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Jersey Shore Star Showing Some Loving With An Avid Ronnie Fan!

Jersey Shore Star Showing Some Loving With An Avid Ronnie Fan!You never know what's going to happen next! That of course only applies to Hollywood Stars just like Ronnie here from the hit television show, "Jersey Shore" who's downtown "Bronx" for the opening of his new store named "Ronnie Shore Store". Well, with that being said, you probably know by no that this is going to be a day where you will get to see some of his avid fans waiting out side his store for the opening. Everything's was going well, but then there's this girl who cam out of nowhere and digged herself into security to get close to Ronnie.

It was like the girl was so much of an avid fan and that she'll do anything to get close to the Jersey Shore star. I know, you were probably like "this happens everyday". It does happen everyday, but the next thing you are about to see is something different from all those usual scene between a fan and a star in public. Well, who would've thought that Ronnie here would not let a girl fan down? I mean, right?! The fact that she's a girl makes it all a little bit different and that's why the girl was able to get close with the star and that she was able to take pictures with Ronnie too.

Well, let's say that Ronnie here is quite the gentleman or that He might actually have taken a liking to the girl! I don't know, but if you get to see the girl when she was like so close with the Jersey Shore star Ronnie, you'll definitely notice that she's like this hot chick that Ronnie would gladly nail for a one night stand... woops! I'm just saying! Anyways, everything went well and that the girl here took a couple of shot with Ronnie, not to mention with her in the picture with that sexy, enticing eyes so close with the Jersey Shore star.


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