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Zombie Movie “Train To Busan” Makes Me Miss The Walking Dead More!

I just watched the Korean movieTrain to Busan” (Hangul: 부산행) and I was impressed by the plot and special effects of the movie. It gives some little awe, wow and shock as the story reveal itself. Even develop some sort of annoyance against the character in the film that portrays how people react in situation that the population is overrun by rabid zombies infected by an unknown strain of infection. Survival knows no humanity nor mercy. It shows how some people lost their sense of humanity even they are not yet infected.

Train to Busan Review

It did shows some decent special effects and stunts that you will surely never forget. Watching this movie makes me miss more the next season of the zombie series that I love to watch, The Walking Dead series.

What is different with this movie with my favorite series is the pace of the story as it shows each participation of the main character in intensifying the climax of the story. I recommend that you watch Train to Busan movie and you will surely feed your craving in watching zombie movies. It’s the first in Korean zombie movie universe and I guess it will not be the last.

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Did you watch Train to Busan? What can you say about the story, special effects and how they handle the zombie plot? Leave your comments below. Meanwhile for those that are undecided if they’ll gonna watch the movie or not, see the trailer below to have a glimpse of what this movie is in store. Enjoy!


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