Frequently Asked Questions on Telepisodes

    1. How to submit links to episodes? Answer. Select an episode of a TV show, click Submit Link. You must be registered and logged in to submit a video link to the site.
    2. What site do Telepisodes accept to be included on the list of links? Answer. Almost all video hosting sites are allowed. For non-video hosting sites, you are required to have a visible link to before your website is allowed to be included on the list and contact us for request of review and approval via the Contact Us form.
    3. How to stop the ads from showing? Answer. If you want to ads from not showing, you need to login/register. Lesser ads are rendered for registered users. However, you are not required to register or login to use the services of the site.
    4. How to watch TV shows at Telepisodes? Answer. Simply search for the episode of the series or shows that you want to watch. When you find the title of the show, you can go to the list of episodes, select it by clicking the episode. After that, you will find a list of Featured Links which contains a list of official sources of the episode from Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, etc.  You can also try to click for other Links from different external sources submitted by various users. Choose one that you prefer. User submitted links are not reviewed so make sure to thumbs down it to indicate that its a bad link or a spam. Just stick to the links that takes you directly to the video  and avoid those that will require you to pay, download, or fill out any personal information before letting you to watch the video.
    5. What if I can’t find my favorite show? or episode I want to watch? Answer. Just leave a comment or send a message to [email protected] and indicate what show you want to be included in the directory.
    6. I am using iPad, iPhone or iPod, how can I watch the videos? Answer. Safari* browser does not support flash videos, try downloading Google Chrome* app. It is a free alternative browser for these devices that allows you to see flash videos from and other formats. You can try downloading it from here:
    7. Is Telepisodes SAFE for browsing?YES. Check for a detailed report about safety of the site.
    8. What languages of TV Shows are allowed to be submitted on the site?

Answer. Currently here are the languages for audio and subtitles that are allowed on the site: “English”, “German”, “Spanish”, “Italian”, “French”, “Portuguese”, “Russian”, “Estonian”, “Japanese”, “Hindi”, “Greek”, “Turkish”, “Polish”, “Dutch”, “Chinese”, and “Latino.”


If you have other inquiries or questions regarding the website’s services or just want to thank Telepisodes for providing a comprehensive series guide, videos and links, just drop us a message through the contact form or our comment system in any page of the site.

*Note: Telepisodes is not affiliated to DivX, iTunes, Safari, VK and Google Chrome

**Last update: Dec. 25th of 2018


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