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Kris Humphries New Girl Revealed

Kris Humphries & Girlfriend MyraIt seems like yesterday when He and Hollywood star Kim Kardashian from Keeping Up With the Kardashians went to a sudden broke up and together with the most talked about divorce which brought his career down. The fact that it was like a promotion for the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashian show makes him more like that douchebag who's taking marriage for granted which everybody takes grudge on him. For some time now, He's been talking about how he's loved Kim and that the marriage was no front act and that it was true love. But now, it seems like Kris has finally moved on and found his self a girl to love.

Believe it or not, the NBA star Kris Humphries here is finally making a move in his relationship and that He's going out with some chick who He actually bought a ticket from New York to Miami just to be with him for the weekends. Well, Kris here is pretty much close mouthed about the relationship and said that the 25 year old Fatmire "Myra" Sinanaj was just his neighbour and that there's nothing special about it.

If you fell for it, then you are so not in the right track when it comes to finding out the real deal about these Hollywood stars going back to dating after that shocking break-up. The thing is that it was told that Kris here have been seeing the girl for some time now and that He and Myla first met on a five star hotel in New York and that after that, she and her family was like always on the courtside whenever Kris plays.


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