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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Is Going to Kill Herself!?

The Suicidal Bobbi Kristina BrownThis is actually one of the hardest things that a daughter as young as Bobbi Kristina could ever and would ever take! The passing of her mother Whitney Houston has proven to be something more than her mother’s close friend and most especially she can handle! As a proof of that, Kristina here was taken to the hospital more than twice for some psychological and misbehaviour issues in which the family just couldn’t handle themselves anymore! This was all because and is triggered by the untimely death of her mom Whitney Houston.

If you were her, you would and will actually feel the same way! Bobbi Kristina here is just 18 years old and is said to be very close to her mom than her father. But now, she indeed needs some father comfort to make it through this tragedy. The Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles which Bobbi was brought in have already released her and that the police officials advices his father Bobby, who’s with his band mates for a gig in Nashville to return home and be of assistance to her daughter who obviously can’t accept the fact that her mom is already dead.

Right now, the police officials are doing their best to know the reason behind such death! According to some inside info, there were but prescription pills like anti anxiety MEDs we’re found in her hotel room the night she died. It is also said that the night before she died she was with her friend Kelly Price. But then when Whitney got out of the club, it was told that there were blood on her legs and scrapes on her wrists and that she needs help in walking. I bet that this is but a start on what is about to come! We will sure inform you the latest updates about her and Whitney Houston’s death! Be sure to stay tuned about that!


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