. And by the way, let me tell you that Snooki here is like so near in delivering the baby and that the show might actually get to introduce you to the new addition to the show which is Snooki's unborn baby. These things are just some of what you are about to see in the upcoming Jersey Shore Season 6 show. I bet that this is going to be more interesting and fun, especially that Mike here just got out of rehab and Snooki nearing to her day of delivery.


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