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Whitney Houston Sent To Her Grave!

Whitny Houston's GraveWhitney Houston has been and will always be an inspiration for all! And right now, after yesterday’s star studded private viewing it’s now to send her to her final rest! This has been both an overwhelming and a shocking experience for all. Whitney here has been and still an inspiration to all and that her music lives forever! She’s sung a lot of memorable songs that is still sung by people of today. It’s but one of the many proofs that she indeed have touched everyone of us , and that her passing is heartfelt and hard not only for the family, but us as well.

The pop idol singer has passed away at the age of 48 in the night of February 11, 2012 at the Paris Hillton Hotel! Right now, everyone mourns as they send Whitney Houston to her grave at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfiel, New Jersey! Another thing here is that Whitney Houston was laying next to her dad, John Russell Houston who died last year 2003.

The ceremony and the security of Whitney’s burial was tight! You can take notice 10 police officials who’s doing a pretty good job not letting anyone other than the family and close friends of Whitney go near the casket. This was a totally different day than what they have had in the private viewing. Only the family was the one’s who gets to send Whitney to the ceremony and that it was described as simple and peaceful.

By the way, there were some fans around, but they haven’t got the chance to come close to her casket and or anywhere it. I say this the family got what they wanted, and that’s to bury Whitney with less drama from the fans.


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