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Will Iris West Die on The CW The Flash?

After the great revelation of “Who is Savitar?“, the next question that is running thru the minds of The Flash TV series now is will Iris die on the series? We all know what will happen if she dies in the series. Barry will be very devastated and the rest of The Flash is no more. The episode “Once and Future Flash” revealed that and the death of Iris will surely bring Savitar to life.

So will she die? Well, latest leak photos of a certain funeral shows that it is unlikely for Iris character to die in the show. See the picture below showing the said photo.

However, I found a synopsis of The Flash season 3 finale at that indicate that the picture might be an alternate universe of what will really happen. If she will not die then possibly someone will. The synopsis of the finale goes like this:

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion to season three.

The summary just made me think that someone will really die and I can’t leave the theory that Iris might really die.

Well let see about that. Two episodes left for The Flash series so don’t miss every single episode on The CW. “Infantino Street” is the penultimate episode of the show while “Finish Line” is the title of the season finale of the series. For more details about each episode, visit now!


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