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Is Philip Philips Going to Die?

Philip PhilipsI don't know if you already know it or not, but let me tell you for the record that Philip Philips the winner of American Idol Season 11 is in a really serious health situation right now. I bet tat you've been hearing a lot of news before the grand finals of the American Idol about his bad shape, but let me tell you that his situation kind of shifted to somewhat OK to a really dangerous stage. Right now, Philip Philips is in a bad shape and that He will not be able to tour for some time and probably won't make it on the American Idol tour.

For all the haters of the American Idol Season 11, Philip Philips. Let me inform you that the idol winner is in a really bad shape and that He's schedule surgery today was postponed and that it's going to be moved early next week. The reason behind it was, Philip here has this really bad fever and that it's heating up his whole body. He's flared up and because of that, the doctors have decided to move it next week.

According to reports, Philips here is so in a bad shape during the Idol finale and that it was all becasuse of the stent the doctors inserted a couple of months ago including his bad sinus infection. But the real problem that Philips has right now is, his congenital kidney condition that requires 8 major surgeries.


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