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Dancing With the Stars Champion Doing Some Crazy Tongue & Lip Tango

Maksim & Peta KissingJust when you thought that relationship between your boss and his secretary in the office is not accepted comes another interesting and quite sublime news about Dancing With the Stars winner, Peta Murtagroyd when she was spotted having a good time with Dancing With the Stars trainer and was once a contestant of the show, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

This is actually one of those happy days were people just want to get high with alcohol together of course with some flirting that will definietly come more or less on their way after getting drunk. What I'm about to tell you is this interesting story of Maksim and Peta who is said to be dating for some time now and now got caught on the spot while partying at some nichtclub called the XS in Las Vegas this weekend.

If you can still remembr, Peta here won the Dancin With the Stars contest together with her NFL Star dancing partner, Donald Driver. But what seems to be a very intimate and romantic duo was but just a front act to get the big fish in the show. It's clear to me and to the other in the show that Peta was not just about the ball trophy and the money, but more on geting Masim's attention in the dance floor. As you can see, the two are having some sort of dancing, not with their feet but with their lips and their tounges doing professional tango. Now, the trending couple in Hollywood is not Brad and Angelina no more! It's the dancing duo Peta and Maksim of Dancing With the Stars show.


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