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Zookeeper (2011)

Animals are known for their killing instincts, they just can’t live life without killing a prey human or not which threatens their safety and the place that they call theirs. It sure is dangerous how these animals react on things that come inside their territories, especially when they are hungry. But, there are some instances where you can see the relationship of man and animals go pretty well, especially animals in the zoo. Making them aware of man’s existence, feeding them when they hungry and cleaning the place where they live. It sure is a harmonious relationship between men in beast right?! But, would you believe me when I say that, when you get to befriend animals they will let you know their secrets? I don’t know about you guys, but the movie “Zookeeper” this 8th of June 2011 tell us differently.

Zookeeper is about having an intact relationship with animals, and our guy Griffin Keyes, played by “Kevin James” is going to show us how. Well, Griffin here is a “zookeeper” in a pet zoo named Franklin Park Zoo. He’s a kind hearted guy who considers the animals in the zoo as his friends. He’s been in the service for quite some time now, making sure that his pet friends are clean and full. But something happened between Griffin and his girl friend that made him decide to leave his job in the zoo to find a much descent job in the city. In that way, his girlfriend would come back to him. The animals in the zoo we’re all in panic, afraid of losing the one man who treats them not as an animal but as a friend. That’s why they’ve decided to break their no. 1 rule, which is to not talk to humans. These animals are not just mere animals! They can talk! And they are going to teach Griffin how to court like a real man!

Now, as the animals teach their friendly human keeper Griffin to court a lady, Griffin on the other hand is obliged to stay as the zookeeper of the most unlikely creatures in the zoo who can really talk. So, if you guys are funned of talking animals who teaches how to court a girl, go see them online this 8th of June 2011.

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