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Britney Spears Competing with Jennifer Lopez Million Dollar Contract

Britney Spears Competing with Jennifer Lopez Million Dollar ContractThe title says it all! This time aroun, it's not only the American Idol show and The X Factor US who's having some sort of feud when it comes to their rating, but also the judges of the show, including of course our very own Britney Spears. This time around, it's not going to be about her getting all that wild or caught making out with some black dude or half naked. This is more like the new her and that this is where she will you will get to see her going head to head with the American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez in her new reality television show called, The X Factor US.

There's no telling why and what she's going to do here. But the fact that she's actually signed the contract deal made the fans of the show, including those who's like amassive fan of hers walk in to audition. But before we go to the details of how well she's doing in the show, let me tell you first the details, especially the money that the show offered her to sign it. According to our sources, Britney Spears told the producers and the manager of THe X Factor US that she'll be signing the contract and that it should be not less than $13 Million.

If you think that $13 Mil is that big, we heard that Britney's initial offer and that what she wanted was a massive $20 Mill which is far from what JLo is earning in her American Idol show. On the other hand. J Lo's initial offer was like $12 Mil, but then she's having troubles now for the show's rating went down and that it might affect the offer she will be receiving for the show.


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